An urgent review of the alterations to Rugby Town Centre by Warwickshire County Council. Bad for business!



Its not required and is a waste of money.

Fean Fletcher (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Its a silly idea and will put off people visiting centre

Lynsey Cosson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I work in town centre

Sarah Green (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I believe the plans are unnecessary and detrimental to many businesses within the town centre . Far better to encourage people to wear masks instead.

Michael Cool (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Day one of your pointless costly plan and my takings were 59% down. It’s hard enough as it is. This was a bad idea and it serves no purpose. Boris will announce 1m distancing tomorrow and you will have wasted our money.

Dig it up now!

Oliver Taylor (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


The one way system is completely stupid

Ryan Hunt (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The farcical scheme is totally unsuited to the location. It has been imposed with no public consultation. In its aims to allow space for queues to form outside premises it fails accept that in the roads concerned there are no premises that generate large queues. Further one of the Councillors who supported the scheme, has said that it will allow pubs and restaurants to put out chairs for customers. She fails to see that in the whole stretch only one cafe does this and even when it happens it still leaves a 15ft wide footpath to allow progression of pedestrians. It totally disrupts most of the bus routes out of town and provides no viable alternative. The whole scheme should be removed immediately.

Tony Collins (RUGBY, 2020-06-22)


It's totally ridiculous

Jen Jones (Dunchurch Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Rugby Borough Council seem intent on killing an already struggling town centre, they really haven’t thought this one through

Darrell Collins (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I'm signing because I see no good reason why this was implemented. Similar to placing pedestrian crossings too close to each other outside Rugby School.

Stuart Sykes (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I don't like the 1 way system

Csaba Viasz (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Because fuck the tories, that’s why

Jack Taylor (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I work in rugby town centre on the market and this has already affected us

Claire Whitehead (Leicester , 2020-06-22)


Ill planned social distancing measures will kill our town centre.

Katherine Nowill (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


My Mum has to catch buses to go and come from the town, she is nearly 80 years old. It’s already a long walk to go shopping at Asda , let along now. Where are the bus stops going to be placed now??? Are you trying to kill off the elderly and vulnerable and end the life of the town centre?

Susan Marshalll (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I beleive this major road alteration to be an infringement on our rights, as there has been no consultation to the residents of rugby, I also beleive the covid pandemic is being used as a smoke screen, and an alteria motive to this road layout.

Colin Taylor (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I feel it to be restrictive at a time where openess in a town centre should be encouraged. Lots of pedestrian bottle necks no markings and poor traffic flow causing major issues for retail.
I feel it is a short cut to full pedestrianisation with 18 months using Covid 19 as an excuse. Please reconsider

Robert Low (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Business owner on Regent Street, Jeans Flowers. Traffic changes totally unacceptable to my business, carry coffin sprays and deliveries to a nearby car park? Devastated.

Angela McDonnell (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I wish to object very strongly against the alterations to Rugby town centre, due to begin immediately. These have been rushed through without proper consultation either with councillors, businesses or with residents. I do fully appreciate that some alterations may be necessary so that all parties can use the town centre safely, but this is all the more reason to consult properly to avoid the possible unnecessary expense of having to make changes at a later date if better solutions are found. The impact of Covid-19 is enormous, as are the implications of encouraging children to walk to school, even though Primary School siblings often cannot attend the same schools on their doorsteps, and encouraging safe passage for more cycling and walking, but rushing through alterations is expensive and short-sighted, not to mention undemocratic. Your voters need democratic public consultations on how changes might affect them, not changes which are dictatorial imposed.

Sandra South (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I totally disagree what the one way road system WCC have imposed on Rugby Town Centre without consultation. I see no logical reason why this will encourage the use of cycles or indeed pedestrians to use the local independent shops or town centre shops to maintain social distance. This will see the demise of every charity shop and probable local business in this town. If the public don’t adhere to the government guidelines of two metres rule which has been in place for months then they never will.

Joanne Howes (Rugby’s , 2020-06-22)


This will be the end of town centre shopping

Susan Garrard (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Boris will announce 1 metre tomorrow 🤡

Barry Tomes (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The damage this will cause to not only independent shops within the town centre, but the town centre itself! We should be encouraging customers to shop locally, not avoid out local businesses because of bad traffic management systems! Total let down of our council and to not inform business owners and premises, it is a lack of care to our community!

Kylie Bott (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I visited the town today difficult to access loss of parking etc. Town had been busier during COVID and still safe without this appalling system

Karl Hardwick (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


This is an absolute farce & is not needed

James Link (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


This is a complete waste of taxpayers money. It won’t take long before someone thinks it’s funny to push the barriers over. Whoever gave the authority for this needs sacking

Richard Brown (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is typical of beurocrats Thinking

Peter Evans (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


I own a business in town and the timing of this is beyond a joke

Anthony Edkins (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The Negative impact it will have on small businesses

Abbie Smith (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing this petition because of the negative impact these changes are having on Businesses in Rugby Town Centre and the complete lack of public consultation

Brenda Carroll (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Town a mess waited 45 minutes for bus as stop had post saying my bus stopped there it did not ambulance stuck lights flashing awful

Mary Mcdermott (RUGBY , 2020-06-22)


Having had experience of a similar disaster in St Albans, when such a scheme was removed 6 months later having been ill-thought out and caused significant delays, chaos and cost, I think this should be re-thought; especially as the Social Distance is currently being reviewed.

Malcolm Harding (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The altered plans are not helping anything

Tina Lewandowski (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I believe the changes to the road system are ill conceived, unnecessary and should not have been introduced without public consultation.
The tarmac pavement extensions are hazardous and again unnecessary

Amanda Evans (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


It’s really over the top. Looks an awful mess, and adds 6 minutes to my journey to sports centre

Kerry Ellis (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


These new measures are going to decimate an already struggling town centre and make no sense what so ever. Maybe a one way system for pedestrians would have worked better? One of the most stupid and underhand moves made by WCC.

Tena Watson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing this because it’s ridiculous and you are stopping the trade in Rugby town centre!! You don’t need this to adhere to social distancing!!

Lisa Trewren (Rugby , 2020-06-22)


Local independent retailers should be given all the help they need after three months of closure and not have obstacles put in their way

Cherry Hall (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


This is such a negative impact on the businesses in the town
The town is hardly busy as it is and this is going to further reduce prices desire to shop in the already failing and struggling town centre

Lisa Richardson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Businesses are already struggling and it makes the town look hideous! How is this going go help??

Charlotte Taylor (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The implementation affects many local businesses and actually does very little to Assisst in the fight against covid. What exactly were the terms of reference that drove such a decision to be made?

Bernard Kelly (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The implication of this farce is frankly staggering

Jeff Nowill (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I want to save privat busineses

Ruta Treija (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


The massive Impact on local businesses

Alex McAusland (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I’m signing because this is one way to put people out of business.

Brian Lynch (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


Because I live in Rugby and it impacts on me and my family

Bex Sutton (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I think this is a gratuities waste of time and money.
It will not help contain c19 but is political ploy to promote unnecessary pedestrianisation.
As this is government funded it is seen by some in the council as a jolly good idea.
Who is going to pay for it in the end ? The paye taxpayer

John Rowland (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


It is already evident that unnecessary disruption to traffic has been caused by this new system due to a lack of consultation with key town leaders. And it’s not clear to the public that the scheme will in anyway improve social distancing and certainly not support businesses who we need to be able to flourish.

Lesley Link (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I think that this will cripple the town centre once and for all

Helen Leeson (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


These changes are ruining local businesses.

Mark Ware (Rugby, 2020-06-22)


I am signing because live in Rugby , this appears to be a shambles , I was not consulted about this.

Michael Nourse (RUGBY, 2020-06-23)


I’m signing because the whole thing is ridiculous. Old ladies now have to carry shopping further to catch busses . The shops are just opening this has made it much harder to get to them and will end up shopping out of town . Whole thing is ludicrous

Debbie Aliberti (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


I am angry that there was no public consultation on this, the reasons for it haven't been made available, it makes the ,already sad and sorry, town centre look absolutely awful, and the money it cost could have been put to much better use! 😡🤬

Clare Toohey (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


All of the hardworking independent businesses that have struggled to survive through the global pandemic unfairly being hit again with this one way system around the town. I want Rugby independents to thrive not disappear.

Lisa Quinney (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


It's totally disruptive for everyone. Business will suffer, drivers will not come into town. It will become a ghost town.

Margaret Davidson (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


With the changes to the 2 metre rule planned and most people ignoring social distancing it is a waste of resource. It also means that people that want to use the local independent shops will not Bother as getting there is to much hassle compared to the out of town sound areas.

And why do Hillmorton road? It only effect is to make it difficult to get from one part of town to another.

Mark Davies (Rugby , 2020-06-23)


I oppose the plans and no consultation took place residents were not informed

Jerry Roodhouse (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


This is insanely stupid idea that had 0 benefits to anyone, as has been claimed that it is to help pedestrians and also cyclists to not get covid-19, there is almost 0 chance to get it from a person driving a car, also it is going to cause congestion on allready struggling roads, and just beacuse you may want to change it to a pedestrian zone does not mean that the residents of rugby do, and instead of sitting in your office away from rugby come here and speak to the people first before trying anything.

Phillip Smout (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


It is un necessary

Davinia Best (Lutterworth , 2020-06-23)


I don’t believe the current plans serve to assist local businesses.

Helen Forbes (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


It is an ill conceived ineffective action. Forcing cyclists to illegally cycle on pavements, will reduce visitors to the town centre and so negatively impact on the town centre businesses, will make no difference to the spread or otherwise of Covid 19 and has already wasted Rugby residents money which could have been used in a much more positive manner.

Gilly Lang (Rugby , 2020-06-23)


This is a waste of money when the roads needs tarmackin andnpot holes need filling ready for winter

Georgina Osborne (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


I live in town and this change is unnecessary and unwanted
Changing disabled parking is thoughtless in the extreme a few more meters may mean nothing to planners but it's everything when you can hardly walk
Change it all back leave us Rugbeins alone

Lorna Mistry (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


Rugby already has a failing High Street, there are usually so few shopper's, we're not like Leamington or Stratford who have high footfall on the high street. Had consultation happened this would have come to light & saved money on labour, signage and tarmac!

Donna Cady (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


Not needed and makes driving harder and what happens if emergency vehicles needs to get through?

Steve Lambourne (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


Totally not necessay killing of our town center once again. Reducing close areas for elderly and disabled to be dropped of safely clise to shops so as they have some independance so keeping their mental health.

Richard Allan (Rugby , 2020-06-23)


I think the new system will cause further issues and problems for town centre businesses and will discourage people from going into the town centre.

Susan Woodman (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


I'm signing here today because I can't see what this plan improves, quite the opposite in fact it seems to inconvenience everybody. and cause traffic chaos elsewhere. To sum up it is ill thought out and with total disregard to townspeople's input.

David Varnish (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


I’m signing because this decision has now caused impact not only businesses of Rugby But Guide dogs for blind people and cannot guide their owners safely as they do not know where the path ends and road starts!

Helen Jane Gibson (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


Total lack of consideration to local residents as vehicles using other side roads as cut through to avoid this shambles

Ken Shaw (Rugby , 2020-06-23)


Limited benefit to pedestrians - those who want to adhere to social distancing will and those who don’t care are already flouting it, more room to do so won’t make a difference.
Traffic is stopping at the Murray Rd Roundabout - causing ‘Near miss collisions’ due to poor signing by council.
Traders/business are trying hard to recover/reopen without footfall this is impossible.

Mags Sinclair-Bailie (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


Local business is struggling already this wont help.

Miriam Paget-Kent (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


Rugby is developing into a no go area and this will make it worse. In order to collect a take-a way I have I will need to travel further through residential roads and cause more polution. Maybe I will just not bother and try Daventry.

David Smith (Barby, 2020-06-23)


No consultation. Quick , haphazard implementation. Negative impaction on our already beleaguered high street.

Claire Angus (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


I work in town centre and this will put people off coming into town. It will affect local businesses.

Sharon Green (Rugby , 2020-06-23)


Bad for shops trade .. not a need for this

Andeew Tocher (Warwickshire , 2020-06-23)


This traffic system will be the last nail in Rugby town centres coffin . Absolutely crazy !!!

Julian Davis (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


This is bad for businesses. Customers will shop elsewhere. Dangerous for cycles as I am in a narrow road travelling against the traffic. Bad for pedestrians as I’m supposed to share the space with buses! Vehicles don’t need to be socially distanced! Pedestrians have brains and can do it do for themselves automatically. What has happened to common sense? I don’t want be part of a ‘city under siege’ mentality! This will put people off coming into town and destroy businesses already on the edge. It looks and feels awful. Please give us back our proper town centre immediately!! How could this happen without any consultation?

Debbie Hibberd (Rugby, 2020-06-23)


It’s absolutely ridiculous how are people ment to get into town especially the older generation and disabled

Teresa Mcclorry (Rugby, 2020-06-23)

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