We need to make changes now and this is an important step in the right direction!

Josefine Karlsson (Göteborg, )


För det är viktigt!!

Amanda Johansson (Göteborg , )


Det är hög tid för svenska universitet att följa vetenskapen de förespråkar och leva som de lär.

Frida Torstensson (Stockholm, )


This is so important. We want climate leadership in action now!

Emma Bergeling (Uppsala, )


It is time to act! Travels under 500km can easily be undertaken by train bus and ferry. Let's get the emissions down and happy traveling up :D

Thomas Ebenspanger (Göteborg , )


I am signing because this is a world wide issue but in particular with the northern countries who have good alternatives must play a part in reducing climate change effects.

Gerrie Ligtenberg (Temuka, )


Because even though I'm not a student at GU, the emissions will affect me since I also live on this earth

Alva Villebeck (Lund, )


Jag skriver på för det är viktigt att försöka effektivisera sättet som universitetet jobbar på och att minska miljöpåverkan om möten är absolut viktiga( att träffas irl) för ett fortsatt bra ledarskap och förutsättningar för ett universitet med standard och möjlighet till utveckling.

Linnea Helmerson (Göteborg, )


It should allready b the norm by now

May Hylander (Göteborg, )


This is a tangible action to reduce our ecological footprint.

Matthias Obst (Gothenburg, )


För att resor under 500 km med flyg för folk som jobbar inom akademin och borde veta bättre lika väl kan resa miljövänligt med tåg

Josefin Lindell (Helsingborg , )


I used to be a student at GU and support this petition.

Karolina Hull (Umeå, )


I have flied enough

Olov Östlund (Trönödal, )


I thought this was already in place. It is a good first step to limit flight travel. I praxtice the FlyLess policy for my research projects and it is working fine

Martin Hassellov (Fiskebäckskil, )


I am signing this because we can do better

Malin Rosengren (Mölndal, )


It should be self-evident by now that inland flights are easily avoidable and that we as scientists can make a statement by COLLECTIVELY refuse to it! I also would like to point out that a big help would be if train travels are facilitated, that way we could even go further and not only ban flights up to 500 km but all flights within Europe.

Julia Kukulies (Gothenburg, )


Viktigt att vi alla går till handling, och inte kan köpa oss fria.

Åsa Kasimir (Göteborg, )


the university has to take responsibility for a livable planet. Being a place where knowledge about the climate crises is formed, anything else would be just crazy. Stop flying within Sweden and Europe now.

Ragnhild Larsson (GÖTEBORG, )


I think we should ban flights in general for University Business. The carbon footprint of the university is primarily from flights and this must be changed drastically. There are other ways to do research and work in academy without having to fly.

Zack Norwood (Göteborg, )


In the world we are living in, it is not ecological defensible to fly this short distances.

Lova Eveborn (Göteborg, )


We do really need this.

Alicja Greczynska (Göteborg , )


I like corals

Hugo Malmport (Bräkne-Hoby, )


We should do whatever it takes to keep the planet healthy!

Sara Roosvall (Stockholm, )


When I was a student I worked to influence teachers and departments at the social science faculty, GU, to limit their short distance flights. Happy to see your petition. Best of luck :)!

Sandra Alm (Göteborg, )


Det är onödigt med korta flygresor

Lucas Ravens (Partille, )


As a scientist working on climate related issues, I often advocate for less and better travelling. I am already travelling by train for these short distance trips and agree that it should be a general University policy.

Sam Dupont (Fiskebäckskil, )


Jag vet att du bryr dig om klimat och jag tror att under coronatider har vi starkat våra IT möljigheter på GU. Nu är det dags att utvecklas dessa och inte snubbla bakåt.

Kristina Erhardsson (Mölndal, )


It is absurd for an institution that bases it's values on science, research, and knowledge advancement, to neglect the global scientific consensus on the absolute urgency of the climate and ecological crisis - by supporting industries that build on maintaining a fossil fuel-reliant society and infrastructure. There should be zero tolerance for avoidable decisions that do not actively take this into account.

Lydia Rysavy (Gothenburg, )


I have always thought it was silly for these short flights to be common practise. These pandemic times has also proven that many of the one day daily meetings could easily have been made digital instead of actually having to fly in for a short meeting.

Jonas Stenström (Vallentuna, )


Att flyga på så korta sträckor som 500 km är bara löjligt och förutom att det är otroligt skadligt för klimatet jämfört med alternativen ger det heller knappt någon tidsvinst att tala om. Ett enkelt val: förbjud korta flygresor, ta tåget istället.

Astrid Eriksson Tropp (Göteborg , )


I think it is ridiculous to fly short distance. It is bad for the climate and often takes more time.

Marie Johansen (Ytterby, )


Let's do it, that's why!

Elio Bottagisio (Gothenburg, )


We need to listen to the science and act now.

Sally Mattsson (Mölndal , )


This is important!

Björn Nordin (STOCKHOLM, )


I think it would be a great step towards sustainability. As a Chalmers student, it can set an example to follow GU.

Isabel Fernandez (Göteborg, )