I’m signing because I’m sick of playing squad full or team rumble after 8

Ben Mckay (Melbourne, 2019-10-08)



Jason Borne (Melbourne, 2019-10-08)


I like Dous

Zac Risk (Briabane, 2019-10-08)


I like to play Duos past 12:00am sometkmes

Chris Horridge (Auckland , 2019-10-08)


Im signing this petition because i really enjoy playing duos and you shouldn't really take that away from us especially in the weekends i hope you can take this into consideration thanks you

Major Kufs (Hamilton, 2019-10-08)


I always play duos an its sux they take it away from us

Rohan Hewett (Perth , 2019-10-08)


I want duos back

James Hobbs (Sydney, 2019-10-08)


Need duos all of the time

Julian Estrich (Perth, 2019-10-08)


I’m sick of duos being removed everyday

Piri Kaipo Jr. (Kaitaia, 2019-10-08)


I'm sick of having to play duo squads after 10pm because you cant play fill between pc and ps4 duo

Johan Lammertsma (Brisbane, 2019-10-08)


Bc I can

Jake Sheedy (Brisbane, 2019-10-08)


I'm sick off haveing to play squads with only 2 people

Jesse Kirkwood (Perth wa bunbury , 2019-10-08)


I agree

Dean Fisher (Melbourne, 2019-10-08)


Not everyone plays in a squad and i am sick of dealing with potatoes using fill for squads. Epic u need a swift kick in the nuts!!!

Daniel Oconnor (Colac, 2019-10-08)


I’m sighing this because we need duos I’m sick of getting into squad fills and having to do solo squads I want the duos because solos is to boring BRING US DUOS

Caleb Godfrey (Adelaide , 2019-10-08)


I'm sick of playing with randoms!
There are plenty of us that want duos to stay!

Teresa Brown (Colac, 2019-10-08)


I’m signing because duoes need to stay 24/7 period sick of playing duos vs squads after they take duos out

Damien Jones (Hazelbrook , 2019-10-08)


I’m signing because it isn’t the same without duos at night

Sābāstīān Tāylōr (Rutherglen , 2019-10-08)


It's completely redicoulous

Caleb Herd (Whyalla , 2019-10-08)



Quinton Lang shiu (Brisbane, 2019-10-08)


Because we need duos you Fk tard sort that shit out b4 I start hacking in yah fkn lobbies dick heads🖕🏾

Komo Tenga (Auckland , 2019-10-08)


I like to play duos with my girlfriend or mate from qld but I can hardly get on before 10 pm so I always miss out on duos and have to do squads but I hate it

Mathew Neeson (Canberra, 2019-10-08)


Stop taking duos out of the game it’s ******* shit

Billie Brown (Kerikeri , 2019-10-09)


I want to play duos with my friend at night

Brad Williams (Warwick, 2019-10-09)


We need duos in oce 24/7

Jordan Thomas (Sydney, 2019-10-09)


I'm sick of not being able to play duos bring that shit back

Ashley Clark (Auckland, 2019-10-09)


In sick of having to wait most the day to play a duo

Jesse Wikiriwhi (Auckland , 2019-10-09)


Because duos should be on 24/7 in OCE

Izaiah Tewiata (Hastings , 2019-10-18)


We need duos late night please

Frank Andrews (Brisbane , 2019-10-19)


I need it squads is hard with 2 players

Jack Gee (Cowra, 2019-12-17)


We need duo for midnight gaming parties

Mike Xia (Brisbane, 2020-01-25)


Becauee i only have one friend

Brenner symons (Browns bay, 2020-02-13)


Duos pls

Eridani Effendi (Kuala lumpur, 2020-02-27)


I'm signing because fortnite duos get removed after 10:30pm where I am and that's when most of my friends start heading onto fortnite and wanting to play duos

Riley Blanch (Adelaide, 2020-03-15)


I only play this game with one other friend. We both hate every other game mode. Duo'ing squads is ok sometimes but mostly we get wrecked then!

Daniel Lockhart (Youngtown, 2020-05-05)


I always play duos why can’t we have it back

Zac Russell (Dubbo, 2020-06-01)


i can

mo no (narnia, 2020-06-01)


I want to play duos all night

Cooper Larnach (Tweed Heads South, 2020-07-01)


I want to play duo’s 24/7!

Melissa Zandbergs (Melbourne , 2020-09-18)


Because I wanna play duos alday but ur all manginas that need an extra 2 to feel upto date with how cool u are

Huky Ford (Yoza, 2020-09-28)


Duos 24/7...Stop making us lose the will to live by being slaughtered as a duo in squads. I can’t appear to be a better player if I’m getting railed by multiple squads at one time. Sounds like a good time but it’s not.

Kaitlin Rose (Cardiff, 2020-09-28)


It's unfair to expect a team of 2 to play in squads because there is no duos after a certain time every night, we are like pigs to the slaughter and it really isn't fun

Jordan Stevens (Newcastle, 2020-09-28)


I want to be able to play duos with my partner till late at night into the mornings.

Katrina Worboys (Maryborough, 2020-10-10)


I feel it’s stupid to be forced into arena duos or squads with randoms in order to play of a night time

Cody Hanson (Melbourne , 2020-12-12)


Im over duos being disabled late at night

leo willams (perth, 2021-01-03)


i like duos

leon zhao (sydney , 2021-01-24)


We need duos

Cody Lamgrudge (Busselton, 2021-02-28)


Stop turning duos off it's disgraceful

Travis CUTE (Seaford, 2021-02-28)


I’m signing because I’m sick of having to team up with that one random idiot, when we could easily have duos where heaps of people would play

hayden Eldridge (BRISBANE, 2021-03-06)


My friend and I are the only ones who play fortnite, and we both love playing duos, but because we have busy lives during the day, we only really get to play at night, where duos is not available, we would rather wait longer for a duos match to enjoy out gaming sessions, because the other players who we team up with can disconnect or not be a team player and it leaves us at a disadvantage. Please consider making duos 24/7

Jayden Westhorpe (Springvale South, 2021-04-07)


I am signing because I don’t have many friends on fortnite and I like to play duo games with my brother. When duos cuts off we have to play squads on fill and this makes a match a lot harder as we do not want to communicate with a stranger and they do not understand our gaming styles.

Kirsty Rochester-Smith (Rochester, 2021-06-16)


I only play duos

Max Jones (Adelaide, 2021-06-20)


I’m signing because me and my partner only play duos

Emma Soanes (Brunswick , 2021-08-29)


I want to play duos after 12 and I’m 23 so I’m sure I’m allowed lol!

Jade Parker (Wellington , 2021-09-14)


I don’t have enough friends to play more than duos after this time. I would love to be able to play with friends especially with the new season after midnight.

Dane Dodds (Wellington, 2021-09-14)


I'm a oce pro I need duos

Kayden Parker (Porirua , 2021-09-14)


I'm signing because me at my mates can't play duos all day especially when they get disabled in the OCE region making it harder to grind to champs if you are a duos player more than you are a solos or trio player

luka puizina (perth, 2021-10-06)


I want to play duos any time of the day please stop turning it off

Ethan Fraser (Katikati, 2021-11-10)


i’m singing because i play duos alot and having to play trios on don’t fill with the 1 one person i play duos with is pretty annoying

monica rosa (sydney, 2022-01-04)



hij9hu ihigyvu (inuvyvyh, 2022-01-25)


I usually play fortnite with my partner & it's so frustrating playing trios

Julian Mallia (Sydney, 2022-02-07)


Half of 5he reason I play dorknite is to play duos with my friends. If you want me to keep spending g money on your ridiculously priced skins then bring it back or I want a refund on everything

Ikaika Fowlke (Tainan, 2022-03-14)

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