Online exams



Corona virus is very dangerous thing and it is better to make our exams online like all others universities

Eliana Kassis (Dekweneh , 2020-08-23)


I want online exams only due to the situation going on in this country.

Hussein Kanj (Beirut , 2020-08-23)


لان الوضع قد خرج عن السيطرة والوضع سيء جدا ولم نعد نستطيع التحما اعباء للحضور في الجامعة

Celine Ibrahim (Batroun, 2020-08-23)


We need online exams because of the covid 19 pandemic

Jason Saade (Dekweneh Mar Roukoz lebanon, 2020-08-23)


Corona virus

Sabine Nemer (Mansourieh , 2020-08-23)


Because my house is in mar mikhael where it is all devestated and my car is smashed

Fadia Trad (Beirut, 2020-08-23)


Im signing because im a student in the lebanese university, we have a right to our safety and we shouldn’t be deprived of it because we’re not paying thousands of dollars for a degree!

Christy Kamar (Bsalim, 2020-08-23)


I don't want to die and bring Corona to my parents!

Rebecca Rahy (Hemleya , 2020-08-23)


Situation is critical , and it’s very risky to have an actual exam where all of the students gather in a class .

Rony Nader (Dekwaneh, 2020-08-23)


I want an online exam

Dorene Farkouh (Beirut, 2020-08-23)


Not orally, they can do projects

Pearl Assaf (Metn, 2020-08-23)


Because htara2 dina

Thomas Wehbe (Beirut, 2020-08-23)


Because corona is a virus that leads to death, i don’t want to put myself or my parents is danger!!!!!!!

Anna maria Sadaka (Tamich, 2020-08-23)


I dont want to get infected by corona

Rani Elhachem (Jedeideh , 2020-08-23)


The exams must be online because the.risk that we are taking if we are going to do the exams in the university i have an asthma problem so its to risky for me and for others to do the exams in the university

Elissa Chalhoub (Lebanon sin el fil, Lebanon, 2020-08-23)


For online exam

Carole Haber (Dbayeh, 2020-08-23)


Online exams

Elie Sakr (Qartaba, 2020-08-23)


The corona virus situation and it’s a risk to our lives to do our finals in the university specially that my gradma and my sick uncle lives in our house

Chris Akl (Jbeil, 2020-08-24)


Signing bcz corona is no joke for our parents and if the uni doesn’t care we make her cAre

Christina Haddad (Baabda, 2020-08-24)


Due to the situation
It is essential to have the exams online
Corona and all the current situation
Please understand the situation

Jean claude Fares (Ibrine , 2020-08-24)


I'm signing because in the middle of this pandemic we have every right to be safe and take our exams online.

Jana Douaihy (Zgharta, 2020-08-24)


i'm signing this petition because of the virus (Corona), and because of the situation Lebanon is in now

elias homsy (chekka, 2020-08-24)


Due to the case of coronavirus

Grace Tannoury (Beirut, 2020-08-26)


The virus isn’t a game, and with the numbers that appear everyday and with the low test that are made we are totally exposed to get infected. Plus some of the students (i’m one of them) houses were destroyed in the beirut port explosion and needed renovation which of course caused troubles in studying, emotional issues and many more. Our last hope are doing our exams online and that our teachers understand the circumstances that every student is passing threw

Nehme Hanna (Beirut, 2020-08-26)


I have member of my family that have dangerous diseases so if we do examens in university it can be dangerous to all my family so i want to be exmans online to be safe

Cynthia Karam (Kartaba, 2020-08-26)


I’m signing because exams should be done online due to the corona virus pandamic

Mona Geara (Okaibeh, 2020-08-26)


I want to have an online exams

Maryam Zaiter (Beirut, 2020-08-26)


It's for our safety and yours that we should be examined online. In addition to the economical crisis that occurred especially after August 4 explosion.
We, as students, hope that our voice would be heard and respected.

Nathalie Ch. (Metn, 2020-08-26)


We want the online exams or online essay or online projects , for our safety

Rachel Abdo (Beirut , 2020-08-26)


The danger of corona virus

Karen Rowel (Zekrit, 2020-08-26)



Yvette Yared (Zouk mosbeh, 2020-08-26)

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