The park is not a sustainable option for the illegal dwellers, the pollution of our park and spruit is a direct result of these people using the area to stay. Alternative accommodation has to be identified where our park and public spaces are not destroyed

Marinda Bohnsack (Sandton , 2020-11-13)


This has been an ongoing problem for many years now and affects the value of property, compromises our safety, results in increased crime and is unhygienic and unsightly.

Lynne Marais (Parkmore Sandton, 2020-11-13)


I'm signing because this is a clear infringement on the protection of our public lands.

Dhiren Appalraju (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


Don’t feel save to go for normal walks inField and Study Centre, the place is littered with platic, the spruit is being used as a toilet and the safety of us as ratepayers are being threatened. This looks like a rubbish dump and we constantly have to fend of rat infestations.

Sanet Bezuidenhout (Sandton, 2020-11-13)


It is affecting the security situation in Parkmore.

Natachia Moorgas (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


The river has become unsightly, unsafe and the river water is polluted from the constant feaces coming from the lodgers.

Murray Makepeace (Parkmore, 2020-11-13)


I agree completely agree with the reasons provided in this petition for the removal of people illeaglly occupying either private or municipal land. The waste pickers are creating an envirnonmental disaster and taking jobs from formal employment sector: the waste they cannot sell accumulates around their squatter camp, is either burned or left in growing piles. Organised tax paying companies who employ people like pikitup take ALL the waste to a formal designated waste site to be managed, which in turn creates jobs. Further, sqatter camps devalue suburb house prices, add to crime and erode the value of having municipal bylaws to manage towns and cities. These squatters all have a home, somewhere, which they should return to.

Ross Davies (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


The illegal occupation of said land is growing beyond control, and is increasingly creating a serious fire, health and security hazard for surrounding business and residential areas.

Edwin Molenkamp (Sandton, 2020-11-13)



Kate Allan (Parkmore JHB, 2020-11-13)


I am resident nearby concerned about my safety

Graham Beyers (Sandton, 2020-11-13)


I am a concerned tax paying resident of Parkmore

Michael Barnes (Johannesburg , 2020-11-13)


We have illegal house occupation in our area which is leading to increased crime

Sandy Fowler (Johannesburg , 2020-11-13)


I strongly support this petition to prevent the gradual invasion of Parkmore and its environs by vagrants or other homeless people.

Harry Sewlall (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


I fear for the safety of my family and neighbors.

Subendran Naidoo (Sandton, 2020-11-13)


I support the eviction of the squatters in the spruit area. Poses a great security risk.

Carolyn Austin (Bryanston, 2020-11-13)


As a ratepayer the mess caused by the waste pickers, the security risk and the health hazard as a result of the unlawful occupation of public land is contrary to the bye laws and should be enforced. If we as contributing ratepayers behaved in the same manner there would be no revenue to develop and provide infrastructure and homes for these people.

Ian Beaton (Sandton, 2020-11-13)


I sign this because I am a resident negatively affected by this uncontrolled influx of vagrants and resulting security risk to my body and my property.

Theodor Arrenbrecht (Sandton, 2020-11-13)


Not only that the space cannot accommodate so many squatters but the pollution of the Braamfontein Spruit is significant for such a scarce water resourse.

Valerie Mogg (Sandton, 2020-11-13)


This has been affecting our health steadily over the last 4 years and has become unbearable

Steve Claassens (Johannesburg, 2020-11-13)


Agree to the above but also to find them a space to live be able to continue their work.

CHERYL FUSSELL (Sandron, 2020-11-14)


I am signing as there is significant chance of attach when riding or walking in the area and it is a hot bed of crime. We are pay ing large rates and taxes and it is not equitable for these people to destroy the value of our properties.

Richard North (Sandton, 2020-11-14)


I am signing this petition because this is a health hazard on many different levels: socially, environmentally, safety and economically.

Helen Macdonald (Riverclub, Sandton, 2020-11-14)


Seeing the issue as health and safety risk.

Hans Rheeders (Sandton , 2020-11-14)


Council needs to stop land invasion. Trash collectors need designated spaces.

Vossie Goosen (Johannesburg/Sandton, 2020-11-14)


I pay rates and taxes and receiving little to no returns thereon.

Yunus Karodia (Johannesburg , 2020-11-14)


We would like to see that these people are moved to a place where they can get proper sanitation and not pollute the rivers?

Karl Basson (Johannesburg, 2020-11-14)


This is a humanitarian, environmental, health and safety and security issue.

Julian Ortlepp (Sandton, 2020-11-14)


The informal housing is untidy , the residents are demolishing the natural environment & they are bathing using the river to ablute - it must be brought to a holt

Ian Mclean (Parkmore Sandton, 2020-11-14)


I regularly walk and ride on the spruit, I participate in the litter collection and spruit clean up days, pay rates and taxes bill. I am concerned about the security of the community.

JB Flint (Johannesburg, 2020-11-14)


In the richest square mile in Africa we have Vagrants bringing down the value of property and creating a security risk.

Meagan Van der Berg (Sandton, 2020-11-14)


Because this has been and ongoing and escalating problem for more than 10 years and poses a greater risk all the time. This has also impacted the security at the Field and Study Center

Kym Wright (Johannesburg, 2020-11-14)


We need to ensure the city adheres to and acts upon bylaws. This vagrant issue is now becoming dangerous and must be managed. COJ must take accountability.

Carly Donald (Gauteng , 2020-11-14)


Of the residents residing there with no cleaning or toilet facilities. This is all going into the river and is unhealthy.

Ann Markantonis (Sandton, 2020-11-14)


I own property very close to the park and worry about the value of my property with a full community living in the park next door. The noise on the weekends is terrible and the park is unsafe

Claudia Frowein (Johannesburg , 2020-11-14)


An urgent need for stop this growing humanitarian crisis of homeless dispossessed people who are seeking proper facilities to live with dignity

Chantal Nativel (Johannesburg , 2020-11-15)


It’s a completely untenable situation for the ratepayers of our suburbs, which has escalated beyond all acceptable proportions, as well as for the illegal occupiers of the land who are living in the most unhealthy disgusting conditions. Please, something has to be done NOW!!

Susan McLean (Sandton, 2020-11-15)


I am signing this for most of the above reasons and also because domestic waste reclaimers need to have assistance in how they can perform their service and carry out their livelihood, within the suburbs, through storage areas, easily accessible to them.

Michael Blake (Parkmore, 2020-11-15)


The settlement does pose a security risk, with several armed robberies happening at the Field and Study Park.

The settlers are also living under extremely poor conditions, which degrades the area and is simply inhumane for the settlers.

Luan Mans (New Brighton, Sandton, 2020-11-15)


Security and health concerns

Shan van Deventer (Riverclub, 2020-11-15)


Pollution in the water. Stinks

Shaune Hatton (Johannesburg , 2020-11-16)


I live a few 100m away from this site.

Claudia Foxcroft (Johannesburg , 2020-11-16)


Crime, land value, safety

Philippa Frowein (Johannesburg , 2020-11-16)


I agree with the petition and the acrid smell of burning of plastic is untenable

Carl Frowein (Sandton, 2020-11-16)


The park is a beautiful green area that we visit to get closer to nature and walk our dogs. We are afraid to enter the park now and feel it should be preserved and protected as a green space for residents.

Graham Johnson (Johannesburg, 2020-11-16)


This is a huge safety risk for all residents of the area, there are always attacks on cyclists and runners in that area.

Tyrone Wilmot (Sandton, 2020-11-16)


I’m signing because we have illegal people staying just across the road from us in the braamfontein spruit.
Cnr Sandton drive and William Nicol is a very dangerous spot during the day and night especially and extremely dirty.

Elizabeth Tsigkos (Johannesburg, 2020-11-16)


I support the removal of illegal land occupants

Chama Kamukwamba (Parkmore, 2020-11-17)


I believe that these people should be re-housed
somewhere more suitable, where there is running water, toilets, and more comfortable accommodation.

Art Hammond (Sandton, 2020-11-17)


Want to maintain the Spruit as a park

Colin Hendriks (Johannesburg , 2020-11-17)


The municipality need to make provision for homeless people and provide necessary sanitation, particularly due to the environmental risks adjacent to the river.

Matthew Stubbs (Muldersdrift, 2020-11-17)


Me and friends have built jumps next to the spruit and we cant go unless our parents come with to make sure we dont get robbed

Ethan Vermeulen (Craighall, 2020-11-17)


Of concern about the general degradation of the area, inhuman living conditions of those squatting there ie no ablution facilities, security of residents, fire hazard and lack of action by the Johannesburg Municipality. Do something! We pay rates and taxes for what? Nought!

Jean Duncan (Sandton, Johannesburg, 2020-11-17)


Our property values are being decimated. Also danger from criminal activity

Angela Chatfield (Gauteng, 2020-11-17)


I’m deeply concerned about the burgeoning squatter camps in our area for all the reasons stated in the petition. We pay very high property rates to live in Bryanston and I don’t expect to have squatter camps in my neighbourhood !

Robyn Buys (Johannesburg, 2020-11-17)


The people moving in have no ablution facilities and are using the spruit for washing and toilet. Unacceptable pollution.

Jup Meyer (Craighall , 2020-11-17)


The people living on this land have no access to basic services and contribute significantly to the pollution of the river.

I sympathise with their situation but they are in clear contravention of a number of
by-laws and the city should provide them with decent housing.

Gareth Hooker (Johannesburg , 2020-11-17)


Of the security risk that land invaders pose to my family

Deon Voslo (Sandton, 2020-11-17)


The inaction of the council is causing an increase in crime, litter & becomes a health hazard ... in the middle of a pandemic!!!

Adrian Thomas (Mogale, 2020-11-17)

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