Give Norwegian equal treatment as other airlines in distributing Covid19 aid



Det skal være rettferdig

Ken Gullager Hansen (Sandefjord , 2020-03-28)


Det skal være fair konkurrence for ALLE i Scandinavien!

Frederik Wichmann (Frederiksberg, 2020-03-28)


Likebehandling nå!

Joachim Strøm (Bærum, 2020-03-28)


I’m signing because Norwegian (NAS) is a important company for people of Norway and others,providing 1000 of job in the company and outside. The Norwegian government should stand up and support NAS true this difficult time.

Ove Andre’ Klungreset (Fredrikstad , 2020-03-28)


Good Scandinavian Company.

Anders Nilsson (Mörarp, 2020-03-28)


Jeg signerer fordi Norwegian er en fremragende representant for Norge og livsviktig for å holde hjulene i gang her i Norge.

Mads Bækkelund (Bergen, 2020-03-28)


Norwegian har ret til samme økonomiske støtte som andre skandinaviske luftfartsselskaber, da denne krise ikke er selvforskyldt.

Kim Carlsen (Copenhagen , 2020-03-28)


Det er viktig at Norwegian fortsetter. Mange arbeidsplasser og sikrer oss gode flyruter

Freddy Bremseth (Sandefjord, 2020-03-28)


It is right for Norwegian to get equal treatment, aid and right as other companies

Noemi Lepri (Rome, 2020-03-28)


Norwegian is value to Norway, Europe and the entire world.

Carlos Dominguez (Las Palmas, 2020-03-28)


Jeg signerer fordi vi trenger Norwegian, og Norwegian er Norges stolthet i lufta samtidig som selskapet sysselsetter og skaper inntekter også for alle andre nordiske land.

Erlend Stansberg (Hell, 2020-03-28)


Vi trenger Norwegian.

Anita Solvang Greeny (2150 Å, 2020-03-28)


Helt sjukt att det blir såhär...

Jens Lundberg (Stockholm , 2020-03-28)


This is my workplace

Selma Sigurdardottir (Oslo, 2020-03-28)


Im a full time employee of Nas tech and how I see on this situation for us that the governments in skandinavia especially Norway is not treating us well and won’t help us, they say it is our own faults and giving harder conditions to get help money but they just give money all the time to SAS when there is crises

Max Nilsson (Oslo , 2020-03-28)


I am a Norwegian employee ❤️

Rachel B (crawley, 2020-03-28)


Voglio che la compagnia si salvi

M.pia Velocci (Roma, 2020-03-28)


I love this company. Governments need to do what is right during this difficult time and help out the airlines!

Moya Mc Dowell (Poughkeepsie, 2020-03-28)


You have to equally help all the airline's in this COVID-19 crisis.

Vanessa Franqueira (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2020-03-28)


Fair competition between all Scandinavian airline companies.

Per Benker (Uppsala, 2020-03-28)


Perché voglio aiutare la compagnia aerea

Domenico Mochi (Roma, 2020-03-28)


Isn’t it supposed to be competition on equal terms...? With these new rules the Swedish liberal government doesn’t follow its own slogans and ideas.

Claes Soederberg (Cape Coral, 2020-03-28)


I believe in fair treatment and doing things in "the Scandinavian way".

Adam Smith (Barcelona, 2020-03-28)


It's my last airline job.

Artur Dancs (New York, 2020-03-28)


I love Norwegian

Patrizia De Luca (Rome, 2020-03-28)


I’m singing because of yes

David Gomez (PALMA, 2020-03-28)


I am an employee

Kjetil Kjelby (Bergen, 2020-03-28)

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