Equality for CUNY College Laboratory Technicians (CLTs) Resolution



CLTs are among the hardest working, dedicated and committed members of CUNY. We are fighting against decades of inequality and injustice!

Amy Jeu (New York, 2020-09-28)


I'm signing because CLT's are second class citizens in many academic departments.

Abraham Malz (Staten Island , 2020-09-28)


I'm signing because I strongly believe that increasing salaries for the entire College Laboratory Technician title series to match similar titles in other unions and comparable professions is the morally right thing to do, and will help further professionalize CLT positions at CUNY.

Joshua Belknap (New York, 2020-09-28)


I'm tired of CLT's being ignored by PSC

Luisa Hindle (Astoria, 2020-09-28)


It's crucial that we be recognized for our efforts in these trying times! As an Asthmatic, caring for my 87 yr old mother, I was still required to come to work as an essential personnel & the department did not accomodate me! As my Sr. CLT title does not reflect my area of expertise, I will share that I am a NYS Licensed Veterinary Technologist for all the research animals & work in conjunction with the College Veterinarian. Knowing full well that animals have no idea of this Pandemic nor holidays, our facility is opened 365 days a year & i'm proud to say our rodent, avian & fish species are genuinely monitored for health &/or environmental changes. I am also the Training Coordinator, assuring appropriate handling & use of all research animals, including training in aseptic surgical procedures.

Sonia Acevedo (Brooklyn, 2020-09-28)


I agree with the petition.

E/ Jimenez (new york city, 2020-09-28)


This is the right thing to do

Albert Sherman (Boca Raton Fla., 2020-09-28)


Together we are stronger!

Andrew Harrington (Brooklyn, 2020-09-28)


I have been working as a full time College Laboratory Technician for over 30 years. In that time I have see PSC bargaining fall short in addressing real pay parity equal to the professional work CLT's perform. I can personally attest to the economic gap that has now become apparent for many CLT's and that this is also a result of uneven representation by the PSC. There is room here for repair and I would like to see that happen for all CLT's.

Edward Coppola (Staten Island, 2020-09-28)


It's important.

Howard Horowitz (Brooklyn, 2020-09-29)


I wouldn’t be the COTA I am today without the valuable knowledge my CLT brought to our classroom! They are irreplaceable and overlooked.

Taryn Thompson (New York, 2020-09-29)


I support the union

alicia trust (brooklyn, 2020-09-29)


I feel we are underrepresented, should be allowed to vote for various titles, do not make as much monetarily as others in different institutions

John Acevedo (Saylorsburg , 2020-09-29)


I strongly believe in all the points made in the petition.

James Lee (Clinton Corners, 2020-10-01)


I'm signing to stand up and support my Union Co-workers and Family.

Jeffrey Freilich (Whitestone, 2020-10-02)


I am in agreement, and hope the CLT's can be treated in a more fair and equitable manner

Angela Piva (New York, 2020-10-02)


CLT's are disrespected - under appreciated - asked to do things that are not their job description, massively underpaid and simply not paid a fair, livable wage to survive in New York City !!!

Pontus Gunve (Brooklyn, 2020-10-02)


CLT's are among the hardest working, dedicated and committed members of CUNY.

Mustafa Kamal (New York, 2020-10-03)


I want to end discriminatory practices, abolish the misuse of rankism, and commit to equity and inclusion of CLTs at all levels of governance; I want a commitment to commit to increasing the salaries for the entire College Laboratory Technician title series to match similar titles in other unions and comparable professions in the private and public sectors; I strongly encourage union members to amend college governance plans and bylaws to permit CLTs full voting rights and rights to serve on college-wide and department committees; and I want fair representation, quality care and equal treatment to the CLT Chapter in a way that ensures members' dignity and treats them with respect at all times.

Michael Tessitore (Rockville Centre, 2020-10-04)



Jeanette Batiz (Bronx, 2020-10-04)


I want to be treated fairly

Frank Martinez (NY, 2020-10-04)


I believe that for many years the PSC for has been more of a caste system than a union which represents its members with equality. The concept of parity among various disparate worker categories has been elusive within this union. In the last decade that disparity has become more obvious and solidified.

The petition correctly states that this is a unique and unprecedented moment, largely create by the threat to all institutions by the pandemic, when the very foundation of the university is threatened. As monumental as the challenge is, a positive side-effect could be that it is forcing all member of the union body to work arm-in-arm (figuratively) toward a single goal and to better appreciate each others role and how integrally we rely on one another in keeping the university functioning and our students learning. This is the eminently correct time to emphasize the vital role the CLTs and HEOs -- a distinct minority caste -- play in this endeavor. It's time to demand parity between all employee segments be addressed, resolved and eliminated.

Frank Angel (Brooklyn, 2020-10-04)


I am signing because it is our right to get what we deserve. We work hard and I would like to support my fellow CLT.

Anna Lucena (New York, 2020-10-04)


Covid really opened my eyes to how disposable we are. received no communication from my school or supervisor about my status.

Mith Jean (Far Rockaway, 2020-10-04)


Abolish the misuse of rankism, and commit to equity and inclusion of CLTs at all levels of governance

Commit to increasing the salaries for the entire College Laboratory Technician title series to match similar titles in other unions and comparable professions in the private and public sectors

Marvin Sanon (Brooklyn, 2020-10-04)


At the minimum, CUNY's CLTs serve a major role in the smooth operations of their department/program and the college that they work in. Many CLTs go above and beyond their nominal duties to serve as liaisons between students, staff and faculty. Some CLTs serve in leadership roles (often de facto and unrecognized) in their departments or in their trades at large. CUNY collectively has established a position of systematically disrespecting the importance of the work (advertised or unadvertised) that CLTs perform in their institution. The PSC can and must cease their practice of generally neglecting a vital part of their constituency as well. It does not bode well for both CUNY and the PSC to effectively treat the CLTs as a liability except when we happen to serve their interests in a cause célèbre.

James Lee (Woodside, 2020-10-04)


we all deserve a seat at the table when making decisions that have a large effect the school!

Jesse Harding (Ridgewood, 2020-10-05)


This is long overdue, the union does not represent our interests. PSC puts the interests of professors above all else. Many CLTs have the same education as the professors that they serve with but are treated as lesser than and are called lazy by professors that work 6 months a year and are on campus 3 days a week. The bullying has to stop as well.

Thomas Seymour (East Elmhurst, 2020-10-05)


I support this petition

Vere Isaac (Bronx, 2020-10-05)


CLTs deserve to be treated fairly, fully included, promoted, and receive salary increases on just as with other PSC members.

Caitlin Dean (Keyport, 2020-10-05)


appropriate action to prioritize the needs of CLTs

Raquel Martinez (Brooklyn, 2020-10-05)


We need to be treated equal

Marino Corniel (Bronx , 2020-10-05)


Denice Brown

Denice Brown (Bronx, 2020-10-05)


I am signing because I was not given my regular work load even when I was reappointed for Summer and Fall 2020. In addition, I lost health insurance coverage through the school because the condition to keep it is to have the maximum amount of hours allowed for a non-teaching Adjunct CLT (225hrs). At this point and in the middle of a global pandemic, I have lost my job at City Tech and even worst; don't have health insurance coverage.

Eddy Hernandez (New York , 2020-10-05)


CLTs deserve more respect, a path to promotion and advancement, and higher pay!

Zeno Wood (Brooklyn, 2020-10-05)


CLTs are not given due respect for their unwavering contributions to student's success. We are expected to have all the answers. We explain and, or blatantly teach new technologies without compensation or acknowledgment. We fill in the gaps to facilitate loosely planned initiatives. We develop health and safety plans for our departments and then are expected to enforce compliance. We are often working in our departments long past the end of our scheduled day, "finishing the work" or just helping students who cant find a faculty member; this additional work is never compensated. There is no true promotional track for our classification; we must justify new higher level positions within our departments to grow. CLT's have no self determination within the governing structure of the colleges, and are continually subject to inequitable power dynamics, bullying and retaliation tactics. The CLT experience is yet another example of class warfare. The irony is CUNY prides itself as a progressive institution that lifts up those at the bottom, yet it conducts business by delineating disproportionate workload to an under-compensated few and deprives them of the mechanisms necessary to protect themselves.

Michael Irgang (Brooklyn, 2020-10-05)


I'm signing this petition because the College Laboratory Technicians as part of CUNY and PSC are not treated as equal members of this union. The same is true for Adjunct Faculty and the HEO series titles, but if you break those titles down to an hourly wage, the pay disparity compared to faculty does not come close to what the CLT disparity is. As professionals at the college, we demand equal representation and that means other rank and file members need to fully understand our contributions to CUNY and to the union. As 9 to 5 Monday through Friday fulltime employees we do not get summers off; we do not get winter and spring breaks off; we keep the campus open. Therefore, we have little time to attend protests during the workday giving us less of a voice. The imbalances are felt even more during the Coronavirus pandemic as our faculty members work safely from home while many CLTs are travelling to and from campuses. The huge technological needs of all departments are now falling heavily on the backs of CLTs. The need for CLT visibility and recognition in the union couldn’t be greater than it is now.

Kelly Spivey (Brooklyn, 2020-10-05)


That is the right thing. CLTs are mistreated.

Ali Askarinejad (New York, 2020-10-05)


I am signing because I care for all CLTs' rights.

Marianne Mylene Cu (Long Island City, 2020-10-05)


Laid off in May after 4 years of work with no given guarantee to be rehired or promoted.

Richard Martinez (Bronx, 2020-10-06)


I don't want more bullying between us.

Karin Contreras (Flushing, 2020-10-06)


I'm signing for family. To uphold the purpose of unions! This is what they are for! To be treated fairly. To be paid fairly.

Melannie Vásquez (Brooklyn , 2020-10-06)


Equity for CLTs In salary and importance.

Gary Vollo (Valley Stream, 2020-10-06)


It's unthinkable that CLTs are treated differently than the rest of department staff. The tiered system of CUNY in regards to position, salaries and advancements is unfathomable.

Jack Henning (Bronx, 2020-10-06)


CLTs are such an important part of any scientific learning experience, and they are so easily swept under the rug because the work they put into making courses run smoothly goes unnoticed. They deserve a greater voice in their respective departments for the work that they perform.

Luis Vega (New York, 2020-10-06)


Our CLTs are the backbone of the department, and hard working, consummate professionals. I believe they should be treated as such.

Ayanna Alexander-Street (New York, 2020-10-06)


Our CLT's are such a vital and important force in our department. They literally keep the ship afloat and deserve to be recognized as such.

Laura Tesman (Brooklyn, 2020-10-07)


CLTs Need to be recognized as the professionals they are! It's shameful how they are underpaid and feel that they are undervalued/underappreciated.

Mariana Regalado (Brooklyn, 2020-10-07)


I support CLTs and the important work that they do.

Veronica Manlow (Brooklyn, 2020-10-07)


I have some concern about the adjunctification of the CLT title and support the equity goals of the chapter.

Eileen Moran (Bayside, 2020-10-07)


We are strongest when we stand together and the PSC CUNY must represent the interests and uphold the working conditions of ALL ITS MEMBERS.

Rhea Rahman (Brooklyn, 2020-10-07)


I started working at LaGuardia Community College as an adjunct CLT in Health Sciences. CLTs are on the front lines of supporting students learning and the safety of laboratory spaces. CLTs must have a fair and equal platform to represent their position in the university.

Hendryx Silva (College Point, 2020-10-08)


I believe that CLTs need recognition and redress.

Susan Jacobowitz (Great Neck, 2020-10-08)


All workers deserve respect.

William Ryan (Sunnyside, 2020-10-08)

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