Save Schaumburg Wetlands



I live in Schaumburg and care about our preserving our wetlands, as well as preventing the toxic impacts that this project would create.

Marian Staats (Schaumburg, 2021-11-13)


Animals should not lose their natural habitat.

Jo Anna Dvorak (Elk Grove Vlg, 2021-11-16)


Wetlands are important.

Jeff Sanderson (Schaumburg, 2021-11-16)


I’m signing because I oppose this plan.

Catherine Michaels (Schiller Park, 2021-11-16)


To many wetlands being destroyed by shopping centers and other retail. Enough is enough. Thank you.

Karen Dubinski (Wilmington , 2021-11-16)


Wetlands are vital to preserve water quality and filtration and prevent flooding.

Laura Davis (Inverness, 2021-12-01)


We need are green spaces, all of Creation is interconnected. We are out of balance at the present time and need to care for and restore our natural environment for our own health.

Janice Gedmin (Arlington Heights , 2021-12-01)


I am committed to protecting the health of our wetlands and this project would permanently damage them.

bonnie cimo (ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, 2021-12-02)


to o stop Experior Transport from building polluting and destroying.

TJ Zweidinger (Hoffman Estates, 2021-12-02)


I believe development can occur elsewhere than on this unique space.

Paul Safyan (WHEELING, 2021-12-02)


I care about our environment !

William Zavaski (Arlington Heights, 2021-12-02)


Save our local environment.

Ron Cimo (Arlington Heights, 2021-12-02)


I care about local air and water quality

Jan Smith (Barrington, 2021-12-03)


Saving our natural world is very important to every species, especially HUMANS!

Cathleen McQuillan (Arlington Heights, 2021-12-03)


We can't keep destroying wetlands for profit. Wetlands are priceless!

James Wallace (Hoffman Estates, 2021-12-04)


Saving what we have is important.

Elizabeth Gardham (Des Plaines, 2021-12-04)


Wetlands are scarce and any remaining areas should be preserved. The village should renegotiate the contract for a better solution.

Dean Mindock (Collinsville, 2021-12-05)


Our natural places; habitat, water, flora & fauna, are necessary, sacred & need protection.

Melinda Kincaid (San Luis Obispo, 2021-12-06)


Maintaining nature is paramount to our existence on earth!

Patricia Bethel (Inverness, 2021-12-07)


We need to save natural places, not bulldoze them.

Emily Thompson (Chicago, 2022-01-14)


Protecting nature and mainting a balanced ecosystem benefits everyone living in it.

Augustus Luigie Soterio (Pasig City, 2022-01-17)


Save the environment, save the people.

Jennifer Price (Oak Park , 2022-01-20)


We do not live far from this area and do not want or need another toxic pollutant place being built on a beautiful and nature piece of land. There are so many other VACANT buildings that can be purchased or renovated. STOP building just to build and leave nature alone!

Nicole Ayala (Schaumburg , 2022-02-27)


Wetlands should never be touched! Please put all commercial vehicles fueling on expressways. Will keep traffic congestion away from residential areas.

William Lemar (Schaumburg, 2022-03-01)


I’ve lived in this area forever and the natural area needs to be protected. There are homes right across the street that should not be exposed to pollution, noise or mishaps that may occur, this is NOT an industrial area! Additionally Rodenburg is a 1 lane road with train tracks, adding more traffic congestion in this area will be horrible for the residents.

Cynthia Gaetano (Roselle , 2022-03-01)


I'm signing because I grew up in Schaumburg and still have family there. These lands should be preserved and not polluted

Linda Millar (Palatine, 2022-03-04)


I'm signing because I want to protect the endangered wetlands, and the life that calls it home.

Brian Svean (ROLLING MEADOWS, 2022-03-09)


Where do I even begin?
How on earth was something like this even approved????

My family grew up on this property and my grandparents long before. It was my understanding that this property would not be used commercially in the future and it would be preserved or a small portion possibly for residential use. I am appalled and sick to my stomach as to what is being proposed and zero regard given to the natural resources and the wetland area remaining in tact.

We grew up on well water there and I would be horrified with the disruption to the land and to know of the large fuel storage tanks being installed.

The destruction of wetlands is a huge concern as they are some of the most productive habitats on the planet, supporting animals and birds. Illinois and Schaumburg natural resources need to be protected as they are finite!

Lori Hargett (Elgin, 2022-03-09)


This effects me and I do not want a large trucking center in my backyard, causing more traffic issues, polluting the environment, destroying wildlife habitats and bringing transient populations into a residential neighborhood. Enough is enough! The roads are NOT equipped to handle this extra activity & weight load. The roads can not be widen without making this into a public safety issue.

Patricia Huntington (Roselle, 2022-03-09)


I want to stop the pollution. Wetlands are needed for the good wildlife and humans.

Marilyn Falkner (Schaumburg, 2022-03-15)


I am signing because I live in the area and I understand the importance of the wetlands. Also we have wells for a water in this area and the contamination possible from the fuel tanks is very frightening.

Deborah Irwin (Schaumburg , 2022-03-15)


It’s not fair to take away the wild life’s home.

Nina Dyer (Schaumburg, 2022-03-15)


I don’t want trucking company destroying wet lands and causes traffic and danger for our children
This is a family community not a trucking hub.

Wendy Pajak (Schaumburg , 2022-03-23)


I’m signing because I believe this facility should go on an existing but unused commercial site, not replace our valuable wetlands.

Jan Bottiglieri (Schaumburg, 2022-04-12)


I’m signing because nature counts!!! We need to all do our part to better protect what is natural. Taking care of the nature is taking care of our planet for our future generations!

Marsha Behm (Schaumburg , 2022-04-14)


I care to preserve the land

Jose Almodovar (Schaumburg , 2022-04-26)


Wetlands are nature's wildlife centers and function as flood control

Michele Niccolai (La Grange Highlands, 2022-05-19)


We have too many buildings, truck facilities and commercial property taking over our wetlands. I am devastated just thinking about the impact this will have on our ecosystem and those residing in the area.

Melissa Paynter (Roselle, 2022-07-04)

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