Help us get harshest sentence for animal cruelty



This must be stopped

Sheila McCallum (Kloof, 2020-03-19)


This gross neglect of animals by this individual must stop and she must get the full punishment of the law

Dean Shepard (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This cruelty and abuse of animals is a heinous crime and needs to be punished. The harshest possible sentence should be passed.

Celeste Netto (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This person must go to prison for life and hopefully suffer endless suffering and pain! Sick sick!!! Cannot believe nothing has been done to bring justice to this innocent animals! Special place is hell for someone like that!!!!!

Catt Mccann (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I abhor cruelty to animals

Tarryn Wright (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I am signing this petition because we cannot fail these animals anymore.

Sarisha Naidoo (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This kind of behavior can not be allowed to continue

Louise Pardy (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I want there to be harsher sentences for people who abuse their pets or animals in general, there should be laws and requirements to owning a pet !! Please consider putting this in the petition.

Teola Chitray (Durban , 2020-04-03)


I support the spca wholeheartedly

Andy Ording (Durban, 2020-04-03)


Animal abuse is out of control needs stricter measures

Jane Roper (Durban, 2020-04-03)


It is shocking that such animal cruelty exists and the perpetrator needs to be punished to the full extent of the law.

Carole Hibbert (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I Love Animals

Sashni Seepersadh (Durbab, 2020-04-03)



Leanda Isaac (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I detest cruelty of any sought and unfortunately fur babies dont have a voice but they breathe the same air as us and share this earth to.

Charlotte Van der Walt (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This woman needs to be stopped! She must face the full might of the law, and unprecedented sentence in south africa should be passed down! She cannot be allowed to have another animal as long as she lives.

Caroline Smith (Durban , 2020-04-03)


Animals cannot fend for themselves and are totally dependent on humans.

Marial Van Niekerk (Durban, 2020-04-03)


Im signing because harsher and more stringent sentences and punishments need to be imposed on cruel humans such as these. Increase sentences, give them prison time and give them the maximum sentence.

Shailee Frank (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This Woman needs to be stopped and put in jail. If not she will continue and hundreds more animals will suffer like this.
The animals that suffered deserve justice and other animals need to be protected from this woman.

Yogan Govender (Ballito, 2020-04-03)


Want to stop animal cruelty

Keisha Ramlall (Durban, 2020-04-03)


We need to stop her from harming animals

Jayme Thompson (Cape Town , 2020-04-03)


This person should never be allowed to have an animal for the rest of her life. These animals have suffered unimaginable pain through starvation and neglect itemised in this article. Someone needs to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. The SPCA needs your support. Please sign the petition.

Catherine smith (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I love animals and cruelty unto them is cruelty unto me! God didn't create these animals to suffer we'll atleast not suffer by horrible creatures such as humans😠😡😠😠

Oriel Perumal (Durban , 2020-04-03)


These people need to be prosecuted . #AllLivesMatter

Hemiata Singh (Durban, 2020-04-03)


absolutely awful suffering this woman needs to be incarcerated for life - she is obviously disturbed and should never be near an animal ever again. I can't believe how these animals endured so much

Vera Taylor (Durban North Durban Metro, 2020-04-03)


Sickened by the every day cruelty. It is time for strength to be shown, we will no longer tolerate this. Shr is obviously sick and frankly, should be euthanised.

Jane Smith (Littlehampton, 2020-04-03)


Animal cruelty is not acceptable as all animals need to be treated with love and there are too many people who mistreat their pets. Those owners should go to Jail

Pragasen Pillay (Cape town, 2020-04-03)


Cruelty to animals is never acceptable

Tracey Cogan (Durban , 2020-04-03)


This is totally inhumane, whether this was hoarding which I realize is a disease, this is unacceptable and the harshest sentence of the law needs to be practice d !!

Nadia Coetzer (Cape Town, 2020-04-03)


Nobody should treat any animal in this way

Josette Heycocks (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This woman needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law - this is NOT ikay

Michelle Blount (Durban, 2020-04-03)


We need to stand together and put an end to animal cruelty!

Kuvanya Naidoo (Durban , 2020-04-03)


I feel this person should be either hanged or get a life time jail sentence!

Barend Van Wyk (Potchefstroom, 2020-04-03)


This is happening too much what is wrong with these people

Linda Vogan (Northants, 2020-04-03)


This type of treatment to animals cannot go unpunished. It is not acceptable for humans to be treated like this and the same applies to animals. A precedent has to be set to discourage this behavior.

Fiona Gomes (Saint Helena Bay, 2020-04-03)


To end animal cruelty.

Loveena Kissoon (Durban, 2020-04-03)


Those innocent , voiceless animals only have us to speak up for them , all they wanted was love and care and yet this disgusting human being decided to make their world a living hell , she deserves the same treatment they got , if not worse , she doesn’t deserve to be alive

Jenna Watson (Durban , 2020-04-03)


This is absolutely disgusting and this must not be tolerated.

Melissa de Jager (Amanzimtoti, 2020-04-03)


Animal cruelty is unacceptable and the law should be changed to ensure that it is easier to prosecute and such heinous acts are met with the harshest of sentences !

Patricia Van Gogh (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I have a passion for animals and feel that people who abuse animals should receive the harshest punishment possible

Jediel Naidoo (Durban , 2020-04-03)


Justice for the animals. People that commit such crimes should be brought to justice

Kerry-Anne Esterhuizen (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This shouldn't be happening to the poor, innocent animals. This person deserves to rot

Mustafaa Osman (Johannesburg , 2020-04-03)


I'm signing because I hate people who hate animals and are abuse the goodness of having pets in your life. If they can take a life then they must be punished for it is a crime to torture and murder animals.

Laura McMullen (Richards Bay, 2020-04-03)


I'm outraged by these heartless people n poor animals!

nikita Dharamsellan (Springfield Durban , 2020-04-03)


People who abuse and hoard animals must be prosecuted with severe sentences and NEVER be allowed to own animals again.

Simone Angove (Durban, 2020-04-03)


Justice needs to be served. How can a person be let free after having done these cruel acts, only to be doing it again. The law should not make someone immune to justice

Dhezel Beharee (Durban, 2020-04-03)


No animal should suffer like this. She clearly didn’t learn the first time and it’s time for her to go to jail for her crimes. These animals can’t defend themselves so we must do it for them.

Michelle Monk (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I'm tired of people being allowed to abuse animals and not be punished.

Dillon Naidoo (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I am against animal abuse

Nerissa Naidoo (Durban , 2020-04-03)


I'm signing because that evil, pathetic excuse of a human being deserves to rot and die in prison!!!!

Tammy Govender (Durban , 2020-04-03)


I feel that people who abuse animals should receive a harsh prison sentence , and never be allowed to own any animal again.

Carol Short (Pinetown , 2020-04-03)


Animal abuse should not be taken lightly. This person has done this countless times before and should suffer to consequences of her actions. Animals feel pain and suffering just like humans.

Shreea Maharaj (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This person needs to go to prison for a long time. Disgusting!!!!

Colin Heard (Durban , 2020-04-03)


Cruelty to animals should no longer go unpunished. Monsters deserve proper punishment.

Anastasia Jankiewicz (Cape town, 2020-04-03)


This is horrendous and the perpetrator deserves the most harsh sentence legally possible.

Raeesa Seedat (Cape Town , 2020-04-03)


Animal cruelty has to end now

Tessa Gale (Durban , 2020-04-03)


I am fully against animal cruelty and passionate about the safety and care of all animals

Shady-lee Dreyer (Durban south Africa , 2020-04-03)


That person/s deserve to die at the hands of the public.. lock em up for life !!!!!!!!!

Laeticia Visser (Durban, 2020-04-03)


This is disgusting what people do to animals and this person should be punished.

Chanell Du preez (Durban , 2020-04-03)


Im sining this petition because animal cruelty is disgusting and heartbreaking! I have to beautiful doggies of my own and to think people can do such heartless acts towards animals is in human! They do not have a voice they cannot do anything so we should do it on behalf of them be their voice and help them! If you can hurt animals you can just as well hurt humans and there is no difference ! You should be punished !

Christell du Preez (Durban, 2020-04-03)


I can’t stand animal cruelty - animals are innocent and some people are just sick minded to be abusing helpless animals for fun. They deserve extreme punishment

Risa Singh (Durban , 2020-04-03)


Animals can't speak for themselves, someone needs to take accountability for these animals, harshest sentence would make a difference when people realize they cannot get away with this

Jean Zeelie (Pietermaritzburg, 2020-04-03)


This disgraceful cruelty towards all animal life has to be stopped & severely punished

Louise Swart (Durban, 2020-04-03)


Animals don’t deserve to suffer like this!

Chantal Plater (Durban, 2020-04-03)


Animal cruelty is against the law.

Vaahini Pather (Johannesburg , 2020-04-03)


I want this disgusting creature given the death penalty! She must NEVER be allowed to walk freely again.

Sandhya Mathura (Cape Town , 2020-04-03)



Wanja Coetzee (Bloemfontein , 2020-04-03)

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