NO! To Masks in Schools



We the people have choice! The government is to be our servants not dictators.

Mike Arch (Scarborough , 2020-08-01)


I don’t agree with kids having to breathe the same exhaled air through a dirty mask for 7 hours a day and why should the teachers have to be the enforcers of this ridiculousness... the virus is just a virus.. no worse then the seasonal flu

Rahno Simpson (Brantford , 2020-08-01)


I’m signing because I don’t want my children wearing a mask 6 hours a day when it’s been proven that children don’t carry this virus, or least to contact it.

Sonya-David Van Daalen (Saint George, 2020-08-01)


There is absolutely zero scientific proof that masks are effective. There is proof that there have been 0 covid deaths of healthy children between the ages of 0-19 in ontario. Let’s stop dehumanizing and let our kids be kids!

Esther V (Cambridge , 2020-08-01)


Children need to see others smile. Not a mask.

Anna Wiebe (Leamington , 2020-08-01)


Wearing the masks is not necessary in Canada, it negatively affects the health of the person wearing it and it is particularly harmful to the children.

Nikolai Grigoriev (Beossard, 2020-08-01)


I oppose this oppressive action against innocent children

miro yovan (toronto, 2020-08-01)


My 9 year old has ADHD and will not manage with a mask

Michelle Knupfer (Oakville, 2020-08-01)


As per Sick Kids et al children are least in danger of Covid. Stop with the fear mongering and warping our children’s minds with fear.

No masks for kids!

Harry Droogendyk (Lynden, 2020-08-01)


It is not safe for children's physical health to breath in carbon dioxide all day and its not good for their mental health to not see smiles on each others faces

Jennifer Lewis (Hillsburgh , 2020-08-01)


Because my son has enough problems in life without having to mask his face for 6 hours a day. Totally ridiculous!!

Janet VandenBeukel (St. Catharines , 2020-08-01)


This is ridiculous. Children are mainly exempt from this virus.

Judy Gow (Chatham, 2020-08-01)


I disagree

Carrie Fioramanti (Windsor, 2020-08-01)


I'm signing this because there is no support to suggest transmission will be enough to warrant the need for masks. It is cruel and unusual punishment to force youth to wear face coverings for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Make the madness stop!

Cassandra Villeneuve-Avis (Holland Landing, 2020-08-01)


Smearing germs on masks will increase risk. Ppl won’t wash them. This virus less of a threat than regular flu for kids age group

John Langille (Hamilton , 2020-08-02)


It’s unsafe and unhealthy!! Especially for children!! We will not muzzle our children with a demonic device!

Michelle Lobbezoo (St. George, 2020-08-02)


I don't believe these to be safe or justified.

Michael Fox (Kitchener, 2020-08-02)


I'm signing because it makes no sense for children to wear masks in Durham where cases are very few. 8h every day is too much and not healthy!

Viktoria Brown (Whitby, 2020-08-02)


I will not send my child to school wearing a mask, it's completely unnecessary

Shelly Charron (Harrow, 2020-08-02)


It is unsafe for a child to wear a mask... especially without parental supervision

Kristen Ljubicic (Hamilton, 2020-08-02)


There is no science to show effectiveness

Elizabeth Storjohann (Scotland ON, 2020-08-02)


There are many studies on the ineffectiveness and potential harm of wearing any kind of a face covering for extended periods of time. There is zero reasoning or logic behind wearing a mask.

Chris Divito (Tecumseh, 2020-08-02)


I believe the masks are ridiculous, proven not to work and as if children won’t touch the mask all day, adjusting and just being kids! putting germs inside the mask that that they end up breathing in all day in the recycled breath. They are bad for you and your health, proven to lower immune systems.

Hannah Mcnamara (Stouffville, 2020-08-02)


I don’t want a Petri dish that will make my perfectly healthy children sick

Mike Mikulic (Hamilton, 2020-08-02)


I believe in freedom of choice for my family.

Lori Lavigne (Wasaga Beach , 2020-08-02)


Im signing this because no one should be wearing masks. Sick people should stay home. Healthy people have no reason to wear a mask. It's damaging to one's health and well being to do so.

Kelli Davidson (Delhi, 2020-08-02)


It is wrong to muzzle children. Social distancing will only create long term social and psychological distress in our children

Katherine McNamara (Carleton Place, 2020-08-03)


Absolutely insane

Nicole Brunette (Temiscaming , 2020-08-03)


I’m signing because I don’t think it’s a good idea for kids to wear a mask all day they could suffocate,they could have a lung collapse, God gave us our nose to breed and I think that’s how we should keep it that way

Susana Hamm (Kingsville , 2020-08-03)


It is child abuse to have children wearing masks!!!
The parents that are scared should.home school thier kids💞🤗🎭

Geraldine Mc (Toronto, 2020-08-03)


Ineffective, unhealthy, illogical to evolution.



I don’t think children should wear masks!

Jennifer Mattucci (Lakefield , 2020-08-03)


No new normal.

Stop harming kids.

Arthur Kicknosway (Sarnia, 2020-08-03)


I'm signing because the risk of my child or anyone under 80 from the Covid cold infection of any serious disease is 0.000001%.
As well the science behind masking for the past 40 years has been they are useless to stop influenza or viral infections. These new mandates are just sheer fear mongering by government to scare people to try and listen too them and their false narrative on the severity of Covid.

Richard Petko (Mississauga, 2020-08-03)


Children do not need to breath in their bacteria to cause chest/ lung/ respiratory infections.
They need to be able to breathe oxygen and see others in full facial expressions.
It's needed for health of body and health of bonding.
It's 99.7 at the lowest Recovery Rate !!!!! This number of recovery should even be higher because other deaths are calculated in !
This is absolutely unbelievable what is going on !
It's actually criminal !!!!!

Debbie Liudavicius (Belleriver, 2020-08-04)


Forcing kids (or anybody else )
to wear masks is wrong . Free choice ! And read all the papers on it - it’s not effective!

Sabine Crackle (Arborg’, 2020-08-04)


I believe the real data shows that masks are not healthy and do not protect against covid. We do not live in a communistic country and should have the right to make decisions for ourselves and our children.

Jen Donnelly (Burlington, 2020-08-04)


No mask for kids at school it’s not healthy for their growing mind

Krisztina Vamos (Toronto , 2020-08-04)


This is absolutely disgusting and against our freedom of rights! Masks pose a very dangerous risk to children and adults and i will not put my child through this. I'll continue to fight against this issue as it's pure bullshit. I will fight for all children and adults!

Nicole Girouard (Napanee, On, 2020-08-04)


I don't want my children to wear masks in school all day long.

Anastasia Dunger (Newmarket, 2020-08-05)


Masks inhibit verbal and nonverbal communication. They are a barrier to building relationships. They are a medical intervention that teachers should not be responsible to supervise.

Jennifer Donais (Windsor , 2020-08-05)


Wearing masks are for cucks

Allan Watson (Bowmanville , 2020-08-06)


My children are my priority, and our future.

Lindsay Diehl (Brockville , 2020-08-06)


I am signing because I feel that wearing a mask doesn't really help prevent anything. So it should be a choice but over all I think everything should just go back to normal. Masks are not necessary.

Connie Mardling (Chatham , 2020-08-06)


Myself and my children can't wear masks.

Courtney White (Stoney Creek, 2020-08-06)


I do not agree masks should be mandatory for children of any age!

Natalie Wood (Uxbridge , 2020-08-06)


I am signing because I do not beleive in kids wearing a mask in school for 6h straight will be safe for them. The masks will end up on desks, in backpacks, the floors, who know where else. Simply just not safe!!!

Alina Bulhoes (New Lowell, 2020-08-06)


I am signing this because it is time for the government to look at the real data and not put our children's lives at risk to meet their agenda.

Jennifer Pupp (Calgary, 2020-08-06)


I am a grandmother with grandchildren in school. This is not for their health but to appease Bill Gates. He is a computer salesman and has no education in either Science or Medicine.

Diane Reilly (Uxbridge, 2020-08-06)


Healthy people, especially children, should never be forced to have to wear a mask to be out in public!!

Lilliana Henwood (Paris, 2020-08-07)


No scientific data to support mask use and timing of bylaw is questionable at the very least

Mike Adlaf (Oakville, 2020-08-07)


I think that we should have the choice about wearing a facemask based on the following:
-There is low scientific evidence that face masks help. See:The Lancet: Most comprehensive study to date on physical distancing, face masks & eye protection to prevent spread of COVID-19, Jun 1/20
-“ It is rare for an asymptomatic person to transmit the virus. “Coronavirus patients who don't have any symptoms aren't driving the spread of the virus.” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove – WHO, March 11/20
-“The reason for the policies of social distancing and masks were because asymptomatic people MIGHT transmit the virus.” CDC- April 1, 2020 - There is no evidence of this.
-There is some evidence that the moisture will increase bacteria and virual load in and on the outside of the mask with potential negative health effects.
-It is destructive and disunifying to a community to separate the masked and unmasked. It results in prejudice treatment.
-Masks have negative effects on those with breathing, mental, emotional, physical problems.
-Who is going to enforce it and how? It puts the responsibility for enforcement on the police, for which they lack training. And can easily encroach on civil liberties in heavy handed, unfair and sometimes unsafe ways eg. Police have been known to tackle, arrest, handcuff or give exorbitant fines to those who don't wear a mask. On July 17, 2020, the first week of the region's new mask bylaw, Waterloo regional police officers were called to nine different confrontations. In one case, a 78-year-old man was charged.” (Kate Bueckert/CBC)
- It also puts the responsibility of enforcing such a policy on untrained personnel in businesses, public transit etc. eg. Businesses could throw people out or deny them service for not wearing a mask which creates a climate of resentment and prejudice.
-It’s not possible that the general public, especially children, follow the same protocol for handling, sanitizing, storing, properly wearing and safely disposing of masks in the way that healthcare workers are required and trained to do. Handling masks casually may end up actually bringing home the virus on the mask from public places.
-They are a drain on resources and pollute the environment.
-Masks will be everywhere but on the faces of children. A lot of litter and handling by teachers and children alike- actually spreading any potential droplets.
-It changes society; gives a false sense of protection.
-“Only wear masks when taking care of someone infected with the contagion. Masks should only be used by health care workers, caretakers or by people who are sick with symptoms of fever and cough. Only sick individuals should wear one to prevent transmitting the virus to others. Masks can give people a false feeling of protection.” WHO – May 29, 2020

Laurie Shaw (Grande Prairie, 2020-08-07)


They will not take my freedom to breath freely!!

Michael John (Windsor, 2020-08-08)


I don't want my child to be afraid to breathe the air.

Kirk Davidson (Tilbury, 2020-08-10)


Mask a dangerous if worn all day. It breads germs!

Tanya Murray (Barrie, 2020-08-10)


My son has severe claustrophobia and anxiety. There is no way he will keep a mask on all day. What about the kids that can’t wear masks?? In the amount of times the kids will be touching them, makes the mask more hazardous than safe. Masks do not protect you from any virus. Science people

Hennifer Whalkey (Ingersoll , 2020-08-10)


Because the kids have nothing to do with that fake pandemic,period,they can shove their vaccin you know where

Sylvie Labbe (Edmonton, 2020-08-11)


Your not following the science and children are not at risk and do not transmit as easily

Stop messing with my child’s health and well-being

Martin Sukan (Ancaster , 2020-08-12)


No child should be subjected to this kind of abuse and control!

Ana-Maria Matei (Grimsby , 2020-08-13)


I am an RN and know that this is ridiculous and unhealthy...boost your child’s immune system and move on!!!

Diane Scorcia (Rockville Centre, 2020-08-13)


Children should not wear a mask. It lowers oxygen levels. Children are immune to covid.

Meghann Cahill (Greenville , 2020-08-13)


I'm signing this petition because I don't want my kids in school wearing a mask all day long. It's not necessary. Kids rarely transmit the virus.

Randi haberkorn (Scarsdale, 2020-08-14)


Im signing this because I do not want to have to send my child to school in a mask. I think it unnecessary and unsafe. If families choose to send there kid/s with mask so be it but it should not be mandatory.

Taylor Boyar (Hampton Bays, 2020-08-14)


Masks are useless

Janette Ras (bellmore, 2020-08-14)

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