Because balarus people need democracy. Our children should not see the violence on streets. It's not normal live with afraid of soldiers and police.

Alexandra Aviltseva (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


I'm standing up for the People of Belarus and against their oppressors.

Karl Altau (Rockville, 2020-09-04)


I‘m sighting because I love Belarus and i want to see my country free of violence! No one is allowed to kidnap or torture people! i want this to stop!

Julia Li (Vienna, 2020-09-04)


All dictators must be held accountable for their brutal attempts to suppress nonviolent protests.

Jodi Simpson (Dunblane , 2020-09-04)


It is unconstitutional what is happening there now. People deserve justice and freedom of speech.

Tatiana Ivanova (Fort Lauderdale , 2020-09-04)


Justice for people of Belarus!

Maria Voitovich (San Jose, 2020-09-04)


Stop violence and dictatorship in Belarus

Andrei Lemiasheuski (Nesvizh, 2020-09-04)


I'm singing because I was born in Belarus. My family and friends are living in Belarus. Belarus has to be free. No more violence.

Natallia Shestak (Guelph , 2020-09-04)


I'm signing because Aleksandr Lukashenko commited crime against humanity a long time ago when a few members of opposition were vanished. And he is continuing doing this every day by violating human right of the Belarussians.

Maya Tryntova (Istanbul, 2020-09-04)


Я за мир без насилия!

иван калиш ( Молодечно , 2020-09-04)


We must resist authoritarianism everywhere.

Carey Ascenzo (Richmond Hill, 2020-09-04)


Я против произвола нынешней власти

Тайникова Елизавета (Боровляны, 2020-09-04)


the government must respect and value its people, take care and protect them. the current government has shown how it really treats people. this is unacceptable in the 21st century

Olga Karasiova (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


Не могу оставить не наказанным беззаконие и насилие над людьми.

Константин Ломако (Минск, 2020-09-04)


President is a murderer

Aleh Rudy (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


I am from Belarus and I can't see how one sick person destroy humanity and human rights in the whole country.

Olga Belanovskaya (Midland, 2020-09-04)


Я подписываю эту петицию, потому что то что сейчас происходит на улицах Беларуси - это террор со стороны Лукашенко, против собственного народа. Мирных протестующих пытаются запугать избиениями, пытками и изнасилываниями. Случайный прохожих останавливают и избивают, забирают в участки. В стране на данный момент нет закона: полиция, с разрешения Лукашенко действует не в рамках закона - с одной целью запугать людей. То что там сейчас происходит очень напоминает 1937 год, при Сталине или то, что происходило при фашизме чуть позже.
Этого не может быть в 2020 году, в центре Европы.

Daniel Freiman (Berlin, 2020-09-04)


I’m live in Belarus and see all criminal!

Konstantin Stselmashonak (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


I can't living with the dictator and his police

Artsiom Mikuts (Vitebsk, 2020-09-04)


I’m signing because Belarus should be a free democratic country in which human rights are respected and the standard of living rises

Olga Okrut (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


In the country, power is held by force.
Laws are constantly being violated in the country.
Many people who are innocent have been arrested.

Natalia Shabunevich (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


Because we are being treated like animals: killed, raped and unrespected. My heart cannot bear it any more. PLEASE HELP, start the official prosecution of the FORMER president of Belarus.

Anna Zheleznova (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


I'm signing because I live in Belarus and I can't see that for awful things are happening in my country.

Vladislav Aharodnikov (Novopolotsk, 2020-09-04)


I, a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, subscribe because living in fear is abnormal, banditry, arbitrariness and lawlessness are what is happening now in Belarus. For a quarter of a century, there has been no development and normal living conditions for citizens and our children. People have no rights, we can be killed at any moment, and the killers evade responsibility: the judicial system does not work, the law enforcement system does not work, the economy stands still, people are intimidated and threatened by relatives and friends. Belarusians are peaceful people, we need protection

Katsiaryna Tsimoshek (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


Правосудие в Беларуси не работает, а уничтажает мирных людей.

Алексей Севорцов (Минск, 2020-09-04)


Я хочу жить в своей стране без страха потерять близких.

Yury Pavlovsky (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


Я против насилия и за честные выборы

SVIATLANA MIRANCHUK (Brest, 2020-09-04)


I love my country

Maksim Budchuk (Brest, 2020-09-04)


Я подписался , потому что в стране царит беззаконие, а за всё это отвечает Лукашенко А.Г.

Дмитрий Рацкевич (Минск, 2020-09-04)


Lukashenko is a Tyrant together with his Mafia and a danger to the whole world.

Nicolas Cheropoulos (Stockholm/Thessalonica, 2020-09-04)


I’m signing because I'm against violence, police brutality and tortures of Belarusian people. Because all my family is there and my parents who are participating in protests can be killed or tortured like other people were.

Alena Pavachka (San Gabriel , 2020-09-04)


I'm signing because I want to safe Belarus and belarusian people

Jenny Chernomorova (Minsk, 2020-09-04)


Беззаконие в моей стране достигло предела. Я устала волноваться за своих детей,за друзей и знакомых.Но я не хочу уезжать отсюда, я хочу жить на земле своих предков. Поэтому поддерживаю любые мирные способы решения проблемы.

Александра Веремейчик (Минск, 2020-09-04)


I am signing because I am Belarusian and I want criminals to be punished. Please help to stop genocide in Europe in 2020.

Siarhei Sasinouski (Seattle, 2020-09-04)

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