Foreigner community in Vietnam request for good solution and reasonable prices for visa extensions.



I'm signing because I called the immigration office, explained how my flight was making things very difficult and causing stress. I asked them for a solution to how I may file my extension myself without an agent, even tho my multi entry visa is good for one year. They hung up on me immediately after offering no information. I have been forced to pay an additional $325 dollars to stay in Vietnam during a time if pandemic. This cost us a total of $650 dollars between myself and my fiance. Many other countries seem to have solutions for immigration already in order. I love vietnam and hope something can be done to support us during this time. I have a 1 year visa, but it forces me to leave the country every 3 months still. Border runs are not an option right now. The $325 dollars I must spend on extension should be going to my rent, and around town to the local buisnesses of Vietnam. Thank you for letting me stay in your wonderful country and please help make it easier and more affordable during this sensitive time.

David Palermo (Da nang, 2020-04-24)


How can you charge extortion in this pandemic, it's not only criminal it's inhumane

Darren Farmer (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I am getting low salary and need to pay a lot of money for house rent, electricity and food.

Anette Candia (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


Give reasonable price for visa extension. Look at Thailand and learn from them

Thao Ha (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I am trying to obey the laws but there no good options for those of us who are stuck here due to travel bans

Danny Flood (Saigon, 2020-04-24)


I haven't worked in months. I am spending the last of my money to pay a very high price for visa extension while foreigners in Thailand get a waiver until July 31.

Carolyn Shoaf (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I am South Africa, my partner is here on a tourist visa and the extension fee is way too much!

Abigail Munroe (Hanoi , 2020-04-24)


I need to renew my visa and I don’t have money , due to no job.

Bhisham C (Ho Chi Minh , 2020-04-24)


This is a very relevant topic as of the moment.

Julien Piñero (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


This is corruption.

Sam Basterfield (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I’m signing because I love Vietnam and I don’t feel safe traveling during this epidemic period

Sabina Iraya (Hanoi , 2020-04-24)


I'm stuck here without having any available flights back and neither having any flights to Saigon from nhatrang

Jp Yeo (Kuala lumpur, 2020-04-24)


I want to appeal to the immigration department to review pricing of visa and try to make it as reasonable as possible.

Clemen Vasquez (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I had to pay 5.5 million for a visa extension

Richard Ščecina (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I am stranded

Stuart Wears (Vung Tau, 2020-04-24)


I’ve live legally in Vietnam with a TRC for 2 years now.. the government is not allowing people anymore to get Work Permits or TRC. Some people say: go back home. Well, Vietnam is my home.. I don’t have any other. Please be conscious over foreign residents in Vietnam. We pay taxes, we respect the law, we try to give something back to Vietnam every time, we want the country to keep growing... please respect us too!

Camila Villegas (Ho Chi Minh City, 2020-04-24)


My visa got expired during the lock down, no flights back home and the airport back home is still closed. I need help.

Kahwa Lawrence (Hai duong , 2020-04-24)


The price is crazy its a virus making money of a virus is not business its unethical

Callan Meyer (Da nang , 2020-04-24)


It is very difficult for everyone during the covid-19 pandemic. And us as Teachers recieved no assistance during this time. Some people including myself has not received a Salary for 4 months. I want to continue helping people in my community but the visa fees are unnecessarily high and it makes no sense that we should be forced to pay such high fees when we are already barely getting by.

Pieter Swart (Hie, 2020-04-24)


Because extension visa so dificult and need to pay to agency very expensive.

Nur Faridah (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I will be needing a visa extension in the near future, I do not wish to leave this beautiful country at this moment and would like to continue living and working here

Almare Swartz (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I need an extension & can not afford this amount..

Tamsin Jacobs (Ho chi Minh, 2020-04-24)


I'm signing because I want to extend my visa in a reasonable price of 10 USD

May Anne Bermelio (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


I am in need of a visa extension and do not have the money based on the current high prices that agencies are charging.

Warwick Cormack (Hanoi , 2020-04-24)


Because I agree in this petition as a Norwegian that stay here with my vietnamese girlfriend soon to be my wife, Eu have litlle control and im amazed by the the vietnamese government and people how they deal with this pandemic, doing all the rights thing, feel safe here😊

Børge Loke Sørbråten (HANOI, 2020-04-24)


I love veitnam

Anthony criss Lubuuka (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


We need Visa extension support.

Riechardt Hurter (Da nang, 2020-04-24)


Living and working in Vietnam has proven a better quality of life than that of my own Country. I don't want to leave. But if prices continue to stay so high I will be forced to. And this in itself is unfair to those who want to stay and educate young Vietnamese learners. It is not just a hobby for me. It's my livelihood. Please reconsider prices 🙏🏻

Mariska Knoetze (Port Elizabeth , 2020-04-24)


Im one of those tourist get stuck and cant leave vietnam at the moment..i cant afford the over pricing of extensions

Limeur Senyah (Tay ninh, 2020-04-24)


I would also love to stay in Vietnam but will not be able to pay such a high fee to stay

Yolande Strydom (Than Binh, 2020-04-24)


My son and daughter in law live and work in Viëtnam, has been there a couple of years. They are happy there, they say it is a beautiful country, has made many friends there. There is nothing to come back to, no jobs, no money.

Tina Swart (Newcastle, 2020-04-24)


Am a foreigner living in Vietnam and the issue cuts across many people.

Moriam Kimathi (Hai duong, 2020-04-24)


I'm signing because it just seems the right thing to do in the time of pandemic. A look at other countries close by shows how it's supposed to be done.

Matej Span (Da Nang, 2020-04-24)


Many expats are contributing to the future of this country through teaching the next generation. Opportunistic agents should not be using a global pandemic to extort the hardworking expats; it’s an immoral act to do so.

Enrico Da Silva (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


Im a foreigner also who have difficult time to extend the visa. Hope the gov make everything easier for us

Ellena Woodford (Hai Duong, 2020-04-24)


I am stranded in Vietnam because my flights were cancelled. I had a flight booked on the 16th which was cancelled by the airline because of Covid.
Then I booked another flight for the 5th May through another airline which was also cancelled.
With all those huge losses it is disgusting that visa fees are higher than flights. I would not need a visa if my flights were not cancelled.
Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith (Hanoi, 2020-04-24)


Visa options seems too expensive especially during these times when people loose their jobs and have no money to pay their basic expenses

Shanazar Babakulyyev (Hai Duong, 2020-04-24)


I feel this petition is reasonable

Sergey Nam (Ho Chi Minh , 2020-04-24)


It is the right thing to do.

Keyser Soze (Da Nang, 2020-04-25)


visa renewal is currently extortionate during this time when difficult for everyone

Glenn Mills (HCMC, 2020-04-25)


I'm signing because it is very difficult to return to home country.
Also would prefer only to travel when it is safer to do so.

Shelley Reenen (Hoi An, 2020-04-25)


We as foreigners in Vietnam are paying absurd amounts for visa extension

Francois Erasmus (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


I want to stay here and teach. I'm in love with this country and it's children

Cherie Welby-Cooke (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


I am signing because it should fare for everyone to extend visas for free during this pandemic. Thailand is a great example, their government automatically extended visas for everyone until end of July 2020, without any fees and documents.

Andrey Parshukov (Da Nang, 2020-04-25)


I'm signing this petition because my TRC expires and I'm worried about how much it will cost me to replace it if I can't get a other TRC I will need a new business visa.

David James (Can Tho, 2020-04-25)


We are thousands in this challenging situation and any help from the government will be much appreciated

Caroline Fogiel (HCMC, 2020-04-25)


I am signing because the costs for Vietnan,s are far too high. You have a wonderful country and great people.

Mayne Manson (Vung Tau, 2020-04-25)


I am foeigner in Vietnam with no possible exit and have no income. The prices are very high at the moment

Blaze Spoljar (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


It’s fair and helpful for all of expats in Vietnam

Mi Nguyen (Perth, 2020-04-25)


The current procedure for visa extension is problematic. There is no protection for my passport in hands of agents. Extortion is common. Please help us during this difficult time like many other countries doing the same.

Kevin Clark (Ho chi minh, 2020-04-25)


We would like to follow international advice during the crisis and remain in one place (Vietnam) where we feel safe. Many can not afford to pay extortionate visa extension prices as we are out of work due to the crisis.

Erica Chalmers (Hoi An, 2020-04-25)


My visa expires in 4 weeks. I have requested a visa extension, however I a asked to buy a ticket showing I ll be leaving Vietnam. At this time I am not able to make plans so there is. I way for me to have a return ticket

Rosa Allouche (HCMC, 2020-04-25)


I'm signing this because I am hoping for a reasonable extension price during this difficult and stressful time.

Nicola Agnes (Hoi an , 2020-04-25)


The current visa extension process makes foriegn national extremely vulnerable with their passport and documents. Costs are ridiculously high at $350.00 and more for 3 months.

Shawn K (Ho chi minh, 2020-04-25)


Visa extension need to be fare

Mark Steenson (Nha Trang , 2020-04-25)


I love this country, I am donating money and rice to help vietnamese people, because they have been so kind to me , the government of usa is giving me 1200$ us dollars, I am donating this money to Vietnam , I too am concerned about visa extension and the price, it affects how much I can give to the vietnamese people at this time , please make the visa price reasonable, I am happy to be here and contribute the money I have saved to live here in Vietnam, thank you ,Rod monroe

Rodney Monroe (Bien hoa, 2020-04-25)


I agree that the extension visa fee is totally unjust.

Richard Bull (Da Nang, 2020-04-25)


I hope to stay long term in Vietnam and so need ti afford to extend my visa internally and easily.

Jennifer Williams (DaNang, 2020-04-25)


Each country should think with a fraternity mindset since we are all together in fighting this crisis.

The government should take responsibility and think to any human being here, regardless of nationality.

Their government reaction to the pandemic was so good and effective; it's a scandal that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is failing over such a basic and obvious necessity.

Most of the people do not have a viable option for solving their personal situation. Nor the money to pay the usurer prices of travel agents, that are exploiting the lack of governmental regulations.

Igor Pellegrini (Berlin, 2020-04-25)

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