Ariana Grande Store : improve your services !



This is very much true me people are spending too much money to revive shit product

Ahlam Yahya (Basildon, 2020-01-26)


I love Ari

Zuzana Hýžová (Kroměříž, 2020-01-26)


i’m signing because i want to order from the ariana grande store in the future and i don’t want anything to happen to my orders

daisy bryson (bournemouth , 2020-01-26)


Ari ur merch team is so stupid

Vanja Kovačević (Belgrade, 2020-01-26)


i didn't order anything myself, because im waiting for them to take a better work on it. a friend of a friend of mine ordered the special vinyl album bundle and hasn't arrived yet.

Lau D (la plata, 2020-01-26)


bad merch quality. the print on my swt sweatshirt, which can’t be replaced, is already coming off and it’s only a few months old

Madeline Fillis (Seattle, 2020-01-26)


I'm signing this because i'm an Arianator too and I want to Ariana Grande store to improve their services.

Lucia Ceballos (Florida, 2020-01-26)


This is insane how long people are waiting for products or getting something they want in a reasonable time.

Phoenix Queen (Moreno Valley , 2020-01-26)


Bad experiences with delivery.

Laura Jane Kavanagh (Lucan, 2020-01-26)


I have ariana 7 rings shirt and the hm quality is better then official store one

Zszsz Zezszs (Gsgsg, 2020-01-26)


Its true

Andrew Pickering (Burbank, 2020-01-27)


Signing because the quality is sometimes really bad, look at the c&c hat, it was ugly compared to the photo showed on the website. Then, the boyfriend CD was damaged a lot when fans ordered it.

Eva Klingler (Plobsheim, 2020-01-27)


i’m signing because i’m frustrated on how merch is taking so long to be shipped to fans and zero action is taken to fix the problem.

yumna alhashmi (muscat , 2020-01-28)


I' signing because I want better quality to clothes and an international tracking.

Siiri Wallin (Pori, 2020-01-28)


My orders have been canceled, shipments are delayed too much and merchandise is of very poor quality

Alex Garcia (San Diego CA, 2020-01-28)


Her official merch store team is just trash

Nicolas Riekert (Braunschweig, 2020-01-28)


I once ordered 4 CDs and they were all crammed into an envelope. they have canceled my signed litho 10 months after the purchase.

Thomas Schouteden (Maaseik, 2020-01-28)


I just wanna to make the world better

Klara Januskova (Banovce nad Bebravou, 2020-01-28)


i’m signing because it’s too expansive and the delivery is mediocre

Enzo Clerc (roche lez beaupré , 2020-01-28)


Because I want a better service and more affordable prices, and the quality is not that good sometimes, +50$ for a cheap quality hoodie is not what I want!

Cristina Timofeyev (Florence, 2020-01-28)


I love ariana grande and for her merch and mailing team to be sending out expensive items damaged is really disappointing

Davina Ramdas (Barrie, 2020-01-28)


I 100% agree with this I have never like the merch company and you don’t get a good uses out of things you buy from it I bought a jumper washed if 3 times and the colour literally faded everything comes broke or you don’t know when it will come and it’s so expensive, I love ari so much but her merch and team aint it

Victoria Pearce (Kent, 2020-01-28)


i’ve experienced how bad the merch services are first hand and it makes me not want to purchase! it’s been going on for many years. i still haven’t received my DWT MERCH! fix this!!

ave d (fargo, 2020-01-29)


It costs so much money for me to buy a single item. I end up spending more than $100 to buy 1 top and delivery. It’s ridiculous. As well as we have been receiving the material ripped sometimes and not even the correct design. Thank u, next.

Maiya Dean (Manly Vale, 2020-01-29)


I think Ariana should improve her service

Charrier Clothilde (Chamagnieu , 2020-01-29)


I think we should get better quality for the price we pay

Lili Held (Bern, 2020-01-29)


I agree that the store should improve in their service

Eva K. (Mannheim, 2020-01-29)


i’m signing this because i’m part of a fandom where our idol’s merch team is litterally shit. PLUS when does your order arrive in time??!! anyway, hope we can do something

Juju Grande (Nevermind, 2020-01-29)


the store really needs to up their game

Zoey Charlsen (Bayport, 2020-01-29)


I'm signing, because that's truth. ariana's h&m merch is alot better than her official ones.

aigars cišeiko (riga, 2020-01-29)


I want the site to get better

Hii Hii (Rome, 2020-01-29)


I have too problem with this

Liav Malka (Yavne, 2020-01-29)



sara noël (Paris, 2020-01-29)


I’m signing because it’s everything true, the shipping always last too much and eventually the order in the package can be broken

Giulio Hoxha (Forli Cesena, 2020-01-29)


I just want to buy smth of her store but actually I’m scarred because it’s sooo damn expensive and the quality is not goof Forbes the price And sometimes in Mexico the things never arrive and they don’t refaund. - @arianalockscreens93 :)) forma personal acc

Sara Ortega (Mexico City , 2020-01-30)


I bought the buwygib crew' but after two washes the quality was already so bad. I mean i paid a lot for that.

Lucia Mühler (Nürnberg , 2020-01-30)


Because it’s true.

Naomy Derkx (Almere, 2020-01-30)


They’re just poor with every aspect of their shipping, packaging and communication. Being told 7 weeks after ordering the onesie that it was being cancelled and having no sort of heads up about it, and then getting a mere sorry, tracking is a pile of crap, does nothing and never updates or rarely updates, all items should be tracked, even if they’re domestic, so we know where our items are. Poor quality items too, always getting damaged or coming broken due to poor packing / packaging. They need to do more considering we pay them lots and lots of money for items they pay barely anything to make!!!

Georgia Perry (Stevenage, 2020-01-30)


This service is horrible, i’ve had bad experience with it many times

Jagoda Żwan (Marki, 2020-01-30)


I agree with the statement above. I’d also like to add that the same products should be available in both the US and UK stores as European fans have to pay so much for postage, VAT and also face an unexpected charge at customs- as well as waiting months for products to be delivered.

Nancy Kent (London , 2020-01-30)


I’m singing because lots of stuff have arrived broken and I don’t want to pay 20 dollars for something to ship (plus the 85 dollars most things are) for it to be broken

Hi Joanna J (Australia, 2020-01-30)


I'm signing because, I've had multiple bad experiences with the US store... Receiving wrong items, damaged items, canceled orders... I've had enough!

Cloë Deblieck (Veurne , 2020-01-31)


this guys are ordering things cause they have an idol and they spend money on this u can’t just take the money and and not sent their stuff

julia alexandra (Amsterdam, 2020-01-31)


that's so annoying. my friend bought thank u, next l/s and they canceled her order.

Andrew Argunov (Moscow, 2020-01-31)


I’m signing this because I ordered a sweetener world tour poster and other merchandise from Ariana Grandes store. I love her so much but the service was terrible, the website told me I would have my items shipped within 2-5 days. It ended up taking 3 weeks and when my poster arrived it was bent and has some cosmetic damage. I’ll reiterate again that I love Ariana and this will not effect my support for her, I just feel like someone of her caliber should have the best and most efficient merchandise team. I hope we can fix this soon!

William Owusu (Irmo, 2020-02-03)


I'm so sick of this merch team!! The items are falsely advertised! They arrive looking like something else! The quality is so bad. The wait times are bad. They delay packages w no warning or reason an no update of when they'll come if they ever come! They practice false advertising and bait and switch tactics. My items arrived not signed by artists and instead auto penned! They tricked us into buying something we'd never receive and refuse to address the issues! She acts as if she does not care for her fans an im tired of it. Her cs team is horrible and they don't help at all! They ship items in envelopes an they arrive broken an damaged!

Heather Gregory (Olathe, 2020-11-28)

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