An urgent review of the alterations to Rugby Town Centre by Warwickshire County Council. Bad for business!



I'm signing because these road alterations will be bad for business, bad for disabled access and damage Rugby town centre. It will also majorly hamper those people living in surrounding town centre areas.

Kieren Brown (Rugby , 2020-06-21)


I don't agree with what is being down without consulting

Andy Mcinnes (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


It’s the most idiotic decision ever made

Matt Thomas (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


I visited yesterday town centre. This new system will really affect the shops.

Anne Carpenter (RUGBY , 2020-06-21)


It is not in the best interests of the town

Louise Fordham (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


Joke shop, like all of this has been

Jared White (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


I have a small business on regent street and these road changes will impact on footfall.. most of us have only just reopened Following government advice and this will only hinder our progress

Rebecca Rathbone (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


I am a retailer of 17 years in Rugby and heartbroken and so angry at this truly terrible decision to ruin our town

Beverly Thomas (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


What on Earth was the thinking behind this? Oh wait, we’d know if there was some sort of consultation with the people it directly impacts..! Completely pointless, with detrimental effect on the town we love and the businesses we were just about to come together for and rebuild.

Morag Curl (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


It’s death to our town centre

John Redpath (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


It’s a ridiculous waste of public money disgraceful

John Davison (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


I’m signing because this whole charade of the one way system stinks, why after 3 months of lockdown have WCC decided to do this when they full well know those independent shops are wanting to claw back some sort of profit, the same as most shops in the town centre itself, I don’t understand at all why they would put something stupid like this into play? Something now needs to be looked into this, none of the public, none of the shops, NOBODY was consulted before this happened so on a technical side of things, this shouldn’t happen until people of Rugby have had there say, plus there will be accidents galore now!!

Kieran Swift (Rugby , 2020-06-21)


An absolute disgrace!
No consultation and no consideration for local businesses.
Whoever gave the go ahead for this needs sacking and quickly!

Paul Joyce (Coventry , 2020-06-21)


This is ridiculous. There is absolutely no need for the imposition of this road scheme. Social distancing is being reduced for a start. Nobody has asked for it. Where is the risk assessment of the scheme and its impact assessment?
Remove this idiotic scheme as soon as possible.

Dave Goodwin (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


Completely reckless action taken by Warwickshire County Council.

Beth Hackney (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


We are a local charity with our charity shop in the middle of town. With no income for 3 months, and the likelihood that these measures will further undermine our trading activities, we ask that this is reviewed as a matter of great urgency.

Anita Twigger (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


I’m signing this because I have a friend in this city. I want to make a difference somewhere else in the world.

Harold Mir (Peabody, 2020-06-21)


I believe this new road layout is putting already struggling local independent businesses under more pressure by adversely affecting the footfall of the town.

Hilary Corrigan (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


because small businesses will be affected, this is not acceptable as coronavirus has hit hard already

vanessa owens (Leicestershire, 2020-06-21)


I work in the independent quarter

Jules Brazier (Rugby , 2020-06-21)


Rugby does not have the foot fall in Rugby Town to put these measures in place.... it could finish the town once and for all

Mary Groocock (Rugby, 2020-06-21)


I have many friends who run businesses in the town centre who have worked hard to survive Covid and were now getting ready to reopen and get their livelihoods back on track this catastrophic decision by WCC could be mean that some may not .. I urge wcc to urgently back track and show common sense which this decision clearly lacks !

Akhil Satsangi (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing because the decision to make a one way system around Rugby and the suspension of Street parking will damage the local economy, local businesses will suffer and it will cause even more congestion. It’s the worst decision ever to be made for Rugby.

Marie Watson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


These restrictions have basically stopped me from going where I need to go.

Carole Smith (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The whole new system will see the death of the town centre. It will not draw people back but drive them away to pit of town retail parks. Local businesses are struggling,this will be the final nail in the coffin. Disabled drivers have been completely overlooked, parking in Albert St. South is putting many stores out of reach. Social distancing is kept when in cars or when parking roadside by the design of all cars. Stop this crazy road scheme and consult the people you are meant to represent

Margaret Hood (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Dreadful decision made with no discussion with Rugby businesses or residents - unnecessary Rugby is quiet enough without this

Diane Griffith (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


The roadwork closures, one way system and parking restrictions in drug y Town Centre from Tomorrow are an absolute disgrace. No warning or prior consultations. This will destroy local businesses!

Allison Holder (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I'm signing because I feel this will significantly affect businesses within the town centre

Sarah Crawley (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It is a total shambles with no public consultation.A nail in the coffin for Rugby town centre businesses

Sharon WORMALD (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I think this will have a major effect on the town centre shops and also cause mayhem driving wise too.

Neil Facer (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The alterations are ill thought out and unnecessary a complete waste of funds

Julie Preston (RUGBY, 2020-06-22)


I'm appalled that this has been green lighted through without consultation with the shopkeepers or the public. There is no regard for disabled shoppers with reduced mobility or the elderly.

Brenda Tarry (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The alterations are ridiculous and bad for the town center

Debra Smith (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It is important that there is discussion with local businesses not just enforcement. This measure seems extreme for the current circumstances and is likely to deter shoppers rather than encourage them at a time when the independent businesses in Rugby need support the most. It will drive people to retail parks where access and parking will be easier. Warwickshire county council need to consult.

Emma Connell (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I am not happy what there done town waster of money

john kelly (RUGBY, 2020-06-22)


I am a independent shop owner in Rugby town centre and what you are doing is simply going to destroy and ruin businesses in the town.

Dave Hall (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I'm signing because no thought has been given to the elderly residents of Trinity Court. I and my wife cannot get to our 85 year old mother without a complete lap of this change. Whos idea was it to allow cyclist to travel both ways in a one way system. THERE WILL BE COLLISIONS CAUSED BY THE COUNCIL. NO,ABSOLUTLY NO CONSIDERATION GIVEN TO the needs of Rugby people. This will kill off ourTown centre or is that the hidden agenda.

Cyril Franklin (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


What on earth are you doing?!

Adele Bull (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It is a ridiculous system to put in place, and without consulting those who LIVE in the town centre.
Disgraceful and shame on you WCC. Concentrate on making areas by schools safer.

Sophie Parkin (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


You are pushing people to shop out of time. No disabled will be able to shop in rugby as no in street parking. The shops are suffering already why make it even worse as now they have to pay electric etc to open up.

Karen Nobes (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I think its ridiculous, it is crazy will have a catastrophic effect on businesses in the town and will not help with social distancing! Hasnt been thought through and is not feasible. How are people supposed to do their shopping as in the elderly and vulnerable if they cannot be dropped and picked up in the town ! Has not been planned out if anything will kill off any businesses that are left in town well done rugby Borough council

Carrie smith (rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m a small business owner and was not consulted. This will be detrimental to my business.
I am also a town centre resident and this will cause unnecessary congestion.
The changes have not been advertised or communicated properly causing distress and confusion to local residents.

Laura Winder (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I think it's a huge mistake for many reasons and counterproductive. There are no clear reasons why this will help anyone during the covid crisis.

Carol Large (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It’s ridiculous and not a benefit to anyone support worker who nerds to get through town quite often i donuts want to be adding miles on to my journey

All Bunyard (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I'm in total disagreement with what the council have done, the independent businesses that keep the town open for business will suffer. People won't bother coming to town, these businesses have gone above and beyond in lockdowm still supplying their stock and home delivering personally.. its a disgrace.

And the residents around the town where the traffic will worse because people will be short cutting across town.

Not environmentally friendly more pollution from cars stuck in traffic and people having to do longer journeys.

Should have just changed the pedestrian walk way through town as one way.

Karen Page (rugby, 2020-06-22)


I believe this will be detrimental to businesses in the town. I also come from a family where my mum cannot caress stuff via foot that easily

Caroline Powell (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is bad for local businesses that are struggling already, no consultaction has been done with local shop owners

Mick Menesse (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This will kill off the independent businesses which are the heart of Rugby town centre and which will already be struggling but will do NOTHING to help with Covid. Utter madness imposed without any consultation and a waste of council tax money.

Andy Holden (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The measures are poorly considered and will cause damaged to struggling town centre traders.

Christine Lord (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing this petition as these new road systems are going to reek havoc with the small independent businesses in our town centre. Most of which have only just opened after 3 months due to Covid 19 and have already lost significant amounts of income.

Linda Callaghan (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


As a town centre resident I am angry that this new layout will affect my journeys everyday-making all car journeys longer and have to travel THROUGH a town centre now rather than around! I can see NO benefits for business and fail to see how this will have any impact Re Covid 19? This one way system and removal of on street parking will put shoppers off and further kill the town centre

Catherine Quinlivan (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


does not seem thought out correctly

kevin Ambler (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This new plan will be detrimental to the town

Tasha Bridgen (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am signing because as a town centre resident I strongly object to the new road layout.

John Quinlivan (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


This needs re evaluating. For numerous reasons.
Ecconmy in City
Practicality for public transport users
Those with Special Needs, Disabled and Elderly
Allready stressed traffic arround thd Town

Verity Ann (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This scheme will destroy trade in the town centre shops

Joy Murdoch (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I work in rugby town centre and this is and will destroy local businesses

Donna Whittle (Coventry , 2020-06-22)


The way this will negatively impact not just our town centre, but the way our whole town operates by some hastily thought through non consulted plans is unfathomable. There are absolutely no positives to these hastily carried out decisions made by people that clearly haven't stepped foot in Rugby in a very long time.

Rachel Watson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


it will finally kill rugby as a town

David Nobes (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The new one way system is ridiculous

Serisha Edwards (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Doesn't appear to have been a public consultation or any prior warning.
I don't see the benefit of doing this as less cars will enter the town centre thus making it more if a ghost town than it already is!
Businesses will be struggling as it is without further reducing the footfall!

Keith Stuchbury (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


No notifications to actual residents. Also our town is not used anymore due to parking prices and difficulty getting in. Now it’s worse!

Rebecca Parry-Hall (Warwickshire, 2020-06-22)


A pointless waste of money - the alterations are just not necessary at all.

Elaine Galvin (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It is an awfully long way for my disabled husband to walk to a bus stop on Clifton Road when visiting the town centre!

Dorothee Savage (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I own a business on a road where traffic will no longer use or park.after being closed for 15 weeks this could finish us off for good

Amanda Proffitt (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


The new infrastructure changes have caused chaos already to public transport - the main bus service to UHCW has been greatly affected, new routes to which bus service users were not informed of, leaving UHCW staff stranded in Rugby and unable to get to work at UHCW on time.
This needs to be reviewed urgently.

Hayley Ryan (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I want to help the town centre, not destroy it!

Michele Goode (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This has tk be the most stupid idea ever. Town is already lacking business and this will. Only push people away further. You should be focused on. How to get more people into town i stead of wasting money on pointless tarmac and one way systems

Katrina Brzozowska (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Ludicrous what are you thinking !! You ware the grim reaper of Rugby Independents

Jane Mozley (Warwickshire , 2020-06-22)


Change the alterations in Rugby town centre as made by WCC

Joanne Wood (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Local shops and independent businesses need people to be able to park close to them .

Victoria Greenslade (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It will create major problems for the bus service for the elderly with shopping

David Evans (DUNCHURCH RUGBY, 2020-06-22)


It's an utter disgrace what you have done to the town after months of not opening you now make it impossible for businesses to have trade!

Danielle Fraser (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I don’t agree with the one way system and also I feel like it will have a huge impact of the future of rugby town. No one will visit and the independent local shops will massively suffer!!!!

Lucy Bostridge (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Its gonna cause a lot of problems and is going to cause chaos

Julie Watkins (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I agree with the anger that there was no public consultation. This will kill any remaining local buisness in town. Some shop rely on footfall, which will now be no existent.

Beth-rai Rowlands (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am a Rugby resident and I am concerned that these measures will damage the businesses in Rugby Town centre when they are already stretched to their breaking point. It makes them less accessible.

Karen Peachey (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It’s bad for business and makes no sense whatsoever. No consultation or thought has gone into this scheme

Martin Oxborough (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Ridiculous set up will harm all businesses as we come out of lockdown completely unnecessary.

Paul Smyth (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This plans for this scheme were not consulted with the business owners or the general public who work in town or use the town centre on a daily basis, nor the residents in and around the town centre, over a reasonable length of time.
There has been zero evidence based samples , criteria or success measurements laid out To show what they are trying to achieve and how.
There was less that a weeks warning before disruption began and streets were closed off outside business owners establishments, to do ‘temporary’ roadworks in connection with this scheme.
There have been no signs up around the town to educate people about the proposed measures or an opportunity to feedback, like there would be for a normal planning application.
No warning for drivers, public transport users and shoppers.
Let alone any thought for the businesses in the town, who have had to shutdown for three months and are only just reopening, who rely on patrons of all demographic, age and physical ability being able to park near their business and to be able to park relatively close themselves, especially if the have to go to and from their office/shop several times a day within the course of their work.
No thought to the residents who live within the immediate radius of the town centre for traffic cutting through their streets and parking outside their houses for an hour or so.
It has been done way to quickly and in a duplicitous manor to council tax payers.

Lisa Curley (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am a local independant trader. We have been unable to trade for 3 months, we fully open for 1 week where trade was picking up each day and now this thoughtless, totally un-necassary waste of resources will send trade back into 'lockdown' numbers. I will now have to keep my staff on Furlough for longer due to this action.

simon williams (rugby, 2020-06-22)


As a town centre resident directly impacted by these changes, I am appalled that there has been zero consultation on this Ill thought through set of changes

Ian Jones (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The council did not consult residents about the changes and seem to have no clue about how this effects everyone. Would love to see them try and struggle around rugby with this idiotic system.

Hannah Thomas (Rugby , 2020-06-22)

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