Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Because he his a disgrace and going against our Democracy and Constitution.

Sharon Swierczynski (North Port, 2021-01-13)


I am signing because he is a traitor to this country. Has no moral compass and is an embarrassment to America.

Eva Chavis (Palm Coast, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz aided and abetted the violent domestic terrorists by promulgating the lie that the election was stolen. He knows that President-elect Biden won fairly, but continues to fraudulently and seditiously incite an attempted coup on our government. His punishment needs to be disbarment.

Cathy Crossan (Colorado Springs, 2021-01-13)


He is not supporting our constitution and he is not following his promise to the oath he swore to when he became a representative. He continues to spread falsehoods about our verified election.

linda torres (Lake Worth, 2021-01-13)


Gretzky is a traitor to his oath and to the people of this country for trying to rationalize the behavior of insurrectionists. That attacked this country.
Is is a participant of ‘The Big Lie’ that Trump should have won the election, and he knows it.
He is not fit to serve.

Janet Rosso (Lake Worth Beach, 2021-01-13)


I’m signing because I didn’t study 7 months for the Bar to share a career with someone who evidently slept through his ethics class

Jessica Echeverry (Miami, 2021-01-13)


Mr.Gaetz has failed to uphold his oath of office, continues to encourage false and fraudulent claims that undermine our democracy. His support of ,and encouragement of ,sedition and insurrection.

Margaret Davitt (St. Augustine, 2021-01-13)


his role in an attempt to subvert a free and fair election, in abrogation of his oath of office, as a waste of valuable court resources, filed in bad faith and without any basis in the law.

Carol Amorose (Clearwater, 2021-01-13)


I signing this because Mr. Gaetz has violated his oath if office in so far as defending seditious acts against the United States.

John Herzog (Bradenton, 2021-01-13)


He is making decisions that are not based on reality. Unqualified. Needs to go

Margie Perry (FLEMING ISLAND, 2021-01-13)


Matt Gaetz has said many dishonorable things about the justice and civics system of the US.
As a member of the Florida Bar, he has repeatedly dishonored the institution that sponsors legal and political representatives.
He should, therefore, be disbarred from this association.

Brandon Lancho (Macclenny, 2021-01-13)


I'm signing this petition because the statements by Rep. Gaetz are startlingly in their SUPPORT for a president who has engaged in PUBLIC insurrection. This is directly against the oath he's taken as an attorney & a Congressman.

Julie Henry (Bridgewater , 2021-01-13)


Gaetz is a seditionist and an embarrassment to the rule of law!

Barbara Conjar (Boca Raton, 2021-01-13)


I’m signing because Gaetz has to face the consequences of his actions.

Linda Simon (Naples, 2021-01-13)


Our government has no place for traitors like him.

Rachel Norton (Albuquerque, 2021-01-13)


I am signing because I agree and I do not trust this man to be a moral, law abiding leader.

Margaret Rapacz (Naples, FL, 2021-01-13)


Gaetz is a disgrace to the State of Florida and to the House of Representatives.

Scott Mears (Riverview, 2021-01-13)


I’m signing this petition, Because Me Gaetz has clearly demonstrated that he has dishonored the membership he has in the Florida bar by his actions

Douglas White (Fort Lauderdale, 2021-01-13)


This guy is a Threat to our Country!!!

Kim Coffman (Bradenton, 2021-01-14)


Lawyers should be held to a higher standard, and it goes without saying that they should not participate or encourage the undoing of our democracy.

Jill Smith (Alviso, 2021-01-14)


Because I swore an oath to Support and defend the Constitution of the United States. And to Protect the U.S. against all foreign and domestic enemies. Be faithful and allegiant to the U.S.

Robin Faircloth (Live Oak, 2021-01-14)


I believe in the rule of law and the US Constitution, and no one is above the law.

Kenneth Blankenship (Land O Lakes, FL, 2021-01-14)


I think this man is corrupt, ignorant and not intelligent enough to represent us in the Congress...

Georgina Callahan (Venice, 2021-01-14)


He does not represent the publics best interest

Asli Aydin (Riviera Beach FL, 2021-01-14)


I believe that an professional attorney who is a member of the Bar Association must follow the Code app of Ethics

Patricia Parker (Pensacola, 2021-01-14)


This man is an embarrassment! He has done nothing to show he should represent the state of Florida or be allowed in the US house or representatives!

Annette Levin (Ocala, 2021-01-14)


He has pushed the lie about election fraud and voted to not certify the election, even after the insurrection on the Capitol. He has shown himself to be a seditionist.

Elizabeth Vetter (Palm Harbor, 2021-01-14)


Disbar this traitor

Becki DeMarse (Port Byron, 2021-01-14)


Those responsible for this must be held accountable or the violence will escalate.

Brenda Baskerville (LINDA, 2021-01-14)


He tried to subvert a free and fair election and has not upheld his oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution.

Sandra Tegge (Palm Bay, 2021-01-14)


Matt Gaetz is a threat to Americans! He committed a seditious act and was part of the insurrection on Congress! I'm scared for everyone's safety! He must be removed ASAP



Matt Gaetz is a fucking moron.

Lisa D’Angelo (Orlando, 2021-01-14)


I find his conduct abhorrent and at adversarial to the ideals enshrined in the U.S. and Florida State Constitutions.

Andrew Smith (Troy, 2021-01-14)


His truculent reiteration of Donald Trump's lies is disgusting.

Gayla Larson (Seminole, 2021-01-14)


This fool needs to stop all his lies!

Virginia Nelson (Ponte Vedra, 2021-01-14)


Elected officials should be held responsible for their actions.

Maureen Armoutis (Leesburg FL, 2021-01-14)


He is a scum and puppet

Saeid Sadoughi (Davie, 2021-01-14)


I agree VERY STRONGLY that Matt Gaetz should be disbarred at the very least and also charged for his role in the atrocities that took place at the Capitol. Floridians deserve better. His words and actions have CLEARLY demonstrated that he is unfit to practice Law or hold any public office, ever.

Colleen Whitman (Boca Raton, 2021-01-14)


Because everything that I have seen and known and follow of this man is anti-American

Sheri Lewis (Pahrump , 2021-01-14)


Representative Gantz has engaged in acts that interfere with the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. He has bordered on acts of sedition against the United States Constitution.

Laura Dalisera (Jacksonville , 2021-01-14)


This person shows absolutely NO ABILITY to recognize what a free and fair election looks like. His words and behavior encourage violence and discontent! Take away his law license!!!!

Graciela Greenberg (Bradenton, 2021-01-14)


I believe Matt Gaetz has demonstrated time and again conduct unbecoming of a lawyer. He is a disgrace who peddles conspiracy theories and is incapable of speaking the truth if his life depended on it. He should be disbarred and expelled from office.

Gloria McGuigan (Palm Bay, 2021-01-14)


I'm signing because Gaetz continues to harm our democracy. He is complicit with the mob storming the Capitol because of his refusal to accept the elections alongwith the lies he spews to the public.

Flor Gressel (Sacramento, 2021-01-14)


Matt Gaetz has fortified his right to practice law by committing criminal acts.

Cori Huggins (Lewiston , 2021-01-14)


Sedition and trying to overthrow the government

Sydney Hockett (Tallahassee, 2021-01-14)


His actions and words to perpetuate lies about the election are in violation of his oath of office. Disbarment isn’t enougj.

Jann Olsen (Liberty Lake, 2021-01-14)


Matt is a total embarrassment

Mike Strecker (Apopka , 2021-01-14)


Matt is unfit to hold this office. You need to have the voice of all of the people.

Pete Escarraz (Sanford , 2021-01-14)


I care about U.S.A. ethics and decency. Florida and the Nation deserves better.

John Myers (Youngstown, Bay Co., Florida, 2021-01-14)


Matt Gaetz has not upheld his oath of office. He has continued to knowingly make false statements about the results of the 2020 presidential election, which helped to incite the January 6, 2021 attempted coup.

Marian Ryan (Winter Haven, 2021-01-14)


I'm signing because I believe it's time for justice. Our country will not heal without it. We will no longer trust your laws and there will be no order. Everyone involved should be held accountable if you want respect for law and order.

Deborah Halbert (San Jacinto, 2021-01-14)


As a resident of Florida, I believe that those who fail to be held to task for breaking their oath to the Constitution of the United States of America are a danger to the ideals, foundations, and democracy that this very country was built upon. And, as a Florida resident, I am ashamed and outraged by the actions of Rep. Gaetz, his flagrant grandstanding and disregard for the oath he swore to uphold, as well as his willingness to give credence and regard to domestic enemies of our republic. He has simultaneously and actively tried to assign blame elsewhere (Antifa, et al.) rather than to those who are in fact clearly accountable for the terrorist attack upon the Capital; President Trump's supporters. Either he is divorced from reality, refuses to acknowledge reality, or is actively lying to Congress and his constituents, any of which should be of grave concern to not only the people of the State of Florida of whom he is supposed to represent, but also to everyone in the United States of America. He has actively worked to undermine not only the sanctity of a free and fair election with baseless and disproven claims of election fraud and interference, but has also been an active engineer in planting and harboring the seeds of sedition and domestic terrorism among his and President Trump's supporters and followers. He has no place representing Florida, or any other state, regardless of his prior service to this country. His past service, no matter how honorable, does not absolve him of the culpability that his current actions, words, and rhetoric have had towards actively undermining the cornerstones of our democracy. As a alumni of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and as a Florida resident, I am appalled by the actions and behavior of Rep. Gaetz, and I hereby sign on to this petition for the disbarment of Rep. Matt Gaetz, and any such censorship which may result as a result thereof.

Matthew Wilder

Matthew Wilder (Hastings, 2021-01-14)


Because for months he’s lied how about the election saying it was Fraudulent that the election was stolen from Trump they had rallies where they Told the people they had to go and take back their country and hundreds of them marched down the street to the Capitol smashed the glass and broke down the doors Breaking into the building said it was in session they tried to break in the doors where the Senate was they all had to be rescued and taken to a safe area. They were into the offices of the speaker of the house and just saw everything around some of the options they took the laptop you’ve probably seen it on TV he needs to be disbarred he’s And embarrassment to the country headed to the fact that he’s a lawyer And he’s continued his
Iies all day on TV

Donna Otero (Trenton , 2021-01-14)


I am signing because of his sedicious behavior, by not accepting the results of a valid election, and lying about it to incite hate and skepticism among trump supporters.

Judith Antonelle (Melbourne, 2021-01-14)


Thus embarrassment of a Representative needs to be disbarred for the blatant lies, and dissemination of irrational conspiracy theories that is doing real harm to the state, and the country.

will carpenter (Tampa, 2021-01-14)


Matt Gaetz does not deserve to be a member of the United States House of Representatives.

James O'Connor (Chalfont, 2021-01-14)


He's an embarrassment to my state who will continue to put his colleagues at risk if he isn't removed.

Kathleen Burt (Port Saint Lucie, 2021-01-14)

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