North Epping Skatepark/Pumptrack Action Group.



My son would love to ride his mountain bike with his friends at the local bike track rather than having to drive a long way to get to one.

Alison Grecian (North Epping , 2020-12-01)


My kids would love this and the community needs something for the in between kids to play at.

Erika Rendoth (North Epping , 2020-12-01)


Kids these days are spending more time glued to digital devices and therefore exercising less and not developing social skills. My kids love pump tracks bit we don't go often enough as none are very close.

Scott Collins (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


This is a much needed investment in allowing kids to be outside, having fun in a safe environment

Ben Heard (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


I believe the skate park/ pump track will provide a safe and healthy space for local youth to exercise and will help to protect the National Park by eliminating the need for the ad hock creation of jumps and bike tracks in the Bush.

Jeremy Smith (Sydney , 2020-12-01)


I support a skatepark / pump track in Nth Epping.

Ronda Malek (Nsw, 2020-12-01)


I want the kids in our neighbourhood to have a safe environment to ride their bikes!

Daria Rzasa (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


I am a father of three school aged children and, having grown up in this suburb, I know first hand the abuse that the local children get from building jumps and riding through the neighbouring bush land.
As an adult I understand the dangers to the community, environment and children from hacking trails out of the bush and riding at speeds through the establish walking and fire trails.
This brilliant solution is way overdue for this suburb, given that children were doing the same thing for decades before I myself started doing it in the 1970/80’s.
We are fortunate in this suburb to have several viable locations to create this safe healthy space for the local community.
Stretch this space to incorporate a health park and add park workout stations so that parents can excercise while they supervise their children.

Matt Walker (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


Much needed parks for our teens

Karen Ninness (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


I believe the kids of North Epping, need a safe place to ride their bikes

Nisha Ray (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


I want my children and other children in our neighbourhood to have access to a place where they can safely ride their bikes to provide them healthy outdoor exercise.

Paula Brodie (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


This gives our kids a safe place to ride their bikes outside, away from screens, keeping fit and active.

Sarah Nam (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


The local kids need somewhere to ride in a safe and sustainable environment.

Jonathon McKinnon (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


I feel this is necessary to bring the community closer and get the kids outdoors

Toby Gibbons (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


I’m signing as the both a MTB rider and father with kids who ride MTB’s and always looking for a place to ride safely.

Tony Dunn (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


The kids need a safe, local place to ride their bikes, scooters and skateboards.

Chris Bellee (Sydney , 2020-12-01)


Our kids need somewhere safe to just be kids, away from 'screens' and outdoor

Eldon Wessels (Sydney , 2020-12-01)


The kids of North Epping desperately need a bike track. We’re the forgotten part of Hornsby Shire. It’s actually very sad.

Sara McCracken (North Epping , 2020-12-01)


I’m signing because our kids need a safe place to go and play with their bikes. Somewhere they can independently get to, seperate from parents, and be proud of and respect as part of the community options available to them. For this age group there really isn’t a space for them to go and engage in sporting activity and increase their skills in this unique and fun way.

Jessica Grauds (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


There are no nearby facilities of this type and there has even a dramatic surge in the use of bikes/scooters/etc by children in the neighbourhood. A facility such as this will keep them safer off the street and will remove the need for unofficial tracks.

Andrew Pollock ( North epping, sydney, 2020-12-01)


This is absolutely necessary for the kids of North EPPING.

Amanda Joslin (North Epping, 2020-12-01)


My child loves riding his scooter and bike riding and has no where to do this in north Epping. He would need to catch a train to Hornsby or thornleigh to do this which is not appropriate. Due to this he now chooses to spend his time playing video games online

Kathryn Lawrenson (Sydney , 2020-12-01)


The local community of children need another outlet to learn new skills and focus outside attention away from indoor screen use. It would also be beneficial to the local environment, reducing the illegal development of bush track jumps

Allister Scott (North Epping, 2020-12-02)


I think it is essential to provide facilities such as this so that children can find challenging outdoor play facilities in a safe manner.

Louise Brodie (Berry , 2020-12-02)


North epping would be the perfect place to have a track for kids in the area

Natalie Collins (North epping, 2020-12-02)


Our children/Community need a designated place to ride/skate which is safe and fun.

Annette Wilson (North Epping Sydney, 2020-12-02)


Kids need to have space to play and have fun.

Anthea Holder-Grobe (North Epping , 2020-12-02)


I have a little boy who would love this

Catherine Murphy (Epping, 2020-12-03)


I believe that a park like this that can provide for children in the early ages helps to steer them in fhe right direction. You can’t go wrong with these type of outdoor activities.

Jenny Gorka (Sydney , 2020-12-03)


Great initiative. With a rapidly growing population in the Epping town centre, there is a big need for more active open space. A well located skate park (or mountain bike track) would be a great addition, especially for teenagers.

Peter Michie (Sydney, 2020-12-03)


Sydney is in desperate need of bike facilities for Kids - pump tracks are the perfect way for councils to build cost effective and low maintenance facilities

Sam Stockwell (Balgowlah Heights, 2020-12-07)


Pump tracks are needed throughout all suburban parts of the council area to provide important recreation for all ages. These will satisfy the huge demand for mountain biking in the council area

Melissa Sedgwick (West Pennant Hills, 2020-12-07)


This would be a long lasting, low maintenance facility which could be used by many groups and ages. Great family activity!

Damien Smith (Cherrybrook, 2020-12-07)


I have been thrilled to see the children cycling during this year. They need a place to enjoy, learn and be safe!
Skatepark or pumptrack please.

Anne Youll (North Epping, 2020-12-07)


Kids, teens, families and all the community benefit when fun, healthy, free activities are available in our local area.

Halcyon Bolt (GLADESVILLE , 2020-12-07)


This facility would provide a place for people (particularly youth) to enjoy fitness in a non team sport and environment and to practise their skills in a safe place.

Rob Fisher (Kings Park, 2020-12-07)


Our teenage kids need areas to play and develop beyond hanging out in shopping malls and in front of a screen

Mark Sedgwick (West Pennant Hills, 2020-12-07)


It makes sense to provide a facility like this to keep the kids off the roads. Also less likely to build their own.

Paul Cummins (North Epping, 2020-12-08)


Pump tracks are brilliant for kids of all ages and abilities for families to enjoy.

Andrew Porter (Mount Riverview, 2020-12-10)


I'm signing because I believe that kids should have a safe place to learn riding skills, play as well as the additional benefits of social interaction & being active outdoors.
Being able to play & interact with others & nature, sets these kids up for a healthy future.

Natasha Sargent (Ryde, 2020-12-10)


Kids need active play spaces not gaming to develop and be healthy.

Ben ROURKE (Sydney, 2020-12-10)


Because these kids deserve somewhere safe to ride instead of council limiting their ability.

Michael Savins (Sydney, 2020-12-10)


I believe that having outdoor venues like pump tracks is beneficial for the health and wellbeing of young people and adults.

Andrew P (Turramurra, 2020-12-10)


Kids need an outdoor bike park

Gretel Hay (Frenchs Forest, 2020-12-10)


There should be more options for places for kids to ride bikes and have fun

David Croft (LOFTUS, 2020-12-10)


This would be a great and healthy activity for kids and adults alike.

David Sinai (Epping, 2020-12-10)


The area has lost so many areas of non organised sport. These are activities for whole fanilies that manybeill continue with for life. Please let the kids develop bike handling skills

Peter Robinson (Newington, 2020-12-10)


We need more pumps around great way for rider at any age to gain skill
Would great to have them more assessable in the local area

Brendan Loizou (Ryde, 2020-12-10)


Kids need to be active, and it is our responsibility to provide them with places to do so safely and enjoyably. The more kids are out on a pump track or ride park, the fewer getting into less constructive activities. We need more safe riding areas for kids.

Anna Russell (Narrabeen, 2020-12-10)


I am proposing to the council to build a local pump track for the community

Junnan Ma (Sydney, 2020-12-10)


Council are supposed to provide facilities not destroy them.

Paul Hargrave (Castle Hill, 2020-12-10)


There is no bike track in our local area and my kids and other kids love riding .

William Teoh (Sydney, 2020-12-11)


The kids need outdoor activities

Liam Healy (Schofields, 2020-12-11)


Building valuable infrastructure like this helps encourage and motivate people of all ages to get outdoors and exercise.

It also focuses the riding and trails into a designated area, reducing unauthorised trail development and destructive activity.

Michael Robinson (Sydney, 2020-12-11)


I had nowehere to ride as a kid and it's great for exercise and fun.

Miles Hayler (Randwick, 2020-12-11)


Mountain biking is awesome

Tim Wakeling (Epping , 2020-12-11)


It's important for children, particularly as they reach the preteen and teen years to have somewhere safe to ride and develop their bike handling skills in dedicated spaces away from others in shared recreational spaces with children who are less proficient and can be at risk and pose a risk.

Craig Vernon (Woronora Heights, 2020-12-12)


My kids live in the area and would love this!!! There are also so many young kids riding in the street and it’s dangerous.

Isobel McPherson (North Epping , 2020-12-14)

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