Signature Campaign to Release Political Prisoners in Bhutan.



I am singing this because lots of our elderly friend and family members are in Bhutan preson for no reason or just for fighting for freedom
I believe they need second chances

Durga Achaya (Pittsburgh , 2019-12-16)


I am sinning this because to helpto relese the inoccent bhutnis prisoner

RAHUL KHATIWODA (Imphal, 2019-12-16)


I’m signing this petition to release all the Political prisoners.

Puspa Adhikari (Harrisburg , 2019-12-16)


I request government of bhutan .to release loknath acharya .and send him back to his place where his family are living now .and humble request to majesty of bhutan to bring release constitution to be changes . to develop this beautifully country bhutan .

Hari Ghimire (hamilton, 2019-12-16)


I’m signing this because I have my uncle in prison in Bhutan.

Nikita Rai (West Springfield , 2019-12-17)


I’m signing because our innocent prisoners must be got human rights.

Ransingh Limbu (Sheffield , 2019-12-19)


Tika Nepal

Tika Nepal (Akron , 2019-12-19)


I am signing this petition because I strongly believe that those people serving in Bhutanese Prisons deserve to get second chance in their lives. I do not believe that those individuals will be a threat to the Country of Bhutan as their loved ones are already in good places by now.

Tika Adhikari (Columbus, 2019-12-21)


I belief on democracy.

Til Bdr Rai (Damak, 2019-12-25)


Since Bhutan is claimed that Bhutan is democratic country so to prove weather it is real democracy or not.

Dil Bhutani (Damak, 2019-12-25)


I am singing this

Shree Siwa (Concord , 2019-12-25)


I believe they have served enough time in jail for whatever the crime they have done .

Chak Bista (Salisbury , 2019-12-26)



Barsan Rai (Antioch , 2019-12-28)


Mahesh Thulung

Mahesh Thulung (Stone Mountain , 2019-12-28)



Rupesh Rai (Antioch , 2019-12-28)


I was also a political prisoner from 1990 to 1992

Bahadur Subba (Snellville , 2019-12-28)


I am signing this petition, on humanitarian ground as Bhutan has declared democracy long back but people detained on political ground are still in prison.

Parsu Dahal (Harrisburg, 2019-12-29)


I am supportive to campaign

Lachumon Dhimal (Nashville , 2020-01-03)


I am supportive

Bhim Chauhan (Antioch , 2020-01-03)


I'm signing because there is someone my close one locked down in bhutan for not even a specific reason

Nitin Choudhary (Delhi, 2020-01-07)


I have studied the situation of Bhutan's refugees for more than a decade, and I have interviewed hundreds of refugees and stakeholders. I now see a new trend, which is that many are eager to move in the direction of reconciliation. Many say: there were mistakes made, on both sides. And this admission comes from refugees and from Drukpa still in Bhutan. The release of political prisoners would be an amazing symbolic step to further reconciliation. This has the possibility to create the kinds of happiness for which Bhutan is famous. Respectfully,

Susan Banki (Sydney, 2020-01-07)


Bhutan has gained such a good reputation for its cleanliness, lack of crime, lack of cars, environrental stewardship. Its a pity that it has to imprison political opponents in the 21st century!

Suresh Murugaser (Kotte, 2020-01-09)


I'm signing because I have my family member there

Aaita Rai (Keller, 2020-01-14)


I'm signing because everyone had family,friends and relatives
We people seek for happiness within family and friends so i am signing this just in case i can be make a small contribution in reuniting friends and families who have been seperated

Dechen Dema (Thimphu , 2020-01-25)


It seems right to allow those who have been imprisoned in this matter to be reunited with their families.

Curt Noel (Atlanta, 2020-02-02)


I’m singing this because I would like to set free all the innocent prisoners that are behind bars in Bhutan. The government shouldn’t be this harsh towards them. Thank you.

Puja Neopaney (Lancaster , 2020-02-03)


I’m signing because my thulo baba was kidnapped, and we still have no information about his whereabouts. He was accused of being involved in politics but since we haven’t even spoken to him we don’t know the entire truth.

Nisha Acharya (Grand Forks, 2020-02-03)


I'm signing this because my best friend is serving as political prisoner in Bhutan jail hence 2008. We all people bow down our head in front of the His Majesty to ponder about our people. And let them unify with their lovely family who are already settle in third country. We will be extremely hopeful that His Majesty shall
consider forther and release our people as soon as possible .

Arati Sarma (not fixed yet, 2020-02-10)


Free the prisoners

Bijay Gurung (Manchester, 2020-02-26)


I'm signing for my father Satya Narayan Prasad Kalwar of chengmari bhutan.

Deepak Prasad Kanwar (Shillong, Meghalaya, India, 2020-04-28)


Because I believe in respecting human rights and a country like Bhutan should not have political prisoners. It a shame that Bhutan has political prisoners and it keep on claiming to be a "happy" country, what a lie!

Rieki Crins (Amsterdam, 2020-09-15)


Justice for all

Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal (Victoria, 2020-09-15)


Provide with amnesty to the political prisoners.

sudarshan Adhikari (Oamaru, 2020-09-16)


Political prisoners parents are dying without their wishes to see their beloved.

Timothy Pachkoti (Fort Worth Texas, 2020-09-16)


I’m signing this because everyone deserves a second chance in their life. We the mere human, so mistakes occur this doesn’t mean we should punish the culprit along their families. Where’s the justice we all talk so greatly about. Please do consider not only about the prisoner but about their family also. You are not just hurting a thorn for hurting you but instead you are hurting it’s flower along the buds which haven’t even bloomed yet. It’s very understandable that they have been held accountable for what they did, but isn’t it enough, haven’t it been over a decade. Some flowers have withered without a sunset and some buds are still hesitant to bloom. All I see is a perpetual woe of leaving a homeland, was it mistake to love your homeland more than themselves or their family. All they wanted was to go back to their homeland where they were born and grew up. I humbly request the king of Bhutan to be little considerate, I hope the king himself is not as illiterate as our bother and sister were/are. Please let the flower withered in peace of knowing the sun will definitely set, let the buds bloom in hope of being fond by their almost to nonexistent father or mother.

Saya Rai (Cincinnati , 2020-09-20)


There isn't any further reasons to keep them in prison. We all people prostrate to Bhutanese His majesty to concern in this subject.

Sanam Udash (Shiligury, 2020-09-21)