Ojamo mine opening for all divers



Vesistöt tulisi kuulua jokaiselle jokamiehenoikeuden mukaan.

Tom Ahola (Vantaa, 2020-04-02)


i like more dive placs that are beautifull, keep the site intact

christiaan Croimans (Leopoldsburg, 2020-04-02)


Ojamo mine is one of the best mines in the world

Mattias Jonsson (Mariestad , 2020-04-02)


Equal opportunities for certified and qualified divers is a trademark for The Nordic countries. I understand the need for regulations to ensure safety, but that can be handled in an including way without the need for specific affiliations. I’m also a boardmember in the National Norwegian diving federstion and I’m certain this view is pretty universal throughout our organization.

Eirik Kjos (Trondheim, 2020-04-02)


Nykytilane mahdollista yhdelle henkilölle kontroloimaan pääsy kyseiselle kohdelle ja estämään harrastetoiminta.

Marcin Dobrucki (Vantaa, 2020-04-02)


Love cave diving

Jimmy Magnusson (Hörby , 2020-04-02)


I’ve Always wanted to go there!

Viktor Adolfsson (Valdemarsvik, 2020-04-02)


Ojamo is a unique dive site. Diving activities have always been conducted with safety as the first priority, followed by conservation and preservation of this dive site for the future. I believe it should be kept open for all those suitably qualified divers to enjoy.

Martin Robson (Radstock, 2020-04-02)


Such a fantastic dive site should be open to anyone who wants, and, have the training to dive there.

Lars Duvander (Skövde, 2020-04-02)


Because Ojamo mine is a great dive site.

Andreas Livbom (Helsingborg , 2020-04-02)


I have a dream to dive at Ojamo... habe been watching dive movies from Ojamo for 15 years

Peter Hallgren (Stockholm, 2020-04-02)


This is a unique mine and location. As foreigner divers we also provide business opportunities to the city of Lohja community as tourists.

Petter Moge (Ljungsbro, 2020-04-02)


I’m a diver

Markku Ihalainen (Eskilstuna , 2020-04-02)


Planing on becoming a cave diver!

Christoffer Berggren (Stockholm, 2020-04-02)


Don't close for diving!

Espen Bjelvin (ROGNAN, 2020-04-02)


I wish to support the reopening of Ojamo mine for the benefit of all the Cave community members in Finland and abroad.

Audrey Cudel (Victoria, 2020-04-02)


Oja on kaivos on kansainvälisestikin tunnettu kohde. Naapurimaista on esimerkkejä siitä kuinka tällaisesta kohteesta voi tulla paikkakunnalle matkailijoita jotka kulkevat erityisen aukellusnähtävyyden perässä.

Mika Joukainen (Turku, 2020-04-02)


Olisi hienoa ja oikein jos voittoa tavoittelematon yhdistys veisi sukellustoimintaa lohjalla eteenpäin. Samalla muutenkin ojamoa tunnetuksi hienona sukelluspaikkana suomalaisille ja ulkomaslaisille tekniikkasukeltajille. Ja koska kyseessä voittoa tavoittelematon yhdistys ei turvallusuusasioita ainakaan hoidettaisi voitot mielessä.

Pertti Meskanen (Lohja, 2020-04-02)


Ojamo is a beautiful divesite and I hopen I will be able to visit it again.

Peter Andersson (Malmo, 2020-04-02)


It's a dream to be able to dive here in the future

Louis Phelps (Gloucester, 2020-04-02)


Olen tekniikkasukeltaja, ja tämä on yksi maamme parhaista paikoista tekniikkasukeltamiseen.

Aleksi Kuronen (Kontiolahti, 2020-04-02)


I am a cavediver!

Raymond Nilsen (Fredrikstad, 2020-04-02)


I’m a diver and care about open access to this amazing site.

Teddy Garlock (Rochester, 2020-04-02)


Suomen paras sukelluskohde.

Pasi Lassila (Oulu, 2020-04-02)


I want to be able to dive this magnificent place under supervision of a cave dive guide that knows this apparently terrific cave diving spot.

Alain Goemaere (Tielt, 2020-04-02)


I'm signing because mine diving is a project for me.

André Mondry (Mouscron, 2020-04-02)


Olen sukeltaja ja Ojamo on eri omainen sukelluskohde.

Elouise Kivineva (Kauhajoki, 2020-04-02)


Make Ojamo great again!

Javier Monedero (Barcelona, 2020-04-02)


Ojami is important for diving in scandinavia

David Thor (Munkedal, 2020-04-02)


it is a magnificent place which must remain accessible to divers.

Celine Ferlat (Montpellier, 2020-04-02)


I'm signing because it's one of northerns most well known mine diving places and please let it stay that way.

Perra Thernstrom (Vasteras, 2020-04-02)


The site is a great way to showcase the beauty of the area and generate income for the local population.

Vas Proud (London, 2020-04-02)


Olen sukellusharrastaja ja koen tämän ainutlaatuisen sukelluskohteen erittäin tärkeäksi sekä kotimaisen harrastustoiminnan sekä ulkomaisten sukeltajien vierailujen kannalta.

Lauri Koivukoski (Padasjoki, 2020-04-02)


Dear Sir/Madame,
It is with great sadness that I find the news of diving in Ojamo mine limited to only a very small group of people. This has been an amazing site during the development of mine diving in Scandinavia and has been open to public for a long time even before I visited the first time in 2008.

Please make sure that access to the site is restored. It’s one of the best mine diving sites in the world and attract visitors from all over the world.

Jonas Pavletic (Västerås, 2020-04-02)


Because Ojamo is wonderful and safe diving place

Aire Eder (Tallinn, 2020-04-02)


It’s important to stay open for diving. So please don’t close it.

Max Rieff (Lemmer, 2020-04-02)


I'd like to dive in there someday

Christophe SOHIER (Rennes, 2020-04-02)


I’m signing because this fantastic dive spot should be visited by all willing (and sufficiently trained and prepared of course, safety first!:)) fellow divers!! On my personal bucket list!<3

Marta Stanczak (Amsterdam, 2020-04-02)


I'm a diver and I would like to help all the divers to be able to dive in Ojamo. Thanks.

david foquin (PARIS, 2020-04-02)