NO! To Masks in Schools



My daughter is 5 years old and cannot wear a mask for 6 hours!! this is not normal nor should it ever be. This is Child ABUSE

Paige Canobbio (Sayville, 2020-08-14)


No mask in school

Nancy Marie (Staten Island , 2020-08-14)


It's INSANITY !!! NO NEW NORMAL !!! Poor kids 😭😭😭

Ingrid Stranzl (Mississauga, 2020-08-14)


This is a terrible decision for our children and will affect their health and well being detrimentally.

Nicola Brown (Uxbridge , 2020-08-14)


I don’t believe in the mask. There is no science backing it up just corrupt politicians

Nicole Caissie (Penhold, 2020-08-14)


Id like to see scientific evidence as to why my child has to wear a mask to school and in school all day here in NS. (Except when she is facing forward at her desk) Can Dr. Strang please provide that information.

Katherine Tidman (Halifax, 2020-08-15)


Because l have read studies done pre virus that states long term masks can cause more harm then good. So if the school board could write down a contract stating that they are fully responsible if my child contracts any lung infection and any negative outcome with respects to using masks, then parents may feel alittle better. But we all know that won’t happen.

Nicole Mackenzie (Brantford, 2020-08-20)


Kids need to be free of mask for proper social, mental and physical development. And to be able to understand facial expression, learning letter sounds ect.

Michelle Myszko (St. Thomas, 2020-08-20)


There is no research on the long-term safety impact on our children's mental and physical well-being. The Sick Kids report was ignored... twice. Masks are political. They are not based on medical literature. Masks lower arterial oxygen levels. This is not okay for our children and I am concerned about the lack of research on how mask wearing will impact learning and development.

Sonya Doherty (Burlington, 2020-08-20)


There is no scientific reason for our children to need a mask As parents we have a right to a free education. Free to learn socially and emotionally as well as academically.

Daphne Halkias (Whitestone, 2020-08-22)


Kids should not be in masks. Cloth masks are a breeding ground for bacteria! I do no consent !!!

Kate Kobylinski (Burlington , 2020-08-23)


I will NOT send my child to school if they are forced to wear face masks!!

Jacqui Beresford (Manchester, 2020-08-25)


Follow the advice of Sick Kids Doctors who are experts in children health and do not force them to wear masks. Much of the science shows mask can actually increase risk of viral transmission and bacterial infection. You can not expect children to wear and take care of their masks properly. The data shows almost 0% of children are affected by Covid and if they are its mild. Stop with the fear and let them grow and learn as children should.

Natasha Knutson (Lakefield, 2020-08-27)


I do NOT agree with children wearing masks in school.

Alana James (Port Dover , 2020-08-27)


Kids should be allowed to be kids. Masks are not helping anyone. Especially when covid hasnt effected children. Let them breath, let them learn normally.

Katrina Casselman (Frankford, 2020-09-09)


We have been lied to so much this year that I have no clue what to believe. So, to ensure my daughters safety at 100% she will stay home with me until further notice.

Lucy Levesque (New Denmark , 2020-09-14)


Forced mask wearing is a violation of my rights as a US citizen.

Melony Wagner (Phoenix, 2020-09-30)


I will not send my kids to school if they have to wear a mask. Both my kids are on the Autism Spectrum. Socializing and facial recognition is essential for them among everyone. Oxygen is essential! Wearing a mask will result is health complications. My body, my right to breathe air! Oxygen is necessary for systems to function properly. Please consider. I pray our leaders will be enlightened to the truth. God bless everyone.

Melissa Olson (Aurora, 2020-10-14)


Numerous studies prove that masks are detrimental to children’s health and development. I find it ironic that the entire education system has no common sense.

Blake Kerr-Kaswurm (Alexandria , 2020-10-17)


At 67 I know that we should NEVER visit adult issues on our children.

patricia bowman (montreal, 2020-10-31)


Wearing masks is extremely detrimental to health. Breathing in mask fibres and co2 is damaging aswell as increasing tooth decay. It has not been proven to stop the spread of the virus. To mask healthy children is criminal.

Cristina Gascon (Macclesfield, 2021-02-24)


These so called Covid restrictions on school children are inhumane and damaging to our children. Children are not effected by the virus and nor do they pass it on. To much damage had been done to our children. Enough is enough stop this torture now!

Jennifer Ansell (East Croydon, 2021-02-26)


Masks are damaging to everyone's health, especially children. There are no peer reviewed studies to show that there is a statistical significance against the virus with mask wearing.

Julia Beer (Bideford, 2021-02-26)


Concerns over my children's health wearing a mask all day at School

Elizabeth Kenny (Chester, 2021-02-27)


As I think it's disgusting treating kids this way, implementing fear policies into the kids at an early age, the system is clearly setup for the few, fuck the elite

Gary Sykes (Sidmouth, 2021-03-03)


No to masks in the classroom

Karen Strain (Swinton, 2021-03-03)


Where is the science

Danny Robertson (Gateshead , 2021-03-06)


The right to choose for yourself!

Claire Worsdall (Colaton Raleigh, Devon, 2021-03-12)


This is a breach of human rights. No child should be forced to have to cover their face/have restrictive breathing for 6-8 hrs a day it’s abhorrent and inhumane.

Zoe Brown (York, 2021-03-13)


It is grossly unfair to make children lose out on crucial social interaction. They need it to be happy and mentally well.

Tammy Payne (Bristol, 2021-03-18)


It's bad enough for adults being forced to wear useless masks. But the fact that children are forced to is pure evil. The people who force this on us don't care about our health. Psychical or mental.

Chandler Mical (Johnstown , 2021-04-02)


Upon several hours of research and indisputable proof that kids do not spread transmission, that they need to be able to breath oxygen regularly, that there is NO proof that they work, that these mandates have messed with our children's emotional, psychological, mental and physical state in a very negative way, even driving kids as young as 8 to commit suicide. So yes get rid of them NOW

Michelle Elliott (Bradenton , 2021-04-06)


Masks impede breathing. Everyone needs to breathe freely and that is impossible when wearing a mask. A child wearing a mask in my opinion, is no less than child abuse.

Tamara Hambarian (Whittier, 2021-04-08)


I don’t want my grandkids living under a dictatorship whatsoever!!!!!! We were born free and mask free! Hundred of thousands of us know of all the lies
our government and health officials are inflicting on us and it has to STOP NOW and everyone responsible needs to be charged with treason murder tyranny and mental abuse!!!!!

Tammy Danyluk (Chatham , 2021-05-06)

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