Bail out workers, not Wall Street.



Long ago, as World War II was ending and the United States government began developing a thoroughly reactionary foreign policy in relation to the Soviet Union, the emerging new socialist China and those peoples struggling to free themselves from colonialism and imperialism, far-sighted thinkers and politicians like the progressives Elmer Benson-the former Governor of Minnesota, Henry Wallace and his liberal friend Democratic Senator Claude Pepper along with the distinguished peace and civil rights activists W.E.B. Du Bois and Shirley Graham Du Bois together with working class leaders Harry Bridges and Wyndham Mortimer formulated an alternative agenda with the thinking that if the United States government would focus on creating a better life for our own people the increasingly aggressive and war prone government would not have the will, nor the capacity, to wage wars and meddle and intervene in the affairs of other countries... thus, the United States would become a voice for peace and mutual cooperation with the rest of the world.

This was good advice back then and such thinking is what we need in this country now more than ever before.

There is a universal world-wide consensus that for the common good of all people and for the health of the planet: all wars must end.

It is with this in mind that I have joined with others in bringing forward this very minimal and basic set of four urgently required demands intended to help working class families through this capitalist economic collapse exacerbated by this coronavirus pandemic:

Members of the Socialist Connection Action Network (Socialist C.A.N.) propose an emergency action agenda for all people’s unity around these very minimal and basic demands; we seek to work with all individuals and organizations to attain these goals:

1. A Basic Income Guarantee of $2000.00 a month for every adult over 18 and $200.00 for each child in the family.

2. A $650.00 increase for everyone receiving Social Security.

3. Cancel ALL student debt.

4. Increase the Federal Minimum Wage to $16.00.

The money can come from a hefty tax on the rich, a tax on Wall Street transactions and profits and a Peace Dividend.

We intend to launch a campaign involving petitioning and letter writing to get this movement underway and to put pressure on Congress and the President to enact this as legislation.

We need your help.

Please copy, post and distribute.


Alan Maki

For twelve years Democrats and Republicans have been using the financial resources and levers of government to assist and bailout Wall Street from this mess we as working people have had no voice in, nor part in creating.

Now it’s time to bailout working class families.

We are not asking for a handout; we create the wealth.

Alan Maki (Austin, Texas, 2020-11-29)


The petition is very important to provide assistance for millions of working people; please sign and share the link/petition with five or more friends and family.

Stewart Alexander (Sun City, 2020-11-29)


I hate the rich.

Joe Sompolinsky (Muskegon. , 2020-11-30)


I'm signing because we have carried the rich for far too long. Workers need help, we just keep getting poorer

Deborah Bond (San Antonio, 2020-11-30)


The people demand relief.

Archie Skiffer Jr (Mendenhall , 2020-12-01)


Americans deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In all truthfulness, other countries do as well.

Cindy Johnson (Austin, 2020-12-01)


The people and small businesses need a stimulus the not the corporations or the 1%

Susan Caravaggio (Tujunga, 2020-12-03)


It's time

Vladimir G Federoff (Hanover, 2020-12-03)


I am sick and tired of the suffering while the rich rake in billions and racism is used as a smokescreen for class warfare against working people. Enough us enough. We are human beings, not Human Resources to be sucked dry and tossed away.

Diana Frank (Allentown, 2020-12-03)


100 percent on board with all this. The well-being of the American people is a national security emergency.

Wesley Wheeler (Glen Burnie, 2020-12-03)


It is the morally responsible thing to do. It is long overdue we consider the people first and not corporations.

Robin Hensel (Little Falls, 2020-12-03)


Economic fairness is essential for us to retain our democracy and our republic. The needs of regular average people have been blatantly ignored by the government since 1980 and it's brought us to this terrible division.

Sharla Gardner (Duluth , 2020-12-03)


#learnMMT so that congress is under our control

B C (BMT , 2020-12-03)


I am gig worker and work 2 jibs. My gig job is gone and have no way to replace that lost income.

Jerri Uhl (Durango, 2020-12-03)


Fuck the establishment

Joseph Laundry (Forest Grove, 2020-12-03)


Every American deserves a liveable wage.

Penelope Riker (Flint, 2020-12-03)


So tired of workers and poor people being left to sink or swim for survival while the rich get obscenely richer

Jay Weiner (San Pablo, 2020-12-03)


I believe money should go directly to workers.

Florence Buckley (Philadelphia, 2020-12-04)


We need economic democracy! Just the right to vote every two years for candidates that are mostly bought and paid for by corporations isn't enough.

Kathleen Greene (Concord, 2020-12-04)


The superwealthy had their time to shine, the rest of us deserve that too !

Lynda Garner (Delray beach, 2020-12-04)


We the People have lost millions of jobs, have no healthcare during a Pandemic that's killing thousands daily and are set to lose homes and increase the already huge homeless population. We need Direct Cash Assistance NOW.

Natalie Williams (Auburn, 2020-12-06)


Supporting working people in this way will stimulate the economy and benefit everyone. If we are decent people in this country then we have an obligation to help each other.

Glen Sharp (Auburn, 2020-12-07)


We the American people are in deep shit do to no fault of our own and government is supposed to be our back up period. Not Wall Street or big ass Corporations that have me record profits in the last 10 years.

Jerome Daniels (Dallas, 2020-12-07)


We need it

Johnny Lira (Susdex, 2020-12-07)


Congress just robbed the poor to give to the rich. It's only right that they help the little guy too.

Kayann Cassells (Margate, 2020-12-07)



Sumathi Sumathi (Erode, 2020-12-07)


This time bail out workers instead of Wall Street.

1. A Basic Income Guarantee of $2000.00 a month for every adult over 18 and $200.00 for each child in the family.

2. A $650.00 increase per month for everyone receiving Social Security.

3. Cancel ALL student debt.

4. Increase the Federal Minimum Wage to $16.00.

The money can come from a hefty tax on the rich, a tax on stock market transactions, Federal Stimulus Funds for public needs and a Peace Dividend.

Millions of people are suffering because of this economic crisis that has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

We urge you to act now without delay.

Isker Frank (East Saint Louis, 2020-12-08)


It's the right thing to do!

Phyllis Jones (Roanoke, 2020-12-08)


Because I am human, I have values, ethics and a heart.

Russell Meyers (Montgomery, 2020-12-09)


At the end of December, the eviction moratorium will end and thousands of people will be out on the streets because it is in concert with when unemployment benefits end. No money, no homes!

Robin Laurain (Lansing, 2020-12-10)


There are far too many less fortunate people suffering because of covid-19 and the shut downs.

Dean Ritter (Muskegon, 2020-12-10)


This is the only way we can get those lazy narcissists in Congress to actually do something for once.

Nicholas Wilcox (Park Ridge, 2020-12-10)


I’m signing because I believe! We are suffering. Help us.

Julia Bishop (Southport, 2020-12-10)


It is wrong that only the rich and corporations are valued.

Dawn Milton (Dallas, 2020-12-10)


Americans deserve help not those that never paid taxes

Dustin Downing (Loganton, 2020-12-10)


Americans need to survive and be happy in the USA

Stephen Sincoskie (howell, 2020-12-10)


The people of our country need a financially secure life.

Arthur Maglin (Brooklyn, 2020-12-10)



Amy Harlib (New York, 2020-12-11)


I agree with every word of this petition

Mary Catherine Compean (San Antonio, 2020-12-11)


I lost everything when this virus hit our country. If it weren't for pua benefits and the booster. I would be homeless now. Plz extend the pua ui and feuc benefits. They expire on December 26 2020... Right after christmas

Leigh Meekins (CASSELBERRY, 2020-12-11)


It's only right, please show mercy so God will show you mercy, we are suffering , losing everything, it's too cold to be homeless, please mr president

Angel Alvarez (Lubbock, 2020-12-12)


We all must put it out there that people in hard times nust be helped! And no self -serving cabal of corrupt politicians must not be allowed to block aid to the most vulnerable.
Not only is it the kind gesture needed, but definitely the only right & moral action to take!

REY BARGAS (Makati City, 2020-12-12)


This is BS. I lost my 30 year career to Covid shutdown in NY....and our government has the nerve to not compensate me. I am out a $73k salary so far this year

Sara Letterill (Rocky point, 2020-12-14)


I’ve had enough of this shit.

Blake London (Austin, 2020-12-14)


People need the help, not already rich people.

Jane Christenson (Burien, 2020-12-14)


Good people have to stand up for, and help, everyone.

Gail Dalmat (Ovid, 2020-12-14)


The USA gave billionaires a bailout while allowing most small businesses to close. It's small businesses that pay local and state taxes, not the billionaires. By destroying the many to enrich the few, govt. has also destroyed the american dream, which is clear to all by now, was never meant to become a reality.

Devin Baker (Veneta, 2020-12-15)


It the only thing you were elected to do.

Barbara Boldenow (Plymouth, 2020-12-15)


I'm tired of my tax dollars going to corporations rather than the people. We support corporations with our spending power not our tax dollars. They should never be included in stimulus. Especially not when families are on the street and can't feed their children. Stop corporate welfare and actually work for the people who pay you, Washington! The people NEED relief!!!!

Dawning McGinnis (Tualatin, 2020-12-15)


Because the magnitude of human suffering: no jobs, low wages, declining access to food and health care, increased indebtedness, evictions, environmental disasters are growing and growing.

harry targ (West Lafayette, 2020-12-17)


The working poor NEED !!! Guaranteed security so we can all be free

Ronald Justice (Vancouver, 2020-12-17)


The working class have been carrying the burden of endless and predatory wars while inequalities in earning and poverty increasing. It is time to our government increase the federal minimum wage to $16m and adopted Medicaid for All.

Maria Calef (Columbia, 2020-12-17)


This is common sense legislation.

Jaron Bradley (Winston-Salem, 2020-12-18)


Inaction on a Stimulus package for working families is killing people and

Bronwen Eide (Minneapolis, 2020-12-18)


Working class individuals requires financial support for precarious temporary risk hazard workplaces

Mauricio Arenas (Toronto, 2020-12-22)


Fuck wall street the people need our tax money back

Wes Powers (Seattle, 2020-12-22)


It is the right thing to do.



It's the least I can do to stand up for my largely ignorant and docile class.

Dave Petrovich (Oakhurst, 2020-12-26)


While I finally paid off my student loan in 2015... I borrowed $10,000, $2500 a semester for tech college, 4 years. I paid $21,000 back... My granddaughter borrowed $20,000 for beauty school. She got her license and the pandemic hit. She's working in a liquor store. How much will she have to pay back? Will she be able to do it just before retirement like I did? God only knows.

Kathleen Sommers (Kenosha, 2020-12-26)


The U.S. is far behind the other democracies in benefits for working families and small businesses. America's workers need financial assistance.

Howard Harawitz (Alameda, 2020-12-26)


All of these make sense in a country that cares about its people.

Perry Weiner (New York City, 2020-12-26)


It is the right thing to do.

Ordell Vee (Madelia, MN 56062, 2020-12-26)


“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”
― Thomas Paine

Jack Pratt (Gerber, ca, 2020-12-27)


The Already Haves are using US tax policy to suck the value out of a value of an hour of labor.

John Jackson (North Brunswick, 2020-12-27)

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