Glendale teachers support our counselors, our teacher specialists, and our nurses



These positions shouldn’t be mandated to be on campus for services, but rather given the professional choice to work from home.

Kristine Lowe (Sierra Madre, 2020-12-11)



Angelina Thomas (Glendale , 2020-12-11)


I'm signing because we school nurses, are understaffed by GUSD, and given new duties to care for staff and students, I'm best utilized from home for health and safety. Working in 5 different sites, I would never be available at the site that needs me at that moment. I would be bringing the infection to each site, exposing staff as well as exposing myself to the virus every day. Having an increased number of adult employees on-site puts everyone - adults and children - at increased risk of exposure! Our community is affected daily by illness, distress, grief, and loss. There are many, many of our GUSD families currently ill with COVID-19.
GTA is asking for long-term planning considering the reality of the current
situation and what can be foreseen in the near future. The MOU needs to
be extended for the consideration of adults, many of whom are reluctant to
put their lives on the line for a job. Extending the MOU will allow nurses
and teachers to stay safe, do our jobs remotely, and prevent illness.

Judy Winter (La Crescenta, 2020-12-11)


Extend the MOU and support GUSD teachers, counselors, teacher specialists, nurses, service providers and coaches

Electra Stafford (Glendale, 2020-12-11)


Having an increased number of adult employees on school campuses puts EVERYONE at increased risk for exposure to COVID-19.

Lisa Avery (La Crescenta, 2020-12-11)


We are going through a pandemic. Students, Teachers, Admin, and Parents have to unite and not divide to protect EVERYONE'S health. The choice to work from home is an obvious one to make given the research on what opening schools does to a community: causes a spread of COVID-19! Let's unite and provide ALL of our hard working GTA members including all of us: teachers, counselors, teacher specialists, nurses, service providers, and coaches the basic human right: protecting their health and safety by providing them the option to work from home. Stay united!

Arpi Ovsepyan (Glendale , 2020-12-11)


I stand with all of GTA

Sara Dasgupta (Studio City, 2020-12-11)


Our educators need to stay strong with our union. wE DO NOT FEEL HEARD BY OUR DISTRICT.

NINA MARTINEZ (La Crescenta, 2020-12-12)


All for one, one for all!!! I support GUSD counselors, nurses, and teacher specialists. We are ALL GTA!!

Greta Sukazian (Granada Hills , 2020-12-12)


We deserve to be treated fairly and equally as the other teacher are.

Noruma Orue (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


I am signing because I stand behind the Glendale Teachers Association.

Mary S Boerner (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


I'm signing this because I feel it is imperative that the well being of all GUSD parties be safe guarded, by at the very least extending the current MOU. No persons health and safety should be compromised by returning to campuses while the COVID numbers of positivity and deaths are still rising.

Tia Brown (Compton, 2020-12-12)


our counselors, teacher specialists and nurses are part of our GTA family!

Jennifer Davis (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


Our district needs to trust science, and our teachers are truly united!!

Jennifer Waters (Pasadena, 2020-12-12)


I stand with counselors, nurses, teaching specialists, and the GTA!

Wendy Vazquez (Los Angeles, 2020-12-12)


I'm signing this petition because ALL of our members should have a choice whether they would prefer to work from home.

Rosemarie McCabe (Monrovia, 2020-12-12)


I stand in solidarity with GUSD nurses, counselors and teacher specialists who go above and beyond to serve our students every day.

Liliana Castillo (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


I don't want to see counselors, nurses, teacher specialists, service providers, coaches, or their family members, die unnecessarily.

Barbara Berent (Thousand Oaks, 2020-12-12)


Teachers, students, and staff deserve to work in a safe environment until infection has decreased dramatically in LA county.

Kari Vargas (Pasadena , 2020-12-12)


I’m signing because I believe that either we all go back in person or nobody does.

Linda Zimmerman (Glendale , 2020-12-12)


This is ridiculous. Why is it even necessary to be signing this?

Jon Livingston (Altadena, 2020-12-12)


I’m signing because I stand by my amazing colleagues who deserve a fair MOU and the choice to continue working from home during this unprecedented time.

Maggie Malone (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


I am signing because all these professionals can do their jobs remotely while in the safety of their homes. Their well-being is part of ours as a whole.

Rezinka Ayala (Sylmar, 2020-12-12)


Because I support our nurses, counselors and teacher specialists.

Marcus Whithorne (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


Please continue distance learning for ALL members through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Mariana Luna (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


I’m signing because it is imperative that ALL GUSD staff is safe and at home while we are in the purple widespread tier. KEEP EVERYONE SAFE!

Martha Orue (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


It is irresponsible to ask these professionals to work in person given the current health crises. The more we can stay home during this time the safer our community will be.

Catherine de la Paz (Los Angeles , 2020-12-12)


I support my counselors. The counselors at GHS are important. They support what I do in the classroom

Daniel Venier (La Crescenta, 2020-12-12)


Other nearby districts have extended their MOU for remote learning for the rest of the year to ensure the safety and provide stability for the community. Trying to focus on bringing people back on campus a month after we return from winter break when people will probably be traveling and gathering and the vaccine won't even be available to many, just does not make sense. We need to have an MOU based on the health conditions and whether those factors determine if it is safe or not.

Mary Inglish (La Crescenta, 2020-12-12)


I'm signing because this is not the way for the District to show support and concern for staff, student and family safety, security and health. In this time of trauma adding to the trauma being experienced by staff means they cannot be there for students and families emotionally or cognitively so this current stance undermines whatever the district is hoping to accomplish.

Sally Myles (Reseda, 2020-12-12)


I support our nurses, counselors and teacher specialists!

Allister Traber (LaCrescenta, 2020-12-12)


I am signing, because all life is precious and we need to make sure that ALL remain safe during this time of record breaking Covid-19 cases and deaths.

Mary Martinez (Alhambra, 2020-12-12)


I do not believe it is safe to work on school sites. Covid numbers have sky rocketed. Special Ed student with severe needs are unable to follow the current health recommendations as these student hit, kick, spit, and can’t wear a mask for minutes let alone all day. A return to campus would put teachers lives at risk. I am eager to return and work with students but it’s not worth my life or the lives of students of higher risk.

Jeanni Rosellen (Simi Valley, 2020-12-12)


I support the teachers!

Katie Heinrich Villegas (La Crescenta, 2020-12-12)


Our teaches should not be treated as "expendable"!

Megan Sinclair (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


Our teachers and nurses need our support more than ever!!

Debi Bradshaw (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


My son is in this school district. It is dangerous to disregard our valuable workers by demanding they return to campus at this time.

Sean Bradshaw (GLENDALE, 2020-12-12)


There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our entire community.

Elizabeth Vitanza (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


We, the teachers of GTA, stand with our counselors, nurses, and teacher specialists. We ask that the GUSD recognize all GTA members as educators who best know how they can do their jobs during this pandemic and who should be afforded the same professional treatment.

Debbie Kramer (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


I am a school nurse. We are in the middle of the worst phase of the pandemic yet. This is a ridiculous demand, not based on science.

Kara Sergile (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


Lives matter, we need couselors, teachers and all staff to be taken care of so when school are safe to open up again, remote is the only way to go during this pandemic of Covid-19.

Tosie Betanzos (Montrose, 2020-12-12)


We support our teachers, school nurses, and other staff members.

Our school nurse program is so understaffed already - why put those nurses we do have at risk? Why put anyone at risk unnecessarily?

Deborah Pasachoff (La Crescenta, 2020-12-12)


I believe in Science.

Adrienne Van Houten (Glendale, 2020-12-12)


As a resident and voter of Glendale, I stand with the teachers, counselors, nurses, and teacher specialists in asking GUSD to respect the healthy, safety, and expertise of its employees, who have dedicated their professional lives to our children.

Kathy Kottaras (Glendale, 2020-12-13)


I'm signing because no one should have their lives upturned any more than they already have been. It is time for GUSD to realize they are dealing with human lives, not pawns on a chess board. Stop the politics and start the compassion!

Aghavni Pakradouni (Los Angeles, 2020-12-13)


I’m saying this because I support my union brothers and sisters.

Sandra Fink (Glendale , 2020-12-13)


I'm signing this petition because the health and welfare of individuals should come first. These professionals have rallied, worked hard, and adapted to the current remote model. The pandemic situation has not subsided. We're NOT yet in the clear. The hospital that my husband works at has more COVID cases than ever before. Several students have shared that family members have been stricken with COVID.
Why must the district jeopardize the health and wellbeing of these professionals, especially when they have the capacity and resources to work from home??

Geraldine Mercado (Glendale, 2020-12-13)


I do not believe it is safe to come back to school, let alone go to several schools. This is most definitely not safe.

Celeste Maeshiro (Montrose, 2020-12-13)


It is not safe to return for any of our members.

Tamara Johnson (glendale, 2020-12-13)


I support a safe return to work for ALL GUSD employees. With COVID-19 positivity rates at an all time high, LA County in a Stay at Home Order (Purple Tier) it seems completely against common sense to require more staff to report to campuses to work. Especially when surrounding districts such as LAUSD & BUSD have done the opposite and completely closed down their school sites.

Kim Pano (Glendale , CA, 2020-12-13)


An injury to one is an injury to all. It simply is not safe to bring more people onto school campus when members can perform their duties remotely.

Taline Arsenian (Glendale, 2020-12-13)


I was a student in GUSD and care about the teachers and students

Gennine Lagman (Glendale, 2020-12-13)


I am concerned about the mandatory return to school of the counselors, teacher specialists, nurses, service providers, and coaches in regard to the pandemic and the increased work load of the teacher specialists.

Karen Hayhurst (La Crescenta, 2020-12-13)


I’m signing because I very worried about how fast COVID is spreading and I care about of of our staff. I think OTs, PTs, administrators and all staff should be included!

Andra Clarke (La crescenta, 2020-12-13)