Save Schaumburg Wetlands



We need to save our natural habitats from pollution as much as possible.

Deena Mirandola (Hanover Park, 2020-12-18)


I live nearby and we already have a FedEx trucking stop kitty corner from this location. Don't need more heavy trucks and pollution in the area. Also, Rodenburg as a skinny 2 lane is not equipped for that kind of traffic.

David Meger (SCHAUMBURG, 2020-12-18)


It’s the right thing to do. Period.

Destiny Mae (Chicago , 2020-12-18)


It’s the right thing to do, It’s 2020. SAVE THE PLANET. Period.

Juliana Valenzuela (Chicago, 2020-12-18)


I care about the environment

Julie Jaworski (Rockford, 2020-12-18)


We need to preserve the natural areas within Schaumburg!

Colin Witt (Schaumburg , 2020-12-18)


Because this is clearly going to upset the natural area. Flooding will cause larger issues as well as the additional pollution.

Kate Conneely (Chicago, 2020-12-19)


I live practically next door and adore this part of Schaumburg. Absolutely NO to this. It will ruin the beauty and oil spill-free area, cause health issues like during the DAPL fiasco. NO NO NO.

SM Reeves (Roselle, 2020-12-19)


I am a Schaumburg resident for 38+ years and oppose anything that will harm the environment in the area.

Jim Kudjer (Schaumburg, 2020-12-19)


Not okay!!

Francisco Sanchez (Chicago, 2020-12-19)


These wet land is the last land we have for the animals, we're running out of land and people keep building. This is all we have left

Dan Sandstrom (Schaumburg, 2020-12-20)


To take this land away from nature and the animals living there would be Devastating. We don’t need to build on every single piece of open land. I also do not want this monstrosity in my neighborhood. This would be an awful decision made by the village of Schaumburg to allow this to go through.

Amanda Tull (Schaumburg , 2020-12-20)


I am a Resident a Schaumburg living near this area. Removing the wetlands will be detrimental to many people, animals etc. I strongly feel that this nonsense should be stopped!

Gail Metsig (Schaumburg, 2020-12-20)


I live in the surrounding area of Schaumburg. I work in Schaumburg. We already have coyotes in our yards from them being displaced. We need nature. We don't need more concrete. There are other ways for us to make money.

Linda Friesema (Elk Grove Village, 2020-12-21)


It’s just wrong to destroy a 19 acres of wetlands!

Wendy Sears (Roselle , 2020-12-21)


I live right across This area off Rodenburg and do not to be breathing all this daily.

Tiziana Bavaro (Roselle , 2020-12-22)


To save the wetlands and the ecosystem in place

Amber Bombeck (Roselle, 2020-12-22)


I’m absolutely against the construction of any structure on the above referenced wetlands in Schaumburg. Please contact me if there’s anything that I can do to help.

Anthony DePinto (Roselle, 2020-12-22)


Wetlands and natural habitat are important!

Michael Murray (Roselle, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing this because I live along these roads with my family and do not want those harmful impacts. We use the well water systems aswell. This is dangerous for us residents and wildlife.

Robert Mukite (Schaumburg , 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because once you take away a natural habitat, it is gone forever. Current and future lives depend on this ecosystem, both animal and human.

Mallory Ohara (Hanover park, 2020-12-22)


I believe in preserving natural habitats for wildlife whenever possible. I also believe that thee is plenty of land that is vacant or would not impact a wetlands around Schaumburg. Take areas by Woodfield Mall for instance. I have recently moved to Palatine from Schaumburg and still own a home there. And I used to live in Roselle just the other side of the railroad tracks so I know this wetlands. It’s beautiful and serene and should remain undisturbed. Please reconsider.

Natasha Giraldo (Palatine/Schaumburg, 2020-12-22)


Wetlands serve a purpose to keep the ecosystem balanced. Natural habitats need to be protected. Without them, we eventually see soil degradation, and lack of fertile ground in areas that we need it. Continuing to strip the land of natural habitats will not benefit us nor the animals that help keep it balanced. Our own bad habits of encouraging revenue and business ventures above protecting natural habitats, must change. It will be very unwise for us to continue to strip up wetlands, farmlands, and prairies for our immediate desires with these large projects that damage the land and environment. If businesses want large areas of land, seek delapidated areas and restore/rebuild/change then. But stop stripping natural land of the last habitats in the region, is ridiculous and disgusting.

Christine Canchola-Guzman (Roselle Cook, 2020-12-22)


It is important for our planet and our children to preserve natural beauty and animal habitats

Rebecca Williams-Garcia (Bensenville , 2020-12-22)


Love in the area and do not want increased truck traffic / pollution

Aaron Eichhorst (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


Because we should preserve the ecosystem

Alexandra Kowalczyk (Chicago, 2020-12-23)


Environmental protection is very important to me

Mallela Villarreal (Schaumburg , 2020-12-23)


This area of land has been in my families history for years and would hate to see this come to fruition!

Jennifer Decker (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


We need to protect the land that is important to our environment.

Dori Gerlesits (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


I's signing because I object mindless development and projects that hard our environment.

Pawel Markowski (Medinah, 2020-12-23)


I live down the street and want to keep the wetlands along with the wildlife to help improve the environment.

Pam Bonfiglio (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


This is important! I live very near this area and want it to remain natural and undeveloped.

Dan Scoles (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


Animals and nature must thrive if we are going to thrive. Stop the paving over and polluting of the wetlands.

Beth Ward (Denver, 2020-12-23)


Natural places are becoming too rare. Plants and animals are integral to human happiness and quality of life.

Amy Rieselman (Naperville , 2020-12-23)


This is an unwelcome, unnecessary and a dangerous addition to our community. There are so many harmful things at play here that could damage and threaten surrounding homes, not to mention the destruction of land that's home to lots of wildlife.

Jennifer Mills (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


I dont want another truck company in the neighborhood

Maribeth Showalter (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


I'm signing this petition because I believe the diesel fumes will be harmful to people attending the church and living in the neighboring townhomes and because of the damage to the wetlands.

Lynn Dennis (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


We need to preserve our wetlands.

Eileen Murphy (SCHAUMBURG, 2020-12-23)


It is essential to our ecosystem to protect these lands. It's also our responsibility as humans to keep sections of the land for our sanity, peace, and a way to educate future generations about nature and balance. Once destroyed, we can't "build" this elsewhere. Do not destroy this land. Build elsewhere.

Lorrie O'Connor (Schaumburg, 2020-12-23)


We need someplace for the animals to live, we DON'T NEED THE WASTE, in OUR WELLS. Too much other land they can use.

Michael Zaborowski (Roselle , 2020-12-23)


We don't need anymore trucks in that area, and we don't need to destroy anymore nature

Samantha Luke (Schaumburg, 2020-12-23)


I value a balanced (natural vs developed) community.

Julie Berg (Schaumburg , 2020-12-23)


Stop destroying what little land animals have left to live & feed on. You wonder why animals are coming into our neighborhoods.....this is why. They have no where else to go. No where to find food.

Kim Parker (Schaumburg , 2020-12-23)


I want to live in a clean, non cancerous environment.

Norah Chehab (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


The wetlands, people’s health and preservation of natural spaces is more important than money or some temporary political gain. I am sure there are are other spaces across the street in the already developed areas. Repurpose abandoned developed areas.

Juliet Oroni (Roselle , 2020-12-23)


The ecology of this wetland and neighboring properties is far too sensitive to withstand destruction by development and pollution.

Brandi Talaga (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


I want that area designated as a wetland so no company can build there.

Karen Grieshaber (Schaumburg, 2020-12-23)



SALLY OCONNELL (Hanover Park, 2020-12-23)


I live in Hampton in the park and this will absolutely ruin our property value.

Patrice Pappas (Roselle, 2020-12-23)


Open spaces are needed for the future. I am concerned that my grandchildren experience a quality environment near home.

David Melzer (ELK GROVE VILLAGE, 2020-12-23)


We only have one earth, we have to protect it!

Kathleen Griffin (itasca, 2020-12-23)


Im upset they are adding 150 homes to an area that we dont need and taking away the land on Summit Dr. Im sick of this!!

Victoria Drawant (Schaumburg illinois, 2020-12-24)


I would like the habitat to remain in its natural state. Not only could disrupting the safety and health of nearby residents who have lived on Long Ave for many years. Potential flooding and and pollution could pose a great public health issue by harming water sources and emission of harmful waste by product into the atmosphere.

Juan Garcia (Schaumburg, 2020-12-24)


the ecosystem

Yehya Chehab (Roselle, 2020-12-24)


We need to preserve some nature here. It is important not only for the wildlife, but also the residents

Melanie Dwyer (Roselle, 2020-12-24)


I live near this area and this will become a traffic nightmare!! The area is so congested already!!!!

Lisa Drugan (Roselle, 2020-12-24)

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