We the People are calling for the Impeachment of Nancy Pelosi!



The repetitive attempts to unseat a duly elected president are not acceptable and must stop now.

Alice Bonnell (Parkersburg, 2020-10-09)


I’m signing because Nancy Pelosi needs to go. She is evil and against everything I believe in. I stand with God and biblical principles and want my grandchildren to grow up in a world that is safe and free!

Lisa Hall (Kingsport, Tennessee , 2020-10-09)


She is working for her party not for American people! She done nothing try to impeach Trump!

Lane Blankenship (Richwood , 2020-10-09)


Nancy Pelosi has shown hate and disrespect and modeled this behavior for the entire world!

Robin Bond (Whitesburg, 2020-10-09)


I'm signing because Nancy Pelosi is wrecking havoc on the American People with her agendas. She does not care for America or its people. She needs to go. Please remove her. She constantly fights my President and doesn't let him do his job. Remover her now!!!

Holly Roberts (Central, 2020-10-09)


I’m all in!

DR Harrison (Chuckey , 2020-10-09)


Because Nancy needs to go! She is a trouble maker and divider!

Lucy Smith (Macon , 2020-10-09)


I'm a Christian and do not believe in the democratic ways. Im on team Jesus!!

Angela worley (Gate city,Va, 2020-10-09)


She needs to go. Her time is up!!!

Meredith McConnell (Cleveland, 2020-10-09)


She is doing her elected duty and serving the people.

Wren Crumbley (Knoxville , 2020-10-09)


I am ready for a change!!

Rebecca Sapp (Eastman, 2020-10-09)


She goes against all biblical principles that I believe in.

Rita Salyers (Kingsport TN, 2020-10-09)


I’m signing because Nancy Pelosi needs to go!

Pat Daughtry (Clinton, 2020-10-09)


I don't like her. She is evil and needs to go.

Kim Shane (Mesquite, 2020-10-09)


I was born and raised in this great country. My parents worked hard for this country and what they put into social security. My husband and I work hard and put forth toward our social security. That money belongs to the citizens of America who have paid into it. It’s not something I am willing to hand over to a criminal. If you are here illegally, you are a criminal.

Jody Lairson (Enon, 2020-10-09)


She is not doing God’s work ! She is not. Godly person and out country better turn back to God.... she isn’t stable mind. But I am praying for her to open her eyes, ears, mind and heart to God Almighty.

Krystal Justis (Midway, 2020-10-09)


America's best interest.

Daniel Fisher (Rogersville, 2020-10-09)


She is crazy and bad for America.

Gina McMillon (West MonroeI, 2020-10-09)


I am unashamedly prolife! It is time to stand for life and for those who cannot fight for themselves!

Michele Creamer (Lizella, 2020-10-09)


It’s time for her to go! It’s getting ridiculous

Traci Clark (Taylorsville , 2020-10-09)


I am so tired of the crazy left and their crooked schemes

Brenda Gentry (Timberlake, 2020-10-09)


Nancy is not capable of being in her political position. She is ripping this country apart, along with others. I hereby petition she be removed from her position.

Reba Hilbourn (Fairmont, 2020-10-09)


Nancy Pelosi is reckless and hates America! She should be fired!!

Sandra Hernandez (Warner Robins Ga, 2020-10-09)


She needs outa there. She isn't for the American people

Cindy Rinehart Summers (Chickamauga, 2020-10-09)


Nancy needs to go.

Sharon Hughes (DAWSONVILLE, 2020-10-09)


I am signing because she continuously obstructs the normal operations of Congress to the detriment of the People. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Michael Holman (Bemidji, 2020-10-09)


Nancy pelosi is evil and needs to be removed!

Pauline Derting (Kingsport, 2020-10-09)


She's totally a corrupt person. She's the reason for so much downfall in the US but the blame is always shifted to the president.

Sandra Lewis (ROGERSVILLE, 2020-10-09)


I believe that Nancy is unamerican, does NOT Abide by the constitution. She does not do what we the people want for our country. She advocates for communism, and a bigger paycheck for herself and her colleagues. She doesn’t care about the real Americans who work everyday of their lives to keep this country free and the greatest country in the world.

Rebekah Hamby (Cleveland , 2020-10-09)


I'm tired of all the corruption in Washington & everything against God's children, trying to silence Christians in everything they try to do for the Lord.

Loretta Shupe (Atkins, 2020-10-09)


Nancy has lost her mind. Hasn't done a single thing for the American people and hates our country.

Victoria Simmons (Byron, 2020-10-09)


I'm signing because she has done nothing but cause discord since President Trump came into office. She is not for the American people at all. It's time for these lifer politians to go.

Patricia Motes (Shelby Twp, 2020-10-09)


She is the worst... and that is all!

Gracen King (Unicoi, 2020-10-09)


Nancy is acting against the will of The People.

Amy Miller (Dravosburg, PA, 2020-10-09)


Pelosi has abused her position and assumed she has more authority than she has been granted. She publicly disrespects our Commander and Chief.

E Moske (Huntersville , 2020-10-09)


She should not only be removed, but prosecuted as well.

Heath Gove (Kathleen, 2020-10-09)


She need to go!

Michael Wise (Xenia, 2020-10-09)


I support Trump, I am a republican and I want the best for America. Nancy has wasted MILLIONS of American dollars on her BS and it is time for her to go!!

Gary Fortner (Dahlonega, 2020-10-09)


This woman is ridiculous. She needs to go

Diana Anderson (Sunset Beach , 2020-10-09)


This woman is in the way of everything and it's not letting the american what they need and also falsely accusing Trump for nothing

Eloida Hernandez (Avon Park,Florida, 2020-10-09)


I feel like Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to the American people. She is a hinderance to the well-being of our nation.

Valerie Martin (Whitesburg, 2020-10-09)


I believe most of the Democrats in our Government or at least the ones who get the most face time are corrupt, sleazy individuals!

Bob Hunt (Boiling Springs, 2020-10-09)


She is a communist

Billy Bond (Perkinston, 2020-10-09)


She needs to go

Samantha Brown (Queensbury, 2020-10-09)


Nancy Pelosi does not respect the U.S. Constitution or those who do, she promotes division and abuses power. She should be removed and not allowed to serve in any capacity unless she wants to serve as a volunteer giving meals to the needy!

Brenda Bowden (Winston Salem , 2020-10-09)


Speaker Pelosi is filled with hatred, lies, and her own personal agenda and has totally lost any sound judgment driven by her bitterness of and to President Trump. She lost the last election for Hillary and can't accept the fact that most of America elected President Trump to clean out the swamp, which is her! She hardly works for the good of the people but to only give money to her cronies and beloved democrats. She could care less about ALL Americans. The stimulus bills have only shown her true intentions -- to bail out failed democrat cities that burn down their citizens' businesses by allowing marxist rioters to prevail, instead of sending in the National Guard with the help of President Trump. That stimulus money is for hurting people,, not failed poorly run democrat cities. She is proud, haughty and full of repetitive lies from Covid to the economy! The good Lord hates that. She is full of receiving only power for herself and a few she considers elite and we are sick of it here in the Midwest! We the people of Kansas want her out and put someone in there that isn't controlled by evil intentions! She has "impeachment disease" for that is all she thinks about!

Rebecca Dacus (Lenexa, 2020-10-09)


She does not care about the people she’s supposed to be serving.

Jennifer Martinez (Mocksville, 2020-10-09)


Sick of this lady causing trouble for our President all the tim

Kadi Wells (Timberlake NC, 2020-10-09)


She is not fit for service

Phillip Davis (Rutledge , 2020-10-09)


I am signing against Nancy Pelosi for wasting taxpayer money and false information against the President of the United States trying to give my benefits to illegal entering this country they do not deserve what I work for And she is trying to take away my rights as an American and my belief in my religion

Vernou Fleming (Lexington , 2020-10-09)


It’s time for her to go! She is so biased and does not represent the majority of the America!

Marcia Butcher Perdue (Middleburg , 2020-10-09)


Pelosi has crossed the line too many times! From ripping up the state of the union speech to without cause having articles of impeachment drafted for our President, and appearing drunk etc., etc. She needs to go!

Angie Beeman (Upper Marlboro, 2020-10-09)


She needs gone

Shirley Cheek (Georgetown, 2020-10-09)


Time for change

Michael Richards (Chuckey , 2020-10-09)


I'm signing because I am sick to death of her selfishness & cruelty.

Angie Sykes (Graham, 2020-10-09)


It's time for her to go.
Past time.

Vickie Lynne (Kingsport , 2020-10-09)


I’m signing because Nancy Pelosi needs to go. She is evil and against everything I believe in. I stand with God and biblical principles and want my grandchildren to grow up in a world that is safe and free!

Trina Vane (LaGrange, 2020-10-09)


She is a socialist and she committed treason against our president and accused him of what he did not do .and she does not stand for what our forefathers stand for or what this country was built on .. she is a evil women

Bettyjo Fleming (Lexington , 2020-10-09)


I think the woman abuses her office, is a lunatic and is evil as evil can be and cares nothing for America. She is a horrible human being. She needs Jesus

Lola Ponsler (West Tawakoni, 2020-10-09)


I want our country free to worship God and to gather in the name of Jesus.

Jetty Ussery (Macon, 2020-10-09)


She has tried to impeach this president since the day he was elected and now she is interfering with the presidential election ....she needs to retire or be fired or sent to rehab but she definitely needs to Go

Sherry Forler (Buchanan, 2020-10-09)


Nancy Pelosi has done nothing but fight against our president and make it impossible for him to do his job. She has used many tax dollars to try to impeach him unjustly. She has done nothing but show disrespect and does not deserve to be in a position of power.

Dawn Metzgar (Athens, 2020-10-09)


Nancy Pelosi is not for the American people. She is not mentally capable of doing her job. She needs to be impeached

Betty Williams (Caney, 2020-10-09)


I'm sick and tired of Nancy Pelosis constant attacks on our President Trump who is trying all he can to help our country. Enough is enough.

Virginia Figirova (Edna, 2020-10-09)


Enough is enough

Rhonda Taylor II (Greeneville, 2020-10-09)


i am fed up with her and others that are dragging this nation down

George Bryant (Lexington KY, 2020-10-09)


Nancy has proven to be corrupt

Natasha Chavez (Rapid City, 2020-10-09)


She is crazy and it shows, frightening that she has any power

Joni Walden (Valley, 2020-10-09)


Nancy pelosi needs to go! She is wicked and only cares about herself!!!! Richard Gore

Richard Kimberly Gore (Eden, 2020-10-09)


Because she has done nothing in her job, but try to get rid of the President , disgraceful .. she does nothing for the people , but block all help ..

Diana Hundley (Lapeer, 2020-10-09)


She's outstayed her assignment and moved to the dark side.

Vicki Bradley (Perry, 2020-10-09)


Nancy Pelosi is not about helping the people of the United States or those in her home state the last 3 and a half years all she has cared about is getting Our President out of Office.. We the People of the United States deserve to have someone in that postion to Represent 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Theresa Chambers (Belleview Fl, 2020-10-09)


I’m signing because she is not for the United States. She has her own selfish agenda

Terra Cashion (Gibsonville, 2020-10-09)


Nancy Pelosi is senile and evil, she needs to go home and stay home!!

Marsha Wyland (Gibson, 2020-10-09)


I think Pelosi is trying to destroy your country.

Martina Kruger (Edmonton, 2020-10-09)


She has been in office too long and caused enough damage and desperately needs to be booted out!

Sharon Garland (Bristol, 2020-10-09)


I am showing my signature because I am fed up with Pelosi's lies and evil ways!

Kathy Carver (Mt. Carmel, TN 37645, 2020-10-09)


I’m signing because I’m am sickened by her blatant disregard for the American people. She consistently wastes tax payers dollars and creates discord in Washington. She is a disgrace!

Ashley Otto (Kathleen, 2020-10-09)


Nancy is evil and crazy! She has tried to destroy our wonderful President since day one!

Debra Treanor (Hominy, 2020-10-10)


I hate Palosi and she’s evil

David Bolick (Lakewood Ranch , 2020-10-10)


She is destroying America

Vickie Fisher (Corryton, 2020-10-10)


She is wasting our tax dollars for unnecessary reasons.

Mae Mulder (Jacksonville , 2020-10-10)


Nancy is a crook and bad for America !!

Marjorie Chambley (Barnesville, 2020-10-10)


Nancy Pelosi has lead our Congress down a wrong and destructive path for our country.

Joy Bloch (Riverside, 2020-10-10)


I want Nancy Pelosi removed from her seat !

Selina Owens (Phenix, 2020-10-10)


I’m signing because I’m tired of Nancy and her pet projects, her being able to go to a salon, getting special privilege just because she’s the House speaker, and lastly her wasting our tax dollars on stupid ass impeachment’s... she is abusing her power in every way she can.I’m tired of these rich white politicians doing and using their power to do as they wish. Get rid of Nancy!

Kristen Shields (Portlamd, 2020-10-10)


I’m taking America back! Nancy Pelosi is everything that is Anti-America. I want a government that works together and she is causing a division. She works for “We the people” and is not doing a good job and I vote to fire her!

Janice Childree (Roberta , 2020-10-10)


Pelosi has to go!

Michael Adams (Kettering, 2020-10-10)


Pelosi has done absolutely nothing for this country.

Samantha Hotaling (middlesex, 2020-10-10)


Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to the US and is a traitor.

Debra Hinson Bishop (Jackson, 2020-10-10)


I sign this petition because Mrs. Pelosi and those who bow to her have only one agenda their own and not the people. This witch hunt against our President for the past 3 and half year has been nothing but a circus. I WANT YOU OUT!!

Adria Vazquez (West Palm Beach , 2020-10-10)


She’s an evil person who only cares about power. She has no love for God or what He wants.

Sharon Saunders (Seagrove, 2020-10-10)

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