Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



They are traitors

Siobhan Durham (Atlanta , 2021-01-13)


he is a traitor

Frances Haas (Cape Coral, 2021-01-13)


I object to his behavior.

Curt Grimmer (Stuart, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz is dangerous and should be disbarred.

DJ LaChapelle (Glen Ellyn, 2021-01-13)


Representative Gaetz has proven multiple times that he puts personal gain over his path to the Constitution.

Marg Chauvin (Crestview, 2021-01-13)


He needs to be removed from office!

Caren Prieto (Pinecrest, 2021-01-13)


White supremacists of his ilk must be deported to Mexico to be ground into chopped meat for burritos!

Gabe Camacho (New York City, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz should be held accountable for his actions.

Amber Delcamp (Hays, 2021-01-13)


These people are traitors, seditious traitors!

Rose Staropoli (Miami, 2021-01-13)


I am tired of people attacking our free and fair election. Trump lost, get over it and move on.

Veronica Salazar (Visalia, 2021-01-13)


He has continued to show for the ethics a lawyer must be held to by continuing to lie and decieve his constituents.

Amanda Poole (Jacksonville , 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz does not represent the people of Florida, only the few, and is, in fact, an embarrassment to our State and Nation.

Mary Ellen Griffith (Eustis, 2021-01-13)


I know the difference between a protest and a takeover

Nicholas Barber (Pico Rivera , 2021-01-13)


I am concerned that his behavior is corrupt, he lies for perceived personal political advantage and that he has no commitment to his oath, his constituents or his country.

Michele Bernier (Sun City Center, 2021-01-13)


I want to protect our Constitution and state. We don't need traitors in office.

Sarah Douglass (Ocoee, 2021-01-13)


I can't believe what has happened to the Republican Party. What they have done to support Trumps insane insistance that he won the election seems like sedition at least, if not treason.

don Armstrong (Sacramento, 2021-01-13)


I’m tired of this lies. I’m tired of the cynical lies. He doesn’t deserve to be a lawyer when he cannot tell the truth.

Shirley Richard (Chicago, 2021-01-13)


I’m signing because I am horrified & disgusted by Mr. Gaetz’s words and actions. His attempt to work against the American people and their will is inexcusable. He brings shame to the legal profession and to our country. He should be disbarred and removed from office.

Amy Fernandez (Palm Bay , 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz supports undermining a fair and legal election to overthrow our government. He is a traitor.

Amanda Johnson (Phoenix, 2021-01-13)


Gaetz has promoted false information regarding the election and mail in votes, as well as porting violence to somehow overturn lawful election results

Laura McCabe (Sarasota, 2021-01-13)


No person should be able to serve Congress and encourage insurrection! He needs to be expelled!

Carol White (Jacksonville, 2021-01-13)


He has been propagating lies about the election being fraudulent and he is a disgrace to the state of Florida!

Debra Sachinski (Homestead, 2021-01-13)


This man does needs to be punished for his treasonous actions.

Norma Boots (Covington, 2021-01-13)


As a member of the Florida Bar I believe Gaetz has committed acts of sedition in an illegal and immoral effort to disenfranchise millions of American voters in violation of his oath to uphold the United States Constitution.

Mary Margaret S Bielby (TALLAHASSEE, 2021-01-13)


Is a seditionist

Marlow Blankenship (FREDERICK, 2021-01-13)


He's a dangerous idiot

Debra Howard (Sale creek, 2021-01-13)


I have ALREADY FILED a complaint that the Florida Bar disregarded!!!!! Bar Assoc. is nothing!!!

Sandy Radcliffe (EASTPOINTE, 2021-01-13)


Rep. Matt Gaetz has repeated lied to the American public and especially his constituents and deserves to be disbarred.

Julia Andrulewich (Philadelphia, 2021-01-13)


He has shown that he is against our democracy and has supported and lied for this POTUS .

Heather Pugh (st. petersburg, 2021-01-13)


As an attorney licensed and practicing law in Florida since 1980, I feel it important to uphold the standards of our profession. Gaetz has fallen far below those standareds.

George Little (Tallahasse, 2021-01-13)


Words have consequences and Gaetz needs to be held accountable for the actions instigated by his rhetoric.

Gwendolyn Akom (Lennon , 2021-01-13)


He doesn’t work for the people. He tried to stop a fair election. He’s corrupt and needs to be removed.

Marianne Lachapelle (Palm Coast, 2021-01-13)


I believe he is dangerous to our democracy.

Ruth Armstrong (El Paso, 2021-01-13)


He has proven to be a fascist treasonous traitor that does not support the U.S. Constitution!

Terry Stern (Davie, 2021-01-13)


I believe that lies about the election have created a very dangerous climate in this country. I am a proud Pennsylvania voter and am very angry that anyone outside of my state thinks it’s ok to question my ballot.

Sarah Adams (Downingtown, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz is a traitorous ghoul.

Erika Berlant (Tarzan, 2021-01-13)


He's a seditious traitor to America

Dayna Janeway (Albuquerque, 2021-01-13)


Enough is enough!

Alx Repo (Orlando , 2021-01-13)


subverting a free and fair election

Barbara Goff (Louisville, 2021-01-13)


Truth must prevail and actions have consequences.

Lynnette DuPont (Tampa, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz has been part of a coup by Trump. He should be disbarred for violating his oath to protect our nation.

Dwight Miller (Jenera, 2021-01-13)


As a Florida attorney, I was embarrassed and angered by the blatant falsehoods presented, both verbally and in court documents, about alleged irregularities in the November election. Making allegations with NO evidence is the same as lying to the court, and should be punished as such.

Elinor Smith (Tampa, 2021-01-13)


This man is an active supporter of the insurrection.

James More (Indian Springs, 2021-01-13)


Gaetz is a vile, ignorant, lying traitor to our country.

Bonnie Smith (Jefferson , 2021-01-13)


Matt is part of the Insurrectionist movement trying to subvert both the Government and the will of the people. He is and will forever be a traitor to our country. Matt is also a tool.

Alyn Abrams (Greenville, 2021-01-13)


As a member of the Florida Bar it is dismaying to me the lack of integrity and truthfulness of Mr. Gaetz.

Brooke Goldfarb (Indialantic, 2021-01-13)


Get him out of office too!

Marnie Jeziorski (Los Angeles, 2021-01-13)


I am actively involved in weeding out seditionists.

Joy Lynn Lewis (Tallahassee, 2021-01-13)


This man is a disgrace to Florida and the country. He has been lying about the honest and fair elections and supports a seditious president. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated by the Florida Bar.

Maria Luisa Castellanos (Miami, Fl., 2021-01-13)


I believe in what this petition states.

Michelle Barry (Valrico, 2021-01-13)



Stephan Tokarski (Aldan, 2021-01-13)


He is a seditious traitor

Heike Kern (Punta Gorda, 2021-01-13)


I’m signing because Matt Gaetz has repeatedly embarrassed the state with his senseless support for a president who has done everything in his power to create division & chaos in order to overturn our basic democratic principles.

Kevin Loud (Oakland Park , 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz is a joke in Florida and not worthy of his position in Congress. He doesn't represent his constituents, only himself.
That is not what he was elected to do.

Fay Riley (Sarasota, 2021-01-13)


I’m thoroughly disgusted with the conduct of Matt Gaetz. In no way does he represent his constituents or Floridians. He has abandoned reality and the principles of his sacred oath. He must be disbarred for his multitude of transgressions against the Rule of Law and all Americans.

Shannon Haagsma (Palm Harbor , 2021-01-13)


I believe Me. Gaetz’s aided Donald Trump in inciting an insurrection against the United States of America's government. He did this by continuously lying about the validity of the 2020 Presidential election and actively interfering in the peaceful transfer of power.

Benjamin Gofton (Orlando, 2021-01-13)


He needs to go, ASAP

Rick Wetzler (Wilton Manors , 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz is a treasonous asshole, a liar, and a disgrace to Florida. He's a parasite who rode in on daddy's coattails, inept, immoral and without conscience.

Charlotte Parker (Tampa, 2021-01-13)


He is a corrupt liar!

Julie Bullock (Lynn Haven, 2021-01-13)


His lies have added to the decisiveness of this country. He is UNFIT, to be licensed in this state, or country

Pam Battistella (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl, 2021-01-13)


He sucks. He needs to go. An embarrassment to all Americans. Childish lies and theater.

Andrea Mason (Hanahan, 2021-01-13)


I am singing because we the people deserve to have a lawmaker who will uphold his/her oath to protect our constitution and not continually lie and spread conspiracy theories. Mr Gretzky needs to be held accountable fo his actions and words.

Janet Outen (Barefoot Bay , 2021-01-13)


Nobody should be above the law especially an attack on our Constitution and Matt Gaetz tried to overthrow the vote of the American people. I also feel he should be kicked out of office!

Gary Brewer Jr (Pompano Beach, 2021-01-13)


Tired of liars, greed.

Dorace L. Peters (Sebastian, 2021-01-13)


Gaetz has disrespected the rule of law and lied about our election.

Marianne Reilly (Venice, 2021-01-13)


This is an attack on our voting system and Constitution.

Kenya Johnson (SAVANNAH, 2021-01-13)


He has violated his oath to protect the Constitution and his has knowing and continually lied in the execution of his duties.

Bill Canavan (Sebring, 2021-01-13)


He needs to be DISBARRED.

Lisa Flowers (Orlando, 2021-01-13)


Because I am embarrassed to come from the same state as this evil minded man.

Jan Keshen (Tallahassee, 2021-01-13)


I am sickened by the deceptive, conspiratorial rhetoric of ALL of our Florida politicians, who continue to support the president and his subversion of our Democracy. He needs to be disbarred and prosecuted.

Marion Sosa (Tavernier, 2021-01-13)


I'm signing because this man is a pathological liar. He cannot be trusted to bring fairness to his work in the government. He served himself only.

Wendy Steinhoff (Largo, 2021-01-13)


Doesn’t get much more serious than Insurrection. Gaetz stoked it, knows it, and exhibits zero remorse. By any metric he should be held accountable. By the deterrent theory of punishment, this will deter the scores of politicians eager to be the next craziest thing.

Gary Almeter (Baltimore, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz presents a danger to himself and the citizens of Florida.

Penelope Jordan (Ponce de Leon, FL, 2021-01-13)


Our democracy is at stake! Matt Gaetz is complicit in inciting these insurgence. He perpetuated LIES and should not hold public office or be allowed to practice law!

Jann McHollan (Tampa, 2021-01-13)


I am signing this petition because I agree with the complaint that Mr. Gaetz should no longer practice law in this state of Florida.

Charles Greenslade (Gulfport , 2021-01-13)


Gaetz is a right wing instigator with no moral compass

steve knittle (navarre, 2021-01-13)


These corrupt people need to be held responsible for corrupt deeds, and for covering for a NARCESSISTIC CORRUPT EVIL DICTATOR!

Laurie Baish (Las Cruces, 2021-01-13)


There must be consequences to this act of insurrection.

Heather Bragg (Houston, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz is a fascist wannabe. He is a disgrace to everything American.

Lynne Cohen (Stuart, 2021-01-13)

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