Don't make an Environmental Disaster Worse, Demand a Full Environmental Impact Report!



I'm signing this petition because I do not want to see great residential areas destroyed by an ugly parking lot for storage of RVs. This area should be a green space to combat our world of cement in cities.

Sandra Wilson (Long Beach, 2021-01-12)


I'm signing because I support the LA River Project, Friends of the LA River, and this land will be instrumental in rehabbing the Los Angeles River for recreation, conservation, and provide a space where future watershed and river clean-up projects can be based.

Kellie Canning (Long Beach, 2021-01-12)


I am a new home owner in the Los Cerritos park area and very upset to learn that a toxic waste dumpsite is not being remedied and taxpayer funded priorities for river parks and green space are being ignored!

Janice Doughty (Long Beach, 2021-01-12)


I want more recreational space for the community, not parking lots for cars.

Ilja Maran (Long Beach, 2021-01-12)


The Oil companies who polluted this site should be reasonable for cleaning it up. The Developer has the right to make money- this is private property. However, after cleaned up- mixed income housing with commercial on the bottom could prove more lucrative and beneficial for the City. Long Beach does not need more storage facilities or RV parking- we have plenty that is not full off Spring. This is not the best use of the property. The City does not have the funds to purchase the property, however, Oil Companies should clean it up. Rezone and make it either commercial, to attract more jobs with a partial open park and affordable housing.

sara wall (long beach , 2021-01-13)


I want to see parkland expanded near schools and existing parks.

Ronald Arias (Long Beach, 2021-01-13)


I am appalled that the city is allowing developers to place an RV parking lot in my neighborhood.

Marci Aimerito (Long Beach, 2021-01-13)


I do my best to make good environmental choices at home and wherever I have the power to do anything, but real change can only happen when our elected representatives make the right choices on our behalf. We demand that you do so, for the health of Long Beach now and into the future.

Krista Richardson (Long Beach, 2021-01-13)


Long Beach doesn’t need parking lots or storage places. We need housing and clean air!!! Plants and greenery bring oxygen and many could utilize a park!!! Long Beach really needs to rethink when planning!!!

Crystal Sims (Long Beach, 2021-01-13)


Believe as proposed previously it should be public park and or green space to counteract the excessive pollution caused by the port, the refineries, and the 2 major highways which crisscross this property... also EIR important!

John Dembski (Long Beach, Ca. 90810, 2021-01-14)


The citizens of Long Beach need more open space, not a parking lot. Bring something positive into our community that can be enjoyed by all.

Matthew Ortz (Long Beach, 2021-01-14)


I care about our environment and every person who lives here, not just the rich.

Mikalie Lai (Long Beach, 2021-01-14)


Please keep our neighborhood free from heavier traffic. We like our roads to run and bike. Green space provides better oxygen for all!

Dan Muchnik (Long Beach, 2021-01-14)


I want a River Park not a Parking Lot.

Richard Fair (Long Beach, 2021-01-14)


I’m signing because more planning, analysis, and community participation should be part of any land use changes - the land is our commons and what how we tend it matters.

Kathleen Blakistone (Compton, 2021-01-14)


Do not make another parking lot! Give the westside a beautiful park!

Jessica Sawyer (Long Beach , 2021-01-14)


west side is in need of more open space and parks, especially along the LA River bike path! I understand the concern over homelessness but somehow they're kept out of Los Cerritos Park and Somerset and so forth...

Tori Kuykendall (Long Beach, 2021-01-14)


I'm signing because I would like to see park space opened up all along the LA River- as Frank Gehry had proposed. How would his master plan to revitalize all of LA with green space come to pass if developers chip away at those spaces now?

Robert Kazlauskas (Long Beach, 2021-01-14)


Having family and being Oglala Lakota we understand these actions....

Kathy Vasquez (Fillmore , 2021-01-14)


I believe that neighborhoods should be preserved, and protected from potential toxic and environmental hazards. The area at issue needs to be repurposed as a greenbelt to the natural LA River.

Susan Leyba (Long Beach, 2021-01-15)


I believe our government should understand the environmental impact of all of its decisions.

James Stitz (Long Beach, 2021-01-15)


Rampant development without consultation or environmental justice should be an artifact of history, not something that politicians are allowing in the present. We need better air, more green space.

Cecelia Lynch (Long Beach, 2021-01-15)


I'm signing because of the environmental impact this decision has on my community and the lives that are established here.

Jesse Brown III (Long Beach , 2021-01-16)


An EIR is necessary at the very least.

Mihir Pandya (Long Beach, 2021-01-16)


I would like a park, not storage!

Michelle Park (Long Beach , 2021-01-16)


We live very close to this site and have a newborn daughter and want the safest, healthiest environment possible for her and ourselves.

Margaret Bryant (Long Beach , 2021-01-17)


We need a park in our neighborhood instead of a RV storage that well not be in used to our neighborhood.

Linda Lovr (Long Beach River park, 2021-01-17)


We need more green space in the area.

Carina Marano (Long Beach, 2021-01-17)


We need more open green space on west side of Long Beach. Also, this area has been planned for as an open space until recently. I am a downwind resident of this are and would like to see full EIR.

Robert Hutchison (Long Beach, 2021-01-17)


I live here and I vote. We need to stand up against environmental threats and expand green areas in Long Beach.

Mariusz Wirga (Long Beach, 2021-01-17)


A long term LA River project needs open green space not a commercial/industrial building.

Barry Rubin (Long Beach , 2021-01-17)


I care about the actual betterment of my city including it’s environment. Please make more green space!

Erin Luk (Long Beach , 2021-01-17)


I live in the upper west side of long beach, less than half mile to this location. My family is a running family. We have no large areas to run. We have to drive to heartwell or el Dorado park-the east side of LB. We are in need of greenspace. We are right next to the freeway and refinery. We need a space for healthier living, for our lungs and mind. This is a neglected area of LB with such little green space. Please, please please!

Christina Cancino (Long beach, 2021-01-17)


I'm signing because kicking up contaminated dust for short-term profits is immoral and has no place in a just society.

Evelyn Crofts (Long Beach, 2021-01-17)


A full environmental impact report should be completed. We need more parks and already have plenty of storage units nearby.

Rebecca Stahley (Long Beach , 2021-01-18)


I think an environment mental impact study is essential to any development of this size and under the circumstances. We need to hold developers accountable before we grant them access to our lands And and that is what an environmental impact study would do.

FREDRICK CHRISTIAN (Long Beach, 2021-01-18)


Our community needs more green spaces.

Maria LaBelle (Long Beach, 2021-01-18)


The City of Long Beach officials and staff appear to be willfully negligent of their duties as represented in their own City Charter and municipal codes. By continuing to knowingly allow a developer to violate environmental laws and ignoring Federal, State, County guidelines and laws the City can be held culpable for violations that the city residents would be forced to be responsible for. Therefore, I demand, as a resident of the city that the City require a full EIR at 3701 Pacific Place Project.

Laurie Smith (Long Beach, 2021-01-18)


I believe it is in our best interests — those of the people and not of those commercial — to develop more green spaces in the city. 3701, being a former toxic waste dump, stands serious risk of disrupting the lives of the neighboring communities if constructed on. The land in question has already been desecrated once. Let us not do it again and instead restore it to some semblance of nature. Please, we've already enough new developments and construction in the city. We do not need nor do not want another.

Christopher Walters (Long Beach, 2021-01-18)


We need open spaces and clean, green environment to re-establish a healthy space for Long Beach residents and the surrounding area.

Ruth Villiger-Wilson (Long Beach, 2021-01-18)


I want this fully vetted for my area's health, environmental and traffic concerns. Secondarily, I want more green space near my home.

Jaloy Siusb (Long Beach, 2021-01-19)


I love more parks.

Antonio Nadal (Long Beach , 2021-01-19)


Knowing it used to be a toxic dump previously, this area should not be dug up to create a potentially hazardous environmental situation. Follow through with your promise to build the park for the community!

Trina Moreno (Long Beach, 2021-01-19)


We deserve more green space not development properties

Daniel Spitzer (Long Beach, 2021-01-20)


Wrigley and the west side of Long Beach have been unfairly represented for far too long regarding the health of their residents. The noise and pollution from the 710 freeway is already an unchecked toxic injustice to our neighbors. We don’t need an industrial parking lot for more toxic vehicles. Just do the studies to prove how bad this plan is. We need safe healthy green space for this part of our city.

Ingrid Hudson (Long Beach, 2021-01-20)


I am a resident of Long Beach and believe park space is really important to the community's health and wellbeing.

Valeree Catangay (Long Beach, 2021-01-21)


I live in the area, and do not want a huge paved parking lot next to a beautiful preserved wetland.

Matthew Bates (Long Beach, 2021-01-21)


My family and I care about the environment and our neighborhood. We want the city to add green space as it has promised for decades. We oppose the development of construction at 3701 Pacific Place. We want you to fulfill your promise to transform this into green space.

Nicole Martinez (Long Beach, 2021-01-21)


I care about our community

Rene Rubio (Long Beach, 2021-01-22)


We do not need more storage. We need Parking for cars OR green space to be used by all.

Jennifer Carbine (Long Beach, 2021-01-22)


This is bad for the environment and culture of Long Beach.

Christina Williams (Long Beach, 2021-01-22)


The Westside needs more parks and this is one of the last possible locations to build parkland.

Roger Abea (Long Beach, 2021-01-22)


We need more Mother Nature enlightening our hectic lives 🐣

Christopher Robin Ward (Long Beach, 2021-01-22)


West Long Beach needs green space to mitigate the insane freeway emissions from the 405 and 710!

Elisha Griego (Long Beach, 2021-01-22)


I’m signing this because I do not want this happening in my neighbor!

Tawny Nocon (Long Beach, 2021-01-23)


We need more park space on the west side of Long Beach. This property is adjacent to the LA River and should be preserved as open space and incorporated into the LA River Master plan.
This area of Long Beach suffers from Port emissions and a passive park will be a better use of this property.

Linda Pemberton (Long Beach, 2021-01-23)


This land should be public use not commercial development.

Russell Elroy (Long Beach , 2021-01-23)


Our part of LB needs more green space and cleaner air.

Cassandra Geoghegan (Long Beach, 2021-01-23)


I am in favor of more green and open space!
Stop the bs :)

Erik Pichardo (Long Beach, 2021-01-23)


It’s the right thing to do. It is a horrible plan to put an RV park anywhere near a school.

Luzenda Chaparro (Long Beach , 2021-01-23)


I’m signing because I live in the Los Cerritos neighborhood with my family. Green space is vitally important for ALL aspects of our health and well being in Long Beach. I can’t think of one benefit from the development that can’t be remedied some where else.

Nicole Trani (Long Beach, 2021-01-24)


I am concerned about the safety of my neighborhood.

Moises Toledo (Long Beach, 2021-01-25)


It's short sighted to allow new development along the river when the long term city and county plans call for making this open and natural space. The west side needs more parks.

Denise Berringer-Wood (Long Beach, 2021-01-26)


I want our elected officials that represent and protect us by requiring a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) at 3701 Pacific Place Project (the former Golf Learning Center southwest of Crown Point, across from Los Cerritos Park and Elementary School).

Leslie Mc Lyn Heard (long beach, 2021-01-26)


Our district needs more green space and these open land plots should be put towards recreational space for our citizens and revitalizing the LA River as was promised in the LA River Masterplan.

Jared Pugh (Long Beach, 2021-01-27)


The needed EIR and the truth about the owners development of the land. He already had started grating. There was no input from the community before he did this. We need parks on the west side not any more storage facilities. No matter what this PR firm states it is not true. Been down this road with the 710 expansion.

Shoshanah Siegel (Long Beach, 2021-01-28)


I value my neighborhood and our environment. Please protect us from further environmental disaster. Thank you.

Corina Lopez (Long Beach, 2021-01-28)


I support the Riverpark Coalition! I own 3 properties in Long Beach and have lived here for 23 years. I believe our parks play a significant part in Long Beach desirability and property values.

Hope Hadfield (Long Beach, 2021-01-29)


An EIR is the absolute LEAST thing that should happen. C’mon Long Beach, stop doing the bidding of business interests. People before parking lots!

Michael Gearin (Long Beach, 2021-01-29)


I want a clean recreational area not a parking lot

Ana Duarte (Long Beach, 2021-01-30)


I would like to see a park built, not a parking lot.

Ari Henning (Long Beach, 2021-02-01)


We need more parks not storage lots.

Christina Ramirez (Long Beach, 2021-02-02)


As a registered Landscape Archictect, #5104, and retiree from the Caltrans Landscape Architecture unit, District 7, I recognize the need for green space within the urban environment. El Dorado Park is also nestled next to an Interstate and it has proved to be a very popular destination. It is very clear that an EIR is needed prior to development of this land space. I think that developing this area into an urban park space is a really terrific goal. Let's Do It!

Gene Kimmel (Long Beach, 2021-02-04)


Carlos says it’s a good thing.

Lee Charley (Long Beach , 2021-02-04)


Citizens are in need of additional park space which contributes to mental and physical health. This part of Long Beach should not be a source of increased pollution. This is truly an issue of environmental and social justice.

Elizabeth Nash (Long Beach, 2021-02-04)


We need open space

Laura Willbanks (Long Beach , 2021-02-05)


The zoning and proposed plan are misguided and reckless and does not belong in the midst of a residential community

Keith Tyschper (Long Beach, 2021-02-05)



COLEEN O'Toole (Long Beach, 2021-02-08)


As a resident of Long Beach, I demand that our elected officials represent and protect us by requiring a full Environmental Impact Report. We will not know the significant and potentially harmful issues that we will have to live with for decades after the developer makes his profits and leaves unless a full EIR is completed. That the City would allow construction on a site with extremely toxic waste without first completing a full EIR is the height of irresponsibility.



We need more parks.

Richard Garibay (Long Beach, 2021-02-10)


I would like to see the Dominguez Gap restoration expanded or at the least not more trash/ waste or development placed into this area.

Clay Elliott (Long Beach, 2021-02-17)


I’m signing because the residents of this District had been promised green space for decades. EIP first! Then let the people decide, not Big Business.

Michael Dominguez (Long Beach , 2021-02-21)


I believe in more nature space. It is important for restoring synergy with the land we live.

Ryan Chiu (Long Beach, 2021-02-25)


The west side of Long Beach has enough container yards, warehouses, storage facilities and paved areas already. We need a break from the cars, trucks, trains and container ships that affect our health.

Dan Oehler (Long Beach, 2021-02-25)


Community health and needed open green space

Lirk Davis (LONG BEACH, 2021-02-26)


We need more green space.

Matt Merritt (Long Beach, 2021-02-27)


The more parks, the better 😊

Jennifer Grana (Signal Hill, 2021-02-27)


I support the River Park concept.

Elizabeth McDargh (Long Beach, 2021-03-01)


We need more open space!

Andrew Terranova (Long Beach, 2021-03-01)


I will vote against any city council member that approves an industrial site rather than a park.

Frederic Bahr (Long Beach, 2021-03-02)


This city needs more open space, and I want to keep my neighborhood a safe, lasting, and healthy place for me and my family.

Eric Luiz (Long beach , 2021-03-03)


I want a clean, safe environment for not just my family, but all of us and our animal friends too. Taking care of our environment is crucial for everything from health, mental health, our cities future, our worlds future and our real estate values.

Dauna Parpard (Long beach, 2021-03-04)


Long Beach needs more parking then a new park. Parking is such a huge issue in Long Beach and more people keep living here which means less parking for people. A parking structure is needed immensely. We do not need a new park to take up more space when there’s barely any space at all already. The parking problem should be a top priority. Not spending money on things that is not needed.

Janine Gennawey (Long Beach, 2021-03-04)


If the city is unable to refute the allegations listed in the complaint, then not only should further environmental impact study and revelation be done, but the project should be served with a stop work order.

Gary Shelton (Long Beach, 2021-03-05)


We need green space not overpriced housing

Melanie Hiller (Long beach, 2021-03-05)

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