Darts as a Sport in Queensland



Darts is a Sport

Tami Leck (Mount Tarampa, 2020-10-07)


Darts is a sport

Darren Cowell (Lowood , 2020-10-07)


Darts is a sport

Trent Jackson (Morayfield , 2020-10-07)


I am signing up as I play drats and I would like to see darts become a sport here in Australia.

Jessica-leigh Knight (Yatala , 2020-10-07)


i play darts and so do my children

Kylie Karner (Lockrose, 2020-10-07)


Been a dart player for over 30years and i love the sport

Paul Shady (Lowood , 2020-10-07)


As a darts player and the secretary of Premier Darts Warwick we require at least the opportunity to apply for grants to help us fund future possibilities of growth

John Ward (Warwick, 2020-10-07)



Tiffany Moore (Coominya, 2020-10-07)


My whole family plays darts and I believe it's an important recreational sport.

Skye Rodak (Forest hill, 2020-10-07)


I am the secretary of Beenleigh Darts and it is a great sport

Ann Barney (Kingston, 2020-10-08)


I am a dart player

Kathleen Martin (Warwick, 2020-10-08)


I think Darts should remain as a sport

Janette Hinds (Redbank, 2020-10-08)


I love my darts it the only sport I can do

Clarrissa Scott (Lowood , 2020-10-08)


I play darts as a sport and recreation

Brenton Frahn (Laidley , 2020-10-08)


Darts is a fantastic sport which people of all age andabilities andcan play. It is one of the only sport which starts and ends with a handshake (pre covid) and lifelong friends are made. Any enormous amount of skill is required, from hand eye coordination to mathematical skills.

Lorraine burn (Alexandra Hills, 2020-10-08)


i have played or be around darts for 30 years and love the game

Rosemaree Justice (acacia ridge, 2020-10-08)


Darts is a sport played and supported and sponsored all over the world, why can’t Queensland recognise that????

David Grech (East Ipswich, 2020-10-08)


I have played darts for many years and as it is a game of skill and you do get exercise playing I believe it to be a sport of both single and team stucure

Robyn Quarrell (Dalby, 2020-10-08)


I am a player and come from a family of players

Cynthia Vine (Lowood, 2020-10-08)


I have know darts to be a sport all my life

Chrys Schafer (Lowood, 2020-10-08)


Darts is a sport for those of us that play it and enjoy it. We shouldn't loose out on funding for our juniors to go away to improve themselves just because other people don't think its a sport.

Shana Tough (Ipswich, 2020-10-08)


My whole family play darts

Kerri Edwards (Dalby, 2020-10-08)


Darts is a sport and should be recognised as that in any country that play it .

Cory bender (Brisbane , 2020-10-08)


Darts is a sport that so many people enjoy!!!

Jade Snook (Wynyard , 2020-10-08)


darts is a sport!

barbara thomas (Deeragun, 2020-10-08)


Darts is a sport

Sharon Walker (Alexandra Hills, 2020-10-08)


I am signing because Darts is a game of skill and mathematical excellence and should be recognised as a sport

Kerry Crowdey (Cleveland, 2020-10-08)


I am a darts player and so is my family, I made the Queensland team 2 years ago and had to travel to play for the Australian championships

Starr Vine (Lowood, 2020-10-08)


been associated with darts over 40 years it is a sport of coronation , skill ,mathematic and endurance , it has changed over the years and has a higher profile then it did years ago , and now is not accolated with alcohol .

Ronald Fenton (Caboolture, 2020-10-08)


I'm signing because I absolutely love Darts and can't believe that it won't be listed as a sport. Darts is a fantastic sport for helping with focus and mental health, as well as being a great social event!

Robert Jamieson (Brisbane, 2020-10-08)


I've played Darts since I was 14, and it's a great way to socialise with a wide variety of characters. If you're looking for work or need a Job done, you'll always find someone at a Dart Club

Christian Cook (Landsborough, 2020-10-08)


As president of Bundaberg Darts Association l have had first hand experience recently when applying for the get back to sport grant’s, the skill that is needed to participate at the top in this game is 2nd to none as in any other sport therefore it has to be a sport

Steven Baker (Bundaberg , 2020-10-08)


darts is amazing

leon butt (peregian springs , 2020-10-08)


the rest of the country and the world see darts as a sport ... why is it that queensland and the labor government have seen fit to go against it.

shane peterson (monkland, 2020-10-08)


Because I play competitive darts

Andrew Robinson (Bucasia , 2020-10-08)


There is a world championship for darts so why can't we be recognised as a sport🤔🤔🤔

Rowan Edward (Brisbane , 2020-10-09)


Im signing this petition cause darts needs to be recognised as a real sport, I'm sick of here its not a real sport like football tennis or soccer, but it is and we need to be recognised for the sport we play.

Julie Mccoist (Gailes, 2020-10-09)


Rediculas darts isn't a sport, absolutely rediculas. How do you come up with this garbage.

Richard Lockett (Morayfield , 2020-10-09)


I'm a dart player and as coved has affected us and we are unable to receive any funding to stay playing the game we all love.

Elizabeth Kuss (Maryborough, 2020-10-09)


I think it is a sport

Jan Cross (Maryborough , 2020-10-09)


I love my darts

Rachel Thompson (Landsborough , 2020-10-09)


Im signing because I am a darts player and to me this is my sport

Abbie Innes (Lowood, 2020-10-09)


Darts is a sport. I’ve been playing darts since I was 14. My grandfather played darts in England as did my father.

Kathy James (Hervey Bay, 2020-10-09)


I've been playing darts for 40 years.

Mark Venning (Gympie, 2020-10-09)


Darts is a sport

John Sparks (Townsville , 2020-10-09)


Darts is most definitely a sport, a sport i have played since i was 10 years old. A sport my children now play.

Jules Adamski (Toowoomba , 2020-10-09)


I love the sport of Darts

Denise Davis (Brisbane, 2020-10-09)


Whenever the north queensland games are held darts is one of the first invited to participate

Wayne Turner (Cranbrook , 2020-10-09)


Darts is a sport and it's a great sport to help children with maths and showing sportsmanship. Before covid, every game starts and finishes with a hand shake.

Leeanne Krabbe (Thornlands, 2020-10-09)


With over 50 million registered players worldwide and interest in the game growing stronger, I find it hard to believe darts is no longer recognised as a sport in QLD.
Australia has been host to some of the world series tournaments in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The popularity of the sport has pushed free to air media stations such as FOX to have an interest in the sport due to its large consumer fan base. (It certainly sounds like a sport to me).
It is especially baffling that darts was removed as a sport in QLD in 2018, which was the same year that QLD lured the popular World Series of Darts to add the Brisbane Darts Masters to its international tournament circuit. It was such a success that it was held again in 2019 and, in 2021 the QLD Darts Masters Will be held in Townsville.
With more and more opportunities for professional dart players to make a living in the sport, it would be a shame for our juniors not to have the same opportunities due to limited pathways to funding.

Michael Hamilton (Calliope, 2020-10-09)


I believe darts should be included as a sport - it attracts people of all ages and backgrounds and is a great tool in helping children with their basic mathematic skills.

Jo Austen (Gladstone, 2020-10-09)


i have played soccer for 30 years cricket and swimming in competitions and its not been as physical as playing darts 8 hours a day in a in a three day comp throwing 1000-1200 darts a day also you got practice at least 4 hours a day to be in the top twenty in australia i play in gladstone for the last 20 years and we have junior players representing qld and australia in the usa and uk not to call this a sport is a joke

russell partington (gladstone, 2020-10-09)


Darts is a sport played and supported and sponsored all over the world, why can’t Queensland recognise that.
The skills are varied and the game is open to all ages with mathematical skills taught that are no longer taught in school.

Don Fessey (Manly West, 2020-10-09)


I'm signing because not reconising darts as a sport is political bs, I'd like someone to explain to all the high calibre world rank players we have here that what they do for a living isn't classified as a sport.

Go ask Kyle Anderson, Simon Whitlock, Damon Heta, Robbie King, Gordon Glen Matthews, Raymond Smith, James Bailey, Mal Cumming, Justin Thompson...

These mentioned people have played in World Championships recognised by the world bodies of Darts. Stating that darts isn't sport is bloody ludicrous

Rodney Liddell (Brisbane , 2020-10-09)


Darts is recognised as a sport by SportAus and I would align it with Bowls where you have social participants and pathways to international and professional levels.

Kelvin James (Melbourne , 2020-10-09)


Darts is definitely a sport.

Rhys Sullivan (Gladstone, 2020-10-09)


I strongly believe that we are a sport

Annett Mason (Gympie , 2020-10-09)


Darts is a sport

Kylie Townes (Russell island, 2020-10-09)


im signing because darts is a sport.

Marryann goodson (Port Pirie West, 2020-10-09)


I’m signing this because Darts should be recognised as a sport

Robert Moreland (Gympie, 2020-10-09)


I’m signing because there are over 250 members in far North Queensland. Many more play social competitions in regional areas and for the sport to survive we need funding to develop junior player infrastructure at the grassroots level to develop juniors who are keen to play.

Graham Roberts (Townsville, 2020-10-09)


We should be treated as equal considering we have to follow all the required regulations by the government and then can’t access funding when required or needed

Donna Muller (Bundaberg , 2020-10-09)


Darts is a skilled sport

Craig Carmody (Brisbane , 2020-10-09)


I am proud of our champions

Jean Stone (Hyde Park, 2020-10-09)


Im signing because I want to be recognised as a sport in qld and australia

David Callaghan (Sunshine Coast , 2020-10-09)


Darts is a Sport that requires a skill and mental ability to play .It is well recognised on the world scene and in other States and Territories in Australia

Judy Taylor (Edmonton, 2020-10-09)


I believe that Darts is a sport

Garry Edwards (Redclffe, 2020-10-09)


I play darts

Bradley Scott (Ningi, 2020-10-09)


Joanne Hadley

Joanne Hadley (Echuca, 2020-10-10)


My husband is a dart player

Julie Hazel (Gold Coast, 2020-10-10)


Darts is a sport

Margaret Laydon (Ipswich , 2020-10-10)


Darts is sport without a shadow of a doubt. The skill levels and technique required at the top level, mental strength is rival to any other sport. It’s a great sport for people of all ages to be competitive and social just like all the other sports. It’s the all inclusive sport and needs to recognised.

Shane Mckenna (Brisbane , 2020-10-10)


I have played darts for nearly 40 years. Time for Qld to recognise darts as the sport it is. Skill, patience, team work, mental and physical ability and not to mention life long friendships.

Johanna Menso (CAIRNS , 2020-10-10)


Darts is a fantastic sport.

Mick Ryan (Cairns , 2020-10-10)


My friends play the sports we go and watch the sport it seems stupid it’s not a sport?

Kate Amelia (Cairns, 2020-10-10)


Darts is a great community game and most definitely should be recognised as a legitimate sport. Just look at the quality and scale of the sport over in the UK.

Tim Russell (Gladstone , 2020-10-10)


Darts is a sport that's why! Not physical but very mental minded game

Adam Dolan (Redlands, 2020-10-10)


Darts IS a sport! And bloody fun one

Olga Gordon (Kewarra Beach, 2020-10-10)


I am a dart player, and I believe it is a sport

Judy Taylor (Babinda QLD, 2020-10-10)


Darts is a sport and should be considered as such. Darts is a game if skill and as such should be considered a sport.

Matthew McKinnon (Kingston, QLD, 2020-10-10)


If baron twirling and carriage driving are defined as a sport in Qld, then so should darts! It takes skill

Suzanne Turner (Collarenebri, 2020-10-10)


I have been involved on all levels of Darts since 1978.

Chris Burgess (Kingston, 2020-10-10)


I play darts as a sport on a Thursday and Friday night in my town. We have so many players and we practice and play games like any other sport why not be recognised as one. Thank you.

Selina House (Maryborough, 2020-10-10)


Because darts is a sport, if it’s on fox sports it’s a sport

Samuel Wilton (Cairns, 2020-10-10)


We would like to be recognised as do all other sporting and recreational activities...

Charlotte Wone (Edmonton, 2020-10-10)


I love playing darts

Nathan Renner (Brisbane , 2020-10-10)


darts IS a sport

adin archer (cairns, 2020-10-10)


I am a dart player and it’s an awesome sport to play would like to see this happen

Kylie Green (Gladstone, 2020-10-10)


I play darts. Its a sport

Dan Munro (Rockhampton, 2020-10-10)


As a president of a darting and non for profit Association, we struggle to be able to afford the resources our club requires. And as we are not eligible for a variety of grants due to not being recognised as a sport, puts a lot of pressure on my Association in being able to raise funds for our club.

Dave O’Keefe (Caboolture, 2020-10-10)

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