The government needs to provide impoverished communities with sites that are legally appropriate and have basic services - water/ electricity - all deserve to live in safety and with basic human dignity

Margot van Ryneveld ( , 2020-11-09)


I am signing because the people living in this area need to be properly supported, with access to sanitation and safe housing. The pressure of the volume of people inhabiting the area is causing problems within the environment - the area is being cleared of vegetation and the river water is no longer safe/clean.

Carrie Peter (Johannesburg, 2020-11-09)


Thus is not an area safe or of good hygiene for the occupants illegally staying there. This is the responsibility of the City to ensure the people are placed in suitable residence and not along a river without any sanitation or services that are livable. We also need to ensure the river doesn’t get contaminated.

Louise Samuel (Johannesburg , 2020-11-09)


The rates go up, but our neighborhoods are becoming crime hotspots. Our green "lungs" are no longer safe to run or cycle in

John Georgiou (Randburg, 2020-11-09)


I feel that we pay taxes and rates to keep our area tidy and clean ,
These people must go back to their parents and families where they belong .

Esley Asbby (Gauteng, 2020-11-09)


The people deserve to be housed in an area with proper sanitation and safety.

Ian Brown (Johannesburg , 2020-11-09)


1. Dangerous and unsafe area: The area at the Spruit has become dangerous and not conducive to recreational space. there are naked men in the river washing and performing religious acts.
2. Water resources: There are men walking with buckets collecting water from the Field and Study area, there is a large amount of waste lying around, the water in the Spruit poses a health hazard-
when walking dogs on leash close to water one has to prevent dogs drinking water or splashing water on owner- disease such as Hepatitis A must be rife in this water. The Spruit cannot be used as a toilet and bathroom facility, and serve as water for cooking
3, Waste pickers: They have organised themselves taking over a large piece of land which is unsightly, unmanaged and not conducive to proper town planning. There has to be a better space found for them
This is no longer a recreational space, and the problem is so large that one cannot ignore it any loinger.

Lizette de Lange (River Club, 2020-11-10)


I feel unsafe

Mark Springett (Johannedburg, 2020-11-10)


I am concerned about the Securtiy in the area as well as the polution caused to the enviroment

Hermien Visagie (Sandton, 2020-11-10)


Security issues

Julie Esterhuysen (Johannesburg, 2020-11-10)


I strongly agree with every concern and suggested action set out in the petition.

Janet Braun (Sandton, 2020-11-10)


i am rate payer in the vicinity and i would also like to safely utilize the green belt of the Braamfontein Spruit.
i also feel that the vagrants are not living there legally and in hygienic circumstances

eric gander (Sandton, 2020-11-10)


I am signing this petition out of concern for the security of the neighbourhood, the health impact on the people living in the illegal settlement and the damage to the environment due to uncontrolled waste

Duncan Mutxh (Johannesburg, 2020-11-10)


I feel they have become a public nuisance and that there is now a criminal element within them

Alistair Maxwell (Sandton, 2020-11-10)


I have security concerns as well as I believe this area is becoming a health hazard

Kay Karlsson (Sandton, 2020-11-10)


Criminality is certain to escalate.

George Aldrich (Johannesburg, 2020-11-10)


We want our neighborhood safe again

Nathali Moens (Johannesburg, 2020-11-11)


I am concerned about the violent crime and sanitation problems this is causing in my suburb, Bryanston.

John Loudon (Sandton, 2020-11-11)


I have been running on the Braamfontein Spruit for over 24 years and the illegal human settlements of illegal immigrants is causing environmental damage, pollution and health risks ( not to mention lawlesnes and mess).

Alexander Babich (Sandton, 2020-11-11)


Safety concerns

Tank Coetzee (Johannesburg , 2020-11-11)


I want the removal of the illegal land occupants for the safety of everyone

Cindy dos Santos (Sandton, 2020-11-11)


The City needs to provide safe and hygienic shelter to all residents ina controlled manner.

Raoul Goosen (Sandton, 2020-11-11)


I’m signing because it became unsafe to walk and cycle in that area and the pollution they create is out of hand

Wimpie Malan (Bryanston, 2020-11-11)


It has become unsafe to walk in the area, due to the increase in muggings and theft. There has also been a sharp increase in house robberies since the establishment of the informal settlement.

Kyle Venter (Johannesburg, 2020-11-11)


I am signing this because illegal occupation of the spruit results in high levels of crime in the area. Joggers are being mugged. Homes are being broken into especially those which border the spruit. Spruit residents break into homes and hide in the bushes in the spruit. Crime in the area is really bad. Most of us don’t have a good nights sleep because of living in fear of these spruit residents who break into our homes or mug us for cellphones or tape us as we jog in our neighborhood.

Angeline Hundah (Johannesburg , 2020-11-11)


I’m signing up because I love walking the dogs along side the river but since lockdown I’m not comfortable walking in this beautiful area. Besides safety it’s also a commitment The government made during Covid to look after the homeless. If they have nothing they’ll most likely steel. Can’t even blame them for that but makes living close by scary.

Godelieve Schuurmans (Johannesburg , 2020-11-11)


I am a concerned resident and user of the Spruit and Field and Study Park for recreational use. The said illegal squatters create a major (well known and understood and unwanted) security risk to users of the Spruit and Field and Study Park and also in the surrounding area. In addition, they create an immense amount of pollution which invariably finds its way into the Spruit and surrounding vegetation. Ultimately their occupation is illegal and the law needs to be complied with by all and to not take action creates an unwanted precedence and brings into question whether one needs to comply with legislation if law enforcement it is not applied fairly and equally to all and not in select circumstances when it suits the authorities to enforce.

John MATHER (Sandton, 2020-11-11)


Very unsafe walking and cycling along those greenbelts, often intimidated.

Arthur van Dyk (Hurlingham Manor, 2020-11-11)


We are rate payers. These people are devaluing our land plus it is no longer safe and residents are being attacked They are mostly
not our people. They must return home

Franki Purser (2 Peach Farm Clisw, 10th Ave., Rivonia, 2020-11-11)


I am a cyclist and ride the sprit frequently but can no longer ride alone in fear of my safety.

Mark Boyd (Bryanston East Ext 3, 2020-11-11)


Our greenbelts are overrun with unhoused people. Unhygienic, unsafe, inhumane. EVERYONE deserves better.

Wendy Robertson (Johannesburg , 2020-11-11)


If not, ALL municipal land will soon be invaded.

Orlando Rojas (Johannesburg , 2020-11-11)


Please do something. Let this not be a waste of time and effort.

Shane Randall (Johannesburg, 2020-11-12)


I am a resident nearby and don't feel safe using this area to go walking. It could be so beautiful but the litter is unbearable.

Catherine Biggs (Sandton, 2020-11-12)


I’m concerned about the crime in the area as well as the fact that this is unhygienic and unhealthy for human beings to live like this

Steven Parker (Johannesburg , 2020-11-12)


Law and order has declined in the area and the criminals are taking over.

Glynis Eggleton (Sandton , 2020-11-12)


I am a mountain Biker and we cycle a lot in the spruit , it has became quite dangerous and unsafe and it is also a health hazard when you see how these people live !!

Heinz` Brunner (Joahnnesburg, 2020-11-12)


Major health hazards with serious dumping and pollution of the spruit and surrounding areas.

Roger Nicholson (Bryanston, 2020-11-12)


The security and health risks of this situation are enormous

Armand Smit (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


Vagrants bring crime to the neighborhood

Ryan Miller (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


I live in the area and I have saftey concerns

Preeti Desai (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


This poses a health and safety risk to everyone and is something that actin can be taken to avoid disaster

Jacquelyn Schultz (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


We have family living in the area.

Cecile Cameron (Marina Beach, 2020-11-13)


I am a local resident that uses the green belt along the Braamfontein Spruit regularly and am concerned over the sustainability of it as an important, attractive, safe and eco-friendly part of our city.

Greg Murphy (Johanessburg, 2020-11-13)

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