Jack Dylan Grazer Comic Con Germany



I wanna meet Jack again

Marie Schreiber (Frankfurt , 2019-12-16)


i would love to meet jack in munich it would be a dream come true!

lily zivkovic (london , 2019-12-16)


I’m signing because I love Jack sm and he is my everything and I want to see him😭❤️

Viktória Bauer (München, 2019-12-16)


I want to give other the opportunity to meet Jack 😊❤️

Stefanie Genning (Lippstadt, 2019-12-16)


Ich liebe Jack und würde mich freuen,wenn er nächstes Jahr bei der Comic Con dabei wäre

Natalie Enz (Vienna , 2019-12-16)


I want to meet Jack

Sarah Wolfram (Dortmund , 2019-12-16)


I want the other people get the chance e to meet jack as i already done it. OH AND IF HE CAN COME TO FRENCH TOO I WOULD MEAN A LOT FOR ME

Judith Rodriguez (Barcelona , 2019-12-16)


Because I love Jack Grazer and want everyone to be happy who's going

Kiera Smith (Stafford, 2019-12-16)


because I want to meet him again

Virginia Mandoki (Hamburg, 2019-12-16)


i want him to come to germany cause he’s not often here and i love him, i wanna meet hin

Lara Sagichnicht (Dortmund, 2019-12-16)


I want to Jack Dylan Grazer come to Comic Con Munich!

Anamarija Duspara (Slavonski Brod, 2019-12-16)


i want Jack Dylan Grazer to come Comic Con Munich!!

Leona Čabraja (Slavonski Brod, 2019-12-16)


I’d love to meet Jack again

Arianna Barberis (Asti, 2019-12-16)


I really really really really wanna meet him, he's my idol

Sophia Angelova (Varna, 2019-12-16)


im signing this because my dream is to meet jack. i've been supporting him since 2016,and i never had chance to meet him. i talked with my parents about it and they said that if he comes if going too!!💕

Mia Stoickov (Belgrade, 2019-12-16)


I’m signing because I really want to met him even I live in Paris I can go to Munich just for him 🥺

Victoria Azoulay (Paris, 2019-12-16)


I'm singing because Jack is my big idol, he showed me that it's great to be myself and love myself, and I thank him for that, I really admire him, he's the most perfect person I've ever know, I know that lots of people want Jack in this comic con and I want him there too!<3 he's literally our sunshine and our reason for living, he makes us happy every single day, je just smiles and we are the happiest people in the world, So please, don't break out hearts....

Lenka Berkešová (Levice, 2019-12-16)



Menga Keller (Zürich , 2019-12-16)


i want jack to meet other people too!

Sophia Vidal (Cebu, 2019-12-16)


i wanna meet Jack again duh?

Viktorie Privetiva (Nn, 2019-12-16)


I'm signing because I just want to..
I wish I can meet him there😊😊

Karina Ratna Novita (Sangatta, 2019-12-17)


I think it’s a good idea because I’ll be able to go to it! :)

Hailey Davis (Asheboro, 2019-12-17)


we love jdg so much and he isn’t coming anywhere close to us as of now so if he came to germany we would all be v happy :)

emma cruise (dublin, 2019-12-17)


I just really wanna meet him

Xenia Lippers (Zuidland, 2019-12-17)


I'm signing because i want Jack Dylan Grazer to come to germany and guve people the opportunity to meet his idol🥺 also because i want to see him again and if is in germany i can go❤️

Salma Salonia (Yecla, 2019-12-17)


I'm a real big Jak fan, and I would love to met him. And I can't go to Austria or something like that... :(

Julina Böntgen (Solingen, 2019-12-17)


i can

Sydney Charles (clarksville, 2019-12-17)


I really want to meet jack

Megan Monaghan (Reno, 2019-12-17)


because i love jack and i really want him to come to munich!!

angelina pitt (willowick ohio , 2019-12-17)


He deserves to go to Germany

Madison Brannstrom (Cairns , 2019-12-18)


I want other fans in Munich to be able to meet this wonderful and inspiring person!

Amy Schmidt (Gladbeck, 2019-12-18)


I'm singning for this because I'm a fan of Jack

Isalyne Bastien (Vernouillet , 2019-12-18)


Because he is amazing 😂🥰

Selena Rapisarda (Frankfurt , 2019-12-18)


bc it means a lot to them

abbie pleasant (spartanburg , 2019-12-18)


beacause I love Jack so much he is so cute and I want to meet him so much and hug him😭🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Jack means so much to me😭❤️❤️❤️❤️PLEASE COME TO ESTONIA 😭😭😭❤️

Marjette Ansip (Tallinn, 2019-12-20)


i wanna meet lil jack🥺🥺🥺

tamy erlebach (munich, 2019-12-21)


Jack is such a great actor and the movie where he played in are Soo cool!
It would be super cool to meet him.

Elina Hopman (Leipzig, 2019-12-21)


I love Jack Dylan Frazer and I am a big fan of him

rianne m (calgary, 2019-12-22)


I’m signing because I want people to have the opportunity to meet him as I did

Nuria Zafra (Málaga , 2019-12-23)


For petition for Jack Grazer to come to Germany for my friends!

Alyssa Rose (Melbourne, 2019-12-23)


I'm signing because i want Jack Grazer comes to Germany

Naomi Nathalia (Guayaquil , 2019-12-23)


I want to help people get Jack to come back to Germany❤️

Emma Häggström (Umeå, 2019-12-23)


I love Jack and I miss him so much, I wanna see him again 😖❤️

Semra . (., 2019-12-23)


Because I would like for some of my friends to meet jack <3

Riana Batibasaga (Brisbane , 2019-12-23)


I want to meet this angel❤️

Mia Steigleder (Bad Salzungen , 2019-12-25)


because i know that people in germany cant travel to wear jack has cons and people want to meet him!!

ellie taylor fani (new york new york , 2019-12-25)


I'm singing because I wanna have Jack Dylan Grazer on the comiccon in Germany. It's the nearest country where I can meet him and even my only chance to meet him.

Adriana Juříčková (Prague, 2019-12-25)


I really love Jack Dylan Grazer and I want to meet him again so please make him come to German comic con thank you 😊

Mia Stokic (Brcko, 2019-12-26)


I really want to met him but i live in the not of germany so it's to long for me to drive to vienna .. please jack come to germany ♡

Eliya Asadova (Kiel, 2019-12-26)


i’m signing because i really wanna meet jack and my friends at german comic con

mia grazer (Hamburg, 2019-12-26)


Jack inspires me in soooo many ways and my parents said I could only meet him if he comes to Germany 😭😭

Heidi Abbott (Wiesbaden , 2019-12-26)


I love him and want him to come

Sofia Lombardo (Munich, 2019-12-26)


Its the only chance to meet my idol.

Anna Chalupová (Prague, 2019-12-26)


I want to see him so badly :(

defne frdj (dortmund , 2019-12-26)


I'm signing because I'd really love to see Jack again

Marianna Kostyra (Warsaw, 2019-12-26)


I'm signing because I think everyone should have the opportunity to meet their idol and get to hug him, and ik he has helped so many people, and now I want too <3

Marieta Rodríguez (Madrid, 2019-12-26)


because i love jack and even though i won’t be able to meet him in germany, i want other people to be able to!!!

Lilly Davis (Monument, 2019-12-26)


I would really love to meet Jack

Jolie Wilkins (Atlanta, 2019-12-26)


I want to meet Jack in the German Comic Con in Dortmund so much🥺😭😍❤️

Gülcan Silik (Cologne , 2019-12-27)


Im singing bc i really like him and i want him really bad to come and visit germany

Vivien Stanic (Slavonski brod, 2019-12-28)


I really want to meet Jack

Zaharia Rebecca (Constanta, 2019-12-28)


I want to meet jack❤️

Anett Bozoki (Hamburg, 2019-12-31)


I’m signing this petition because Jack is an amazing actor and everyone deserves to meet him

Lana Moulie (Perpignan , 2020-01-01)


Jack Dylan Grazer’s fans are amazing, and so is Jack. He deserves to meet the people who loves and supports him, and the fans deserve to meet the guy who helped out so many people.

ziva hadi (Jakarta, 2020-01-01)


I'm signed for the fourth time because I need to see this cute little babiee 🥺💞

Mandy yes i already signed shush (Vienna, 2020-01-06)


I love Jack and want to meet him

eve stors (Sanem, 2020-01-07)


I wanna meet Jack so bad but I can‘t because I live in Germany

Alana Meyer (Meppen, 2020-03-25)


in romania there are many fans who do not have the possibility to reach other countries

mihaela Catalina (Galati, 2020-05-15)



Taoné Diaz Thering (Berlin , 2020-05-15)


Because my sister loves Jack and wants to meet him

Jule Nienhaus (Dortmund , 2021-04-15)

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