Extend green way into Sallins Pier to link with Naas fully.



I'm a resident of Sallins Pier and use this walkway often. Improved ground surface would make a big difference

Shirley Fox (Naas, 2019-11-18)


I agree with this. It would be a ovely safe way to walk and cycle into Naas.

Eimear Humphreys (Sallins, 2019-11-18)


I believe that a walkway should be available as the area is very mucky indeed and would benefit all our children.

Lydia Hayles (Sallins, 2019-11-18)


We really need this gor our kids to get to school safely by bike , scooter or on foot.
Brillant idea

Bill Clear (Naas, 2019-11-18)


Naas and sallins need a safer way to travel, the roads are not safe for bikes. By completing this cycleway, we are doing our little bit for climate change as more and more people will choose to leave cars behind!
Please make the right decision!

Gillian Proctor (Naas, 2019-11-18)


Joining Sallins To Naas via the Greenway will add so much to the Greenway project and to Naas, Sallins and surrounding areas. It makes sence and will be of absolute economic and environmental benefit to the areas. You guys need to do this. Shame a petition has to be drawn up to get simple common sense initiatives across the line. Please provide solutions that people want.

John Purcell (Naas, 2019-11-18)


I’m signing because increased areas to walk and cycle benefit mind spirit and body.

Loretto Doyle (Naas, 2019-11-18)


The greenest is a much needed amenity.

Carol Fahey (Naas, 2019-11-18)


I cycle all the time.

Aaron Daly (Naas , 2019-11-18)


It makes perfect sense to extend greenway all the way

Emmanuel Cassidy (Osberstown Naas , 2019-11-18)


I’m signing this petition because it believe it is very important to continue the greenway all the way into Sallins in order to get the most benefit out of this investment.

Adrian Devine (Sallins , 2019-11-18)


Because it's the right thing 2 do

Aido McKiverigan (Sallins , 2019-11-18)


We need to make the Greenway as user friendly as possible to encourage more people to use cycling as a means of transport

Tony Gavin (Sallins, 2019-11-19)


I have had some lovely walks along this stretch of the canal, ON DRY DAYS - not when it's wet - it's soggy and muddy and almost impassable at times. If this path was made good it would link Sallins all the way through to Naas which would be fantastic for all the locals.

Tammy Leane (Sallins, 2019-11-19)


Complete the greenway. Enable as many people as possible to use (and enjoy) this amenity.

Lynda Kennedy (Naas, 2019-11-23)


We should do everything possible to encourage and make it safe to travel from Sallins to Naas and back by bike or foot that doesn’t involve cars (no petrol or diesel fumes and healthy exercise) this continuation of the bike/walk track from the rail line bridge to sallins pier should also connect to the badly needed footbridge across the canal to the new community lands so children from both sides of the rail line could access these community grounds without any need for cars or main roads.

David Gahan (Sallins, 2019-11-29)


This would be invaluable to us walking with the 2 kids along the canal into Naas. Out into main road is more dangerous and pollutive.

Katie Banks (Kildare , 2020-03-10)


I think it is vital to link my estate to naas via a safe walking and cycling path

Conor Winchcombe (Sallins, 2021-03-05)


It is a good idea

Marion Gordon (Kildare , 2021-09-30)

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