Ban Single-Use Plastic by 2025



I decided to sign this petition, because I really want to change something about the Plastic pollution problem .

Albert Horejs (Kolin, )


Single use plastic is destroying our planet the eco system is collapsing and it’s only getting worse with more plastic. I’ve seen horrific pollution on beaches in rivers and in gutters and it needs to stop. Up-cycling is the future. Go vegan.

Holly Playfair (Auckland, )


I dont want to destroy our planet! Its absolutely ridiculous that big corps dont give a shit im sick to death of it

Morwenna Allan (Basingstoke, )


I want to save the planet, have a future

Laura Alberici (Dijon, )


The international waste issue is one of the most pressing problems today and must be addressed immediately. With inefficient recycling programs, the majority of single-use plastics are ending up in land-fills, green spaces, or watersheds where pieces further break down into microplastics. This poses issues for human health as well as other species through entanglement, ingestion and internal biological damage, and bioaccumulation. Additionally, scientific research is still inconclusive about the extent to which plastic breaks down, leaving the true cost of impacts on a long-term basis not fully known. With that said, we must use to precautionary principle and ban the production of single-use plastics while investing in alternatives and improving policies.

Yana Pikulak (Toronto, )


Climate change

Himanshu Pareya (Ranchi, )


I love the earth

Dakota Jordan (Los Angeles , )


I have recycled for a long time I carry my plastic home from work can’t bare that people use so much single use bottles should be banned !

Joanne Turner (Leighton buzzard, )


I feel plastic serves no need to the world. We got along without it for a millennia, we can last another.

Luke Javier (Parrish, )


I believe a plastic-free future is the only possible one.

Leyre del Carmen Rebollo Blanco (Santander, )


I want my children to live in a beautiful world.

Sofia Peinado Lindblom (Brussels, )


Because we are our own destruction and its not fair that as we destroy ourselves, we destroy the lives of innocent animals.

Brooke McDonell (Chilliwack , )


Im aware of the pollution and i wanna take actions to stop it ✋

Дино Кимоски (Prilep, )



William Stergar (Carmel, )


I do not want plastics to destroy my own and only beautiful environent.

Ipek Zeynep Kadioglu (Istanbul, )


There should be no more plastic use for our sake and the earths

Emma Magnussen (Oakdale, )


I'm signing because we need to STOP using plastic, the earth doesn't need us but we need the earth to survive.

Marcus Kawa (Pau, )


For my kids

Avery Rodriguez (Victorville, )


I’m signing because we should care about our environment and what plastic is doing to it!

Teaka Salgado (Beaufort , )


I want a future for my children, grandchildren, and myself.

Molly Roberts (Tallapoosa, )


Against using single use plastic that is harming our world, especially the marine life who are getting caught in it, eating it & dying from it.

Natasha Smyser (Auckland, )


One Love

Safaa Modir (San Jose, )


I want my kids fo to see the world as I have had the chance to see it

Rebecca Proctor (BEDALE, )


Am tired of swimming in the ocean with plastic

Angel Kato (Dar es salaam, )


I agree that less plastic should be used as it is harmful to the environment.

Giovani Justo (Chicago, )


I want to save the planet for every sentient being and my grandsons life.... ❤️🙏🌏

Vivian Huskings (Cardiff , )


I care

Towhidur Rahman (Dhaka, )


I'm signing because is the right thing to do!!

BIANCA PERESANI (Costa di Rovigo, )


No need for plastic

Sean Knight (Binghamton , )


I want to have a normal future. I want to grow up with nature, not plastic.

Vakarė Balandytė (Vilnius, )


I am signing because I want to make a difference and save us as well as our animals and environment. As a teen, I want to have all the opportunities those before me had to live a long life. I don’t want to be afraid to have children because they won’t live a good healthy life.

Mary Trexler (Greensboro , )


Я против использования пластика

Ivan Poddubniy (Nha Trang, )


i’m signing because i want there to be a world left for my kids to grow up in

Oliver Bhamani (Waxhaw, )


The importance of banning single-use plastic must be known

Jomyri Smuts (Derby, )


I want a better planet

eduardo vidoza (Barquisimeto , )


Because we need to urgently start solving this plastic problem onde and for all!

Carlos Gomes (Lisbon, )


I believe single use plastic is a huge harm to our planet and every living being on it. Plastic is what is wrong with the world.

Samantha Molina (McAllen , )


I want to bring my Earth out from this polythene.......

Urvish Bhaliya (Surat, )


i’m signing because animals don’t deserve to feel the outcome of human idiotic ways of polluting the earth. also i would like a future of my own as i’m only 18 and fear that all this hard work for success was for nothing.

jessica reyes (yonkers, )


i’m signing because the earth needs us

Sydney Farley (Staunton, Virginia, )


I fully agree that plastic shouldn’t be used and this can easily change. Easily.

Rebecca Joyce (Leeds, )


I'm signing because we can do better! We have a duty to do better. We see what a destructive force our habits are responsible for with the global impact of single-use plastics and we need a change. NOW. Ban single-use plastics. We have alternative resources of paper, wood, glass, metal, and biodegradable cornstarch. These resources are available, c'mon guys let's do this! The Planet and the life that it holds are all depending on us.

Pamela Burgess (Orange, )


Our parents and grandparents are too selfish to do it themselves

Charles Barrett (Spring, )


I’m fed up with the amount of plastic there is around. Feel like I’m wading in a sea of plastic everywhere

Alanna Mendez (Poole Dorset, )


I want the next generations to live in a beautiful world

Emily Ciserella (Boulder, )


I would like to not fear bringing kids into this degrading world but rather be a part of this positive change.

Juliette Pouille (Riviera Beach, )


No to plastic

Barath Krishnan (Chennai, )


Am an environmentalist and I love my planet

siva mc (Chennai, )


I’m trying to help raise awareness of the excessive use of plastic. Not only by us consumers but by the big corporations so maybe they will stop producing plastic everything! Climate change is real our beaches and oceans can not withstand anymore plastic !

Abby Mccormick (Castleton , )


It’s so so important to stop none recyclable plastics

Susan Seddon (Manchester, )


No plan B !!

Alexandra Mag (Sibiu, )


I believe we can make a difference if we all work together towards the same goal.

james roer (hardy, )


because single use plastic should have never been invented

Dayna Luma (New York City, )


I am signing this petition as I am very passionate about saving our planet and raising awareness of the extent of the crisis and the almost irreversible damage to our precious earth.

Carmel Pernicano (London, )


I currently attend Lutterworth College, a secondary school that fails to recycle, due to restrictive budgets, however schools and businesses shouldn’t have to choose between being ethical or not and therefore all materials and products designed should be compostable and biodegradable and therefore have no impact on the environment, like single use plastic products and recycling when irresponsibly disposed off. Oliver Morley-Smith

Oliver Morley-Smith (Bitteswell , )


i care .. we owe to nature, our mother earth. we humans, animals can live better if we just take care of this world. We happy, earth happy = PEACE... 90% problems in this world are happening because of our ignorance.. It's high time we should start seeing the signs and maintain balance.

Avantika Kumar (Delhi NCR, )


Sustainability is most important now for future generations

Linda Shepard (Carlsbad, )


I'm signing this petition cause I want to take steps for the better future and be part of the change.

Loan Thanh Bui (Prague, )


End this destruction of our seas, act before global famine sets in, STOP the use of single plastic NOW globally. I want my children to have a future.

Andrea Hjärne (Lund, )


Single use plastic is completely unnecessary and harmful to every single eco-system and living being on this planet.

Rachel Snell (Apache Junction, )


I believe as humans we need to use less plastic for the good of our planet

Tanya Ernst (Wollongong , )


Because climate change is real. Because science is real, and the human population is destroying not just our planet but every other living thing’s home. This is the first step to real change. And it has to be done or else we’re going to have nothing left.....

Tatiana Smith (Exeter, )


I'm signing this petition because I believe that I have the right to care, concern and be worried about earth and human's future. We must ban single-use plastic by 2025 before everything is too late. This act can be a great and a helpful contribution for our one and only home.

Ingrid Ammakiw (Tabuk City, )


it just takes a little will power and intention....we can all make a difference! There are so many products that can be used instead that are compostable or reused...

Kriss Poll (ATLANTA, )


I’m signing because I believe that we as a society need to change before it’s too late. Companies need to take notice and stop doing what’s beneficial for them. This planet was here before we were. At the rate we’re going, this planet will not be here after us.

Karleigh Monden (Sanger, )


I’m signing because I care about our beautiful planet and hate to see how much harm plastic has done to it and it’s living creatures. Save the planet 🌎

Shannon Roelf (Cape town, )


I want that everyone realise about plastic polution.

William Martinot (Tervuren, )


I’m signing because I hate plastic

Jazmin Cluff (Eugene, )


Now that there are so many alternatives we really need to get rid of single use plastics and finally do something to save our world

Lucy Pullen (Liphook, )


I’m sogning to urge Coca Cola and companies alike to take the environment into consideration. To invest in alternative materials doe their products to be sold. That much plastic is really just u necessary

Elise Lisonbee (Salt lake city, )

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