Petition For International Students at University of Debrecen to be Able to Travel Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic Without Fear of Penalty To Their Academic Study



3rd Year General Medicine

Ezra Zacharia (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


3rd year, medicine

Karin Katan (Debrecen , 2020-03-15)


I want to go home and be with my family in this time of world health emergency.

Adi Aharonov (Debrecen , 2020-03-15)


1st year medicine

Niyati Chandrika (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


I want to go home

두혁 양 (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


Because this matters a lot for us students that do not have any family in Hungary and would like to see them in case the exam period gets delayed any longer

Alfa Eir Jónsdóttir Axfjörð (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


I want to be able to stay with my family in my home country during this world crisis, with out the uni punishing me, the Icelandic govermwnt has staded that all icelanders should turn back to iceland and my family is pressuring me to turn back home. Thanks for the help!

Maria Gudlaug Gudmundsdottir (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


Because time is precious and we would like to see our family in case the exam period gets delayed any further compromizong the summer

Alfa Eir Jónsdóttir Axfjord (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


medicine year 1. If i were to get sick, i would rather be surrounded by my family rather than being alone in hungary. I am not over 18 years old yet so I would not be able to take any decisions if my medical health got critical. My parents’ signature would be required.

Neila Ali (Aix en Provence, 2020-03-15)


I can’t sit here all day wondering if I’m going to see my parents anytime soon or not

Karam Al Zubaidi (Pecs , 2020-03-15)


I want to go home

Tzu Chi Kuo (Taipei, 2020-03-15)


I’m signing because it is really important to be with my family during this international crisis. It is important for every student’s safety and mental health to be able to be where they feel the most protected and comfortable, and there’s no better place than their own homes.

Yasmin Silva (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


i want to go home

wei jie chen (Kaohsiung, 2020-03-15)


I want to go home

Abdullah Alia (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


I would like to be with my family during this difficult time

Hildur Guðmundsdóttir (Debrecen , 2020-03-15)


Unfortunately my immune system is bad and my family doctor is asking me to come home due to my health problems.

Elva Grétarsdóttir (Debrecen , 2020-03-15)


It is so boring here and unsafe

Mohannad Abusaqer (Debercen , 2020-03-15)


I wanted to be with family during a time like this .... please and thank u

Zainab Rashid (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


I’m signing this because i think that it feels safer to travel back home during this month at least because of the corona virus

Abdulrahman Alhosami (Debrecen, 2020-03-15)


Wuhan virus is to dangerous

SHU-CHI CHIU (Kaohsiung , 2020-03-16)



Chavi Brown (Kfar Saba, 2020-03-16)


My son is a student in Debrecen

Yvonne Rose (Ashkelon, 2020-03-16)


It seems right

Amina Yahaya (Debrecen , 2020-03-16)


I’m siging this because i believe students should feel safe in their country and between their family during this hard time , without being worried about their academic degree being compromised .

Hadeel Jarrar (Amman, 2020-03-16)


Canada is going to close borders soon and urges citizens to return as soon as possible

Abdulrahman Mousa (Debrecen, 2020-03-16)

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