An urgent review of the alterations to Rugby Town Centre by Warwickshire County Council. Bad for business!



This was a ridiculous idea. And a waste of time and money. And will ruin a lot of town center businesses

Sean Sillman (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I do not agree with the alterations to Rugby town making it one way, this will cripple an already dying town, and affect elderly and disabled shoppers considerably plus have a massive impact on the shops and businesses

Bev Black (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Seems a waste of money now,as the shops are struggling You need to encourage the public in to enjoy a shopping experience not to endure it. And there are not that many people go to the town as it is so no need to make room for more as the 2 metre rule will be 1 meter soon

Richard Hancock (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


the lack of consultation and has led to a badly designed scheme .No consent was gained from town residents or retailers .The portfolio holder acted in a arrogant way and misused his emergency powers .

neil sandison (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I think it’s a ridiculous idea , I hope it does not put people coming off into rugby town , we need to make our town attractive

Michelle Taylor (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It will make it increasingly difficult for the emergency services to have access to areas should there be an incident. It’s bad for businesses and if it ain’t broke...

Fliss Morse (Warwickshire , 2020-06-22)


Extremely bad for business.

ElainEq JAmes (Dunchurch , 2020-06-22)


Last minute planning is no good and shops should have been consulted

Mel Clark (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


A waste of tax payers money & generally I dont see the point in it! Totally stupid, a waste of time too.



WCC have taken a sledgehammer to crack a nut leading to major problems for the people of rugby

John Reedie (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The new one way system in Rugby, makes no sense whatsoever! People don't catch covid from other traffic inside their cars! Ridiculous!

Jan Boneham (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I’m signing because I think this will have a catastrophic effect on business in the town centre. The new tarmac areas look unsafe as they slope and injury is likely

Kerry Moots (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


its ridiculous .. it will effect small businesses etc

Maggie Lambell (warwickshire , 2020-06-22)


I live in town centre - Drury Lane & have done for last 40 years - damaged businesses when pedestrianised one side of town & now this - beyond belief !!!!!!!!

Rose Blake (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I feel that the use of covid rules to push this through was unjustified and will kill the town centre off even more. Does the council or councillors has money invested in out of town retail parks ? Save our town centre

Keith May (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The money could be better spent elsewhere

Shirley Kimber (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


In support of local independent businesses

Sandra Douglas (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It's a bloody mess

Steve Beresford (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is a joke small businesses are struggling in the town already ! How is it fare that pensioners are dropped a mile from
the town centre on
the bus

ian moore (rugby, 2020-06-22)


Rugby has seen significant expansion and pressure placed on its road networks, with feedback on consultations to WCC ignored everytime. No traffic calming measures or traffic lighted roundabouts have been added to mitigate these impacts. This plan will significantly increase one way traffic through the town centre and increase traffic onto dunchurch road past st Marie's infant and junior schools, free school and harris secondary with people cutting back to hillmorton road through percival road, heath way, charter, farham and past ashlawn school, the only school affected positively by this one way system seems to be rugby high...all of the other schools have had expansions forced onto them and are now servicing in excess of 3000 students in one built up area of hillmorton...we do not need any more traffic!

Jenny Edmonds (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


As a shopper this will seriously put me off going into town. Horrendous for shop openers.

Marilyn Kelleher (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It's to late for social distancing and if you are in a car what does that achieve?

Desmond O'Driscoll (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I visited Sass whilst in the area (I’m not a local) and the whole one way system was absurd. How to destroy local businesses in their hour of need.

Amy Sanchez (Bexleyheath, 2020-06-22)


To support Rugby businesses

Alison Benson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Because it's ridiculous, an eyesore and delays everyone in rush hour

Sarah Wood (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


My elderly mother has to walk miles into town due to the bus stops no longer dropping her in the middle of town

Lisa Cowen (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Footfall in rugby does not warrant this drastic action. This will be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of small individual retailers in the town centre. I will not waste my time navigating this system to use those small retailers when I can drive easily and quickly and park freely in the large retail area we have at junction one and Elliott’s field whilst this ridiculous system is in place in the town centre.

Jeannette English (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Passing trade is vital for local businesses

Karen Sandall (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This one way system. It will have/give NO help to businesses, NO help to social distancing in fact may make this worse if it did work. It will not get more people walking or cycling, those that want to already do! All this will do is clog the already clogged road system up, Rugbys road system cannot cope with this kind of silly tick box scheme!
They always do half bake ideas that everyone else can see wont work but why cant they? Just another tick box exercise....useless!

David Taylor (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I agree with the small business owners

Sharon McKee (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It is causing massive built up just going into town not very well thought out

Andrew Settle (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I simply can’t see the benefit.... would love to be enlightened!

Alyson Cowan (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


What the county council has done to Rugby town centre is a disgrace. Plenty of better options available and this should looked into. Total waste of tax payers money.

James East (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I believe that this is detrimental to the survival of Rugby Town Centre .

Jan Pinn (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This new one way system is totally unnecessary

Kirsty Starkey (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Surely there are better ways to do this than killing off the town centre businesses

Matthew Clarke (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


We need people to shop in Rugby Safety But the road restrictions will put people off

Lesley Dudley (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I disagree with the changes to the traffic flow in Rugby with no consultation.

Mindy Dhanda (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Because this is a ludicrous idea and we should be supporting local businesses in the town by getting customers in shops not making it harder for businesses to survive. Free parking is whats needed to get people using the town again. Rather than ushering everyone down to Leicester road and grid locking the town..

Beckie Franklin (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I'm signing this petition I got business on church street Rugby grill house because of barriers on the road its effects my business alot can u plz remove the barriers

Qasir Shah (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It is ridiculous it won’t benefit anyone

Marian Bennett (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Because I feel it's a bit of a joke elderly people being able to get dropped off in town but having to walk all the way to the other end of town to catch the buss home...also people are ignoring it as I have seen today on my walk to asda

Jonathan Robbins (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Its effecting my local business.

Phil Morris (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am signing because the changes that have been made to Rugby town in regards to the one way system will seriously effect the town centre with negative impact.
As I work for an independent hair salon at the heart of Rugby down Regent Street for people who will not be able to park especially those who are disabled and need to park by the door to come in. It will draw people away from the town centre.
Lots of independent businesses rely on footfall this is going to steer people away from the lovely independent shops that Rugby us to offer ?
The new one way system is a mess and I cannot believe that it wasn’t discussed with business owners that are in the town.Such a bad idea and it’s going to cause havoc! Why do you need to make a one way system for people to follow distancing rules ? The paths are wide enough and people are wary of distancing rules. There’s no need to shut the roads off and change the whole layout.

Gemma Harbord (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


As my grandma comes out of self isolation she will not be able to make it into town as she uses her blue badge to park outside of shops and the bank. She can't use the bus as an alternative either. Side roads off Murray Road will get clogged as people will not want to go around the already congested gyratory system. Air quality in Rugby and carbon emissions will suffer as a result. People will chose to go out of town to buy the things they want meaning the Town Centre businesses that have struggled through the lockdown will struggle even more

Deborah Camwell (Rugby, UK, 2020-06-22)


I am a business owner this directly affects, I had no consultation on the matter at all. This is the death of the high street

Christian Jarman (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Stupid idea and is causing chaos!!

Sharon Livsey (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I believe these changes will be catastrophic for local businesses and will cause significant disruption for all who reside in Rugby. Imminent changes to the Government’s social distancing measures are likely to make changes to this degree totally unnecessary. I’m also appalled that the people of Rugby were not properly consulted before the changes were implemented.

Elaine Mace (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


We don't need it, it's bad for the business in town and you have wasted tax payer's monies AGAIN

Leo Masterman-Smith (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I think this is a smack in the face for struggling local businesses. People will just head out to the retail parks where you can park right outside the shop you want to visit.

Rose Jolliffe (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


Too little, too late, driving people out of the town even more. People just need common sense and we need markings etc. not one way system!

Wendy Watson (Warwickshire, 2020-06-22)


My dads shop is being ruined by the new one way system

Taylor Hall (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


A frequent visitor and former resident of Rugby. I saw your proposals on WCC website and there was absolutely no explanation of why a vehicular one way system was required, or, why parking is restricted. One assumes because there is no justification under the Covid 19 regulations, cars do not need to 'socially distance' themselves. Get a grip Highways Dept.

Tony Phillips (Ravensthorpe, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing because the town centre is already on borrowed time with empty shops and less footfall this system is absolutely ludicrous And has made no difference to people social distancing

Gainor Perry (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Small businesses are still suffering, and lack of parking nearby doesn't help.

Heather Koumi (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I think it will cause moe pollution with cars idling in a build up of traffic at traffic lights roundabouts, not only that but elderly and disabled shoppers will have to walk further to catch their buses etc, particularly in the winter when the pavements are icy or have snow on them, In my opinion it is an ill thought out scheme by powers that be that do not live in the town.

Keith Prior (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It’s ridiculous !

Megan Forrester (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The plans look chaotic and unthought through. They are detrimental to the impact they are supposed to be achieving.

Jo Ross (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Unnecessary and without consultation.

Chris Reading (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am signing because I fell it is very important to support the town centre as it has aready been declining and businesses are desprate to re-open. The new measures mean disabled people will not have access to shops and banks. The traffic measures are confusing and will lead to illegal parking and congestion around the giratory and potential shoppers will give up on the town centre alltogether .

Janet Gibson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It is unnecessary and a complete waste of money. Things are already bad enough for businesses in the town without more tory tosh!

Jason Collins (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The town should stay as it it it looks awful now and no one knows what is going on

Terrie Sheehan (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is quite frankly the most absurd plan to have ever came to fruition in Rugby. Whoever came up with this idea, whether it be Rugby Borough Council or Warwickshire County Council needs to have a long hard look at themselves. It wouldn’t haven been such a bad idea if the town centre was actually thriving with customers but it’s practically dead anyway because of the below average shops that are left due to inflated rental rates driving everyone with half a brain away to other locations.
The idea in its current state is an absolute joke and completely brainless. Someone should be collecting their P45 but instead are probably giving themselves a pat on the back to congratulate themselves and have picked up a nice bonus for their inventiveness.

Liam Boyer (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Ridiculous idea it will kill town

Paul Tacey (Rugby , 2020-06-22)

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