Rezoning Petition for The Mini Farmers Sanctuary in Greenville County



I support the rezoning of The Mini Farmers Sanctuary at 445 Dallas Road Greenville, SC 29607,

Jessi Fender (Greenville, 2020-02-27)


I believe in the mission of the sanctuary. I think moving it out of the community will do the community harm.

Justin Smith (Marietta, 2020-02-28)


Jessie has done something amazing, it would be a huge shame for everyone that she and the sanctuary lovers be denied the greatness that she has brought to us all.

Robin Eaddy Condrey (FLORENCE , 2020-02-28)


They were told they could be there and it's not fair that they just now thought to tell them they can't have animals. It's not right.

Keira Watts (Gaffney, 2020-02-28)


We need more people in the world just like her to take care of animals.

Nikki Benton (Florence, 2020-02-28)


There is a major need for this sanctuary and many many more, thank goodness fir Jessi and others willing to care where others care not!! A Mother doing her best to prove her Son with the best In life while providing the same for her loving sanctuary animals.
Please don’t let this child see the worst of our red tape world and show him there are humans running the show who truly care.
Thank you.

Doreen Reimann (Cleveland , 2020-02-28)


I’m signing Bc what Jessi is doing is amazing and their should be more places that give animals a safe and loving environment that they can call home!

Shannon Pech (Hickory , 2020-02-28)


I have a special needs child and understand the importance of something like this.

Mamie Hamby (Easley, 2020-02-28)


I am signing because zoning is a set of laws that can be changed..and LIVES ARE DEPENDING ON IT!! please let these animals stay!!!

April Noga (Homewood, 2020-02-28)


The MiniFarmers is a nonprofit organization that supports farmed animals and fosters humane education. They were led astray by people they thought they could rely on during the purchase process of the property. The property they purchased has more than enough room to adequately house the animals they have, plus more. The animals are well cared for and are not exhibiting any nuisance behavior. They should be granted a conditional use zoning exception to continue running their nonprofit.

Emily Dykstra (Janesville, 2020-02-28)


This animal rescue needs special consideration to be zoned correctly enabling them to stay on the is property and continue helping these animals. Not everyone is able to do this but they actually are! It's hard gut wrenching work. And they are able and willing to everything we wish we could.

Diane Redfield (Boring, 2020-02-28)


Animals need a place to live too. With the explosion of new construction in Greenville they have no where to go.

Barbara Sharron (Fountain Inn, 2020-02-28)


Please highly consider protecting this wonderful sanctuary! They are doing nothing but good for this world, protecting these animals and giving them a safe environment to thrive. Wouldn't you want more positive things like this representing Greenville County across the world?

Erin Gorges (Greer, 2020-02-28)


Jesse is aN amazing person and support her in this matter!

Joshua Player (Greenville , 2020-02-28)


this is a wonderful organization! wish i could do more to help

Emily smith (greenville, 2020-02-28)


Jessi is amazing and so caring. She’s done so much for the animals on the farm.

Molly Grane (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


For the safety and security of the animals

Raegan Geyer (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


They take care if those animals and dont deserve to be pushed away b c of something so wrong.

Thomas Clifton Jr. (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


This family is helping

Nancy Bradley (Simpsonville, 2020-02-28)


Those animals already went thru so much, they are happy there, the little guy needs those animals since he has autism. Please keep them all there. They don’t bother anyone.

Lara O brien (New York , 2020-02-28)



lexy maccarone (pottsville, 2020-02-28)


Government shouldnt have a say as to the use of privately owned land.

John Pitts (Greer, 2020-02-28)


This lady purchased this property in good faith. It is not her fault that she was given bad information. She's doing a good thing for animals. Change the zoning and let her continue.

Elizabeth Bunker (Fountain Inn , 2020-02-28)


Because it is what is right.

Harvey Ellington (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


This property was mis-represented when bought. Owners have put all resources into making it a wonderful and needed addition to the community.

Alannah Knebusch (Greenville , 2020-02-28)


I stand behind it all!!!!

Stacy Benton (Florence , 2020-02-28)


Jessi and her son Evans are providing a safe haven for animals. Many of which would have otherwise been killed or abused in other ways.

Moving these animals and moving Jessi and Evans from their home does not seem fair. They have done a lot of work to their property to accommodate these animals.

Trey Morrow (Chesnee, 2020-02-28)


I’m signing because this farm is a bright spot in our community of compassion and empathy for innocent suffering animals. This land does not need to be turned into a residential development that will just increase Greenville’s already booming population. Please save this one-of-a-kind farm.

Heidi Thompson (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


I completely understand that these animals are their family, and you protect your family and your home. I pray that the zone be redone so that EVERYONE stays together!

Brenda Miller (Hendersonville , 2020-02-28)


Animals deserve a loving home too!

Hallie Koenig (Mauldin, 2020-02-28)


Im signing as i strongly believe that in such a cruel horrible world someone is trying to do something kind for animals and its getting taken away so unfair.

Karen Wilson (Dumfries and Galloway , 2020-02-28)


this family does nothing but give all their love to all these beings and now some man wants to take all that away for money. Life doesn't work like that. Love overpowers everything.

Jo A (Bishops Stortford , 2020-02-28)


This group provides an essential service plus the family is firmly established their farm.

Ruth Cain (Temple, 2020-02-28)


They should not have to get rid of their animals!!! They should keep the sanctuary and every animal on it. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Rebecca Arch (Greenville , 2020-02-28)


This farm deserves to stay here. who are they hurting? These animals deserve a chance.

Hanna Kirpatrick (Leeds, 2020-02-28)


I support Mini Farmers Sanctuary. Please allow her to continue saving animals!

Travy Weaver (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


It is just the right thing to do!

Dale Smith (Simpsonville , 2020-02-28)


This is her life and the life of her autistic son. Such a wonderful way of living and keeping these animals safe and cared for. We need people like these. Let them keep their farm.

Pat Majewski (Simpsonville , 2020-02-28)


Please change zoning so this sweet family can help animals.

Susan Bufano (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


I'm signing this BC what this family is doing is beyond incredible, please work with and help with them. They have saved these animals.

jamie levingston (Malta, 2020-02-28)


I'm signing because I believe in their mission and what they're trying to accomplish.

Ryan Grane (Greenville, 2020-02-28)


It is wrong after 2 years to now decide that this is not permitted.

LAUREN Myers (Simpsonville, 2020-02-28)


An animal sanctuary is a great thing and should always have priority over over development.

Amy Nunez (Simpsonville , 2020-02-28)


Deborah bisbee

Debbie Bisbee (Grrenville, 2020-02-28)


This is the right thing to do. People trying save the animals when other won't. This place is established why change it now? Has it hurt someone's feelings?

Donald Shepherd (Greer, 2020-02-28)


I believe in giving animals a great life

Sharon Nelson (GREENVILLE, 2020-02-28)


This is a small farm. Not a massive pig farm. Nor is it the nasty chicken place that smells up an entire town with trucks full of chickens. Let the family be.

Mitch Decker (Simpsonville, 2020-02-28)


Everything that they do is amazing!!! They have worked so hard to build what they have and for it to get taken away because of someone else’s slack is not fair for her, her son, all the hard workers and those precious helpless animals!

Allston Shepherd (Simpsonville, 2020-02-28)


I am signing because Jessi and her son are doing great things for these animals. They deserve to keep this sanctuary going.

Sarah Wenrich (North Charleston, 2020-02-28)


They should be allowed to rezone. Kindness matters.

Sada Spangle (Fountain Inn, 2020-02-28)


I'm signing because what this lady and her son are doing is amazing

Lauren Bobo (Simpsonville, 2020-02-28)

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