Maintain the Original Formula Windsurfing Class with Fin



We need to maintain this amazing class, and help competitors and organizers to have the less cost possible, and compete and organize for the joy of this class.

Formula Portugal (Portimão, 2020-01-02)


Because FW FIN is the real windsurf

Marco Soveta (Praia da Vitória , 2020-01-02)


The Formula have important history in Windsurf. Thousands sailors start and continue sailing with this category arrond the word.

Leonardo Rebello (Araruama , 2020-01-02)


basicly i can't afford a foil

Nico Blanco (ourense, 2020-01-02)


FW is a class that caters for all ages and has little risk of accidents compared to FOIL. It is loved by its practitioners.

ANDRE Maciel (Belo Horizonte, 2020-01-02)


I'm a sailor

Rafael Modesto (Maceió , 2020-01-02)


Sou velejador de fórmula

Joao Costa (Rio de janeiro, 2020-01-02)


I' m signing because i agree to the text!

Fanis Polychronpoulos (Patras, 2020-01-02)


I´m signing because I believe it´s fair. Foil is quite diferente, needs particular conditions to be sailed and is very expensive. There´s room for both classes.

Fernando Barbosa da Silva (Rio de Janeiro, 2020-01-02)


It´s is very important to maintain the fin class of formula. The foil class has started now, but it is a very expensive class for amateur people.

Henrique Raposo (Ponta Delgada, 2020-01-02)


I want the Original Formula to have world tittles. Competition. You can have both the original with fin and the foil formula under the same organization.

Luis Silva Pinto (Alcabideche, 2020-01-02)


Formula sailing is great

Alexander Pepelasis (Leeds, 2020-01-02)


Not everyone can afford to pay for the new equipment. Many already have equipment for Formula Fin and the Olympic class comes with a fin for highwind racing.

Mattias Wallblom (Stockholm, 2020-01-02)


I'm agree

Marinela Fernández (A Coruna, 2020-01-03)


Windsurf is done with the board on the water. The skils to control the board are completly different.
For me they’re two different disciplines and I think Windsurfing with fin should have never been removed from the Olympic Games.

Henrique Leite (Lisbon , 2020-01-03)


I' m signing this petition because I love formula windsurfing and race this class in regional and National championships.

Cleo Patchouli (Roma, 2020-01-03)


keep formula fin alive

andrea volpini (roma, 2020-01-03)



Junior Jose (teresina, 2020-01-03)


fw rules

Carlos PEREIRA (Balneário Camboriú, 2020-01-03)


Per tutelare la Formula windsurfing che ha tanti appassionati, atleti ma anche persone comuni, come me che faccio regate dal 2009. Una classe versatile, alla portata di molti anche economicamente.

Simona Mascellani (Ravenna, 2020-01-03)


I like f fin

Jose Maria Ochoa Pinar (Talavera, 2020-01-03)


I love to sail with FW.

Eduardo Di Piero (Rio de Janeiro, 2020-01-04)


I wanna change the world

Ricardo Raduan (Ubatuba, 2020-01-04)


I like formula

Olivier Bernard (Château d olonne, 2020-01-04)


It si necessary to keep the formula Windsurfing class for the new windsurfers who can not afford or adapt to a foil

Eyal Yussim (Montevideano , 2020-01-04)


Formula it is a great windsurf plataform.

João Francisco Cordeiro Laranjo Pedro Santos (Ferragudo, Algarve, 2020-01-04)


Queremos a Fórmula Windsurfing nos mundias e nas olimpíadas.

Gustavo Lessa (Salvador Bahia , 2020-01-05)


Precisamos da Fórmula Windsurfing e Fórmula Expirencie nos campeonatos mundias e olimpíadas.

Gustavo Braga (Salvador Bahia , 2020-01-05)


Original Formula Windsurfing is a very whell stablish class!!

CHRIS PSY (ATHENS, 2020-01-05)


Iam a 20 years active Fw fin competitor, can't believe that this class is finished from one day to the other because some people just decide for it without to ask the community of Fw at all !!

Christian Frey (Artemis, 2020-01-06)


Maintain the original class, from all over the word, local club athletes love this class and have invested in this class ( such as so many other classes in sailing (Laser etc.) )

Michalis Vagenas (Athens, 2020-01-06)


More class, better the show!

Carlos Henrique Pimentel (RIo de Janeiro, 2020-01-28)

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