NO! To Masks in Schools



The height of the absurd arbitrary rules flying around is beyond ludicrous.
Let children return to somewhat normal activities.

Cindy Szvetecz (North bay , 2020-07-31)


It is child abuse!!very unhealthy of mind body and spirit ..esp forchildren

Barbara Andrews (Collingwood, 2020-07-31)


Masks affect our health and our mental well being.

Nancy Johnston (Lindsay, 2020-07-31)


Children are not catching corona and they aren't spreading it. Look at the science, it is worse for their health to mask them!

Amanda Gillelan (Cambridge , 2020-07-31)


The severity & death rate of this virus does not warrant any healthy people wearing masks, and I do not want my government or anyone mandating what I put on or in my body - or that of my children.

Beth Smith (Collingwood , 2020-07-31)


My child matters...and I am concerned about the health risk of wearing a mask for such a long time five days.

Stacy Ramkarran (Toronto , 2020-07-31)


I do not want my kids to have to wear masks.

Sheauna Barnes (Chatham, 2020-07-31)


I don’t believe it’s healthy to wear masks all day long!

Salvatore Bellissimo (Toronto, 2020-07-31)


Its wrong for the child to have mask on

Margaret Ronchi (Burlington , 2020-07-31)


This is not right or justified. The number of infection does not support this over reach. Masks should never be forced on healthy people especially children. There are also no exemptions pointed out as there should have been right from day one. Another case of discrimination. My son is not able to wear a face covering period. He is on the autism spectrum (very high functioning) but feels increased anxiety and feels as though he is suffocating when wearing one for even the shortest amount of time. In general our children’s learning and social experience this year will be negatively impacted if they allow this. The option to keeping your child at home and attending class via internet is not a viable option for so many of us! We need to work for a living and our jobs need our full attention. We can leave our children at home to get through this alone. Wake up people!!!

Amanda Bailey (Grafton , 2020-08-01)


This is infringing upon our rights! Masks keep bacteria out not viruses. Masks force us to breathe our own air namely carbon dioxide instead of breathing in fresh oxygen . So harmful for the lungs!!!!

Miranda Van Manen (Ridgeville, 2020-08-01)


I don’t want my kids wearing masks in school!!

Amber Santos (Toronto, 2020-08-01)


I honestly think having children wear a mask is inhumane. Besides we all know the virus rarely affects children.

Nicole Shank (Rockland, 2020-08-01)


This is child abuse!!

Kimberly Graham (Shawville Quebec , 2020-08-01)


Mask should be my choice!

Elizabeth Kaufman (Brantford, 2020-08-01)


My daughter will start school in a couple of years, and YOU will not cause her stress, anxiety, lack of oxygen, increased inhalation of CO2/toxins/bacteria, to meet YOUR agenda! Masking OUR children needs to end NOW!!

J Couts (Ottawa, 2020-08-01)


This is nothing less than psychological child abuse!

Nick Robinson (Innisfil, 2020-08-01)


1. Children are not affected as much as the older generation
2. The common flu takes more childrens lives than covid 19
3. Children will be distracted by their masks and their teachers masks and wont learn well
4. We are traumatizing our children, and for what?

Melinda Groeneveld (Fenwick, ON, 2020-08-01)


I don’t think children’s should be wearing masks that many hours of a day, especially homemade masks!

Melony McAndrews (Manilla, 2020-08-01)


Masks are dangerous if worn too long. Children won’t be comfortable and will get sick from the mask

Shawna Fowler (Manitouadge , 2020-08-01)


I think it is absolutely wrong making kids wear mask its unsafe

Julie Demarce (Wibdsor, 2020-08-01)


My child will NOT be going to School with a face covering all day. Staying home! When is this ending??

Enrique Klassen (Leamington ON, 2020-08-01)


This is beyond wrong
What are we doing
To the health of our poor children
Breathing in their own co2 in non sterile conditions 6 hours a day is not ok or safe
There is zero science to show masks work or that they are safe on this setting

Kayla Reiner (Woodstock , 2020-08-01)


this whole mask thing is unacceptable I will not send my kids to school if they have to wear a mask they need to breathe stop the fear mongering !!

Enrique and Mary Klassen (leamington , 2020-08-01)


Because I fear masks are more dangerous for my children than covid ever would be. Because this virus does not pose any risk to my children. Because my children have suffered enough and deserve to get their normal life back. Because there are other ways to protect those most at risk

Dan Lacoste (Russell , 2020-08-01)


There is very little science evidence that masks work, especially cloth masks. Kids won't wear them properly which is actually worst then not wearing one at all

Mary Knipf (Dorchester, 2020-08-01)


Makes no sense with snack breaks, lunch recess. How many times a day will they be touching their masks? Psychological warfare!!!

Lindsay Metcalfe (Sault Ste. Marie, 2020-08-01)


This is child abuse and unnecessary. Medical tyranny

Sonya Koenig (Paris, 2020-08-01)


I don’t believe that masks are effective or necessary

Janice Gatchell (Ottawa , 2020-08-01)


Children should not have to wear masks at school

Trish B (Richmond hill, 2020-08-01)


Children should not be put through this unnecessary trauma!!

Laury Sousa (Brampton, 2020-08-01)


It is absolutely inexcusable to ignore the clinical studies and research regarding the dangers of wearing masks. Not to mention the recommendations of of top 20 doctors in there field from Toronto’s world renowned Sick Kids Hospital in their report said children should return to a normal school life for emotional and mental health

Lisa Macaulay (Port Sydney , 2020-08-01)


I want to protect kids.

Marcus Klassen (Elmira, 2020-08-01)


Let’s look at the facts, we have about 10 million young people in Canada, ages 0-17 years. The mortality rate in this group from COVID-19 is 0%.

We also know from recent scientific studies AND information from WHO that there is no concern with asymptomatic transmission. Therefore, our children are not a threat to teachers, or any elderly members in their families. Let’s remember that over 80% of deaths in Ontario from COVID-19 occurred in nursing homes. Children who develop symptoms, as is the case with any respiratory infection, can rest at home until they recover.

There must be no “new normal” implemented in Ontario schools which will serve to irreparably traumatize our children, via enforced social distancing, cancellation of sports, wearing of masks etc.

Please act on your conscience and do what’s right for our children. The official CDC stats are that the infection mortality rate is 0.26% and is likely to go lower as up to 80% of people are asymptomatic.

Karlie Holtby (Peterborough , 2020-08-01)


Our politicians need to start listening to the experts! Sick Kids hospital released a report saying they did NOT recommend masks for children!

Meaghan Taylor-Macdonald (Pickering, 2020-08-01)


Disagree with masks being worn by everyone but especially children. Not necessary.

Kasia Krajicek (Oshawa, 2020-08-01)


It is dangerous for children’s physical and mental health, it MUST NOT HAPPEN!!

Irina Isakov (Toronto, 2020-08-01)


I dont beleive our kids should go through this nonsense that the government is making mandatory these are our children its our choice and decision not the government's. No masks in schools enough is enough.

István Bartha (Hamilton , 2020-08-01)


I am not teaching my children that masks are normal and I am not risking their health over a virus with a death rate lower than the most popular flu vaccine.

Courtney Bari (Tillsonburg, 2020-08-01)


Because it’s the right thing to do!

Nicole Tsingis (Innisfil, 2020-08-01)


I don’t want my child wear mask. I won’t send them to school that way!

Judit Gabor (Bradford , 2020-08-01)


All the science demonstrates masks are ineffective, children are not vectors for this virus and the psychological and emotional effects are detrimental to children.

Cosimina Leuzzi (Oakville , 2020-08-01)


Masks cause danger to your health

Harbhajan Sandhu (Vancouver , 2020-08-01)


Because children wearing masks in school is unscientific AND will have severe psychological consequences!

Mike Stoicevski (Toronto, 2020-08-01)


i dont think masks are the answer.

Andrea Neves (Tottenham, 2020-08-01)


Don't want the children to be emotionally scarred indefinitely.

Steve Vetricek (Mississauga, 2020-08-01)


Kids should not be wearing masks...they need to feel free and safe to learn and grow. They have been through enough. Mental Health is on the rise...these kids are our future...let them be kids.

Rosaria Wiseman (Aurora, 2020-08-01)


This is going to hurt the health of our children and the long term health problems will be worst than any virus.

America Martinez (Oshawa , 2020-08-01)


I am signing because wearing a mask in school is going to have a detrimental effect on our kids' health. !!!!!

Djina Okuka (Kitchener, 2020-08-01)


It is not right to force children to have to wear masks while at school. It will interfere with their studies, affect their breathing and distract them from what they're really there for and that is to learn. Show some common sense. I will not be sending my son back to school next year for his grade four class until our government starts using their brains for doing some actual good rather than useless optics that will have no positive effect.

Nick andreacola (York, 2020-08-01)


Covid 19 does not effect children and they should be breathing oxygen without restrictions.

Zack Aling (Hamilton , 2020-08-01)


I don't trust that we need mask.
I believe that it is not healthy at all to wear mask especially in schools.
We need oxigen.

Maria Morgunova (Toronto, 2020-08-01)


I'm signing because I agree 100% ....if this is the case my child will only be attending half of the time

Agata Benincasa (Hamilton , 2020-08-01)


masks weaken the immune system by inhaling back carbon dioxide. There is no scientific evidence that mask provide protection and there is no evidence that children are spreaders.

Siwa Ramirez (kitchener, 2020-08-01)


It’s Nazi Law

Terry Slade (Sunshine Coast , 2020-08-01)


my son he will enter grate 7 . he has asthma and lots of allergies and mask will create even bigger problem for his already poor health .

Kate Pietrzak (Mississauga, 2020-08-01)


Because this is ridiculous!

Doug Newton (Chatham-Kent, 2020-08-01)


Masks are a huge violation of human rights and no child should be wearing one

Stefanie Puiras (St. Marys , 2020-08-01)


The enemy's propaganda needs to be stopped!

Joe Jakubowski (Delhi, 2020-08-01)


I don’t agree

Jim Canie (Point Edward, 2020-08-01)


I don't want my child wearing a mask every day.

Amanda Potter (Oshawa, 2020-08-01)


I believe that wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time will harm my child's health

Alexei Mukhin (Newmarket, 2020-08-01)


The fear has to END - and this experiment cannot be at the expense of our children!!!b

Shannon Wells (Richmond Hill, 2020-08-01)


I am signing because I strongly disagree with children having to wear mask.

Neil Friesen (Leamington , 2020-08-01)


There is no justification, scientifically that masks are effective, chance of viral transmission from children is extremely low. From a health point of you masks lower the bodies natura immunity & rebreathing the toxins/germs from one's exhalation increase s the risk of getting sick.

Claude Lemieux (UNIONVILLE , 2020-08-01)

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