Bacon/Walnut St Intersection Safety Changes



As a resident of Natick (and mother to a mildly disabled adult child) I support improved pedestrian safety for all, starting with the intersection at Loker Park. Natick currently is not a pedestrian friendly town. By improving this intersection for _all_, we show our families, friends, and neighbors that we value them and want to keep everyone safe.

Daphne Potter (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I'm signing because this intersection is dangerous

Kimberly Navins (Natick, 2020-10-16)


Such a dangerous intersectiob

Laurie Rodman (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This is a very dangerous intersection and it would be great to fix it.

Lauren Dougherty (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This intersection is frightening for drivers - it is absolutely treacherous for walkers.

Claudia Trevor-Wright (Natick , 2020-10-16)


I agree this intersection is very challenging for children, as well as adults, to cross safely as traffic in multiple directions has restricted visibility and there is no clear cross walk path across the intersection.

Daniel Porges (Natick, 2020-10-16)


Long overdue safety precautions that are needed.

Nephellie Dobie (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This intersection and it's neighbors deserve a lighted and auditory crossing, a safe way to use it as a functional intersection.

Summer Peeso (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This lighted crosswalk is long overdue. We live right near that intersection (on Kelley Way) and am always nervous when using that crosswalk. Drivers get very confused in that area and they don’t look out enough for pedestrians. It’s an awful intersection so the more safety measures we can put in place, the better.

Kelly Guagenty (Natick , 2020-10-16)


This is important for community safety.

Tracy Sockalosky (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live close to this intersection and it is very dangerous. Few accidents and lots of close calls

Gail Cole (Natick , 2020-10-16)


Additional safety precautions in bath k

Jessica Bailey (Natick, 2020-10-16)


For the safety of our community

Stephanie Lippman (Natick, 2020-10-16)


Please make the intersection safer for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Jodi Wood (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live in this neighborhood and am very well aware of this dangerous intersection.

Erin Lee (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I am signing because I believe the intersection is very dangerous and believe there are ways to improve it.

Christine Kingdon (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I drive through that intersection frequently to go to work — it’s not safe.

Stephen Frail (Needham, 2020-10-16)


That is a dangerous intersection. People blow through stop signs There all the time. Dangerous to walk to the park and cross over Walnut St when walking East on Bacon St.

Darlene Moreau (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live on Deerfield lane and have almost been hit several times at this intersection whir running.

Kristina Law ( Natick , 2020-10-16)


I’m signing because my child has nearly been hit at this intersection when trying to go to his bus stop.

Linda Glatt Anderson (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I’m signing because I walk through this intersection everyday and between the sidewalks ending and trying to navigate through the intersection is dangerous. Just today I was walking and a car missed the stop sign going north on walnut and almost hit my dog. Aaron you have my support.

Jack Mackin (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This intersection is a disaster. I’d love to see some improvements.

Rachael Tearle (Natick, 2020-10-16)


Believe it is an important safety concern.

Janet Fleming (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I feel the intersection needs to be updated to be more user friendly and to make crossing safer for pedestrians, including those that have disabilities.

Andrea Judson (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live in walnut hill and walk by this intersection daily. It needs to be safer.

Erin MacIntosh (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live and drive in the walnut street neighborhood and go through this intersection daily as both. It's particularly hard, if coming down chestnut, to see if anyone is coming north on walnut (especially with the new fence). It's difficult for everyone, and it's easy to see how a simple distraction or mistake could lead to a serious accident.

Sarah Ward (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live nearby and I wish that intersection was easier to navigate for everyone!

Kimberly Rosenberg (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I drive, walk, and run through this intersection regularly. It is always confusing and often harrowing.

Jordana Battis (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I run and walk through this intersection frequently, and it is always dangerous.

Karen Loughran (Natick, 2020-10-16)


Pedestrian safety needs to be a priority in our town.

Alexandra Grant (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This intersection needs to be safer for everyone!

Chantal Coudray (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This is a very dangerous intersection with children and Natick residents using it daily. This work to make it safer is way overdue for our town.

Sarah Cohen (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live in walnut hill school area and agree this intersection is super dangerous! I’ve seen bikers almost hit, watched cars cruise through without stopping, people turn without blinkers and the other cars at other stops think they could go same time, etc.

Ali Rundlett (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I feel that this is very important for the entirety of the Natick community

Jen Keniry (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This intersection is extremely dangerous. I drive through it almost everyday... and dread when my teen drivers have to go that way. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I had to walk through it on a regular basis. I support making it safer.

Maura Gaughan (Natick, 2020-10-16)


My children wait at roundwood &. Walnut bus stop & people drive through crosswalk as they are crossing! With walnut being an in -road to route 9, many more safety measures should be taken on this road.

Jen Golden (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I am signing because this Intersection is extremely dangerous. An accident waiting to happen.

Elizabeth Battaglia (Natick, 2020-10-16)


To make it safer for children to get to the park.

Cristin Allen (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I have lived in this neighborhood for 16 years and this intersection is VERY dangerous.

Sofia Romero (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This intersection is dangerous. For pedestrians and cars. There is a playground next to it, so children have to use the intersection. Need safer design.

Thomas Cardolaccia (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This intersection is not safe for vehicles or pedestrians. I avoid it at all costs. Time to make it safer.

Anne Linehan (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I recognize this intersection is dangerous. Cars often don't fully stop to wait their turn and with everyone coming from a different angle I think people get confused who is going next. I didn't live in that section of Natick but I wouldn't feel comfortable crossing as a pedestrian.

Linda Cote (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This is a dangerous intersection for everyone... Pedestrians and drivers.

Meera Smith (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live in the neighborhood and walk regularly and find this intersection is not pedestrian safe.

Karen Doolan (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I live down the street from this intersection. I drive through this intersection multiple times per day and have seen countless near misses between vehicles and pedestrians.

Christopher Resmini (Natick, 2020-10-16)


That intersection is dangerous for drivers, pedestrians and bikers particularly since it was redesigned to pull back the stop lines beyond where there is visibility.

Pamela Koskovich (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This is a dangerous intersection that needs improvements immediately

Erica Noonan (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I'm signing because that intersection has always been problematic and the danger to neighborhood pedestrians who have impaired hearing or sight makes this an urgent issue.

Holly Anderson (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I want people to be safe

Eileen Guenthner (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I drive through this intersection regularly and want it to be as safe as possible for pedestrians.

Hilary Goldhammer (Natick, 2020-10-16)


Because this intersection is one of the most challenging in Natick. I have seen people blow right through without stopping. I have NEVER seen police there ticketing.

Amy Burns (Natick, 2020-10-16)


This is an intersection desperately in need of safety improvements. So many kids and families and people of all ages walk around here, and it's not safe. I drive through here often and would support the 5 way stop getting a traffic light or a rotary to slow people down.

Mari Barrera (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I am signing in to show my family’s support not only for the family petitioning but also for my adult son who has severe autism/developmental delays. Safety features at this intersection would truly be welcomed on our daily walks together.

Cheryl Skinner (Natick , 2020-10-16)



Jen Schultz (Natick, 2020-10-16)


I grew up on Chestnut street and that intersection has always been a problem wherever you are driving or trying to cross the street.

Sharon Salvi (Natick, 2020-10-16)


Having teen drivers is stressful enough, intersections like this are so dangerous to experienced drivers let alone new ones!

Colleen Pole (Natick, 2020-10-16)

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