Signature Campaign to Release Political Prisoners in Bhutan.



Freedom and democracy should liberate political prisoners and they should be free !

Charlie Dabadi (Des Moines, 2019-11-27)


All of them are enocent people

Sita Neoupaney (Silkeborg , 2019-11-28)


Because I m supporting political prisoners in Bhutan.

Rajendra Sharma (The Hague , 2019-11-28)


I am signing here because they arrested innocent people

Susmi Yar (Hamilton , 2019-11-28)



Hari Rai (Massachusetts , 2019-11-28)


For the Love of kindness and Humanity that surely Great Rulers use as part of their own principles or would be seen as incomplete in the eyes of the Creator and their future Generations.

Marianne Latinis (JHB, 2019-11-29)


Please hear our voice!

Royal Rai (Dallas , 2019-11-29)


To be released the Bhutanese Refugees prisoners. Thank you from all the Bhutanese Refugees.

Singh Yonzon (Calgary , 2019-11-29)


Born in Bhutan, raised in Nepal and became a Citizen of U.S.
Volunteered many years on behalf of Bhutanese-American in the U.S.
Continuing to support well-being of Bhutanese in Bhutan and outside which think is my moral obligation.

Gopal Acharya (Boston, 2019-11-29)


Iam a Bhutanese

Dhirawz Samal (Damak, 2019-11-30)


Our fellow bhutanese are waiting their beloved one thise who were in jail since more than two decades to complete thier total family once again.

Raju Ghale (Jhapa, 2019-11-30)


We dont need any more shoddy makeshift pavement businesses in Edenvale! We want to keep our STANDARDS HIGH. we have to supoort tge businesses we ALREADY HAVE! NO MORE.....SHABEENS OR TAVERNS OR SPAZA SHOPS!

EA CAYZER-JOHNSON (Johannesburg, 2019-11-30)


Ian a Bhutanese

Bimala Rai (Damak, 2019-11-30)


Girdhari Kadariya

Girdhari Kadariya (Christchurch , 2019-11-30)


Yuba Raaz Rana Sampang

Yuba Raj Rana Sampang FANS CLUB (Sarpang, 2019-11-30)


I don’t believe that Bhutan should be still holding political prisoners for something that occurred more than 2 decades ago - it is a Human Rights Violation and so sad to see it happening in a peaceful Buddhist country....🙏 🙏

Sue Chamberlain (Wodonga, 2019-11-30)


They can build the nation

Dev Rizal (UTAH a, 2019-11-30)


I am signing for humanity - please release these political prisoners to allow a grieving mother to hold her son.

Om Dhungel (Blacktown, 2019-11-30)


I'm signing because my uncle went missing four years ago and our lives have never been the same for us again.

Manisha Subedi (Bijni, 2019-11-30)


No one can arrest anyone without any reason!!

Sandeep Niraula (Kalimpong, 2019-11-30)


My brother (high school) and brother in law were imprisoned and released after 5 years. Listening to their horror stories of how they managed to save their life when other disappeared, is reason enough for me to advocate this cause.

Dick Chhetri (Alameda, 2019-12-01)


I am signing this because there have been unjust cases that i think deserves a fair trial

Krishna Acharya (Fairfield , 2019-12-01)


I believe on forgiveness.

Ambika Pokhrel (Denver , 2019-12-01)


I'm signing because the prisoners have been locked up too long and only on the ground of their political beliefs

Alexander Bor (The Hague, 2019-12-01)


I am signing because ,every living bring has right to live with freedom and dignity.

Prakash Basnet (Clarkston , 2019-12-01)


I'm signing because there families still waiting for the king justice and there's sons.. thank you

Arjun Basnet (Melbourne, 2019-12-02)


it willhelp correct a misunderstanding

Allan Gavere (Salt Lake City , 2019-12-02)


Im signing because
For my friend

Dhan Biswa (Cairns, 2019-12-03)


I'm signing because it is the nature of humanity to want to experience the healing nature of amnesty, forgiveness and compassion, love.

Dimitrios Papalexis (Sydney, 2019-12-04)


They are already punished. It is now over. Their children, wives and mothers are still waiting for them.

Amber Singh Subba (Raalte , 2019-12-04)


M doing because m from my mother country nepal... and we should treat like it.

Robyn Gurung (Westfield , 2019-12-04)


Campaigning for unconditional release of political prisoners from Bhutan

Bijay Upreti (jhapa, 2019-12-05)


Your His Majesty,
May Your Excellence,
Would you like to release all political detainees from the prison of Bhutan ASAP.

Mohan Raut (Palmerston North , 2019-12-05)


political victims are not the criminal , they just demanded for democracy where kingdom has been the absolute monarchy .

Hem Lal Sutar (Cuyahoga falls, 2019-12-06)


Reunion with their family members who are resettled in different countries

Parshu Khanal (Columbus, 2019-12-06)


Human right

Min Thapa (Adelaide, 2019-12-07)


Because I want my Uncle free

Goma Niroula (Aurora, 2019-12-07)


Those prisoners didn’t do harmful crimes they should be free

Santi Sapkota (Cincinnati , 2019-12-07)


This is to support my fellow human being!

Bhuwan Pyakurel (Columbus , 2019-12-08)


Birkha Chhetri is my Cousin brother . He been serving jail life for decade. I want him to get release, so he can live rest of him life with his family .

Rojan Rai (Cypress Texas , 2019-12-08)


I am one of the victim of the country. I would like to get release all the victims from bhutan jail.

Ram Acharya (Fortworth, 2019-12-09)


The people who understood the importance of democracy and demanded it are put behind bars. Even after a decade of democracy the aware strugglers are in jai. When will you understand the struggle of the warriors of democracy? The day you understand their contribution, they will live a life of freedom. I wish you understand their plight and take action before its too late.

Govinda Rizal (Kathmandu, 2019-12-09)


What has happened is inhumane and families should now be together. This has gone on long enough! Time for peace

Alison McInerney (Adelaide, 2019-12-11)


I am opposed to discrimination and believe in both freedom of religion and speech in democratic society.

Sìla Trevor (London, 2019-12-12)


Reunion with family member who are resettle in different place

Punya Niroula (Columbus , 2019-12-12)


I am sining because to release the policatal prisoner of bhutan

Rudra Rai (India, 2019-12-14)



Ranjana Rai (West Springfield , 2019-12-14)


I want to help the Bhutanese prisoners

Rinkey Bhuria (India, 2019-12-14)


I’m singing because I want you to free him

Suman Biswa (Dallas , 2019-12-16)


I am signing this petition because I believe a father should reunite with his wife and children.

Mamta Gurung (Dallas, 2019-12-16)


Chandra Tamang

Chandra Tamang (Dallas Tx, 2019-12-16)