Save The Wilkes University Band Program



I’m signing because the arts are an important part of a well rounded curriculum and cutting it out is disgusting.

Mackenzie Egan (Bethesda, 2020-05-13)


The band program at Wilkes is too important to the students and the community to drop. I personally have been a member for 15 years. It is one of the few musical outlets I have been able to keep with my schedule.

John Carey (Mountain Top, 2020-05-13)


I was in marching band for two years in high school and then dabbled in a little bit while at Wilkes University. In the small time I was in the university’s band, I met friends that I have kept since leaving the university. Band is such an amazing creative outlet that allows students to socialize and build long lasting bonds.

Yacinia Agosto (Allentown, 2020-05-13)


music is important, school bands are important-they help build school spirit as well as life long connections



The arts are a must to save!

Susan Seymour (Woolrich, 2020-05-13)


We should be supporting the arts, not cutting them! Wilkes always prided themselves on supporting the arts and this is proving otherwise

Kelly B (Wilkes-Barre , 2020-05-13)


Music is important. It brings people together, gives them a voice, and heals. Band has been a life changing activity for me, and for a lot of those who participate. Getting rid of this would be doing a disservice to your school, students, community, and yourselves. There is plenty of research proving that music is beneficial and will improve many other aspects, you simply have to look for it.

Katina Oursler (Nanticoke , 2020-05-13)


i’m signing because marching band is the whole reason I chose wilkes and if they don’t keep it I think I just may transfer

Lauren Harner (Lykens, 2020-05-13)


The marching band is one of the main reasons I attended Wilkes. It hurts me to know that after my senior year is over, the music arts program at Wilkes could be gone. The marching band has given me a sense of belonging on campus...and I would like it to continue to provide that for new students.

Rose Dietrich (Catasauqua, PA, 2020-05-13)


I chose Wilkes because I could study while also being part of their instrumental ensembles and pursue my passion while I continued my education. I was a founding member of the marching band being part of the committee that put it together and was the inaugural head drum major. It breaks my heart that I will not be able to continue playing in the ensembles I loved enough to continue playing with even after graduating. I hope this decision is reversed.

Sofia Soares (Effort, 2020-05-13)


Music is the pride and backbone to a university. It is the most traditional form of unitedness and it is a shame that those who do not share in this vision are willing to simply cut an entire department. The musicians have made a great addition to the Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity. I stand with them.

Evan Choy (Bethlehem, PA, 2020-05-13)


I know some great kids that go there and I love the band

Grace Eisenhart (Sunbury , 2020-05-13)


Music is the only reason I went to wilkes.

John Hannaway (Pottsville , 2020-05-13)


I belonged to the civic band for 10 years wilkes band was like my second family made alot of friends and wonderful music

Daria Klaproth (Forty fort, 2020-05-13)


For my Ementor romeo

Jason Orefice (Brodheadsville , 2020-05-13)


Band is an essential element to student success, and no deserves to just have it ripped away from them!

Olivia Stouffer (Newville , 2020-05-13)


I’m signing because band has been a part of my life since middle school. I wanted to attend a school that believed in and supported the arts. That’s what I thought I chose when I chose Wilkes. This decision is extremely disappointing to me and I want to do everything in my power to save the band.

Aariyana Gould (Salem, 2020-05-13)


I am a proud alumni of Wilkes and current music teacher who values the arts in all forms.

Charissa Fanny (Pocono lake, 2020-05-13)


As a former member of the band program I am disheartened at this news.

Jacob Baranski (Athens, 2020-05-13)


I have watched and loved this band through my entire high school career. There are so many kids who NEED the arts like this and who are so amazingly good at it. The Wilkes Band can’t die.

Lacey Carey (Noxen, 2020-05-13)


My granddaughter is a Wilkes musical theater major music is very important

Dale Nicholas (Ocean City Nj, 2020-05-13)


Music is a very important part of life I would be a terrible idea to cut the program.

Kolby Baker (Susquehanna , 2020-05-13)


This was my relaxation from the difficult nursing classes. It was fun and a way to represent our school and be involved. It’s one of the deciding factors of why many students came to wilkes. It’s terrible that they’re cutting this program.

Emma Kraemer (Kingston, 2020-05-13)


I think band is an art form that should be available to any who want to participate at any stage of education.

Lisa Troutman (Elizabethville, 2020-05-13)


I am a college band and KKPsi alum. The band experience is one that cannot be replicated, and can only enhance the student experience. To shut down the band program would be tragic.

Raymond Kim (Troy, NY, 2020-05-13)


Band is an amazing program. It is good for building skills the kids could use in their future. Please keep it going

Kristine Bolish (Toms River , 2020-05-13)


Please keep band at Wilkes!!

Alison Hendershot (Hamburg, 2020-05-13)


I'm signing because band is my entire life. I'm only a sophomore in high school, but i know how amazing music is. It's not something that should get taken away from anyone.

Claire Rothermel (Millersburg, 2020-05-13)


The arts are as important to Wilkes as any sports team or other extracurricular activity, and they don’t deserve the poor treatment.

Kaylee Simmons (Nanticoke, 2020-05-13)


Supporting my section leader at Reading Buccaneers, Sofia Soares, who was DM here and helped create this program

Deandre Dill (Pasadena, 2020-05-13)


For any college not to have a band is a disgrace ! Wilkes is my alma mater and I have never been ashamed to admit that until now !!!

Dave Cooper (Tunkhannock , 2020-05-13)


I am in the Wilkes Marching Band currently. This will be my second season this upcoming fall. Even though I have only been in the band for one season, It feels like I've been in it for many years. The people within this organization care deeply about each other and we treat each other like family. Some people may have come to Wilkes just for the marching band. I decided to go to Wilkes for the band and the engineering department. Many of us have band as an outlet from real life and we truly need it because it is who we are. I truly love this organization and would be extremely sad for it to go, please consider signing. Thank you

Christian Dietrich (Catasauqua, 2020-05-13)


My sister Chose Wilkes for the band program!

Jordan Ney (Bloomsburg, 2020-05-13)


Wilkes College '80 Music Ed.

Judey Hopkins-Music (West Pittston , 2020-05-13)


I’m signing this petition because music is my life. I chose wilkes not only for their amazing nursing program but because of the welcoming band I thought I would be joining

Jasmine Slodysko (Shamokin, 2020-05-13)


AEA Nu Chi brothers - wishing you all the best that your band program can continue in the future. (Kristen - Nu Gamma)

Kristen Davis (Bridgeville, 2020-05-13)


Music programs not only give students something to look forward to every semester, but they truly save lives. Don’t cut a program that helps create so many strong friendships, opens doors creatively, and helps us become more outgoing. This is important to many!!!!

Mallory Kraemer (Tunkhannock , 2020-05-13)


Music is worthy of study and fosters significant qualities such as good leadership, empathy, preparation, and responsibility.

Ellie Motichka (Lake Ariel, 2020-05-13)


I believe music education should exist in all institutions of higher learning. It’s has been proven that learning an instrument engages more sections of the brain than most academics.

Eric Boylan (Clark’s Summit pa , 2020-05-13)


I am signing because I have seen the wonderful things this program has brought to Wilkes, during the homecoming game, during all of the football games, throughout the entire year. This program should not be ended! It is essential to keep the Wilkes spirit alive!

Bryanna Polascik (Drums, 2020-05-13)


I have performed with the Wilkes University Civic Band as a community member for the last 12 years. Music is not just about reading notes on a page. Students of Music also gain proficiency in Languages, Math, History, and other Subjects. They learn real life skills such as working alone (practicing) and with others (rehearsal) to put together a final project (a concert.) Please consider keeping this program.

Debra Skripkunis (Exeter, 2020-05-13)


I'm signing this petiton because I am a future member of the marching band. Marching band and any performing arts are so important just as any sport. They teach you leadership, teamwork and individuality. They help make close friends, memories, and networks. They provide livelihood to the community. They give us the motivation to keep going. It makes us who we are. By taking away these types of opportunities, you're taking away the lives of people who make these arts a part of who they are.

Joshua Dombrowski (Coal Township, 2020-05-13)


Music is essential!

Carolyn Schultz (Ventnor, 2020-05-13)


I’m signing because music has helped me in the past and will continue to help me in my future. Music guides so many individuals in becoming better human beings and will help future students at Wilkes University for sure!

Kelsi Good (Lake Ariel, 2020-05-13)


I am a Wilkes cheerleader and the band makes such an impact at every game!! They always get the crowd going and make it exciting!

Rachael Mehl (Scranton, 2020-05-13)


As it's being proven at this very moment, the arts are INCREDIBLY important and valuable to everyday life, for both the makers and observers.

Sara Pokorny (Hadley, 2020-05-13)


I believe bands are so important!

Alisa Maccrate (Jackson, 2020-05-13)


I have friends in my grade who are attending Wilkes in the fall. They need the band as an outlet!

Kyra Sanders (Coal township, 2020-05-13)


Music is one of the most important skills to learn. All of these individuals have worked so hard to keep music in their lives.

Chloe Sucevic (South Park, 2020-05-13)


I committed to this school this year and a primary reason I choose it was because my opportunity to continue my passion for the marching arts. Hearing that my first year may be my last is absolutely disheartening and makes me extremely sad to attend this school over others now. This is such a huge part of my life and marching band being cancelled would be such a terrible loss to the school and community. I really hope that wilkes reconsiders as it's so meaningful to the current performers and future students.

Katherine Oswald (Levittown, 2020-05-13)


I’m a cheerleader at Wilkes, and we love our band! I can’t believe anyone would ever feel like the marching band is expendable! They are the source of so much joy from all who listen to them and all who enjoy participating!!! Please show your support, and don’t let Wilkes cut this program!

Cassity Dixon (Jim Thorpe, 2020-05-13)


Every school needs a band.

Tori Fritz (Gilbertsville , 2020-05-13)


They have no right to cut a program where kids are free to express themselves,would you rather then so drugs

Autumn Gaylord (Luzerne, 2020-05-13)


To save this music program

Melinda Gevert (Nanticoke , 2020-05-13)


Music is such a huge part of so many people's lives.

Storm Pryor (Danville, 2020-05-13)


My college band program defined my college career.

Chris Pratt (Newburgh, 2020-05-13)


This is exactly what I’m going to school for. Music programs should not be cut anywhere!!

Emily Little (Perkiomenville, 2020-05-13)


I sign because the arts is a critical part in education. This activity has brought so many memories and life lessons to people involved.

Mario Ramirez (West Chester, 2020-05-13)


Two of my former students attend Wilkes University and are part of the marching band and color guard program.

Amanda Graser (Quakertown, 2020-05-13)


The band program is a valuable asset to any liberal arts college or university. Students need a creative outlet. The Civic and Marching Bands serve specific functions at the University and community. Cutting the program will do more harm than good.

Don Williams (Wilkes-Barre, 2020-05-13)


I'm signing because I've seen the different the music arts has done for kids and young adults.

Tara Nicholas (Catasauqua, 2020-05-13)



Destinee Bebout (Ashland , 2020-05-13)


The music department is vital and just as important as any other club or sport.

Jessica Strohl (Jim Thorpe, 2020-05-13)


I went to Wilkes for undergrad and the band was uplifting on campus.
With the cost of tuition at that school , cuts in the salary if administrators should be reduced before programs are cut. What a disgrace!

Adam Davis (Ypsilanti , 2020-05-13)


The music program at Wilkes is the reason I chose them over another pharmacy school. I have made countless life long friendships and I can’t imagine what my school career would have been like without music.

Lauren McClintock (Dunmore, 2020-05-13)


This program is essential to the success and happiness of the students

Amanda Albright (Lewisburg, 2020-05-13)


I'm signing this because every student has the right to participate in band and I support my fellow brothers.

Georgia Clingan (Lock Haven, 2020-05-13)


This is an extremely important program to a lot of people and it's awful to take that from them

Trevor DeHaven (Coal township, 2020-05-13)


The different band performances were the only extracurricular event I went to. I went to 1 football game and only saw the band. I’m sure football won fewer games in my 6 years at Wilkes than the amount of concerts I have been to. If you cut the band from Wilkes permanently, you are showing what the school values.

Kelly Sones (Mountain Top, 2020-05-13)


The arts are an important part of a well rounded education. Many of my current music educators were educated by the Wilkes music program, and they have impacted me and my passion greatly. This program needs to stay.

Ameilia Favata (Forty Fort, 2020-05-13)


Music education is important and cutting music programs in schools would be a huge loss to the university

Karen Whitaker (Clarks summit , 2020-05-13)


This is a very Important program to many students and it would be terrible to take away there privilege to this program.

Rylee DeHaven (Coal Township, 2020-05-13)


I'm signing because I know what it's like to have programs I'm in cut. Wilkes-Barre area cut its art program, and now going to art school, it has set me behind my peers.

Devyn Jackson (Wilkes-Barre, 2020-05-13)


All students should have the opportunity to make music! Band programs are an integral aspect of high functioning and well-respected colleges and universities.

Joshua Oldham (Berlin, 2020-05-13)


I feel so strongly about the arts

Joshua Bashore (Coal township , 2020-05-13)


I'm signing because, as a fellow band director, watching a program get cut affects more lives than is actually taken into consideration. Music is more than just a class. It's a place to make lifelong friends, to find yourself as an individual, to express yourself, and to show off talents you wouldn't be able to show off before. It's always easy to say to cut the arts. But the impact felt from cuts like this are powerful. You're ruining someone's livelihood and passion and joy, and their ability to share that with other people.

Casey Snyder (Engadine, 2020-05-13)


I’m disgusted with the university’s decision to cut a program that is beloved by many

Erika Wintersteen (Dallas , 2020-05-13)

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