Foreigner community in Vietnam request for good solution and reasonable prices for visa extensions.



The visa extension princess are way too high.

Pierre Stroebel (Da Nang, 2020-04-25)


My family and I love Vietnam, and I also work very hard to contribute to the community both socially and economically, in addition to already paying tons of taxes, and I think foreigners who do so also deserve fair treatment when we have chosen to make this our home. Plus my salary is not that high as a teacher compared to most expats, and many of my fellow teachers are in the same boat.

Trey Woodford (Hai Duong, 2020-04-25)


I'm singing because I can't afford the Visa extension at the moment.

Edgar Caceres (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


We are a family of 5 who had flights out of here that were cancelled. Now our visas are 5 times the cost of what they were before.

Mark Sandford (Vung Tau, 2020-04-25)


We are human and we are facing the pandemic together, so we should give helps as needed.

Thanh Son Duong (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


My Wife and I both need to get visa extensions and at the current price it is too much. Please assist.

Nthato Letoaba (Bihn Duong, 2020-04-25)


Because am in side Vietnam

Dan Maspa (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


My flight back home was cancelled !

Robin Hanna (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


I wish to continue staying in Vietnam longer .

Phylis Maina (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


Because I'm student here and my husband is with me. I don't have enough money to pays his next visa extension.

mignon audrey (hanoi, 2020-04-25)


Im poor :*(

Ger O'Donnell (HCMC, 2020-04-25)


I am currently not in a position to afford paying a visa agent fee. Please help us all get through this time.

Paul Coughlan (Hà Nội, 2020-04-25)


Là 1 công dân Việt Nam, mình rất tự hào về những gì đấy nước chúng ta đã làm được trong cuộc chiến chống dịch Corona virus. Mình rất mong nhà nước sẽ có cách để giúp đỡ cộng đồng người nước ngoài tại Việt Nam vượt qua cuộc khủng hoảng này. Stay strong.

Nguyen Thuy Ha (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


I request cheaper visa renewal prices without bribes

Karim Mohamed (Hcm, 2020-04-25)


I cannot do a visa run to update my visa and I want to stay in this beautiful country!

Lauren Finnie (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


I too feel the extension fees are high, I have asked several times for agents to give me a breakdown of the fees as I know the stamp fees. To date, agents have not been willing to give me said breakdown of the price, which, indicates to me they are hiding something.

Stuart Thornton (Danang, 2020-04-25)


It must easer to get this visa, and it must be affordable.

Dzjino Lapkowski (Tilburg, 2020-04-25)


Just do what other countries in the region have done.

John Reymond (Ho chi minh, 2020-04-25)


There is a lot of conflicting information online about visa extension and over stay. We ask for leniency about over stays because of Covid 19. It’s not our fault that our visas over stayed.

Michael Muhairwe Besiima (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


My visa expires 3/5/2020 and I can not leave Vietnam to apply for a new visa and the cost of an extension

William Lamb (Shellharbour, 2020-04-25)


Because this a global crisis and these are unprecedented circumstances. Using this outbreak to make money of people is unfair and outrageous. My home country granted temporary residency to foreigners

Filipe Pedro (Hai Phong, 2020-04-25)


I'm signing this because I consider that the prices increased significantly and we all are in the same situation, foreigners and locals, we donot have work just savings, untill now.

Catherine Stefanie Bernal Ramirez (Bogota, 2020-04-25)


I feel safe in Vietnam, but the rise in Visa prices is making life difficult in a financially hard time.

Ray Lillington (Da Nang, 2020-04-25)


I live in Hanoi and I'm committed to staying but visa extensions at the moment are way too expensive and many expat teachers will be forced to leave unless prices are reduced.

Tom Collins (Hanoi, 2020-04-25)


I love being in Vietnam

Charné Engelbrecht (Huế city, 2020-04-25)


I am signing because this visa fee in unfair in my eyes. I can't see any reason why they wouldn't extend it apart from greed from local authorities

Aidan Currie (Lincoln, 2020-04-25)


I believe Vietnam will do the right thing and understand we are all in this together

Ulysses Gonzalez (Da Nang, 2020-04-25)


I am signing because I agree with the above-mentioned points in the letter.

Sumit Srivastava (Ho Chi Minh city , 2020-04-26)


In hope of lowering the prices for visa.

Hannes Mostert (Hoi an , 2020-04-26)


I have just had to pay a little over 8mil for a 3 month tourist Visa extension.. $340.. it's double the usual.

Steven West (HCMC, 2020-04-26)


I’m really signing because the visa extension has really become very expensive, kindly with honor, the immigration and ministry of security to really put a reasonable pay for the visa to the foreigner, it will really affect Vietnam in the future if tourists and business people know the price increase of the visa in vietnam, please be merciful and reduce on visa prices .

Katende Peter (Kinh monh, 2020-04-26)


Please stop the abuse that are making a minorities getting rich on the foreigners

Balia Ham (Hanoi, 2020-04-26)


Because agencies asking too much money for visa extension

Natalia Malkerova (Ho Chi Minh, 2020-04-26)


I'm in Hanoi and am running out of money.

Wesley Green (SALT LAKE CITY, 2020-04-26)


I always try to be on top of my visa, but this is spiraling out of control. I was suppose to switch up my passport during my last entry, I payed all the fees but unfortunately the boarder closed 2 days before I could go. And my passport is getting close to expiration. I got quoted 29m to resolve my case, and that doesn’t give me clarity of what will happen if my passport actually expires. I’m starting to fear for my well being.

Alexander Bell (Hanoi, 2020-04-26)


We shouldn't spend all our savings by paying crazy prices to agency that offers visa extensions. And we cannot go back to our home country, either go to other country either find a job here and apply for work permit now. So we all need affordable service for visa extension, coz this time we can't do anything

Olga Bondarenko (Ho Chi Minh, 2020-04-26)


I travel to Vietnam regularly and as many others I’m stuck here due to the virus. I find the Vietnamese people to be very friendly, but the price gouging by all of the agents to get my exit stamp extended is ridiculous. I’m spending money here supporting local businesses And have been tipping my maid, waitresses, parking guy etc. I would much rather see money go to the people that work hard or are out of work instead of a few visa agents taking advantage of the situation. The government has been extremely effective controlling the virus, we all appreciate it and hopefully they will do the right thing for visa extensions.

Smith Odonnell (Hcmc, 2020-04-26)


Because the prices and process is extorted

Joel Metcalfe (Hi chi Minh, 2020-04-27)


Die visagebühren sind unverhältnismäßig hoch

Johann Motsch (Duong dong, 2020-04-27)


The price charged currently is not fair. Giving the context of a pandemic, people are already fragilized financially.

Danielle Molisani (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


To financially compromise people and potentially displace them during a global pandemic would be outrageous.

Eoin Hanlon (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


Its times of crisis.. Government should supports and understand us instead of taking advantage of us!!!

Jason Yu (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


Prices are too expensive, is not fair, there's no flights to leave the country, the income of last 3 months was very low.

Pedro Sebastião (Hanoi , 2020-04-27)


I am in need of a new business visa and I cannot afford the current visa price of 520$ for 3 months extension(my second extension).
Above this, I have not worked since before TET and I have absolutely zero funds left to pay rent and this new very high visa fee.

Lloyd-Lee Kemertgoglou (hanoi, 2020-04-27)


This is not right for the children’s future

Brendon McLay (Vinh , 2020-04-27)


I'm a father here :)

Benoît Fabre (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


I'm signing because I lived in Vietnam for many years and I absolutely adore the Vietnamese people and Vietnam. I also know that is how most expats feel about Vietnam. We are so proud of Vietnam for the way the Covid-19 was handled. I am also sure that most expats want to contribute to this gorgeous country.
Kind regards
Annalize Vermaak

Annalize Vermaak (Cape Town, 2020-04-27)


I'm signing because I am in need of extending my visa, however due to unemployment throughout the virus crisis I am unable to pay such expensive price for the extension at the moment.

Natalia Urbanska (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


I think it can help to lot of exeperts who are in diffifult conditions due the pandemic.

Bianka Balajti (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


It is so confusing. I went to the immigration office with a letter from my embassy and was turned away. Then my embassy called me and told me to go back. I couldn't afford to. I have not worked since January.

Rachel Poff (Hoi An, 2020-04-27)


Because we wanted to go back to Europe when our resident cards expire on 23/05 and we can’t because there are no flights.

Pierre-Louis Giboin (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


I don't have the money to pay high prices to get my visa extension and my flight was cancelled

Simon Mills (Hanoi, 2020-04-27)


Price of visa extension is too high. I would come back home but borders closed. Feeling in like in situation with no way out. And seeing that other countries (like Thailand) during pandemic extend visas for foreigners automatically makes me feel that Vietnam also should follow this or at least reduce the price from regular. I didn't choose this situation to happen. It just happen and it's worldwide.

Justina Ratkeviciute (Ho chi minh, 2020-04-28)


Me and my girlfriend Only have my pension since she got fired and we can’t afford the extremely high prices..

Per Neis (Ho Chi Minh City, 2020-04-28)


Because I’ve personally tried to get the extension from the immigration office and they always answer - go to travel agencies and pay 350$ in stead of 10$. It’s simply unfair

George Katsadze (Hanoi, 2020-04-28)


Unresonable visa fees

Djordje Samuilovic (Da nang, 2020-04-28)


It's really connected with my situation

Ivan Krestahorski (Hanoi, 2020-04-28)


I’m signing because this situation affects family and friends. I believe travel agencies take advantage of the situation and that the Vietnamese government can easily resolve this by setting a fair fee.

Marina Florou (Hoi An, 2020-04-28)


My flight being canceled. I already extended the visa one time and I need to extend one more month because it is hard to find a flight back to my country. It is too much for a tourist like me pay the cost of visa extension

Rose Mi (Ha noi , 2020-04-28)


It's very expensive to renew my Visa using an agent.

Emmanuel Mwaura (Hanoi , 2020-04-29)


Travel agencies shouldn't be needed. The price should be fair. The immigration department should make it easy to get a visa the official way, for the real price.

Dan Maguire (Hoi An , 2020-04-29)


For fairness

Ashley Johnson (Hanoi, 2020-04-29)


I am an Australian ESL teacher. I was unable to fly back to Australia at the beginning of this pandemic and have spent the required 14 days in quarantine in Hanoi.
I love my work here in Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.
and believe my work is important for the development of young Vietnamese people's education and the development of the Vietnamese economy. I hope you look kindly at our partition as we foreigners look forward to seeing Vietnam becoming a thriving economy again. Your country has done an amazing job at containing the current virus outbreak which just shows how amazing your people and administration are in a crisis.
Yours sincerely,
Mr Peter Meggitt
BA of English LiteratureABA History of South East Asia.
Graduate Diploma in Applied Science.
ESL teacher.

Peter Meggitt (Dong Ha, 2020-04-29)


We are all stuck here...

Eugénie Faisant (Hanoi, 2020-04-29)


This is not a normal situation and there are many others in the same situation where Vietnam is safe than home countries.

bianca payn (Bloemfontein, 2020-04-29)


I came here to travel, but due to Vietnam quarantine shut down I could not travel.
I paid full amount of visa extension just to be quarantined at home but now I cannot afford to pay anymore full or high fees. I had two nonrefundable flights also cancelled because of Vietnam quarantine.

won young Kang (torrance, 2020-04-30)

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