Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Matt Gaetz is a disgrace to the profession

Kelvin Boyd (Detroit, 2020-12-22)


I am signing because he is continually violating the codes of the Bar.

Sankar Mukhopadhyay (Philadelphia, 2020-12-22)


We have to take action against corrupt politicians

Mark AHRENS (Milford , 2020-12-22)


Gaetz committed sedition & treason. He’s trying to overturn our election. He’s calling and trying to influence other elected officials in multiple states to illegally throw out MILLIONS of votes!Continually lying about the virus, election fraud, the list of lyes issues endless.

Greg Barnes (Portland, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz has made a laughing stock of congress and the rule of law. Glad he doesn’t represent me. He should absolutely be disbarred.

Anne Weiss (Rochester, 2020-12-22)


He is not to be trusted. He is against the Constitution and all rules of law. He broke into the SKIF and now he's egregiously betraying the oath he took to protect and uphold the Constitution. MaTT Gaetz is someone I would never trust and, he should be dis-barred.

Carol Tigerman (Lodi, 2020-12-22)


Am an American ex-pat who cares deeply about our democracy. Gaetz wants to destroy it.

Maria Mann (Bicesse, 2020-12-22)


I am signing this because I believer M.Gaetz has acted in a very unprofessional manner on many occasions. He does not care about the laws of this land nor the people he is supposed to represent.

Lenora Dinunzi (Chesterfield, 2020-12-22)


because he's a disgrace and embarrassment to what this country stands for. He espouses lies and attacks American citizens on Fox "News" . He disparages other members of Congress.

Kenneth Huggins (Brandon, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz has betrayed his oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the US from foreign and domestic threats.

Claire Gatzmer (Philadelphia , 2020-12-22)


I don't like corrupt pieces of garbage.

Melissa Konstans (Pasadena, 2020-12-22)


How can you practice law without a moral compass?

Susan Jutkus (Schererville , 2020-12-22)


He has a history of lying publicly and of poor professional judgement regarding public health and welfare -neither of which make him a reliable or trustworthy officer of the courts.

Jonel Stahr (Seattle, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz in not qualified to pick up dog poo, so he certainly cannot continue to be a senator!

Theresa Chew (Atchison, 2020-12-22)


We must uphold the Rule of Law. Sedition is a treasonous act and unconstitutional. Gâtez should be banned from the practice of law.

James Breithaupt (Washougal, 2020-12-22)


I live in America and this guy is trying to destroy her.

Mary Heiser (VANCOUVER, 2020-12-22)


Democracy needs to be protected and corruption needs to stop. We cannot enable public officials to keep up the fraudulent behaviors any longer.

Kelly Brioso (Fort Lauderdale , 2020-12-22)


I agree with the complaints made against Matt Gaetz and the request for disciplinary action.

Josh Rainone (Port Monmouth, 2020-12-22)


He needs to go!

Linda Estes (Yakima, 2020-12-22)


He my incompetent Senator who is a disgrace.

James Alliss (Indialantic, 2020-12-22)


I'm tired of seeing guys like him get away w everything.

Sandy Bumgardner (Corpus Christi, 2020-12-22)


He is a disgrace to Florida. He has constantly downplayed the COVID 19 virus. He has conspired with Gov. Desantis and others in spreading misinformation and lies.

Rhonda Walters (Ocala, 2020-12-22)



Mark Jagielski (Wilton Manors, 2020-12-22)


No one is above the law. Abuse of power cannot go unchecked.

Lacey Colstock (Naperville , 2020-12-22)


I am attorney of over 30 years admitted in 3 states. I am disgusted by Matt Goetz and consider his actions to be a disgrace to our profession. He must be disciplined.

Lisa Iulianelli (Chula Vista, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is unethical

Carlos Sampson (HOUSTON, 2020-12-22)


Every criminal act by those in power that goes unpunished weakens our country, hobbles our justice and empowers other evil-intentioned selfish power-mongers to attempt to get away with crimes against America.

Jessica Host (El Reno, 2020-12-22)


He brings no honor to our profession. He has no concept of the rules of professional conduct.

Alera Elliott (Macon, 2020-12-22)


Participation in sedition.

Kelly Murphy (Saint Louis, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because Matt is an embarrassment to the legal profession, Florida & Congress.

Admittedly, all 3 are low bars, and he still crossed them.

Raj Goel (Richmond Hill, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because the man would not know what ethics were if it came up and bit him.

Raymond Carbah (Olathe, 2020-12-22)


I'm stunned that he did not face severe repercussions for taking his phone into the sciff. That was borderline treasonous, in itself. Then he has gone on to attempt to take away the right to vote for millions of Americans, who do not even reside within Florida. Whose rights will he try to steal next? Yours? Matt Gaetz has not only violated his oath of office, but the USA.

Lynn McCollough (Moscow, 2020-12-22)


I’m signing because Matt Gaetz is a squidstick and a criminal

Debbie Schnader (Largo, 2020-12-22)


Please stop illegal actions by our government now!

Linda Bellisle (Wells, 2020-12-22)


This man is a danger to society....stupid society but society none the less

Kc Childs (Lincoln Park, 2020-12-22)


In America, no one is above the law, especially an attorney and elected official. Mr. Gaetz disgraces his office, his constituents & his oath. In America, justice matters, right matters. And justice & right call for disbarment of this unrepentant & unapologetic excuse for a human being.

Amorah Ross (Woodinville, 2020-12-22)


Our politicians must obey and support our constitution. Simple.

Kathy Hildebrand (DOVER, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because Matt Gaetz is everything that is wrong with America today.

Blake Marlow (Modesto, 2020-12-22)


Matt is corrupt, careless, so many reasons to get him out of a position of power

Anika Reitman (La, 2020-12-22)


I'm sick of the misconduct and seditious behavior.

Karen Williams (Hot Springs National Park, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is an absolutely horrible person and has no business practicing law or being a member of Congress. He is a liar, a thief and has no morals or character.

Kristin Kroll (Evanston, 2020-12-22)


As a law student, I take the ethics of my profession very seriously. Attorneys like Mr. Gaetz cast doubt on the integrity of all lawyers.

Syed Meer (Tacoma, 2020-12-22)


He’s a fraud who serves GOP crooks and Trump more than the well-being of Floridians.

Morgan Brody (Tampa , 2020-12-22)


Gaetz should be arrested for conspiring to commit sedition on January 6th! There are many other reasons too long to write here!

Julia Gillies (Rockaway , 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is engaged in seditious activities.



Im signing because Matt Gaetz is a tool with no ethics or respect for the law or constitution or Covid rules by not wearing a mask..

Bellina Siciliani (Brooklyn, 2020-12-22)



Mark Maestas (Bloomington, 2020-12-22)


I am attorney in good standing in the Texas Bar. Matt Gaetz is an embarrassment to the profession.

Pamela Brown (Austin, 2020-12-22)


I don’t like the way he handled covid 19. I disagree with him on everything and he needs to accept the fact that Trump lost.

Lauren Owens Morong (Omaha, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because Matt Gaetz is a malignant tumor to our democracy.

Tara Weber (Chicago , 2020-12-22)


This is Mr. Gaetz third serious infraction within the last four years. Mr. Gaetz engaged in willful and sanctionable witness intimidation in conjunction with Congressional investigations into misconduct of the President, for which a Bar Complaint was filed. On a second occasion, Mr. Gaetz compromised security of classified proceedings in Congress by engaging in a publicity stunt and using an unsecured mobile phone in a location in which such was prohibited. Although he was not sanctioned for it, Mr. Gaetz embarrassed and brought shame upon the Bar of the State of Florida when he wore a gas mask on the floor of the United States House of Representatives to mock and make light of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died and suffered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Christopher Purdin (Santa Cruz, 2020-12-22)


He is a vile human and needs to be GONE!

Amy Phillips (Dunnellon , 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because traitors to the constitution of the United States of America should not be able to practice law or hold elected office in these United States of America

Kathleen Ballou (Chepachet, 2020-12-22)


Its PAST time to end this un-American propoganda spreading TREASONOUS ACTIVITY!

barbara Faranda (Stormville, 2020-12-22)


He’s a traitors sycophant

Steve Marshank (Oakland, 2020-12-22)


Mark Getz has violated the ethics committee too many times... there needs to be repercussions for actions or it will only get worse, and send a message , that you can do what ever you want with no worries!

Velma Rider (Kenmore , 2020-12-22)


He’s a disgrace.

Jeremy Dillon (Sunrise, 2020-12-22)

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