Captain Don Day May 21 in Bonaire, NA



I am signing this petition because Don deserves to be formally and publicly recognized for the work that he did for Bonaire and its dive tourism industry, as well as his efforts for conservation and sustainability.

Leanne Pinkerton (Bonaire, 2020-12-01)


I am signing this because Captain Don is someone who should be honored and remembered in the history of Bonaire.

Jennifer Clapp (Kings Mountain, 2020-12-01)


Captain Don deserves this honor

Tina Bradley (Lees Summit , 2020-12-02)


Bonaire is special to me and captain Don helped make that happen.

Rick Schwerdtfeger (New Orleana, 2020-12-02)


I have been going to Habitat since 1988 and spent many wonderful weeks there with Captain Don!

Lon Cunninghis (Atlanta , 2020-12-02)


Capt Don is a legend.
Love Bonaire

Scot Ward (Pontiac , 2020-12-02)


I’m signing because when I visited Bonaire a few years ago, I loved Captain Don’s Habitat and it was one of the highlights of my trip!

Connie McEgan (Calgary, 2020-12-02)


Captain Don was a great person; an entertaining sole; a pioneer for Bonaire! We need to celebrate his day!

Lourae Kenoffel (Kralendijk, 2020-12-02)


I saw Captain Don give a talk during one of my early visits to Bonaire in the 1990s. I have learned more about his incredible efforts after traveling to the island since that time. It would be great to celebrate Captain Don with a personal day.

Carol Marzuola (Gloucester, 2020-12-02)


I am all for captain Don Stewart day - he is the architect of Bonaire diving.

Matt Field (Columbia City, 2020-12-02)


I am signing because Captain Don is pretty much the father of the dive industry on Bonaire

Fernando Nava (Kralendijk, 2020-12-03)


as a Bonaire resident, and having known Captain Don, I have an interest in such a declaration.

JP Richau (Mesa, 2020-12-03)


I believe Captain Don has done many things that have profited Bonaire

Ray van Dijk (Kralendijk, 2020-12-03)


Captain Don Stewert’s significant contributions to the people and island of Bonaire is deserving of an annual day of recognition.

David Morgan (Bloomington, Indiana , 2020-12-03)


Captain Don deserves it.

Richard Pretl (Baltimore, 2020-12-03)


Captain Don was an icon, and who couldn't use an extra holiday? Especially now! Plus it could be promoted (once this plague is subdued) to encourage shopping, visits to bars and restaurants, etc. I'm seeing Don's Day sales at the dive shops, seafood specials at the restaurants ... parade? Parties on the waterfront? Go for it!

Jean-Anne Matter (Pittsburgh, PA, 2020-12-04)


I live on Bonaire 6to 7 months a year and if anyone deserves Recognition its Caption Don

Howard Harrison (Ashland , 2020-12-04)


The best days on Bonaire were when I got to talk to Captain Don on my yearly visits. He truly made Bonaire a Diver's Paradise.

Barbara Grempler (Severna Park, 2020-12-05)


Captain Don was a wonderful character that we had fun with for many years. Lots of great stories.

Charles Grempler (Severna Park, 2020-12-05)


He is a legend and a huge part of the diving history of BinAire.

Niki Gottesman (Jupiter , 2020-12-05)


Well deserved to honor all of his lifetime accomplishments for Bonaire.

Brad Louth (Hampton, NH, 2020-12-05)


I'm a diver and so many don't respect the ocean.

Jacques Le Brock (Saint-Ambroise de Kildare, 2020-12-05)


I'm an avid diver and know that Captain Don ensured that Bonaire was the special place it is for diving!

Richard Durling (Washington, MI, 2020-12-05)


This is a perfect tribute to a man who ment a great lot to the island of Bonaire and the diving sport in the Caribbean. or sure he deserves a "Captain Don Day"

Paul Franssen (Herten, 2020-12-06)


I am I favor of this.

Kelly Livingston (Kralendijk , 2020-12-06)


I met Captain Don the first week of his arrival in Bonaire. I was 9 years old when I swimmed with my brother ans sisters to his 2 masted sailboot Valery.

Luqui Pijnacker-Booi (Willemstad, 2020-12-06)


He was, and always will be respected for the contribution he made to the diving as well as the island to become a premier travel destination.

Ronald Foster (Calgary, 2020-12-06)


One of your country's first ocean conservationists, and that need to be recognized! Thank you

Bruce Sangster (Edmonton, 2020-12-07)


Capt Don basically put Bonaire on the map for diving. His efforts can be seen to this day.. He should be remembered.

Chris Maio (maryland, 2020-12-07)


We’ve been going to Bonaire for 30 years and consider it our second home. We met Don several times, attended his lectures, and marveled at all he accomplished on behalf of Bonaire and the divers who love it. We support anything to honor this amazing man.

Betsy and Bob Anderson (Burlington, 2020-12-07)


I support the motion

John Schwind (Bonaire, 2020-12-10)


Captain Don did so much for the island of Bonaire and should have a day of rememberance for him, lest people should forget. I would like to see a plaque about him and his life somewhere in town, as well.

Nancy Jewett (Lilburn , 2020-12-11)


I have a home in Bonaire and have been visiting Bonaire since 1989. Captain Don is an integral part of Bonaire and deserves the recognition of a special day.

Kathleen Walker (Hailey, 2020-12-12)


Love this idea! Captain Don was an integral part in keeping the reefs beautiful in Bonaire and why I come every year to dive. To honor him is paramount!

Cynthia Petera (Tempe, 2020-12-13)


Captain Don helped make Bonaire one of the best dive destinations in the world!

Fran McDonald (Kalaheo, 2020-12-13)


It is obvious. This should be a no brainer.

Richard Schwerdtfeger (Kralendijk, 2020-12-17)


I believe captain Don should be honored !

Tim Proffitt (Knoxville, 2020-12-18)


Don began the Bonaire adventure for scuba divers. That act led me to this paradise.

David Whillock (Kralendijk, 2020-12-18)


Signing for my Dad.
Thank you.

gwen stewart (Santa ana, 2020-12-19)


Capt. Stewart introduced the world to the beauty of Bonaire and it's residents both above and below sea level.

Dennis Sapper (Chicago IL, 2020-12-22)


My wife & I have dived in Bonaire since 1993, and we appreciate the work he did & the vision Captain Don had to make Bonaire one of the premier diving spot in the world.

Wilfred Ament (Waukon IA 52172, 2020-12-22)


I have been diving with him and Hubert Domacassé many times.

Bob Visser (Amsterdam, 2020-12-23)


I've met captain Don for the first time in 1977. He developed many dive sites, started boat mooring systems, and led the campaign against spearfishing.

bob smits (Bilthoven, 2020-12-23)


I had the honour of managing Captain Don’s Habitat for 6 years between 1996 and 2001 and knowing the Captain for such a time and knowing about his achievements in the world of diving and conservation from a first hand perspective. I believe this to be a fitting tribute to the father and designer of so many positive things when we live in a world dominated by dark forces. Let there be light in celebration of a life well lived and much treasured by so many. Diver 79,as he always signed his notes to me, should be allowed to live on through his life works and beliefs through a celebration that touched so many. I fully support this petition, Nick Davies

Nick Davies (Hooton Pagnell, 2020-12-24)


Captain Don was a diving and environmental pioneer to Bonaire and the world. I have used his quotes in presentations and films for several decades; " Bonaire is to reef conservation as Greenwich is to time" and "We are pioneers of world's last frontier". His worldwide awards have brought positive acclaim and recognition to Bonaire.

George Buckley (Arlington, 2020-12-30)


Captain Don was a wonderful man and did a lot for the people of Bonaire, and also the many divers that vacationed and dove there..

Valerie Gould (Arlington , 2020-12-30)


He was a great man and his legacy should live on.

Carol Samarov (Tupelo, 2020-12-31)


I had the pleasure of working and diving in Bonaire, it is pristine, focused on preservation before it was fashionable and too late.
Captain Don was the visionary and architect, should be recognized and imitated!

Pierre Arsenault (Westmount, 2020-12-31)


It's a must

Roy Snoeks (Rosmalen , 2020-12-31)


Respect for what he has done for Bonaire's natural world.

barb glover (Banner, 2020-12-31)


Don Stewart was a friend He also saw the beauty and importance 8f Bonaire, few have had his dedication to the sport of Scuba and to the preservation of its environment. He knew to go slowly and preserve the ecological sharing of marine and human.
A celebration in Honor of a man who arrived by accident on Bonaire and who took on the heart of Bonaire which he demonstrated daily is not a question . Only question should be what Day and how large a celebration!!!

David Hickey (LONDON, 2020-12-31)


Bonaire deserves this as the world’s best dive site

Brian Van Romondt (Paradera, 2021-01-03)


His history, hé was a remarcable person, with a great hart for the Island.
And iloved his great story's.

Bob Versluis (IJmuiden, 2021-01-05)


Diving, specifically on Bonaire, has brought great joy to me and my friends

Kimberly Lesniak (Houston, 2021-01-24)


Don was a pioneer, recognizing the treasure that is Bonaire under the sea as well as above ground and realizing the urgent need to protect that treasure for generations to come. He sought to protect the reefs by designing safe moorings that would allow boat dives as well as identifying shore sites to provide safe access to the beautiful reefs. He warned of the dangers of 'collectors' and helped establish best practices by STINAPA as well as dive groups. He also treasured the beauty above the water with his green thumb and organic approach to landscaping. Almost as important, Don was a character and yarn spinner, as shown by the many books he wrote. He is a significant contributor to the history of Bonaire and its great draw as a world-cass diving destination that remains the best and freest in the hemisphere. He deserves recognition through a special annual celebration. Please establish Captain Don Day on Bonaire!

Nancy Louth (Hampton, 2021-01-30)

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