Ariana Grande Store : improve your services !



2 weeks ago, they realized my Charlie’s angels picture disc was on hold for 4 weeks in their warehouse and they had to ship it again.

A few days ago, they refused to accept the fact that the «boyfriend 7’ vinyl» they shipped has been lost and asked me to wait more. Nothing came and nothing will obviously.

Yesterday, they realized that the shipping confirmation they sent me 40 days was wrong and they never shipped my Charlie’s angels cassette until today.

Today, they sent me an email telling me half of my order is cancelled. I was online when the Christmas and Chill items were posted. I placed my order for the whole collection in less than a minute. Why did people receive the items and not me ?

Lucien M. (Bex, 2020-01-24)


My proof experiences with Arianas US store in the past

Chloe Milford (Bradford , 2020-01-24)


It takes Arianas team weeks if jot months to ship out limited edition items and it doesnt make the customers feel valued. Especially since a lot of us are repeating customers and the service isnt changing. It took 2 months to receive an item once. Items should be shipped out the same week. No exceptions. Even if it limited edition they should make them before posting them online.

Ana Delgado (Denver, 2020-01-24)


they really just need to improve!

Marco Löhr (hoogezand, 2020-01-24)


I’m singing because I agree! Orders take forever and all I see on social media is people’s orders getting cancelled, delayed, etc.

D A (Canada, 2020-01-24)


There's no seriousness at all. Once I ordered a crewneck and it never came but as if it wasn't enough, I didn't even receive a refund for my lost order.

Francesca Panella (Benevento, 2020-01-24)


I’ve waited months to receive a package, and have had items cancelled, despite those items still being on sale for weeks after my order. Why ship to others and not me? This is not ok.

Lupita Escamilla (San Pablo , 2020-01-24)


their costumer service and their merch quality is disappointing. i ordered the second batch litho and i never got it. it was so disappointing to wait a long time and then find out they made a mistake.

Kaitlin Fabre (Vancouver, 2020-01-24)


i want improvement

Andrei Indolean (Cluj-Napoca, 2020-01-24)


I bought a signed litho and was so excited I got it before it sold out. I kept emailing the store for months asking where it is or if it was coming and they kept promising that it was. Over a year later they emailed me canceling my order with a 30% discount when there was barely anything on her website to use it on at the time. I was so upset that they had continuously lied to me and got my hopes up for an entire year about something that I’d never get. It was humiliating and devastating. I think if Ariana knew how terrible this was she would help us out because she cares for her fans so much, so hopefully this will reach her. I have shopped from her website many times and I hope that it improves

D D (New york, 2020-01-24)


The customer service is terrible and the delay of shipping is so annoying. I’ve never been into experiences like this.

Yu Leo (Nanjing , 2020-01-24)


Its important as a costumer to receive quality items at a reasonable time

anyeli santos (miami, 2020-01-24)


i have bought a lot of stuff from ariana’s website for years now and got very bad service everytime. the merch team is so bad and unprofessional. i wish ariana could see what they are doing because this ain’t it

Cassandra Côté (Montreal, 2020-01-24)


Others have other bad experiences, they need to improve!!

Alexiss Jimenez (Portland , 2020-01-24)


I have had many bad experiences with them and they don’t seem to get any better. It’s time for chance

Matthew O’Brien (Sydney , 2020-01-24)


When I ordered my first piece of signed merch, it was the signed Ariana Sweetener litho. I was so excited to have a piece of merchandise that was signed by one of my favorite artists. However, after waiting a year since ordering, and the Ariana Store constantly saying there would be delays and they would intend to fulfill the order, they finally said they couldn’t fulfill the order due to “scheduling conflicts.” I was bummed, and now I just see a bunch of other people selling the litho for upwards of $100-$300 because the order couldn’t be fulfilled.

Fast forward to now, the Christmas & Chill merchandise is being cancelled because of “production and quality control error,” but other people who didn’t bundle the items received their items as planned and are reselling their merchandise upwards to $60-$100. I even saw that someone received two of the Santa hats and are selling the extra one.

As much as I like the products being offered, and the opportunity to purchase them, I think that if the item is going to be posted, have the intention to fulfill ALL of what was ordered. There’s going to be a large volume of orders because of the popularity of the artist, so I think the individuals providing the service should anticipate the demand.

Dom M (Seattle, 2020-01-24)


her merch team sucks

victoria korotayev (fontana, 2020-01-24)


I’m agree

Mario Martínez (Madrid, 2020-01-24)


she just needs to throw it all out.

Jacob Trusick (Roseville , 2020-01-24)


There needs to be a change. NOW

luis estrada (Albuquerque , 2020-01-24)


I’ve placed multiple orders where I either receive the item LAAATE. or that time i ordered the sweetener t-shirt and her skin colour was way too dark. What kind of merch production is this for today’s biggest artist??????

Guillaume Anaira (quebec, 2020-01-24)


I cancelled an order I placed on the store BEFORE processing and of course they didn’t get the cancel request and it was shipped anyways. I relented to keeping the item to avoid hassle (I already knew how unprofessional the store could be). Later, I wanted to return the items and I asked them to pay for my shipping because they had not reached my cancel request in time. They refused and said I had to pay a $12 shipping MYSELF because I said I was “reconsidering” the item. Seems very ridiculous to me as they are running a popular merchandise site for one of the biggest artists in the world.

Lindsey Tong (San Francisco, 2020-01-24)


I ordered the Sweetener cd when it came out, and its said it would only take 5 weeks to ship. After the 4 months of waiting, I finally got my cd, but the whole front cover was cracked, and also the cd. I think since the shipping wasnt even shipped on the right date, and for waiting so long for a thing I ordered cracked, it was very irritating. Hopefully ariana and her team could do better to fix this problem, and I hope no one else experienced the same thing as I did. PERIODT

Gus Thompson (Madison , 2020-01-24)


the people that run the ariana grande store are unprofessional

Vanessa Rybandt (Philadelphia, 2020-01-24)


i stand by this heavily , every time i order from them there is ALWAYS some type of “Inconvenience“ , its very hard to support someone and their brand while the brand os constantly disrespectful .

Branden Porter (New port richey, 2020-01-24)


it’s ridiculous

ben grande (trim , 2020-01-24)


I’m so pissed, in august of 2018 I order the signed sweetener litho....
and it got cancelled:/
this was my only chance to get something close to her cause I’ve never had anything signed or gone to one of her concerts
and I ordered the Christmas and chill Santa hat and that got canceled as well sooo.
You can tell I’m pissed off!!!

Jack Grande (Melbourne , 2020-01-24)


i have revived so many products that do not meet the standards they are advertised to meet nor to they have the quality i requested

Michael Ariganello (Thunder Bay, 2020-01-24)


I’m signing because i’ve been in a similar situation before where i waited for my merch for 6 months and after a long wait i asked them and they told me it was lost and could get a replacement which took another 2 months to get here

Neira Sabic (Zagreb, 2020-01-24)


Because I have bad experience with this. I ordered stuff for more than 200 € on this Website, and i stillborn have it. It’s been more than 5 months! It should be a Christmas gift but it still hasn’t arrived!

Jasmin Grande (Karlsruhe, 2020-01-24)


I’m signing because I have had items lost in the mail, support emails left unanswered, damaged items and being declined the right of re-shipment or returns, manufactured product errors and damages which are not ever fixed and continue to produce the item in poor or faulty quality, very misleading mockups of products on the website making items arrive in their not-as-advertised state, and lastly, items taking 1-6+ months just to ship (coming from a u.s. customer, it should NOT take this long!)

Domonic Grande (Temperance, 2020-01-24)


My Item that I ordered was delayed for 5/6 Months. Could go with it to the sweetener tour, cause it came too late..

Katrin Hörner (Vaihingen an der Enz, 2020-01-24)


This company needs to be stopped!
They are getting worse every f-in year.

Grande Merch (Berlin, 2020-01-24)


Because this happens to much. Some times they never even get there money back

S N (Amsterdam, 2020-01-24)


yes!!! i placed my order of the second batch of the signed lithos when they put out a restock i had to wait a whole year and 4 months for them to say they cancelled half of the 10,000 orders and before that year it should of been shipped and i’d probably already had it they never gave a full reason/explanation why they cancelled the signed lithos i got my money back and all they gave back was a 20% off discount code and that shit barely discounts anything on her website on an item it was so frustrating i really wanted my signed litho :\ because it would of meant the world to me i had my hopes up for it to still be shipped but they always said product delay etc and i really wanted it cause that would of been the closes thing of me to ever meet her in real life (i hope that last part meant sense lol)

Hector Chavez (San Diego, 2020-01-24)


I’m signing this petition cause I’ve also unfortunately had a bad experience with UMG more than twice; first I ordered limited items in late June, which never arrived home (they got shipped twice and got lost as many times). Although I got a refund, that was unprofessional and upsetting, specially because I waited for about 3 whole months and nothing happened. In November and December I made 2 more orders which seem to be lost too, since my packages should already have arrived by now (they gave me the time of 2-4 weeks to arrive and in last case 6 weeks to international places. It’s been about 6 weeks and the items although in my country haven’t shown any progress).

Joao Carvalho (Porto Alegre, 2020-01-24)


i want them to improve their services

Júlia Tena (Barcelona, 2020-01-24)


i once ordered a hoodie in january, it was shipped 4 weeks after and i’ve waited until may and it still wasn’t there. so i contacted them and they basically sent me a new one and that one came with un-cleanable stains 😍🤩

Elina Teunisse (Lelystad, 2020-01-24)


I am waiting for months for my items!! Boyfriend vinyl ordered in August came just mid January! Other items took even longer. I am paying huge amounts of customs duty for products for products with sometimes super low quality. Please change something

Lenita Behncke (Berlin , 2020-01-24)


I’m signing because the combination between Ariana’s website and Italian Posts is ATROCIOUS.

Massimo Bortolin (Brugnera , 2020-01-24)


Im signing because it’s true and they should do or ship things they’ve offered

Gerrit Schuster (Bad Salzuflen , 2020-01-24)


When I ordered the first time in 2018, the purple sweetener crewneck, I was suppose to get a pass for the sweetener world tour so I could get tickets before everyone, guess what, I never got it! When I ordered my santa tell me onesie for winter ya know, in february, I got it when? End of april!! Please y’all need to improve your service!! Thanks, sincerely

Katia Pudova (Fuveau, 2020-01-24)



ghosted tears (hello, 2020-01-24)


I’m signing it because I had been received broken items.

Uladzimir Zhukovich (Minsk , 2020-01-24)


Because I wan to shop Ariana and actually get my things

Theodora Radoi (Bucureşti , 2020-01-24)


Hi! I ordered the giaw crewneck and they promised it to arrive w christmas, but in february it still didn’t arrive and in march, not! i cancelled the order and got my money back. but it’s not that when i have my money back the problem is solved. when i order something and you make promises i want it to happen! that’s what i pay for and the shipping is so so so expensive and y’all can’t manage to be on time :( i also ordered the swt clear bag 2 times! because the first time failed, second time also failed :( that makes me really sad... i truly hope you understeand we want change 🤍 thank you

Jens Senten (Woerden, 2020-01-24)


i couldnt agree more with this petition

Ariana Grande (Paris, 2020-01-24)


I agree with this petition.

Natálie Bílková (Hodonín , 2020-01-24)


i’m signing because, we should get what we pay for!!

Lola Rivero Blackburn (Lewes, 2020-01-24)


they cancelled my christmas & chill onesie, i received my cds broken, they only gave me one dcma cd while i ordered two of them ( and a lot of other shit happened when i ordered something), i collect her merch so it's very upsetting that i'm not going to receive the onesie, a discount code isn't going to solve all of their problems


Femke the owner of @myarianastuff (@agbcollector at the moment because instagram deleted my account)

Femke Blondelle (Sijsele ( Damme ) , 2020-01-24)



jade sentel (Zoetermeer , 2020-01-24)


Arianas new merch team is a joke and disrespectful to their clients. Their merch is of poor quality now and they don’t deal with any of their problems, instead they just cancel the order

Chayenne Rogers-Dixon (Bath , 2020-01-24)


I also had a bad experience with the ariana grande store

Róbert Mikčo (Vranov Nad Toplou, 2020-01-24)


I have never received an order form Ariana’s team on time!!!

Mhd noor Albaradan (Vienna, 2020-01-24)


bc of the delays.

lamine belkasmi (paris, 2020-01-24)


I'm signing because Ariana needs a better team that will fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

Marissa Connelly (Hendersonville, 2020-01-24)


I’m signing because i’ve had some problems too ik the past and i want things to change.

Tess Meerschaut (Berlare, 2020-01-24)


Her team is straight up a joke! Like why would you sell items when you don’t have the items in stock? Plus the designs, service and EVERYTHING should be rethinked and managed way better than the current status of the store! Plus, the store should lower the prices, Ariana’s merch Store aren’t giving us premium quality, instead are giving us mediocre and terrible quality items for high ass prices.

Rodrigo Ribeiro (Funchal, 2020-01-24)


I had a horrible experience . I ordered about $200 of merch with Universal Music group. It never came and they lied saying they lost it. Ariana needs better

Christopher Ortega (New York city, 2020-01-24)



Maria Dimitriou (Thessaloniki , 2020-01-24)


i’m signing because ariana’s team is a mess

Lorenzo Tondato (Pasiano di Pordenone, 2020-01-24)


my package came after 5 whole months...

Despina Bakirtzidou (Drama, 2020-01-24)


Im ari’s fan and its very important to me

Deni Vančurová (Liberec, 2020-01-24)


I am signing why I love Ariana Grande and I am her fan, I hope the best in the world for her but her products are something very serious because that entails money and many people spend a lot and sometimes people get damaged or never arrive. I hope that everything gets better

Adrian Antonio Alvarez Urdaneta (Dallas , 2020-01-24)


My litho was like 6 months late. Some colors on the merch were weird

Rachela Kruikemeijer (Woudrichem, 2020-01-24)


!! we need extreme merch store improvements

pippa smith (london , 2020-01-24)


I agree

Pablo Lopez (Madrid, 2020-01-24)


I got a problem with this website too

Elise Le cann (Paris, 2020-01-24)


I have been trying for weeks to get an item and it never goes through. I contacted support and they said well it must be something you’re putting in wrong. All of my information is correct and they never bothered to help me fix the issue. This is ridiculous.

Rebecca Walcutt (Barboursville , 2020-01-24)


Currently the American Ariana Grande store is ass and I'm signing because they need to change the way they treat their customers. It is also pathetic they way they handle their products.

Kenna Malley (Westerville , 2020-01-24)


This is so true as what we are paying for half the time isn't good.

Novalee Reid (Chelmsford , 2020-01-24)


Because her merch team has litteraly horrible and clown

Hugo Grande (Reims, 2020-01-24)


i’ve received several bad experiences due to the ariana grande store, they’ve had stuff just never show up, they’ve had stuff delivered damaged, and they’ve had stuff that i didn’t order and never refunded me with the thing i actually ordered.

ryan fogarty (st. louis, 2020-01-24)


because i agree with this petition and it also happend to me.

Shania Manse (Rozenburg, 2020-01-24)


I‘m signing because their shipping really takes for ever, and after i eventually receive my items they have stains on it already and some items are even missing. This is not okay, I don‘t want to pay 75$ for one sweater and then get it damaged.

Xenia Grunert (Wesel, 2020-01-24)


i agree that ariana grandes store should improve in the quality of their clothes and how they ship their items and that it arrives on time and not broken

dynastyeditsnstufd s (london, 2020-01-24)


My t-shirt from her website arrived with a blue stains on it.

Andrija Stevanovic (Novi Sad, 2020-01-24)


The quality and aesthetic of the merch is subpar at best :/

Kendra De Lawrence (London, 2020-01-24)


I Agree !

Gabriella DaPrato (Doylestown , 2020-01-24)


I’m signing because thy need to put stuff online once they get the inventory. I waited 1 year for my signed litho and never got it

Katerina Kanellis (Geneva, 2020-01-24)


If we are paying good money for something we should expect good service ♡

Lilly Mae (Eaglescliffe, 2020-01-24)


I ordered the charlies angels soundtrack cassette and they sent me the dont call me angel single one instead!

Martin Gadev (Sofia, 2020-01-24)


I ordered my merch but another crew neck came

Davut Tekinkaya (Bonndorf , 2020-01-24)


I’ve had bad experiences with the team and half of my items come damaged or in the wrong size and they don’t do anything about it.. needs to change. I have been with Ariana for all her career and this merch team is awful!!

Elyssa Pyle (Brownsburg, 2020-01-24)


It’s an outrage

Caitlin McGlinchey (Castlederg, 2020-01-24)


Because i think it's important that the merch improves, it's so frustrating that i don't know where my order is, and i'm always more happy about the facts that my stuff didn't came damaged then that it actually came

Luna Haak (Amsterdam , 2020-01-24)



lorenzo carbone (scicli, 2020-01-24)


Ariana's team is trash

Migle Blo (Vilnius, 2020-01-24)



Juan Lopez (Thornton , 2020-01-24)


I want delivery and care for our packages to improve please 😊💗

Marissa Perez (Moreno Valley, 2020-01-24)


I'm signing because the merch team is so bad at their job, people paid alot of their money to buy ariana's merch from her website but the item their recevie is broken or lost when shiping. I hope they improve them self or get replaced by better merch team.

Steven Ferdinand (Batam, 2020-01-24)


I think that the fuckig merch needs to change

Jael Kloek (Ijselmuiden, 2020-01-24)


I have to wait months after months for items I order after spending $100+ with expensive shipping rates. It’s ridiculous.

Andrew Jones (Greensboro, 2020-01-24)


ariana needs to change merch team asap

bridie fraser (cambridge, 2020-01-24)


it’s a disorganised system and ariana needs to get a new merch team asap

skylar quigley (glasgow , 2020-01-24)


when I received my hoodie it looked different on the website

Davis Garcia (New York , 2020-01-24)


I'm signing because I've had many issues in the past with Ariana's merch team and I would like my service in the future to be much faster, easier, e.t.c.

Tiavani Dante-Evans (Vancouver, 2020-01-24)


It has to change something there are so many ppl complaining about this website that it takes months for the stuff to get delivered if it even gets delivered. When Costumers don’t get their stuff they don’t get their money back...

Karoline Juffinger (Kufstein , 2020-01-24)


tried to order many times and the website would take my money but then wouldnt approve my shipping adress.

Marie-Joelle landry (montreal, 2020-01-24)


i have a complaint about the store and my bad experience with them about the signed lithograph that i ordered and they said that they can’t fullfill the order that affected a lot of people and upset soo many fans and just gave us discount on our next order which was very sad

moza althani (doha, 2020-01-24)


Well, I haven't ordered anything from Ariana's store but I know from lots of sources that her store is litterally forgetting about some things and then it takes 3 months to arrive. Also waiting time is way too long. If you have to wait half a year for a CD, that's not worth waiting

Maksymilian Majewski (Domwniew, 2020-01-24)


I got some ordered items that I never received like the teardrop mask, and my DCMA picture disc

Aniek Jansen (Harderwijk, 2020-01-24)


I really want to purchase Ariana's merch, but hearing all of these complains I'm not sure about spending my money on her merch.

Sarah Natalia Skvorova (Tuchomerice, 2020-01-24)


I'm signing cuz i agree!

Théo BOTINEAU (Arces , 2020-01-24)


I’m signing because this store is ridiculous

Angelina R (Los Angeles, 2020-01-24)


I want better baggages.

Soile Sojakka (Vantaa, 2020-01-24)


the merch team sucks

Shahryar Alessandro Tarighinejad (Lecce, 2020-01-24)



Tea Sviben (Zagreb, 2020-01-24)


I want to support people who have gone through this and fire this merch team once and for all.

Athena Trapalis (Athens, 2020-01-24)


I bought a signed lithography a year ago, and they sent it approximately 4 months after the initial date, but in the end the litho never arrived.

Emilio Bustamante (Monterrey, 2020-01-24)


I have seen everyone’s horrible experiences and I have had one of my own I ordered a record it took 12 1/2 weeks to come and it came broken

Tori Giera (Michigan , 2020-01-24)


arianas merch website team sucks. they need better service n shii

leah trembley (aroura, 2020-01-24)


I’ve received NUMEROUS mishandled/incorrect items. I’ve had enough of the overpriced merch. I love the site & Ariana, but the team she has is terrible.

Jeremy Pastoria (Warren, 2020-01-24)


When Ariana put the signed lithos on the website i missed the first batch so I bought one in the second batch right After the restock. I was really pumped and grateful because that would be the closest i would get to her and her signature would mean a lot to me... After 11 months waiting which was unbelievably stressful her merch team decided to cancel the orders.
11 months !!!!!!!! A messss

João Figueiras (Santo Tirso , 2020-01-24)


I want my fellow Ari stans to have their purchases shipped perfectly and not damaged.

Dominicque Davis (University Place, 2020-01-25)


I haven’t gotten my 2 Ariana bags since July and they never answer my complaints

Azra Senbay (Vic, 2020-01-25)


Because I had the same problems with the store.

Carlos Batista (Alcochete, 2020-01-25)


So a while back, I bought some arichella merch, specifically the pink tie dye crewneck. So it said it would take a few weeks to arrive. So I wait a few weeks and then weeks turn into months. So basically I deadass waited a month and a half for my merch when it was supposed to arrive in two weeks! Also most of her merch’s quality is really bad and that really sucks because her merch is very expensive and I work hard for my money and I expect good quality when paying $70 for a crewneck, can you blame me? I also recently recieved my boyfriend CDs, trading cards and my vinyl, which I waited way too long for and I was worried my package got lost when someone who lived in the same area as me got theirs a week before mine. So the plastic vinyl covers are way too cheap. They rip so easily and that causes damage to the vinyl. I also ordered the vinyl bundle and when I got them, every single one’s sleeve was damaged. We deserve better!

Emmie Dionos (Toronto, 2020-01-25)


I agree

Sam Cassie (Aberdeen , 2020-01-25)


The quality of the merch I bought is very bad. The print is very blurry and it looks different than the pictures on the site.

Jazmin Aanonsen (Schagen, 2020-01-25)


I think we need an improvement on shipping and items

Katy Scullion (Waterford , 2020-01-25)


I have experienced a cancelled order and it was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever gone through.

Emin Omerovic (Orlando, 2020-01-25)


i order merch earlier last year and they said it would get to me in May but instead it came 3 months later.

abigail fearnley (Gisborne, 2020-01-25)


Most of my packages I’ve ordered have been cancelled and my merch is badly made as my split crew neck was wrong and was messed up , the design and writing was botched and I sent it back without getting another one aswell which is really annoying , I think ari should get a new merch team because this is terrible

Mia Cribbin (Watford , 2020-01-25)


I sign because my sweetener CD never came again ... and neither did the signed litho ...

Cristian Izzo (Milan, 2020-01-25)


I've received my boyfriend cd damaged

Alessandra Citarella (Naples, 2020-01-25)


About 1 year ago, I ordered an Sweetener Shirt from the Ariana store. When it arrived, it was seriously badly damaged, with yellowish paints on it, and some parts were stuck together and was not able to be separated. Please fix these issues and improve the shipping ma s the merch quality so myself and others won’t have the same experiences as well!

Haruka Nigihayami (Tokyo , 2020-01-25)


Because i agree with that the prices are to high and sometimes it comes damaged. My vinyls from boyfriend and don’t call me angels took so long to come i bought them in august/september and i got them in the second week of January.
My sister had for my birthday 2 items for me from the webshop in November and with Christmas she still didn’t got it so she asked her money back. I think that that us not service if you order one or more things it shoot be here on time and i get that it takes longer if u life in Europe, but if u say it comes in 3 weeks if u ordered it in the first week in November and with Christmas u still don’t hav it is not good service

Luna Van den bosch (Amsterdam, 2020-01-25)


Because I loooooooveeee Ariana this is the Queeen

Alice Adler (Lille, 2020-01-25)


I’m signing because i agree with all! I didn’t recieve something broken but i have seen a lot people who do.. also the prices... i can’t pay all that money. I want it sooooo bad but it is just too much.

Liv Roes (Wehl, 2020-01-25)


Ordered several items for my girlfriend months ago. Still haven’t received some of the items! If I look at the tracking number nothing has happened for the last 40 days!!!! Package is apparently somewhere in the US not moving towards it’s european destination

Jan-Cedric Anslinger (Berlin , 2020-01-25)


I love Ari

Zuzana Hýžová (Kroměříž, 2020-01-25)


Merch is so bad

Eeli Toivonen (Mäntsälä , 2020-01-25)


Arianas shipping is really expensive to my country - around 20$ but it takes months to arrive

Yarden Gonen (Herzliya, 2020-01-25)


I never get my swt clear bags from the store

Milou De wit (Amsterdam , 2020-01-25)


a los packagge and copy paste mails

Diego Rojo Caudillo (zapopan, 2020-01-25)


i agree with you

nora delfin (Chartres , 2020-01-25)


I’m signing because i live in europe and i totally agree with this. Also the shipping costs are too expensive.

Yildiz Esenkan (Rotterdam, 2020-01-25)


Cause I agree

Anastasia Radic (Besançon, 2020-01-25)


I’m signing because i am done with this company!

Sadhbh McCaul (Dublin , 2020-01-25)


Okay so I’ve been shopping on Ariana’s website for a long time now, I’ve only had one issue and that was receiving my Sweetener poster damaged. I emailed them and the next day they gave me a refund and let me keep the poster and were super nice about it:/
Knock on wood I have not experience bad service from them. But I have to agree on shipping and prices, shipping is even expensive the more it weighs the more it’ll cost.. even shipping it separately is just way more and I don’t even understand that? I can understand when shipping them together but separate why charge more? Their prices for sweaters, sweatshirts and even T-shirt are just overly priced. It’s sad that one of her hoodies on her website is like $75 but hot topics is selling it for $45 plus I can get it faster from hot topic too with free shipping. It’s also ridiculous seeing pre sale orders extend up to 14 to 20 weeks for shipping and the sad part is they’ll get delayed too so we’ll just wait even longer. I would like to see a change with lower prices and faster shipping and at least put some love and care it in too. I’ve seen pictures people receiving damaged items or their orders get canceled even tho it’s still up on the website. 😒

Stephanie <3 (Munster, 2020-01-25)


she needs a better shipping team lol

maira dhuka (houston, 2020-01-25)


i’m signing this because i have bought soo many things from her website. and i mean a lot lol. luckily i have only had 2 problems. the first was the giaw photo crew. personally i didn’t think it was that big of a deal but sooo many people complained which i totally get. but the biggest issue i had which was really annoying and i saw no complain about was the christmas and chill onesie (the one that came out in 2019) it was so thin, so uncomfortable and the pockets were literally GLUED together??? that was my only real problem but i know lots of others have had many more and i think this is a reasonable complaint.

willa ( , 2020-01-25)


i ordered something last year and it took 3 MONTHS TO ARIVE.

Isabella Robinson (Faro, 2020-01-25)


I did'nt get my full order en 2 items were damaged

Jenny Bos (Dokkum, 2020-01-26)


i’m signing because two months ago i bought an item and the package came all broken

Kasenya Garcia (Los Angeles, 2020-01-26)


I can agree with these facts

Petra Csató (Debrecen, 2020-01-26)


i’ve had the same experience multiple times.

Freja Pedersen (Skævinge, 2020-01-26)


I agree, and wish for improvements!

Jakub Czaja (Inverness, 2020-01-26)


I’m signing because I have placed multiple orders in the past on the website and they’ve either been lost, arrived in awful condition, taken a very long time to be delivered or not arrived at all. They need to fix this!!

Jess Rose (Sheffield, 2020-01-26)


Most of my packages never arrive on time or never actually reach me

Emma Howe (Gravesend, 2020-01-26)


their service isn’t really good

Renee Gamz (limburg, 2020-01-26)


When you order merch from this site it takes at least a month to get to you and this has happened to me and I’ve seen on social media people wait ages and it arrives broken/cracked (cd/vinyl) or got stains on (tees/hoodies)

Cody Justin (Newton Abbot, 2020-01-26)


I have had multiple orders that have been delayed by months. My virtual sweetener party password never came ($15) and you never address them

Sam Perring (London , 2020-01-26)


The shipping is so bad and the designs are getting worst

Gabriela Endlake (Madrid , 2020-01-26)


Her team are ew

Ariana Baudy (Reims, 2020-01-26)


i ordered something once, the shipping was expensive, took a long time (more than 3 months) to arrive, and one of the items wasn’t great quality for $40

Catherine Li (Toronto, 2020-01-26)


ariana’s store needs to be improved with better workers since no one is receiving their orders or even if they do it takes months to arrive

lucy scaccia (oakland , 2020-01-26)


Needs to be improved !!

Rachel Grady (Dublin , 2020-01-26)

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