Muskegon: 2nd Amendment Constitutional County



It's the right thing to do.

Heath Warren (Whitehall , 2020-02-10)


I believe in the 2nd amendment.

Chris Tjapked (Muskegon, 2020-02-10)


I would like to keep and protect my freedom to buy, sell, own and use firearms, as all responsible citizens should have the right to do.

Anita Staple (North Muskegon , 2020-02-10)


I believe it is the god given right of every well and able U.S citizen to self preservation and the defense of fellow mankind.

Joshua staple (Muskegon , 2020-02-10)


Where there are gun rights there is freedom.

Mark Carlson (muskegon , 2020-02-10)


I’m a responsible gun owner, in favor of the second amendment.

Jamison Staple (Muskegon , 2020-02-10)


I am signing this petition for the second amendment because it is a right of Law abiding citizens that we are able to protect ourselves from any enemy foreign or domestic that does not uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

Debra S Null (Norton Shores, 2020-02-10)


No one is going to take my guns.

Richard Smith (Norton Shores, 2020-02-10)


I think the constitution is an inspired document and is part of the foundation of this country and should be upheld!

Blake Molis (Twin Lake, 2020-02-10)


I'm signing because I believe in and want to protect our 2nd amendment rights.

Dorothy Carlson (Muskegon, 2020-02-10)


I will demonstrate out resolve to support and defend all constitutional rights. especially the 2nd Amendment.

Dorcas Leverence (Muskegon, 2020-02-10)


Defending my rights

Dustin Collis (Twin lake , 2020-02-10)


All gun laws are infringements on our God given right to defend ourselves.

Jacob Pledger (Norton Shores, 2020-02-10)


I believe in the 2nd Amendment

Wayne Olson (Muskegon , 2020-02-10)


I believe the people have a right to defend themselves

Jeremy Hooker (Muskegon , 2020-02-10)


It's constitutional.The gov't has no authority over this amendment or any other.

Nelson Fricke (Muskegon, 2020-02-10)


I fully support ther 2nd amendment

Kevin Rought (Montague, 2020-02-10)


Our rights are under attack like never before and we MUST stop this. As a Navy veteran....when I swore my oath 36 years ago to defend our Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic, I took it seriously and as far as I know no one has relieved me from that oath!

Eric Martin (Muskegon, 2020-02-10)


I believe in the Constitutional rights of all Legal American Citizens regardless of state,county or city

Rodney Hanbaum (Anna, 2020-02-10)


I believe the US Constitution and a free America is threatened from within and strong 2nd Amendment support will keep are Country safe

Jeffrey McDonald (Spring Lake MI, 2020-02-10)


I shouldn’t need to sign a petition for any right covered in the constitution of the United Stares. You took an oath to uphold that constitution when you took office. My path never expires.

Kevin Dagen (Ravenna, 2020-02-10)


I believe in the Constitution

Gerald Hough (Muskegon , 2020-02-11)


I'm signing because I believe that it is of utmost importance that our Constitutional Rights, including the 2nd Amendment, be upheld, at all costs.

Under no circumstances should we put our nation in jeopardy, by allowing any evil force, such as the media, liberalism or religious cults, to weaken the rights granted to us by our forefathers. Our 2nd Amendment is the most important weapon we have, against such evil. It is our only way to hold it at bay!

Randy Farber (Muskegon, 2020-02-11)


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Nicholas Stewart (Muskegon , 2020-02-11)


The constitution , the second ammendment are our history i am pure and true amarican that belives in our constitution and all our ammendments. We should be able to defend ourselfs and our familys and other law abidding people who may need protection or help from criminals. In a bad situation .

Joseph Dake (Muskegon , 2020-02-11)


“Shall not be infringed”

Kyle Griffin (Norton Shores , 2020-02-11)


I support the second amendment

Andrew Myers (Muskegon , 2020-02-11)


I want to protect my right to have firearms.

Kevin Kooi (Muskegon, 2020-02-11)


I believe in the 2nd ammendment and that people should have the right To defend themselves and family and to protect their home and property.

Larry Kubicek (Muskegon, 2020-02-11)


I want my rights protected

Trevor Driesenga (Nunica, 2020-02-11)


its the right thing to do

Chris Voorhies (Muskegon, 2020-02-11)


2A rights are the most important issue facing the nation right now.

Tivadar Lucas (Montague, 2020-02-11)


The second amendment is a constitutional right period.

Julie Dagen (Ranenna, 2020-02-11)


I strongly support the constitution and the rights as written in the bill of rights.

Julie Sanderson (Fruitport , 2020-02-12)


I believe in him rights

Paulo Adame (Norton Shores, 2020-02-12)


It is my 2nd amendment right.

Jilline Green (Muskegon , 2020-02-12)


Every American citizen should have the right to bear arms

Hunter Sutton (Fruitport , 2020-02-12)


I'm signing beacause the 2nd amendment is a right that shall not be infringed!

Jared Stevens (Casnovia, 2020-02-12)


I believe that the constitution needs to be upheld and not dismissed.

Johnathan Green (N. Muskegon , 2020-02-12)


I don't want you taking any more of my rights away

Daniel Bruesch (Muskegon, 2020-02-13)


I stand for the Constitution of the United States, especially my 2nd Amendment. My believes like many others, is that our goverment officials should standby their word on the Oath that they swore to protect and uphold. This is our right not only as citizens, but as human beings. We the people should NOT have our rights taken because of certain people that do things that are evil. We have a right to be able to protect ourselves and others when protection is not nearby. Thank you!

Joshua Mexico (Bailey, 2020-02-13)


I want to ensure our Constituional rights are not infringed upon!

Dirk Burkett (Holton, 2020-02-13)


I’m signing because I believe that this is an essential right to all Americans that must be preserved.

Brandon Gillikin (Muskegon, 2020-02-14)


The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Nick Anderson (Muskegon , 2020-02-14)


To keep our 2nd amendment rights.

Craig Zimmer (Muskegon, 2020-02-17)


It's my rite to keep my constitutional rights this country was founded on these rights and it protects the people from our enemies foreign or domestic! The right to bear arms!

Mandy Beattie (Twinlake, 2020-02-17)


This is super important, it’s not something one group has the right to vote away!

Jeffery Slack (Muskegon, 2020-02-18)


I believe in our constitution and the rights it affords to citizens.

Shaine Wallace (Muskegon, 2020-11-03)

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