Allow Skin to Skin in NICU'S and longer Visiting hours for mothers



I am a mother of a premature baby . I know how important skin to skin is for premature babies . Skin to skin has MANY benefits for NICU babies !!!

Nicolle Grosskopf (Pretoria , 2020-05-03)


I have a preemie girl myself and was only allowed to see her an hour a day and only myself or my husband was allowed in. This took strain on me, my husband, our baby and our marriage. It has to change!

Chantelle Girgan (Pretoria, 2020-05-03)


Premature babies need skin to skin interaction with their parents as do parents, especially mothers, need skin to skin interaction with their babies.

To restrict visitation of a parent down to mere minutes will set a premature baby back developmentally. We mommies of premature babies in the NICU need our babies and our babies need us

Tamaryn Bell (Pretoria, 2020-05-03)


Preemie mom that knows how important this is!

Rochelle Nel (Johannesburg, 2020-05-03)


Mother's love and touch are needed.

Nicole Geldenhuys (Cape Town, 2020-05-03)


I'm a preemie mom and recovery was so much quicker with physical contact.

Jessica Te Brugge (Vereeniging , 2020-05-03)


My son was in the NICU and from what we saw and what helped him pull through was being able to have skin to skin contact and be with his mother more then 10 minutes. The results and improvements were definitely noticeable once this was started

Wayne Grosskopf (Pretoria, 2020-05-03)


I know how hard it is having a prem in nicu and reducing visiting hours to only 15min is not allowing bonding time for a mom.

Marilie Parsons (Hartbeespoort, 2020-05-03)


I am signing because I have been in the position of being part of NICU. when your child(ren) are there, all you want to do is be there with them and give them the love and Cuddles. It is tough not being with your babies

Hayley Smith (Pretoria , 2020-05-03)


It is one of the most important bonding experiences NEEDED for mommy and newborn.

Marlecia Strauss (Bloemfontein , 2020-05-03)


As a mom of a 26 week prem who was born at 550 grams and spent 154 days in the NICU, seeing my son was all that got me through. The thought of not seeing him is heartbreaking and I truly feel for the parents that are in the NICU now.

Amber Fritz (Johannesburg , 2020-05-03)


I am a mother of a prem baby. Those hours I sat with him skin to skin saved his life and made him the strong boy that he is today

Ronelle Hanekom (Cape Town, 2020-05-03)


Mothers need more time with there baby’s it is very important because the child need skin to skin with the mother to grow and no mother can spend so little time with there baby

Nastacha Maré (Johannesburg, 2020-05-04)


Being an NICU mommy( twice) I know the importance of mom and baby physical contact not only for bonding but also baby's development. Please consider longer visits and kangaroo care with special safety measurements

Janine Haasbroek (LYDENBURG, 2020-05-04)


I am a mother to a micro premature baby who was in the NNICU for 111days and I can attest to the fact that the time I spent with my baby in the hospital doing skin to skin made us both stronger each day. Physically and psychologically.

Melisa Dodzo (Johannesburg , 2020-05-04)


I had my daughter at 26 weeks, she was in NICU for a little over two months and our skin to skin sessions are the reason she went from 1kg to 2.5kg in a short period of time and our bond has been strong since then.

Phakamile Luhlongwane (Johannesburg, 2020-05-04)


I support mothers to c their babies longer in NICU n have skin to skin as it is very important

Boitumelo Matlou (Benono, 2020-05-04)


I'm signing because I had a premature baby two years ago and I know how difficult it is to leave your baby in the care of other people. Babies need their moms particularly as skin to skin contact has been proven to help prem babies thrive. Please at least let moms see their babies for more than 15 minutes a day.

Wendy Stacey (Boksburg, 2020-05-04)


I agree with the author of the petition

Carey Haupt (Johannesburg, 2020-05-04)


skin to skin with mom and new baby is important for bonding and comfort for the baby and breast feeding is vital for babys health and immune system. It is insensitive to keep mom and baby apart.

Celeste prinsloo (Gauteng, 2020-05-04)


As a Lactation Consultant and midwife I see the benefits that the research predicts for both baby and parents.

Samantha Crompton (Gauteng, 2020-05-04)


Im signing because this is life and death for little preemies

La-Juan Ferreira (Johannesburg, 2020-05-04)


I'm a NICU mom of preemie twins myself and it is torture only being able to visit once a day

Lizani du Plessis (Krugersdorp, 2020-05-04)


As a Lactation Consultant I firmly believe in the need for frequent and continuous skin-to-skin contact to establish security and attachment in infants and to ensure that breastfeeding can be initiated in an optimal manner. Both mother and baby need to spend a lot of time together to ensure that their journey is off to a good start.

Solette Nel (Nelspruit , 2020-05-04)


Skin-to-skin is essential for all babies especially those born premature that find themselves in NICU.

Lize Esterhuysen (George , 2020-05-04)


I had a permie of 4 weeks and touch is best

Edwina Van Wyk (Gauteng, 2020-05-04)


I am a healthcare worker and lactation consultant and understand the importance of mom and baby being together as much as possible, this oncludes the dad

Christel de Lange (Kimberley, 2020-05-04)


I also had a prem baby and I strongly feel that I missed out on bonding with and helping my child.

Anel van der Merwe (Roodekrans , 2020-05-04)


I'm a Mom first of all and know what a difficult emotional time this is having a small baby, and even worse when it is a premature baby. I can't imagine the damage that a mother or tiny baby experience being separated. But research shows us. I'm a dietitian and lactation consultant student and a breastfeeding advocate therefore I know the benefits of keeping mom and baby together. Not only emotionally and physically but also the costs involved.

Don't separate moms and babies! It is a life saving intervention!

Eloise Swanepoel (Potchefstroom, 2020-05-04)


I have had a micro preemie. (25weeks,440g)
It was only when I went to spend a lot of time at skin to skin and kangaroo mother Care that my baby started making great improvements.
They need their mommies.
Their mommies needs them.

Mari Botha (Kempton Park, 2020-05-04)


I am a lactation consultant and I can see the devastating effect of separation of mom and baby on both parties.

Francoise Van der Westhuizen (Benoni, 2020-05-04)


I'm a mommy of a prem baby.And I know how important it is to be able to see your baby. A prem baby needs his or her mommy. They thrive on hearing mommies voice and feeling mommies touch.

Rechelle Heldsinger (Meyerton, 2020-05-04)


Preemies need as much skin to skin as possible to thrive.

Maché Ferreira (Kimberley, 2020-05-04)


Importance of skin to skin with neonatal

Cecile Wilsob (Cape Town , 2020-05-04)


It is vital for the development of the baby

Tracy Hanna (Benoni, 2020-05-04)


I have a daughter in premature labour that is being stopped in a longterm hospitalization.

Susan Thiart (Pretoria, 2020-05-04)


I know the importance of skin to skin in saving lives of neonates and the mental health of the mother.

Phunyuka Ngwenya (Tzaneen, 2020-05-04)


I know the importance of bonding and skin to skin and all it’s benefits for both baby and mother!!

Camerin Ribeiro (Alberton, 2020-05-04)


I'm signing because it is a child's constitutional birthright not to be separated from his or her mother

Francoise Harrison (Johannesburg , 2020-05-04)


I’m a mother of a prem baby and I understand the importance of Kangaroo Mother Care.

Solo May (Port Elizabeth, 2020-05-04)


I have a friend who's baby was born at 26 weeks and is in the NICU and who needs skin to skin with het baby just as much as her baby needs it.

Bianca Van't Hull (Gauteng, 2020-05-04)


I believe Mums and babies must be together.

Lindsey Watkeys (Durban, 2020-05-04)


I am a dietician and strongly believe that restricting Mother and Infant skin to skin negatively impacts Breastfeeding outcomes, putting both the mother and child at greater risk for illness and disease.

Amy-Leigh Hilliar (Gillitts, 2020-05-04)


It is a mother's right to be with her baby and give it the nurturing that nature intended. No givernment can decide against that!

Elsabe Coetzee (Boksburg, 2020-05-04)


I agree with the content of the petition

Heather Alison (Johannesburg , 2020-05-04)


I believe in this cause.

Bianca Anthony (Port Elizabeth, 2020-05-04)


Babys need there parents!!!!

Elsabe Wessels (Schweizer-Reneke , 2020-05-04)


The process of skin to skin is a scientific process of nurturing and bonding of infant and parents

Celeste Jerling (Port Elizabeth , 2020-05-04)


I see how the mothers struggle and WHO wants mothers not to be separated.
All research show that if mother is with baby , baby grow faster and skin to skin is beneficial for both mother and baby and breastfeeding

Hettie Grove (Springs, 2020-05-04)


This is such an important issue. We are already limiting the mother by not providing her with the support team she wanted, in many cases no support person at all during, during birth. She is, however, an adult, and can understand the reasons behind this. A baby, premature at that, doesn't understand what the world is going through, was forcefully thrust upon this world when he/she was not ready yet, and now is getting only a little bit of time per day with the person they have come to know when they were in utero. The benefits of kangaroo care is numerous, shouldn't it be more so in this time, especially when proper protocols were followed by the parent(s)? Breastmilk produces antibodies against Covid-19, studies have shown, and by extending the time the mom can hold her baby, her oxytocin will increase, which in turn increases her milk production, which will keep her baby safe. She might also be able to donate milk to keep other babies safe. Just 5ml can keep a prem baby, now imagine if that 5ml can keep them safe from Covid-19 as well!

Enita Pedro (Strand, 2020-05-04)


I'm signing this to urgently request that parents with premature born babies, be allowed more visiting time with their babies.

Especially with prem babies, the longest possible time should be spent with their parents.

Kindly reconsider the current the very short time currently allowed.

Sonja Spies (Kimberley, 2020-05-04)


It's evidenced based best practice to have the mother with the premature baby, especially skin to skin. Also greatly improved breastmilk production for expression and later direct breastfeeding

Ingrid Groenewald (Cannon Rocks, 2020-05-04)


I'm signing because preemies need their mother's most.

Sabeeha Bhamjee (Montgomery Park, 2020-05-04)


Skin to skin is so important and mommy’s are supposed to breastfeed on demand. With skin to skin it is proven that babies heal quicker when bonding with mommy.

Desiré Ehlers (Gauteng, 2020-05-04)


Skin-to-skin contact is vital for both parents and preterm infant. I suggest that screening of parents must be done incl temperature, let them undress their private clothes and dress in a hospital gown. Waterfall City does that with great success already. Wipe parent's chest with alcohol, then wipe again with water to remove the alchohol fragrance. Dont let the parent who is going to do the KC, visit for only 15 min. Let them stay as long as they can and keep preterm on StoS as long as possible. Reason: will be more hygienic to keep the parent inside the NICU and minimize change of clothes and disruption and handling of preterm.

Ida Du Plessis-Faurie (Henley on Klip, 2020-05-04)


I am a mother of a premature baby and know the importance of skin to skin!!!!!!

Delia Reinders (Secunda, 2020-05-04)


I'm signing because, I know the importance of skin to skin...both the mom and the infant need to bond with each other as well.

Fisana Mabena (Pretoria , 2020-05-04)


I believe in contact between mother and child

Virginia Dunne (Johannesburg , 2020-05-04)


What could be more important than a mother being allowed to hold and be with her baby. As long as precautions are taken no parent should be denied access to there newborn.

Emma numanoglu (Cape Town, 2020-05-04)


My son has been born on 6 April 2020. Micro prem 27 weeks prem. He is going to be in NICU till 6 July 2020. He came early due to stress of finance and work.

Chantelle Von Wielligh (Pretoria, 2020-05-04)


I believe that the health of a premature baby is very much reliant on the presence of the mother

Anna Welthagen (Pretoria, 2020-05-04)


Im signing because skin to skin contact for new born babies is extremely important

Daniella Frawley (Reading , 2020-05-04)


I would be absolutely devastated not being able to bond with my newborn which is vitally necessary for the baby and the mother, baby especially!! Special precautions can me made and necessary actions taken to reduce any spread of Covid-19 whilst allowing parents to bond with their newborns.

Tayla Leigh Guseynzade (Johannesburg , 2020-05-04)


The parents have a parental right ordained by their maker Our Good Lord.
They have a person responsibility to the newborn.
Pkease advise the parents to use suitable masks and to have the religious duty of baptising their young infants. Sterile water a drop if sufficient fir baptism to take place remember we are here for all eternity so we are responsible for all these souls too.
Go ahead shot out loud for tbise who cant speak up or are able to speak yet.
Well done I was not aware that this cruelty was going on but now tbat I am we will pray for this good and righteous cause.

Joan Ashby (Sandton , 2020-05-04)


I had a NNICU baby and it was really hard on me as a mom to only spend an hour at a time with her

Juanee van der Merwe (Brakpan, 2020-05-04)


Because I care and I feel this is a worthy cause🕊️🙏🕊️🙏🕊️

Chantal BOTHA (Kempton Park, 2020-05-04)


Allowing a 15 minute a day visit certainly doesnt prevent transmission however in many instances it is causing harm to not only the attachment of parent and baby but it reduces especially the mother's incredible ability to medically contribute to her baby's health and progress in NICU.

Vanessa Booysen (Bloemfontein, 2020-05-04)


It is life saving to have NICU babies with their mothers, skin-to-skin as much as possible.

Tanya Thomas (Gallo Manor, 2020-05-04)


I could only visit my twin preemies for 1 hour per day. If my husband also wanted to see them we had to split the hour between ourselves... Even though we had 2 babies in hospital! The rules just didn't make sense to us at all.

Jani Calitz (Durbanville, 2020-05-04)


This is vital to save the lives of prems.

Gwynneth Jacobs (Cape Town, 2020-05-04)


I'm a South African currently living in Congo. I support evidence based decisions in medical care and the fundamental right of mother and baby to be allowed skin to skin, especially if this is proven to benefit both child and parent.

Lela Nzaou-Kissolo (Pointe Noire , 2020-05-04)


As a registered nurse, certified lactation specialist and clinic sister, I am deeply concerned about the negative impact of maternal infant separation on both babies and their mothers.



I know how it feels to see your baby in NICU and the mom must spend as much time as possible with their little one

Anieka Erasmus (Pretoria , 2020-05-04)


I believe this would solve si many health issues for NICU babies

Cecilia Teixeira (Kempton Park , 2020-05-04)


My wife went through this with twins in a government hospital and we saw the major improvements with the kids while my wife did skin to skin

James Wentzel (Bronkhorstspruit, 2020-05-04)


I believe in this cause more than I believe in most things. Don’t deny these babies a fighting chance by not letting their mommies hold them close.

Bianca O'Reilly (Randburg, 2020-05-04)


My child is in the Nicu and it is very impractical to not let parents see the children enough, it has a really negative effect on the babies.

Edwin Bell (Pretoria, 2020-05-04)


I'm signing because these policies of separating mothers and babies are outdated, counter productive, and detrimental to the Breastfeeding relationship and the recovery of mother and baby.

Rahmat Bagus (Cape Town, 2020-05-04)


Dit is belangrik dat ouers toegang het tot hulle babas. Dit is ook belangrik dat ouers hulle babas kan vashou en help groei.

Marthenel Van den Heever (Centurion, 2020-05-04)


I had a 32 weeker 6 years ago. I know just how important those nicu visits and KMC is to both baby and parent(s). The thought of only 15 minutes per day breaks my heart.

Marisa Hendricks (Strand , 2020-05-04)


I'm signing because as a dietitian I'm a strong believer in the benefits of skin-to-skin in premature infants after birth.

Esmé Kilian (Emalahleni , 2020-05-04)


I'm a nurse and knows that it's best for baby and mommy's health to bond as much as possible

Nadine Hill (Potchefstroom, 2020-05-04)


I would like the mothers to be able to do skin to skin with there newborns, they must be able to breastfeed the babies in nicu.

Annatjie Van zyl (Gauteng , 2020-05-04)

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