Resume neighborhood patrols -- bring back Community Crime Patrol by restoring OSU funding



University District needs CCP!

Ellen Moore Griffin (Columbus, 2020-10-13)


I am an emeritus faculty member. I live in the area and the patrol makes our neighborhood safer.

Doug Kerr (Columbus, 2020-10-14)


The off campus residential community is safer with CCP activities.

Sharon Austin (Columbus, 2020-10-14)


I live in the University District (have lived in my current residence since 1985) and am troubled by the increase in crime in the area. The off-campus neighborhood patrols would be very helpful.

Susan Dziura (Columbus, 2020-10-14)


Madam President, as a 30-year UD homeowner-resident since graduating OSU, I can share first-hand that the CCP has been an invaluable asset to our off-campus neighborhoods as a 'side-kick' to our Col's Police Department (assists to students walking the area, reports of suspicious sightings on private property) as well as Code Enforcement (street light outages, dangerous sidewalks) and simply a great contribution to the sense of well-being for all who reside and visit here. I hope you will consider reinstating support to this wonderful organization which supports our community surrounding the OSU campus in return. Thank you, Karla.



This started in the University District and since OSU withdrew funds the safety of students and permanent residents has declined. It's imperative that OSU reconsider.

Debra Gallagher (Columbus, 2020-10-14)


I have lived in the University District for over 30 years. I am concerned about the recent increase in crimes in the area. It has not been this bad for years.

Please restore funding to the Community Crime Patrol.

Joyce Fasone (Columbus, 2020-10-15)


I am an OSU student who lives off campus. My boyfriend, also an OSU student, had his car broken into as part of a string of vandalism’s and break ins across the off-campus university district. We feel unprotected.

Annabelle Adkins (Columbus, 2020-10-15)


We need to restore this patrol. The crime difference when it stopped was noticeable.

Harry Laufman (Columbus, 2020-10-15)


I live very close to OSU’s campus and am an alumni (graduated this past May). I have noticed a huge uptick in crime in our community. I feel unsafe walking alone and wish that OSU would do more to increase patrol on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods.

Lexi Schoessow (Columbus, 2020-10-16)


I'm at 408 E Lane Ave. 43201. I am a senior citizen, and I have already seen scummy people walking through our neighborhood casing the housing to see where they can break in next. I had 2 people knock on my door with no ID, no explanation of the company the represent, and demanding to come in and look around for no reason.

Candace Reid (Columbus, 2020-10-16)


We need help. Crime, burglary, theft, and assault is drastically increasing in the University District. City police are overwhelmed. We need extra eyes to help them. Between vigilante attacks on neighbors who are mistaken for thieves while looking for their last cat, to break-ins to homes and cars, to murder of OSU students, the small financial investment by OSU will be an indication that they care about their students, employees, and neighbors in the University District.

Jenny Bell (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


Every day we not only see more crime, but also more violent crime in the neighborhoods adjacent to OSU; my neighborhood is just North and east of OSU. We need patrols in this area!

Victoria Starbuck (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


I’ve resided in the University district for all but 4 of the past 50 years (since being an OSU undergrad and graduate student). The past year has made several neighbors victims of both property and personally violent crime.

Steve Abbott (Columbus OH, 2020-10-17)


As the owner of multiple properties in the area and former resident I am concerned about the nightly property crime in the area. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen in the dozen years I’ve lived or rented properties in the area.

Chris Appleton (Columbus , 2020-10-17)


We need ongoing patrols in the university district to ensure safety of both students and permanent residents.

Enid Quinn (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


I live in the University District and have noticed more crime occurring recently in my neighborhood. Restoring the Citizen's Crime Patrol would be a deterrent as well as a help to Columbus Police.

Katherine Bussard (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


I'm a home owner in Sohud and would love to have safer streets.

Marianne Timmons (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


Help us keep our community safe for those of us who love it so dearly !

Breanna Jacobs (Columbus , 2020-10-17)


I want our campus neighborhood to be safe.

Nicole Kraft (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


All areas of Clintonville have experienced a significant increase in auto theft, vandalism, burglary, personal violence, intimidation and homeless migration (into) residential areas. Police take reports but little to nothing is done to address the problems.

Donna Dugas (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


Crime is high in the neighborhood.

Jennifer Popovics (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


I remember the community member foot patrols from years ago, an excellent idea to return to. Extra eyes, keeping us all safer. Many of these crimes occur after 11PM, and probably between 1AM & 5 AM.

David Ettinger (Columbus, 2020-10-17)


We need to feel that if reasonable precaution is taken that our property is safe . This is not the case now and we need help making it so.

Nora Leary (Columbus, 2020-10-19)



Susan Galey (Columbus, 2020-10-19)


I care about our community and OSU can afford to fund this.

Max Nelson (Columbus, 2020-10-19)


As a long time resident of the University area and graduate of The Ohio State University, I’m committed to keeping our community a safe, diverse and enlightened neighborhood and the safety patrol offers another important layer of security for our neighbors. It’s important and should be funded in order to help the University District thrive year round. The patrol helps keep both residential and commercial establishments safe and helps bolster the relationships with the civilian and police force who patrol the area. This is a win win for all
Parties and anything we can do to deter crime, protect citizens and private property, build positive relationships and create a safe community is a plus for everyone including the OSU community.

Jeanne O'Keefe (Columbus, 2020-10-19)


Tired of the daily car break ins in Glen Echo.

Nate Grooms (Columbus, 2020-10-19)


A fatal shooting with ties to a local gang and the uptick in theft and vandalism are being felt among community members. Let’s help eliminate this before it gets worse.

Megan Grooms (Columbus, 2020-10-19)


Crime in the university area has exploded with covid. Professors, Staff and students all live here (at the express encouragement of the university). We are a target of more crime partly because of the heavy student population. The neighbors do all they can, but the university has to have a hand in keeping the area safe. Discontinuing the work of the CCP was a huge mistake. CCP patrols did a great job of discouraging crime by having extra eyes on the street and that is especially needed now.

Nina Thomson (Columbus, 2020-10-19)


I have had two incidents of theft Recently

David Roberts (Columbus , 2020-10-19)


I care about my neighbors and community businesses.

Meredith Stone (Columbus, 2020-10-20)


I live in the Old North and we have been seeing an uptick in crime in our neighborhood.

Erin McCalla (Columbus , 2020-10-20)


The crime rate has gone up significant this year! Criminals are entering people's houses while they are home. There has already been one student murdered by a known thief, because he denied the thief entry to a party.

Suzanne Stone (Columbus, 2020-10-20)


I’m signing because of the huge increase of crime in my neighborhood and feeling unsafe.

Autumn Meadows (Columbus, 2020-10-20)


I would like to support efforts to decrease crim activities and vandalism in our neighborhood.

Daniel Snider (Columbus, 2020-10-20)


My son is a student at OSU, my other son has worked for CCP for 9 years and is an alumni of OSU and I have a sister who has lived in Columbus for about 36 years. I also have and had family in law enforcement, CCP has made a difference over the years. In the world today law enforcement must have assistance. As of today I believe Columbus is at 130 homicides compared to 87 in all of 2019. This statistic alone speaks volumes. The memory ofChase Meola cries out, I don’t feel I need to say more except I firmly believe OSU needs to get their priorities straight because as a student’s parent, I am dumbfounded and furious.

Nancy Bogner (Clyde, 2020-10-20)


As a member of the Board of the University District Organization and the University Community Association, I want to emphasize the importance of helping students, businesses, and visitors be and feel safe.

Susan Jennings (Columbus, Ohio, 2020-10-20)


The University district is a highly populated area filled with immature students who need protection and a watchful eye.

Steven Utter (West Chester , 2020-10-20)


Please make this part of the efforts of the University Task Force on Community Safety and Well-Being.

Dan Hirn (Columbus, 2020-10-20)


I'm very concerned about the well-being of the students and my other fellow citizens.

Brian Hamilton (Columbus, Oh, 2020-10-20)


CCP is a wonderful program that does a lot of good

Dani Perkins (Columbus, 2020-10-21)


As a former employee and student at OSU, I know the difference the organization makes to the safety of Columbus residents.

Evan Stover (Columbus , 2020-10-21)


As a former patroller for CCP, there is a lot of good this organization does especially when it comes to the urban upkeep. Yes the word crime is in the name but the majority of reports are other functions that CCP provides such as reporting streetlights that are out, fire hydrant issues, and general building conditions.

Ryan Gaab (Cleveland , 2020-10-21)


There have been many nightly car break-ins in the neighborhood within the last few weeks. Patrolling should help put a stop to it.

Gloria Scott-Tibbs (Columbus , 2020-10-21)


I am a homeowner in Old North and an Ohio State University employee. I live here because of proximity to work and because I am proud of this amazing neighborhood! I am not going anywhere, and I want to take an active role in improving the safety of the University District.

Ashley Miller (Columbus, 2020-10-22)


CCP has saved me and many other community members countless times.

Claire Armstrong (Columbus, 2020-10-22)


I’m signing this petition because I live in the University District and believe OSU needs to continue funding of the Community Crime Patrol to contribute to a safer neighborhood that it has a LARGE influence/footprint on.

DLyn Stinziano (Columbus , 2020-10-23)


Crime is increasing and CCP works to reduce crime and keep our neighborhoods safer.

Julia Applegate (Columbus , 2020-10-24)


Crime is a problem in my area, and bringing back this funding would decrease it.

Reno Bernardo (Columbus, 2020-10-27)


The level of crime is rising and the university is no longer partnering with the community to provide a safe and civil community.

Marlene Robbins (Columbus, 2020-10-28)

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