Odenton needs a dog park and amphitheater!

Bridget McConnell (Odenton, 2020-10-19)


As an Odenton resident and Chair of the Odenton Town Center Advisory Committee, I believe this park is a needed amenity.

Andrea Mansfield (Odenton, 2020-10-19)


This would be a wonderful addition to the Odenton area!

Myesha Stephney-Dorsey (Odenton, 2020-10-19)


I think it's a great idea.

William Heidecker (Odenton , 2020-10-19)


Odenton needs a park.

Andrew Schaefer (Odenton, 2020-10-19)


Odenton would benefit greatly from a park!!

Larissa McCormick (Odenton, 2020-10-19)


I live in this community and we need more

kristen Rawson (Odenton, 2020-10-19)


I live in Odenton as of recently, and have been struggling to find some good nature and recreation areas. I am also studying environmental sustainability design systems and am hoping to see some new progress in town regarding those topics!

Josh Hutchinson (Odenton, 2020-10-20)


I've been advocating for more things to do in Odenton to the Odenton Town Center Advisory Committee since 2016. This park is needed.

Jason Schwier (Odenton, 2020-10-20)


Odenton really needs an park for entertainment, because of the growing population. It would be great for our county.

Sheri Belt (Gambrills, 2020-10-20)


We just moved out of the Village at Odenton Station and it was very difficult to walk around with our dog for longer distances, while not being near a ton of cars. Having more trails and dog parks nearby would have greatly improved our experience living in that area of Odenton.

Danielle Stone (Columbia, 2020-10-20)


I have two small dogs who would love to have some space to run around and play. There currently aren't any dog parks in Odenton and this would be a great addition to the city. We hope you consider this petition Mr. Pittman.

Very Respectfully,

Alex Coria

Alex Coria (Odenton, 2020-10-20)


We need a park now

Char Milan (Odenton, 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because our town needs this.

Christian Haney (Odenton, 2020-10-21)


Im signing because i think this would be great for people who live in my apartment complex who have alot of dogs. Its walking distance and its good for dogs to interact with other dogs.

Adriana Benitez (Odenton, 2020-10-21)


My grandchildren live in Gambrills and need it

Kelly Murray (Annapolis, 2020-10-21)


Everyone needs a park near by

Jay Porterfield (Annapolis , 2020-10-22)


Outdoor recreational space has never been more important to our communities!

Faith Burns (Severna Park, 2020-10-23)


It would be wonderful to have a park local to our community. We lack many amenities like this. Please consider this park.

Michelle Cohn (Severna Park, 2020-10-24)


The area needs more trails/dog parks and open area's not cluttered by commercial businesses

Mary Toomey (Odenton, 2020-10-26)


This is important to the families in our community. We need a place where we can go to have peace, walk, play and just be with friends and family without worrying about traffic. We should be able to walk our pets without having to worry about them being hit by cars.

Kelly Lucas (Odenton, 2020-10-27)


Having a park that we can walk to with our kids and enjoy before and after visits to the library would make Odenton an even more amazing place to live.

Christine Adams (Odenton , 2020-10-27)


This is a good example of a community asking for a needed amenity that fits well in the location. We need more of this and less inappropriate sprawl.

Scott Blackketter (Millersville, 2020-10-27)


I’m signing because I would love a dog park that I won’t have to drive over 10 miles to get to. One in my neighborhood where I will meet my neighbors!



This would be great for the community! We don’t really have a park, at least not within walking distance. When my kids were little I took them to GORC Park and Kinder Farm quite a bit.

Thea Warner (Odenton, 2020-10-27)


Open space recreational areas are an important facet of providing a quality of life environment for the citizens. This proposal has been developed with much forethought of the needs of a diverse range of citizens of the Odenton area.

David Lewis (ODENTON, 2020-10-28)


I’m signing because this area is growing by leaps and bounds with many many townhomes and apartments. We need more public Areas to enjoy the great outdoors.

Valrie Kosh (Odenton, 2020-10-28)


The more parks and green space the better.

Rachel Hickson (Odenton, 2020-10-28)


I'm signing because we've lived here for 12yrs and while we love it here, I'm tired of having to drive to another city or even COUNTY to find a park that works for my family.

Additionally, as a Girl Scout leader, it would also be great to have an outdoor space like the amphitheater that we could hold special events in like our community bridging ceremony. Right now, we have to use the churches which is nice but puts an undo burden on them since our community events can be quite large at times.

Amy Stavely (Odenton, 2020-10-28)


Odenton needs more green spaces!!

Carolyn Fiume (Odenton, 2020-10-28)


With all of the new development, Odenton needs a park! Our family often travels outside of the County for parks and playgrounds. I'd love to have a place close to home.

Colette Gelwicks (Odenton, 2020-10-28)


I’m signing because I have dogs that would greatly benefit from a dog park. I also agree that Odenton needs a non commercial place where residents can gather. I think this would make a great addition to the community.

Aubrey Peacher (Odenton , 2020-10-28)


I'm signing this because Odenton is a place where people live, not just commute from. We need amenities, not storage units. Hopefully this will be the first of many parks that are built in Odenton.

Leslie Gelwicks (Odenton, 2020-10-28)


As 30-yr residents of Odenton, we have longed for a local park similar to the one proposed. The area is growing exponentially, and the for public spaces is growing, too.

Nancy Gorman (Odenton, 2020-10-29)


Odenton is growing quickly and is in need of green spaces. I would also love to see the unused train tracks from Walgreens to the MARC train station be converted into a safe walking/bicycling trail as 170 and 175 are extremely dangerous.

Cortney Gardner (Odenton MD, 2020-10-30)


Green space is needed in all communities, stop the sprawl



It’s much needed!

Susan Santos (Odenton, 2020-11-02)


I'm signing this petition because over the past 19 years that I've lived in Odenton, I've watched development after development come into this area with nothing being added for recreational purpose. The county has also failed in updating the infrastructure beyond the update of 175 between Disney and Reece Roads.

Suzette Bressler (Odenton, 2020-11-02)


We are an Odenton family who loves our library, and would love a chance to have an outdoor space there as well!

Holly Cloer Rosario (Odenton, 2020-11-02)


There is no park or outdoor space readily accessible for families in the Odenton community!!

Cara Perrone-Flagg (Odenton, 2020-11-02)


I have two boys who would love it!

Bonni Mace (Odenton,MD, 2020-11-02)


Odenton needs a Central Park!

Christina Dinh (Odenton, 2020-11-02)


I agree

Lance Coleman (Odenton, 2020-11-18)


Odenton needs a public park and recreational space. As other residents have mentioned, one must drive to other cities or counties to find such a space.

George Echeverri (Odenton, 2020-11-18)


I have grandchildren who love parks playgrounds

Donna Mullis (Odenton, 2020-11-19)


I live here and would love a place to walk my two dogs.

Evan Mallon (Odenton, 2021-01-20)


A park is needed and welcomed

Gerald Ringgold (Odenton, 2021-02-24)


An outdoor park would be a fabulous addition to Odenton, especially with all of the residential growth on the very busy 175.

Michelle Carpenter (Odenton, 2021-02-24)


We need an amphitheater and dog park! 🐕

Megan Marano (Odenton, 2021-02-24)


I moved here within the last 2 months and it has been fantastic. But with two small children, there is nothing to do (outdoors wise) unless I want to drive 15 or 20 minutes to a state park. The intended park would be appreciated by everyone in Odenton.

Nicholas Lambert (Odenton, 2021-02-24)


I'd like somewhere to walk around and get out without having to spend money.

Aiden Allred (Odenton, 2021-02-24)


Green space is important.

Gabrielle Childs-Seifert (Wilmington, 2021-02-24)


I believe it would be a great addition to the community. Especially in times like this when kids need to be getting outside and playing.

Nicholas Dohring (Elkton, 2021-02-25)


That would be great for the kids!

Fatima Callinder (Odenton , 2021-02-26)


I honestly believe this would help build a sense of community.

Joseph Stettner (Odenton, 2021-03-19)

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