Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim



I want things to change, by hook or crook.

This shouldn't happen to anyone.
Criminals need to be punished severely

Rushi Shah (Gandhinagar, 2020-09-30)


I am signing this petition because what happened is beyond cruelty and unacceptable. It is making my blood boil and I am feeling helpless.

Akshata Patel (Ahmedabad, 2020-09-30)


This is pure injustice.

Dev Patel (Rajkot, 2020-09-30)


Enough is enough... Now no more rapes and rapists should prevail in the country.

Shivani Yadav (Vidisha , 2020-09-30)


It's enough now.#wewantjustics

Dhrumil Mashru (Porbandar, 2020-09-30)


I am signing it for the justice of manisha valmiki

Kratika Patni (Jawad, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing the petition because, these types of issues have become a Root part to this country, even a single day this happens. if not now than never.

Amankumar Singh (Surat, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing this because I want justice for the family. They deserve it and the accused must definitely be punished.

Aditi Agarwal (Vijayawada, 2020-09-30)


The reason for anyone signing this petition is going to be the same I think. In our country, we never really have justice for cases like this. I hope at least this petition would do some good and let justice prevail in our country

Viswak K G (Coimbatore , 2020-09-30)


This ******* system needs a cleansing

Poojan Desai (Ahemdabad, 2020-09-30)


To stop oppression by police's and to fight for the rape victims

Hetali Mithani (ahmedabad, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing because the victim deserves justice

Dipti Kushwah (ahmedabad, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing this because victim deserve justice.

astha Jain (ahmedabad, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing because I want justice for her and other women in India. I want to show them how powerful girls can get when they are together.

Rishika Motiyani (Ahmedabad, 2020-09-30)


It’s high time we do something about this

Saket Patel (Kuwait, 2020-09-30)


I care to make a little change.

Diya Desai (Ahmedabad , 2020-09-30)


This is inhumane. There should be no space for such horrible criminals.

Fenisha Thakkar (Ahmedabad, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing this because this shit has to be stopped whatsoever and cannot be tolerated. The system has to be changed on a serious note. More stringent laws are to be created so this shall not continue to happen to more women out there. Such men must fear the law and not take this lightly.

Muskan Vishal Manvar (Rajpipla, 2020-09-30)


Justice for a girl

Khushi Manek (Ahmedabad , 2020-09-30)


We want justice. Fck those in open streets very crualy.

Ravi Kothiya (Surat, 2020-09-30)


Justice for Manisha

Dewang Baid (Indore, 2020-09-30)


The only way I can show my solidarity for the current second!

Dev Shah (Guelph, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing because I'm the citizen of india I want a change and justice

Samadrita Banerjee (Surat, 2020-09-30)


I’m signing because it is against our values and culture and help the girl to get justices to her and her family

Siddharth Patel (Navsari , 2020-09-30)


What’s wrong should be corrected

Tushar Dani (Indore, 2020-09-30)


I believe that justice wasn't served , and its time to raise , I am the change I want to see

Jaydutt Kadam (Pune, 2020-09-30)


I am aspiring to be a lawyer and I can't advocate for a law which cannot safeguard minor girls of its country.

Gunjan Mishra (KANPUR NAGAR, 2020-09-30)


I'm signing because it's very unfair and unlawful. The victim and their family deserves better. They deserve justice.

Ayesha N Dimapalao (Valencia City, 2020-09-30)


A broken system will never keep women safe.

Renuka Joshi (411038, 2020-09-30)


I am a human.

somya Garg (Jaipur, 2020-09-30)


I am signing because that's what I do everytime for every such case but nothing happens. Might be the same with this case too, but I am not going to back off and show my support.

Suryam Gupta (Ahmedabad, 2020-09-30)


THIS IS IT. we are done and I am done. how long is this supposed to go on? do you have no sense or what? how do you even have the ******* audacity of doing or thinking something this heinous!! how does your brain not go and rot?!?!?!

Aarushi Jain (Jodhpur, 2020-10-01)


Because Rape In our Country is increasing day by day and Government not take any serious action and girl's are not safe in my Hindustan 🇮🇳 ...

Kansara Krupen (Ahmedabad, 2020-10-01)


I'm disgusted by these horrendous rapes occurring every 3 days in India. It's high time that the government comes up with dreadful punishment for these nasty creatures .

Vrinda Bhardwaj (New Delhi, 2020-10-01)


I want to stand against those bastards

Tushar Gupta (Chandigarh, 2020-10-01)


I want every lady fell secure and safe.I want them live freely just like men.

chandrabhan patel (ahmedabad, 2020-10-01)


Enough is enough.

Akash Sambhnani (Jaipur, 2020-10-01)


Justice For Manisha.

Deepanshu Arora (Jind, 2020-10-01)

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