An urgent review of the alterations to Rugby Town Centre by Warwickshire County Council. Bad for business!



I have.many friend who have business in town which will soon struggle for business if this "clever idea" one way system is to stay in place.

You want more people to walk/ cycle into town, but what about those people who cant walk/cycle into town because of health issues? But will be able to drive into town park as close as they can to the shop they need?

If your going to try make town traffic less then i suggest that you change bus routes and make it that buses or taxis cant enter town either?,

Why should they be allowed to drive through town but "normal" vehicles cant?

Oh thats right, because some people dont drive so they need to be able to use public transport ..

Everything these days is all about equality..

Well guess what, your been very predujudice against people who do own a car and can drive into town, compared to those who dont own a car!

It's the most stupid idea I have ever witnessed in my life!

You will soon be killing all the small local business in the town centre and then WCC will moan that the town centres dead?

Open your eyes and reverse this stupid ridiculous "one way" system!

Why now?

Why not at the start of pandemic?

Ryan Nutchey (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


i think this is more about pedestrian only town centre, they have been trying to do this for years

graham hastings (rugby, 2020-06-22)


I own a Salon on Albert street that will be negatively effected by these changes.

Stacey Blair (rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is ridiculous and will impact greatly on the town centre

Julie Colledge (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It will send trade out of the town. I fear for the independents of Rugby town.

Shelley Davis (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


Angry at the whole thing. How it appears to have been rushed in. No notice given to elderly residents in Trinity court that it affects and the serious blow to already struggling businesses who've had the death warrant signed. It's utterly disgraceful the way WCC has behaved in misusing our monies.

Jane Franklin (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is a stupid idea and will hurt/kill off local business. .

Andrew Yelland (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I'm signing this because it has been done without consultation and no public evidence of a feasability study. It has been done in an underhand manner with unusual haste under the guise of being in the interest of encouraging social distancing, just at a time whem the 2m rule is due to be relaxed anyway. There is also no indication at what point these changes would be reversed!

Sue Harding (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I couldn't agree more. I'll just repost what I said on Facebook about the matter:

"Seriously who on earth thought it was a good idea to put in all these traffic restrictions around the town centre for 'social distancing purposes'. The peak of the pandemic is around two months behind us now plus the govt is probably going to be halving the social distancing 2m rule in the coming days/weeks. The fact loads of these bollards along with the plastic fencing have now blown onto the road further holding up traffic just compounds the problem.

Just like the 14 day quarantine for arriving from a foreign country this is an idea that would perhaps have been useful a couple of months ago, but now is just a waste of time that will just cause massive inconvenience to people and do further damage to the economy. Especially as most shops are now opening up and we should be encouraging people to head out to into town to spend money rather than making it a giant pain in the arse.

Utterly pointless....."

Ian Webster (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is not right at all it is madness. Leading to gridlock all around the town

Robin Maxey (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I think the scheme is unnecessary and unworkable especially for elderly bus passengers who face lkng walks to board buses.

Barry Dodd (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It is a totally unnecessary waste of tax payers' money and bad for already struggling businesses. How on earth would making traffic flow through town one way control coronavirus? Less abled people coming by bus to town will now have to get off at Clifton Road instead of North Street. They just won't use it anymore, simple as that. A very stupid waste of the public purse

John Beards (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


As a disabled person the new system will severely affect me being able to access town centre shops.

Pauline Smout (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Because this idea is lunacy

Christopher Doyle (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I'm signing this petition as I don't feel there is a need for a one way system on Church Street and Lawrence Sheriff Street in Rugby. Personally I feel this new system will have a huge impact on the shops in the town centre.

Deborah Hall (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This ridiculous set up will kill what is left of our town centre and is a total waste of money. Small businesses will go under because of this

Jake Stevenson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The whole thing is crazy

Francesca Dimberline (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Totally useless and damaging idiotic piece of planning

John Laing (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


as a local business I see the damage this is causing already to people, businesses and motorists

Adam McHenry (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


You have not considered the long lasting effect of businesses operating in the town centre. This town will die and businesses will start to move to Coventry and Leamington where a. More proactive approach is taken from every organisation involved in the town and city centres. Just go and speak to these organisations and hear what positive actions are made to support businesses.

Malcolm Freeman (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This whole scheme has been rushed through, has been badly implemented and will adversely affect shops and customers wanting to visit them.

Mark Hooper (Rugny, 2020-06-22)


Despite wanting to shop local, I will not be driving into town and will shop online due to the road alternations... my mum's bus route is disrupted making visits to town difficult... Please stop or preferably reverse the road changes before business to shops in town is disrupted any further!

Karen Kyte (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


stupid idea, no consideration of businesses or residents of rugby

catherine mawby (rugby, 2020-06-22)


This will damage an already-struggling town centre unnecessarily - when it is unclear what practical help the measures will bring in health terms. It has been ill thought-out and will spell the end to our town centre.

Ellen Manning (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The changes to the roads and lack of parking for disabled people in Regent street will mean that we cannot access the independent retailers there. These shops have suffered greatly by the lock-down and you are now making it extremely difficult for them to recover. Do you want Rugby town centre to close down completely?



I’m signing this as I believe it will deter people away from shopping locally and we shop be helping these businesses not hinder them. Also feel that getting people to all park together in a car park I stead of on street parking will spread Covid 19 and not help with social distancing. Lastly I think the new tarmac in town centre looks a ghastly mess

Fiona O’Connell (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


This will be the end of the town centre

Sarah Simpson (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


This eyesore, short term remedy is a diabolical lack of vision for our town centre. The signage is appalling, our customers are confused and the system may well be out of date tomorrow!!. The works started on the Saturday morning, for which no-one in the town centre was aware. Footfall was almost zero on Saturday, compared to a pretty good week. Stinks of a back hander with Balfour. Come and have a look at their handywork. It is hideous and is directly affecting the town. John Linnell M&M Jewellers, Regent Street.

john linnell (Rugby, 2020-06-22)



Darrin Mcilroy (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It will put people off going into town, and businesses will suffer and close. And people who work in the town centre areas causes so many problems getting to and from work

Beverley Andrews (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The impact on local residents and businesses will be nothing but negative. I live Rugby near the Town centre and this will cause no end of issues for commuting along. The 2m rule is due to be dropped this week so it is a complete waste of time and money and will cause huge problems all round. I can honestly not see one positive in this new design

Louise Cable (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


As a small business owner in the town this is going to decimate our business!!!

Adrian Proffitt (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It is totally unnecessary and disruptive. Please please reconsider.

shirley Gale (dunchurch, 2020-06-22)


This is total waste of our money, this would be better spent cutting the overgrown grass around the town and surrounding areas.

Laurence Collins (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It will affect local businesses

Allison Mcclurg (Daventry, 2020-06-22)


Business is bad enough for traders in the town centre as it is. If this stays in place more people especially pedestrians will go down the Leicester road. Its madness

Tracey Lindley (Rugby Warwickshire , 2020-06-22)


Can’t believe the arrogant way this useless unnecessary change to my town has been implemented!!

Adrian Cotterill (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


You are destroying Rugby Town Centre.

Steve Blanchard (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am appalled by the decisions that have been with no consultation on our roads to introduce a ludicrous one way system

Claire Fennell (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This measure seems to have been done without proper thought and certainly without consultation. Rugby residents have been completely ignored.

Rhona Milner (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The road layout is silly especially for cars

Teresa Davies (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m Keith Diamond I run a local Decorating business Keith Diamond Decorating in Rugby. I always buy locally helping to support local businesses like myself. Once people start to buy out of town it hella closes high streets down. I love the local village feel you get from rugby town shopping.

Keith Diamond (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This system isn't effective

Richard Tuckey (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


Why was this decision made without consultation. Rugby independents have only just reopened. This will sabotage their chances of recovery and is a great waste of money. This WCC has really upset people in Rugby.

Leigh McLellan (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The impact on local businesses has not been fully understood and considered.

At a time when social distancing is to be reduced you have implemented a completely over the top solution to a problem that does not exist.

Simon Bayliss (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


All changes like this must be made with full public consultation. I object to this as it will seriously impact independent traders,

Paul Le Poidevin (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This will just turn Rugby into a ghost town!

Ellie Baker (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I'm signing because I think the changes will have a significant impact on local business and increase traffic in other areas also have a significant impact on kids and adults using the bus services.

Reena Mistry (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I am a business owner in the town and cannot understand the thinking behind this. Yes we need to take safety measures for people but making the town a one way system just seems crazy. Another reason for people not to come into the town after businesses have been closed for 3mths

Debbie Gallacher (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is seriously impacting the ability of small businesses to earn a living.

Carolyn Murphy (Brinklow, 2020-06-22)


The new layout is not only rediculous and will have a negative I impact on the businesses in the town, but don't fit the reason being provided. I think wcc are using this unprecedented occassion to take advantage, and pass something they wanted to do year ago. If they were doing it for the reasons stated, then why does no other town in the county, or country seem to be making these kinds of changes?

Eleanor Clark (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing because I think WWC have been selfish and out of order doing what they have done with the roads in Rugby town centre. Especially after all the independent businesses are struggling currently.

Mark Neal (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I'm signing because it utter madness to make a system which works correctly into a knee jerk social distance exercise ..

Tim Kyte (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I'm signing this because it looks awful, there is no need for it and Rugby deserves better!

Mark Davies (Rugbu, 2020-06-22)


The plans will not keep people safe and they are dangerous for disabled people

Maggie ORourke (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It was brought in with no consultation with businesses or Rugby residents to get the best result for everyone.

Dawn Grant (Warwickshire , 2020-06-22)


It's absolutely ridiculous

Darren King (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I cannot see any benefit at all. Simply more pollution

Pam Clarke (Barby, 2020-06-22)


It’s gonna kill all the independent shops and at a time when they need all the help possible just to survive

Kelly Kennedy (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Its a waste of time as we are coming to the end of lock down whats the point should of happened in the beginning

Patricia Marriott (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


i live in a normally quiet onr way street at the start of this system and the traffic has been more like a main road

Karen Deakin (rugby, 2020-06-22)


I travel to Rugby and it's a nightmare at the moment to get to.These new proposals will make it worse.

Christine Mullaney (Leicester, 2020-06-22)


Its crazy in town do these people have nothing better to do

Wendy Batchelor (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


Absolutely ridiculous,I have a business in town,I get a lot of my business from passing trade(people driving through town)so this is really going to affect my business.

Debbie Langley (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Lack of public consultation

Jynna Yarrum (Rugby, Warwickshire, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing because these changes make no sense. We have had no consultation. I do not understand what the benefits are for the town centre. As a town centre resident, living in Elsee Road, I usually walk, but now local journeys that require a car, due to passengers mobility or a heavy load etc, have now increased 5 fold, increasing pollution in the town centre. It has been mentioned that this is leading to a desire for a traffic free town centre but instead the traffic passing through the heart of the town centre, is about to increase hugely, cutting the town centre in half. The biggest concern is it will encourage people to use the out of town shopping centre, Elliott’s field rather than the, already dying Town centre.

Rachel Jones (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It’s ridiculous

Hayden Page (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


Restricted access to a thriving town centre, limited direction or notice to the public.
Is this really a cost effective Covid measure

Katerina Thomas (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


As a Rugby resident I'm appalled by the lack of consultation. The effect it will have on our ailing town centre and businesses already impacted by Covid19. I can't see how it will have any effect on reducing the spread of the disease. I feel it's a knee jerk reaction that is ill thought out.

Chris Colledge (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am a business owner in the independent quarter and I feel the new system effects our business and others in the area. It leads to confusion and limits footfall to the area resulting in customers going elsewhere. We are all trying to get back on our feet after months of closures due to Coronavirus and I feel this is really not helping the situation.

Antonia Brindley (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


The one way traffic system is just not we what we need! Detrimental for town centre traders and just generally a thorough nuisance for everyone. We can achieve social distancing through common sense and compliance in our town centre without this going on!

Anna Lisle (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


The measures being taken are a complete overreaction

Chris Tudball (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Very bad for local businesses

Michael McGurk (Coventry , 2020-06-22)


No consultation. no forward thinking. you need to be speaking to the local people about this decision, not taking upon yourselves, that's what I called democracy.

Richard Harrington (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This will make it even more difficult to visit independent shops who are already struggling.

Bernadette Baretto (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I have a business on railway terrace in town and this new system will severely affect business. I also live in hillmorton, and to try to get to Asda it the other side of town is an absolute joke! The side roads cannot take the extra traffic piling through.

Lisa Holland (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The system doesn’t work to alleviate any traffic or Covid 19.

Sarah Holland (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I'm concerned about the effect this will have on traffic around the town, pollution, local businesses, Rugby School and Barby Road where I live.

Paul Thornton (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


These plans are an absolute joke. Nothing more to be said really.

Mark Skidmore (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is a bad move and totally unnecessary. Cars don't need to social distance, and as a disabled person this will make me more vulnerable and I will have to have someone with me to go shopping. It's also bad fof businesses too!

Sharon Majek (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This was done without consultation and will adversely affect business that are already being affecting by poor footfall and a pandemic.

Keira St John (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I use the local bus service to get to work

Laura Geehan (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


There is no need to extend social distancing into the road!

Richard Boult (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The new road layout is ridiculous- how to kill the town !!
The town struggles at the best of time for customers snd this is just going to stop more people going into the town

Dawn Chater (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is totally ridiculous it will kill off the town centre and lots of independent businesses and will do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of coronavirus. Those responsible should be ashamed.

Andy Holden (Rugby, 2020-06-22)

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