We need peace stop all kind of wars: military, economic...

Elie Zakhia Douaihy (Zgharta, 2020-05-27)


No one can decide for me and declare war in my name.
I want Peace with the rest of the world.
All arms should be handed back to the Lebanese Army who should be the sole bearer of arms in Lebanon.

Pamelanthony Maraoui (Beirut, 2020-05-27)


War is not the answer to our problems.

Maureen Abdalla (Greenville , 2020-05-27)


We want one state with full sovereignty and excellent relations with the international community and Arab countries

Rani Wehbe (Baabda, 2020-05-27)


Because i need a better life

Elias Dahdah (Beirut, 2020-05-27)


I am signing because I agree on every single word of this petition

Michelyne Haroun (Amaret Chalhoub, 2020-05-27)


War is not us ! We are peaceful people !

Tamara Hatoum (Muscat , 2020-05-27)


I love my country!

Patricia Elias (Hazmieh, 2020-05-28)


I believe we could all coexist peacefully

Hrair Tasslakian (Beirut, 2020-06-06)


It is high time to rebuild Lebanon on sound foundations; sovereignty is an essential foundation for a strong state

Nawal Meouchi (Bikfaya, 2020-06-21)


enough is enough with wars

koko ghteri (zahle, 2020-07-24)


انا ارفض الحرب

Abeer Nsair (زحلة, 2020-07-24)


We had our shares in everyone wars in our land....stop playing with our present and future like you played with our past

Joseph Saad (Batroûn , 2020-07-24)


my people is dying because of the political agenda of the hezbollah and all the puppets in this rotten gouvernement!!! The lebanese people are paying heavily the price of this demoniac plan!!! And the international powers don't give a shit!!!!!!!!!

Rita Dujardin (Monaco, 2020-07-24)


I’m afraid

Virginia Chatila (Beirut , 2020-07-25)



حمود الحسن (Birut, 2020-07-25)


I think lebanese people paid enough others' dreams and others' wars.
Lebanon HAS to recover once for all peace.

Lara youakim (beirut, 2020-07-25)


Law and order

Fadi Cabaret (Jeddah , 2020-07-25)


I am against all violence.

Nabil Richani (Beirut, 2020-07-25)


لقد ضقنا ذرعا من الحروب العبثية التي يدخلنا بها حزب الله في منطقة الشرق الاوسط ولبنان خصوصا تنفيذا لأجندات النظام الايراني. إن حزب الله يسيطر بشكل كامل على الدولة اللبنانية وعلى الحكومة بعد ان اخذ الغطاء المسيحي من حليفه مايِسمى بالتيار الوطني الحر ونصّب رئيسه رئيسا للجمهورية وبذلك يكون قد سيطر على كل مفاصل الدولة جاعلا الشعب اللبناني رهينة ايديولوجيته الإرهابية المتطرفة ورهينة مغامراته العبثية عازلا لبنان عن محيطه العربي والدولي ايضا ناشرا الكراهية والعداوة للشعب العربي ولمعظم شعوب العالم. لذلك نطلب من العالم بأسره انقاذ لبنان والشعب اللبناني من تلك المنظمة الارهابية قبل فوات الاوان وانهيار الكيان اللبناني نهائيا وهذا ما ينعكس سلبا على كل دول المنطقة وانهيارها امام سيطرة النظام الايراني المارق.

Ahmad Sweid (Nabatieh, 2020-07-25)


As long as hizballa has weapons that are stronger than the Lebanese army, and as long as they are a group that follows Iran's agenda, we will not be safe.

Fadi Chahrouri (Dubai , 2020-07-26)


I believe majority of Lebanese people want peace and do not support Hezbollah or the current president, and government.

Samir Younes (Montreal, 2020-07-26)


I am signing because it is unfair for Lebanon and the Lebanese people to bear the burden of the Palestinian ordeal in the absence of an Arab Commitment to liberation of the occupied territories. Hizbollah's changed status from Resistance to Israel to involvement in regional armed politics came about due to the weak central government of Lebanon and the International Community's blind eye to armament of the Hizb.Lebanon needs the help of the UN and the Conscientious governments of the world to reestablish peace,security & prosperity.
We acknowledge the fact that we have a corrupt government of warlords and militias and our responsibility in such governance, yet we deserve to be understood fairly.

Rola Kassem (Beirut, 2020-07-27)


I'm signing because this is my hopes and aims

Rabih Tlais (Baalback, 2020-07-28)


We want to live in a real country

Abbas Jaber (Nabatieh, 2020-08-20)

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