Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud



I'm a Father of 3children:Jonathan', joy and Josephine and married to FiFy Masengo Kalala.

Daniel Mutombo Kanyinda (Mpumalanga, 2019-09-11)


I m signing this because i m victim of xenophobiain south africa

Schamir Linzube (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I do have 4 children living as woman and refugees in this hellish capital of RAPE south Africa, full of hatred, VIOLENCE to WOMEN and children, to add XENOPHOBIA on top of it, too much to bear, HELP ME WITH MY FAMILY to leave south Africa, thanks. Here's my contact information 0784090244

Youyou Betema (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


My family and i we are victims of xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg

Jean Benoit Bishiya (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


A cause de la xénophobie

Mukwabatu Prince (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I am signing because i a living in south africa for long but thus is too much four time is no more a mistake and unhuman it is no more a place to live.

Shake Isambala (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


My niece Donette Ngonefi was assaulted in school by 7 Xhosa pupils. She's in the Groote schuur Hospital. We opened a case number at the Police station, now the parents of the 7 girls over aged are intimidated us and threatened us to kill us if their daughters go to jail. Find here the newspaper link and the case number CAS48/9/2019
The life us all are in danger: myself, his Daddy Donation Ngonefi, her mother Thérèse Nsemul and her four siblings

Lusilu Papy Sukami (Cape town , 2019-09-11)


Hello my name is serge kalala kanyinda currently living in south Africa i'm signing this petition because I reserved this link from a friend, our life is in danger because of the xenophobia action that happening here

Please contact me +27780475343

serge kalala (johannesburg, 2019-09-11)



Nana Itela (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I am signing this petition because I'm really in need of this chance of leaving this country

Esther Mbonga (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because we are victims of xenophobia in south Africa. And violence is evil

Theddy kayembe Mbayi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Of the xenophobic attacks in south o

Delphine Boudeh (Pretoria, 2019-09-11)


Please we need your assistance we are not safe here in south africa please your
Pitsholi Lonyango

Pitsholi Lonyango (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


I’m signing this Maybe I can get help I’m not feeling safe in South Africa I did study here

Kabengele Shimba (Durban , 2019-09-11)


I'm sign this because am tired about this xenophobia 3th time be attacked by South African

Anthony kamanya Ngoy (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


I was, two weeks ago, victim by the menace from nkosa people

Baku Katuweko Aime (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


Iam signing Because of the Attitude of South AfricIn are not good they killing all Refuge are in south africa so we need your help as soon possible 🙆 you get our message i got 3 children and wife

Baruani thierry (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because am not secure here in SOUTH AFRICA I was attempting for many time they robbed me put me a knife twice my life is in danger in South Africa 😭😭 they shoot my brother and die here in South Africa I can't take it anymore if anything possible you may help me to leave South Africa

Ciceron Nzambi makila (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Canada we need your Help

Tantine Ihonda (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because, me and my family have been affected by the recent xenophobia that occurred in South Africa

Kojo Amoah Duah (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I and my familly have been victims of foreigners attack in South Africa since 2008 as we lost everything at this current xenophobic attack, in the mean time my kids stop even going to school, we really don't what s going to happen the next bcs at the moment we can't operate bcs we lost the business and everything except our life

Tresor Mangitukulu biyedikisa (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


Im signing this petition because, of this great event called xenophobic attacks that took place in south africa. We plead to this program of protection of victims to relocate to the third country. Im father of family with 2 children.

Didier Kabamba Mule (johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because i'm also a xenephobia victim

Tshiabanza Dibinga (Johanesbourg, 2019-09-11)


I m signing because I ve been the victim of the xenophobic attacks I lost everything, am living in fear being traumatized I don't know what to do or where to go for help

Florette Bikwa Moteto (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Xenophobia attacks need protection

Mika AKENEBULU Helene (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because we are living in fear, they gave the must leave to the kids,they are xenophobics,

Meji Oliver mukadi (Durban, 2019-09-11)


Hello my name is Gloire kazadi ilunga currently residing in south Africa i'm signing this petition because of the xenophobia action action that is taking place in my pace area

Gloire Kazadi Ilunga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because what happened here in South Africa since a couple days it's a crimes against humanity.
I 'm living here since ten years time facing attacks and xenephobie on the daily basis.
I still live without live because in my original country Cameroon
the things are even worst.
I deeply asking for the refuge anywhere in the world.
Hopefully that you will understand the emergency of my request.
God bless.
Francois kamga wafo

Francois Kamga wafo (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I live in South Africa with fear of being killed because of xenophobia

Dany Toko (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)



Huguette Tshilobio tshibangu (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because I was a victim of xenophobic attack in city Johannesburg I was beaten and assaulted hucked my neck close to the last breath I lost consciousness and all what I had was taken I spent two days in the nearest surgery for medical attention with a foreign doctor, because I could go to the hospital just to avoid mistreatment from South Africa doctor. Nowadays when you go to the hospital without a family they kill you and sell your body parts. We have witnessed many cases like this from after lated brother and sister who went to hospital only for small cut or any small injuries, but they were declared dead. For not going further more my life is in danger in South Africa. Please assist if you can

Heritier Dikokeke (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because I'm one of the victims of xenophobic attacks here in Cape Town/South Africa

Alcain Ikanga (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because I have been a victim of assault and threaten of death on the 4th September 2019 around 10am while I was going to the shop to by spaghetti for my breakfast , on my way going I saw a group of people coming on my direction and I realized that they were armed with panga,sticks....,when I turned around to run I got a slap on my left hand eye from an anonymous guy,but I kept running and I heard one of them saying in zulu language( ngizoku bulala ngiyazi ukuthi ukupi) which means I'm gonna kill you I know where you stay. I kept running till I found refuge in a daycare school in Kingsway avenue,so till then I don't go out of my house,I really need your assistance for my like and it will be appreciated

Lubembe kevin Byenge (Brakpan, 2019-09-11)


Please guys come and save use please

Kat Nguz stephanie (Johannesbourg, 2019-09-11)


As a foreigner in South Africa, I am a victim of attacks in Johannesburg. I escaped miraculously two attacks from an angry mob of South Africans.



My life is in danger in South Africa I don't know were else my life could be safe. I am a Congolese originally I come here due to war and rejection by our brother's here the violence become so close to take my life as well

Abedi Musafiri Jean Paul (Pretoria, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of these violence of attacks against foreign nationals, we are victims of xenophobia in this country,we still live in huge fear,our lives is in danger, we plead to the international community to rescue us to take us away of this situation(From this country),because it will happen again,soon or late,please, please!!!the entire world saw it through news ,I do not want to go back to DRC,as my home country.

Marlene Tusamba Zola (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I m congolese immigrant in south africa with my family the situation that is going on now make us living in fear specially my kids couse the always see those violent makes them tromatise please do something for us so we can leave this country

Anthony Bondonga kedja (Ekurhuleni germiston, 2019-09-11)


i couldn't go to work the i tried going some of the guys that i thought were my friends started chasing after me saying you must go back where you come from

godet kazadi tshilombo (jhb, 2019-09-11)


I’m signing because those people really need help and some of those people they don’t know where to start to go back to their original countries. Please help

Jocelyn Zanzala (Buford , 2019-09-11)


I am signing this petition because of what is happening to fellow african in south africa.

Joseph Ekanga Kabwe (Durban, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing reason my life is in danger because of the xenophobia attack in johannesburg

kalala kanyinda (johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I aim signing because the xenophobic attack in South Africa



I am a victim of xenophobia, I don't have access to many things. I live with stress and fear of death every day

Olivier Wakwenda tshibanda (Cape town , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because i witness the recent xenophobia here in South Africa ,need help because me ,my wife and my two kids we are really scared to continue living here because this is not the first time it happen.

Mukendi Kalombo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Because they burn down our car shop at julie street with my Nagerian friends and nothing was left all the cars was burn on fire. Am from Congo drc and I live here with my wife and 2 kids.
My hope is in God to touch you and come to help us to get out off this country.

Yours faithfully

Lutete Matumbi Dieudonne (Kempton park , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this petition because of the xenophobia attack in South Africa Johannesburg where I live currently.

pweto michael kalenga (johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I am so insecure

Kalala Kabeya (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


My life is not safe here in south Africa they beat me almost dead lucky police they come take me from them then police leave me on street I don't known where to go and what to eat please please help me remove me on this country S.A my life is not safe in south Africa help me please....

Waludiwa papy mafuta (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I am signing this petition because me, my wife and 6 kids are Congolese Asylum Seekers and victims of xenophobic attacks here in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. I am hereby appealing to the Canadian Government for our reinstallation and rescue, since South African Government is careless.



I am signing this petition because we need protection which south Africa government is falling to do. We are living a permanent danger of losing our lives.

Thomas Nzenzo (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


Please help us we really don’t know what to do with no money to go to our country

Faida Muzezo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of xenophobia in the country affected me and my family.

Guelord Mayungu (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


They broken my shope.I'am here in south Africa, I'm in big trouble of xenophobia same the die and other's there are dispiriting help me to save my life, I 'am just askd your help and i like this initiatives from your government to help us

Faruk Hossain (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I am not safe every were I'm walking even in the street I'm scared for my life please help me

Panna Buma (Germiston, 2019-09-11)


I'am here in south Africa, I'm in big trouble of xenophobia same the die and other's there are dispiriting help me to save my life, I 'am just askd your help and i like this initiatives from your government to help us

Noesqui Muanza (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


They are broken my shope..they are not safe my life.... Please do somethin...

Shohel Rana (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Victim of xenophobia and we not save anymore

Tambwe Roberto Gracia mbuyi (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I am signing this because i am no longer safe in South Africa due to xenophobia attack.

Jonathan Santu (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I am a Foreign national in South Africa...
And I'm worried

Elton Tshiwala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Me end my family w victims of xenophobia in south Africa

Mukendi blaise Kayembe (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


Je voudrai me mettre en sécurité car je ne peux pas retourner dans mon pays où je suis menacé

JAMES Lapomh (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm singing because I'm not safe in south Africa xenophobia we need help people

Kabankaya Tresor masengu (Cape town , 2019-09-11)


Due to the xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Emmanuel Fety (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because i'm not okay where i'm living this is the seconde time since i'm here this things happening to me i do not know why this peoples acting like i'm a animal

Jean Paul Kawumba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of the act of xenophobic that accurate at south Africa, I am in danger of being killed,kindly asking for the immediate of help attentions of living the country, I am being attacked by the citizens of South Africa my partner was killed 3 of closer friends are dead. I am asking of yours help please please please to leave , help me please, I pray for your kindness alternately answer to leave the country south Africa. Thank you

Mubulalayi Medi kalonji (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


I'm victim of Xenephobe and must leave on home affairs

GUYLAIN YOKA KIALA (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Im signing in because i was kidnapped and assaulted; because during a protest against Xenophobia i wrote a post saying SOUTH AFRICA DESERVES SANCTIONS AND SOUTH AFRICA A COUNTRY OF BLOOD. of which i also posted on face book "AMI BAMOKA" i managed to flee being beaten up. Now my life and that of my wife and kids is at BIG RISK..



I'm signed because my children's and I we are not secure in this situation in south African where they are killing foreigners

Kisiki Nicole Vinyatsi (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because they took a way my small business and i lost everything that i hade

Mafuika Ginette (Durban, 2019-09-11)


I am chancel ntumba kabeya
a woman of 2childrens of 2years and 6 months i was attacks from south African people during this xenophobia and also they get were I stay they agressed me and my 2childrens I was forced to moove out of the place. From the 20/8 till now I am sleeping at the church. We really need help for the safety of my family

chancel ntumba kabeya (cape town, 2019-09-11)


I'm stressed and the family kids are afraid to go to school.south Africa is no more safe for me and my family. I want to relocate.

Gilbert Kongolo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because since the 6th of September my wife and my childrens left Johannesburg to cape town they haven't arrive I'm busy looking for them, I'm feeling that we are insecure because of xenofobie

Papi mpaka Dianzeza (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


I am living in South Africa with my three kids with all the violence and xenophobia gowing on,i signed this petition on the hope that you would help me move out of this country along with my kids

ilawu bibiche kizaka (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


i'm signing this because of xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa as foreigners we are no longer safe especially as a woman.

Ladie Khonde (johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because I am desperate and I can't handle the unfairness that I am living here in South Africa. Since 2016 I finished high school I tried to continue with my education but couldn't I stopped in senior certificate in accounting bookkeeping with they is no one to support me financially, my Dad and Mom are jobless and little that earn the use it pay rent. Since 2017 I tried to look for an employment because I am a foreigner I didn't get anything still today I'm unemployed. A moth ago me my family were chase out where we were living by South African citizen accompagn by police they put all our belongings out side but thank God nothing happened to us we were save and sound. We spent two weeks with out a place to stay and sleep.
Please help help help us we really want to go out of this country they are killing us foreigner and burning us alive please please help.

Babienge Cornelly Monkoti (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm need your protection plz because of xenophobia I have 2child no one help us south Africa people kill us plz come help me with my child plz I'm skading

Sandrine Muzir mundoni (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm singing cause i wanna leave south Africa not safe any more for me and my family killing here

tutalao David lutete (cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing in because I am a victim of xenophobia attack in Johannesburg south Africa.

Papi kalenda Kazady (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I was attacked where i am living with my family of four people we are really in danger because we are foreigner from the D R Congo this is the reason why i am signing this petition.

Masanka Sylvia Kanyeba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Good evening
My name is patience asingambi ntumba
I'm a 35 years old foreign national living in South Africa, originally from D R Congo
Me and my family are living in terrible hell now in south Africa with the xenophobia happening here
It's not the first time that south Africans are killing foreign nationals, it happen all the time, but the government doesn't really care.
Everytime they're close to elections and they're doing they campaign, the first promesse the political leaders are giving to South africans citizens is to get ride of foreigners, because the have taken they jobs and opportunities which is false.
And after these promesses are not accomplished, this is when the citizens start attacking foreigners
I and my family are victims 4 times, in 2018,2012 ,2017 and now
In 2008,i was pregnant with my first born when they attacked us at night,they raped me in front of my husband, until today I'm still leaving in serious trauma and fear, it has affected me sexually mentally and spiritualy so bad
In 2012,they attacked my husband in the train when he was coming from work ,they broke his arm ,until now he's trying to recover from that but still difficult
But now even our kids are living in terrible fear to go to school or play outside because of xenophobia
Please help us if you can.
Our kids also have right to EDUCATION, they have Right to play like any other kids.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US find another place to go because back to our country, it's still not easy to go back.
Looking forward to hear from you
Thanks and God bless you

Best Regards

Passy Asingambi (Cape town , 2019-09-11)


Help please

Cathy Miziba (Montréal , 2019-09-11)


Im singing because we are needed for help please help us they are killings us here with this xenophobia please help

Mbangana thethe Ngonge (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I was a victim of xenophobia

Pelaja Mubua (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


i'm sign this because bad condition we leave here everytimes we 've been bern alive kill tromatise all bad name is been given to us

kennedy M Kalonji (cape town, 2019-09-11)


Bbecause of xenophobic attacks that why i want to leave south africa please help us for this situation

David mmompa (jorburg, 2019-09-11)


Hi sir
The people of this country have broken our shops.My life in this country is not safe.please help us.

Ibrahim Miah (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Me,my mother and my brother aren't safe due to the xenophobic attacks....

Lea Lukoji (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


We are signing because we are attacked in South Africa by Xenophobia. So we can't continue to live in the place that we will be victim for death and our family.

Denis Tumba-Tsipanga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Im signifie because im asking for help please they are Killing us here we call for help please please help

Atunu Jordan Mbalaka (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Am leaving in south Africa, am scared of xenophobia they already kill my friends

Kanuelakanyi Mulopo paul (Capetown, 2019-09-11)


My mother and four sister are victims of the South African xenophobic attacks and we would like to leave South Africa and immigrate to a different country as we are traumatized and feel unsafe

Meta Kapata (Boksburg , 2019-09-11)


Im singing because there's xenophobia here and they are killings us here in south Africa please help us please we don not want to died here please help

Nyembu paulin Bakayika (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am a victim of xenophobia here in South and police brutality open a case that I found myself in big trouble please help me I need your help I am a refugee from the Congo DRC

LENGI JOSE Toure (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


Because of xenophobia. There are not treat us very well

Bondo Bijou (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Je signe cette petition parceque je je ne suis plus en securite dans ce Pays a cause de la xenophobie. Les Sud Africains decident de tuer les etrangers,donc je ne suis pas en securite.

Mwape Olive Rita Mukutwa (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I have been a victim of xenophobia in South Africa and my wife and my second child that time two years were victims of attempts of rape and kidnapping.. my wife still traumatized and went to trauma center for counselling, we are still in fear up to now.. we are refugees with status.

Patrick Malonga Mandoki (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I was living in Johannesburg with my mom when xenophobia started. She was killed at the market where she use to sale vegetables for us to live. Now I relocated in Capetown, staying by a friend from my country who has been here a while ago.

Luboya Ntumba (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I’m singing because I’m not sef

Erick Mbikayi (Witbank , 2019-09-11)


I am not save me and my children in south Africa with this attacks xenophobic

Emilie lukoji Ndaya (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


We not safe here a few days ago my daughter was going to school she was robed by men near school and South Africans don't like us they don't want to give us jobs they are killing us burning shops and houses and raping girls they want to make sure we leave in peace or dead

Leka Toussaint Makengo (Capetown , 2019-09-11)



Mireille Liyeye (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm singing this because they are killing us luck chicken here.I have withensse xenophobic rencentty and I live with fear with my family everyday. I'm originally from drcongo .plz I need a help .

John Matendo (Cape town city, 2019-09-11)


I am living in south Africa currently and is bad what is happening right...We need a support

Kevin Anointed (johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Fighting us in south africa

Pistis Aidogaz (Johannesburg California , 2019-09-11)


Good Day Sir / Madam
Our names are Mr. MASUMBUKO KIZA MAKIS 'S Family We are Coming from Est of Drc South of Kivu Uvira , and we are from the Bafuliru, Babembe TRIBE where the Rwanda soldiers (Banyamulenge) are currently attacking and killing us due to insecurity (war ) in UVIRA MINEMBWE Province.
Our case No, 638-13c00432.
Our Status Permit JHBCOD00200509

We greet you all and hope that you are well
UNHCR in Pretoria South –Africa.

We as a family would like to cry out to you for help because yesterday on the 2nd of September we were attacked by the xenophobia attackers. They broke our Windows and managed to attack us severely . Please check attached to see how they broke into our home and the police came to do investigation.

I and my family would have personally come to report this incidence there in Pretoria today but we could not manage due to insecurity, we are pleading with you to please assist us and include us in the list of victims that were seriously attacked.

Our address is 202 Stanton street TURFONTEIN where the incidence took place on Monday 2nd September 2019 , if there is a way of coming to our rescue by fetching us and putting us in a safe place would be preferable to us.
As you know that xenophobia is still under ground in this country including multiple traumas, intimidations, killings and Raps is impacting negatively on my family every day ‎and the unhcr has all the prove for all incidences, medical assistances and prove from the South African police. The Police station phone who assisted us yesterday on on 2nd September 2019 No. for future emergency-0835136363, Fax No,0114335272 ,Office No.0114335310, 011 4335200.
(This are Cases Numbers from Polices since the attack of this family of KIZA: 462/12/2015,
Second case No. 341/7/2015 and The 3d one new case No. 343/9/2019.Boysens Police station.

In my Family We are 5 in number. 1) Mother Bijika Bijous Mwamba 33 Years old, 2) father Masumbuko Kiza Makis 43 years old and 3 children of ages 20, 10 and 4.Fate Prefere Zuwena the one that was Rapped last of last year as we reported to you all ( Unhcr Pretoria ) and you are aware of it all, Zuwena Fate P. She is 20 years old a girl. Joshua prevu Masumbuko 10 years old a boy and Angel Okoye Prevedue Masumbuko 4 years old a girl that she is the last one, no Pregnancy to the wife.

Please Sir/madam + Unhcr as you have always been helping people pls in the name of our God put this family as well amongst people of resettlement this year because honestly our situations are extremely frustrating and unbearable and you can look for yourself through our pictures so that you can see how bad this family's lifestyle is and the Dangers we face ,
We all have status documents. You can check the attached below for more understanding.

Thank you very much we thank you and hope you come to our rescue.

I thank you again in advance for your understanding spirit and your Hospitality.
I look forward to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,
‎Mr.Masumbuko K.M. 'Family
Cell: +27 717120978.

Kiza makis MASUMBUKO (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I'm sure signing this letter because of xenophobia in the country where I leave with my family .south Africa is no longer a safe place to leave so if I can get an opportunity to relocate me and my family to canada it will be a great deal for us thank you

Diakiese Mayibelanga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Hi family am Congo but am living here in South Africa so the situation it's not good this moment am not save please i want to leave this as long as possible they killing people actually here in Johannesburg so Please need help I beg you.

Mutombo Briguel (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this because I need help,
the way they killed our brothers and sisters no stop I'm afraid to be kill one day.
Please help us

Bilukidi Mazunda (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


They did kill my Brother, our house was looted and my Wife, My Daughter of 2 month and I are not Safe in South Africa

Alain Mingbe (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


They are killing people's here in South Africa and I lost all I have" and my best friend

Ejeh Samuel ODINAKA (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


Because I feel unsafe, scared and traumatize here South Africa.

Enata Paomi (Springs, 2019-09-11)


Because xenophobia attacks in sud Africa

Katende Ilunga (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of xenophobia we're tired to see the blood of Africans

Cedric Bula (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


Xenophobic attack in South Africa

Rachel Kapinga kanda (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I want to come there because of xenophobia , we are being killed, I want a better life for my kids

Sidowie Sangwa (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this because I don't feel safe staying in South Africa anymore due to recurrence of xenophobic attack on foreigners for the past few years. I feel like as a foreigner we're not protected by the authority of the country.

Boungou Aymar Armek (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I 'm signing because me and my family we are not save here in South Africa,we need help we lost everything

THARCISSE MWANTA MPATA (cape town, 2019-09-11)


I've been a victim of xenophobia at my work place in town

Gloria Longonda (Pretoria , 2019-09-11)


We need help here in south Africa because of this xenophobia attacks we are not safe special kids end ladys

Atima Bahati (Durban, 2019-09-11)


Of xenofobia in south africa i'm here looking for a good life but now they Us i need you To help please .Mr GRÂCE TUMBA

GRÂCE NTUMBA (Yeoville, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing this because I'm victim of xenophobia here in south Africa

Didier Tshiamala wa Mutshiya (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I m signing this because my life is in danger with all my family due to the xenophobic attacks here in South Africa,

Muyamba Kakese (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


I been trough and also a lot of this drama of South africaine our brothers and sisters killing us like chickens no respect of Human rights their started to attack us from employees first I'm not working for year and couple of months now is difficult as responsible like me Father of three children how I can securing my family please Organisation come for help we are not save here crime is everywhere in South Africa now public transports be very scary I'm not save with my family

James Phaka (Cape Town , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because, i was experience the violence of xenophobia from 2008 and 2015, 2019 i wasn't affected but now its becoming more scary, whenever we go we are subject of violence could be at work place, specially when using public transportation, we are being

Mukendi Patient Tshimanga (cape town, 2019-09-11)


Im looking the way to get out to is country me in my wife in stey phillip os to gugulethu is not sauve now i lost my staff now in sleep to ny fraind house please contact me to 0027825377150 junior

Dada tebasye Junior (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


Je suis en grosses , je peurs d ma vie ici je suis en danger .

Gaël Dikanga (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I m signing because I m one of many victims of xenophobia

Honorine Mwamba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am signing this petition. I would like to immigrate in Canada due to crime, insecurity and xenophobic attacs in South Africa.

MacDolla Lumanisha (Cape Town, 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because i'm in need to be moved outoff south africa because of xénophobic attacks

Joelle Kisungu (Pretoria, 2019-09-11)


I’m a refuge in South Africa I’m victime of xenophobia, I’m staying in the township I’m in insecurity I don’t know where to go

DANIEL Mpela (Capetown , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of xenophobia they kill my own brother and they beat me like a dog but they don't kill me because my God save me so I'm asking for help and leave this country because of a parted please if you can help me I'm so appreciated thank you so much

Mbaku Zikudiki atty (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because of the attack of xenophobia in south Africa, we are not safe anymore

CHRIS Zumba Dengi (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


I' signing this because my life is in danger with all my family here in South Africa because of the current xenophobic attacks in our area.

Ndoso Ekanga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I'm signing because I am a target by xenophobics and no more safe.

Bienvenue Nda (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


Am very disappoint about what's happening here in south africa were all Africans bout the national citizens started to killer us for noting

Yamadi Lobu (Durban, 2019-09-11)


Because my life is in danger please in need your help

Mutende Joel (Cape town, 2019-09-11)


Bcz I am not safe with my wife and 2 children.
I live in place called Hillbrow where killings happen always and other kind of cruelty up to now Xenophobia still happening here .

Makilutula Mambote (Johannesburg, 2019-09-11)


Am in danger l loss everthings that l had and then my feet as well injured when people's was stoned, that why l ask help from you

Nkosi Mfutila Chico (Johannesburg , 2019-09-11)


I am Congolese from Kinshasa refugee here in South Africa, I am a victim of xenophobia attacks here at Cape Town in the Delph district, the black South African wanted to kill me for 1 year already that I am threatened and last week when they started their xenophobia at night they came to me and. and I was not sleeping at home I was at church they took advantage of it to break the house they stole everything they pie all my stories my life is in danger now they promised to come burn the church where we sleep months and some foreign brother I do not know where to go please help me to leave this country immediately please.

Munganga Nevas Mumba (Cape town, 2019-09-11)

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